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  • Does anyone have the link for the raw manga site in chinese, using a phone only so more difficult to look for it? thanks in advance if any one answers!
  • Did they ever talk about YC 1 wife at all in the new chapter?
  • So I just thought why YC didn't ask his demon wife about the black flower he needs for Jasmin. 
  • Well I was talking about tyrant pills to help the soldiers from BWE become stronger not the Asgard girls. But it would be better to give them some when he rescues the fairy's so they can help him fight DPE and the SG. Also if he gives 2 pills to…
  • I think his brother in law (yuanba) would come before YC kills all the DPE  and will let at least some 100,000 leave in order to talk to him and figure out what happen and how he is a sovereign level. Then he will learn of what is happening to Asgar…
  • Does he ever have any family with limu wan? What is xian ni city?
  • I think at least 2 of the sacred grounds will attack or at least will send some assassins with the poison they use against YC parents! All thanks to the guy that escape, I'm sure he has some way to contact them.  Also question does it say somewhere …
  • I would think YC would be worry if his sword girl wakes up and eats the crystals.