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  • @Shiro_Shinigami Correct me if i am wrong, but before she become mentally unstable in her fight with Yun Che, she peek all Yun Che memories including "night" fight with Little Demon Empress. So i guess she knew all Yun Che secret.
  • my prediction next fight Meiyin will say something like "i know brother Yun Che all secret that make him very special so father i request if brother Yun Che in next fight reveal it (dragon soul, evil god art, etc) i hope father will protect him" 
  • Next spoiler please....
  • maybe after each fight he level up, 1 fight 1 level. or maybe something like that
  • i think he reach 1st place in book 32 after he fought and draw with Winesage equipped with his universal treasure.
  • yes Ji Ning will meet him in latter book 37 i think, Waveshift help him to repel some multiple hegemon that want to rob Ji Ning Dimensional Ship. After that he predict that Ji Ning daomerge will failed before he leave again.
  • i read latest chapter in lnmtl but some part still confuse me. 1. Did XW become monster?? i read he have a tentacle  2. How did he became so powerful ?? did he made contarct with devil or what, i cannot understand that part. 3. LDE vs XW did she get…
  • Wang Lin 80% journey is to resurrect his wife. what Meng Hao do? just to collect some money?? Because that reason i prefer Wang Lin than Meng Hao.
  • Wang Lin the strongest person in er gen novel because only him that reach the 4 step and enter the higher realm and become the 2nd strongest pesron in that realm (immortal city).
  • how much chapter till "sunlight arc" is over?? and how much chapter of fang clan war ?? Thanks
  • Why DPE attack BWE?? is about Yun Che or mine in floating city??
  • Does Shi Yan father Yang Hai kidnap by mystic pavilion??
  • who is in the painting in latest trans chapter (693) ?? "The painting depicted a countryside village. A white-haired old man stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, looking off into the distance. Next to him was a boy who appeared to be…
  • I think the reason this novel is not popular because is to much focus in minor character that latter will die or forgotten.
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  • how about his fiance, zuo shi ?? Does she loyal to him till end or she betray/abandon him in later chapter??
  • Thanks for detail explanation. I read with GT so i missed some important point.
  • There is 2 way to enter real world from cave world 1. Easy way - reincarnation (lose all memories and power) (all wang lin friends use this way) 2. Hard way  - force enter the portal ( wang lin way, he can retain all his memories so he can awaken a…
  • First he trap one powerful cultivator that pursue him when he escape from south galaxy(?), latter when he provoke many cultivator from both side south and west he use that to escape, but that planet become berserk and eat almost all cultivator.
  • thanks for answering ,i think he more bad ass than meng hao. btw how about fate of man eating planet that he used to trap people in inter galactic war.
  • Many thanks for answering my question. Because i read with GT so some detail is missed. Btw when i read with GT i think Wang Lin mastered multiple dao, can someone confirm this??
  • Anyone knew about Wang Lin child with Liu Mei, so far that i read Wang Lin kill his own son because Liu Mei used it to kill him. Later part Wang Lin resurrect him in different planet but as a mortal. That kid married cultivator from that planet but …