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  • I know dude, I just recently started coming back, and it’s hard to get used to this system. Not only that I now have the means to kinda contribute, so I got vip silver, but the one I’m reading now second coming of gluttony is apparently “not availab…
  • Damn that was a good one from what I remember, but like quite a few good novels on here, it was nerfed.
  • Ya...idfk why it’s set up that way, I was doing the same thing. I don’t get why they have a system in place, if they are trying to make it more complicated and difficult for readers.
  • Digao said: I am mostly in action/martial arts these are a must read Nurarihyon No Mago Gantz Mahou Sensei Negima The Breaker The Breaker: New waves Red Storm Gamaran Claymore D.Gray-Man God of High School Hero Waltz(season 1 is only 40) Ulti…
  • Arkanon_Leyan said: Is anyone into darker fantasy, like Berserk or Zetman? Yes, Berserk is better. There is also that one about that guy that becomes a gang leader sun-ken rock.
  • So new update, the same day I posted this I saw that the cite is now back up and running. My bad.
  • Burningman said: the difference is that it was never used lol i just remember he using it once against the sacred family in the tournament. Boom. My thoughts exactly. And Daggers were only used like twice. If it was me I would be throwin…
  • Thanks. Hmm that's true though everyone is super surprised that he can control both elements. Back to the drawing board!
  • I know right those throwing knives were pretty awesome. It still kinda seems weird that things he integrates(becomes one) with become obsolete.
  • I have to agree with both points Bassamsam004 proves his point with that quote, but podlizurko is also correct.  Somehow in the time in Nie Lie's past life with his vast resources of knowledge he was unable to come across what gods were or how to be…
  • What if it is the death god's divine spark? Just saying... it was right next to the tomb right? It wasn't really mentioned afterwards right? It is also something Nie Lie just wouldn't leave laying around.
  • Ok cool thanks just wondering. I realize they can die I just meant that it seems harder to kill them as the divine spark* (amended from shard) would/could dissipate instead of instead of them dying, and if part of it remained they could be reborn.