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  • wat!?!?! lol so it does have an connection....i had goosebumps because of that....i can't even warp my hear around that. Also about spoiling the ending of MW...nah, Lin Ming might had fought with that  Abyssal Demon King  but that doesn't mean tha…
  • oh so nice ^^ , do more !! 
  • Mexican Ninja said: Liked all 3. Dropped ATG at one point though! The novel's first few hundred chapters are extremely good and definitely deserve a read, but after that it gets kind of repetitive and boring. Despite dropping it, I still thi…
  • Draco said: If you want to read a decent novel without harem stuff, go read TMW or Transcending the Nine Heavens. Particularly TTNH. Also should give Terror Infinity a shot, great story with legitimate character development which pretty much…
  • no one said anything about CSG ?? he kills any one how offends him a second time ..... First time offends....50% chance of living another day Second time offends......dead with a hole in the throat ,the MC not even one drop of blood on his cloths w…
  • I just hate Harem ^^  but since I haven't go that far in ATG i wanna see what other think about , i also had to give ATG a chance to see if the Harem gener wasn't that bad but as i read it i get the filling it won't end well for me also I'm already …