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  • Can you answer my q’s 1. What happened to the seven coloured immortal and how did he die? 2. Lain Daofei is the crazy prince right? 3. How come so many people come to the seven colour immortals cave world? please spoil me! Thanks
  • Sorry but I’ve got so many questions bugging me! 1. Who’s the person that made Sovereign piss his pants and go into closed door training? 2. Why is burning incense poisonous? 3. What is Xu Li Guos cultivation level at the end of RI and in ISSTH? Ch…
  • Royal ancestor said: DaoistKrismarines said: Hello Everyone. I have a question. Who is this guy that broke out from formation at recent chapter (785)? And another (BIG) question - how do celestial realm collapsed? Was it because of wa…
  • Royal Ancestor! Can you spoil me who that old man is that stole WL's pony? He's like the strongest person in Allheaven system or what? What does he do in the current and future arcs?
  • I'm reading ahead and I read WL is facing divine retribution.  I don't really understand how the drum can cleanse his body and increase his understanding of heaven. Can someone explain around these few chapters?
  • How many years ago is the BTDstory from RI and how many years after does ISTH occurs after RI???
  • So I wonder what happens to the blood princess and how will WL leave the cave?!?
  • Royal ancestor said: Nabcake said: What issue with the All-Seer?  He's not what he seems to be, literally Spoil us!!! Is he a monster or something?
  • Can someone write more spoilers for the next few arcs of the story? I'm excited to see what WL does and how he increases his cultivation!
  • I was wondering who are the 4 disciples chosen by the old man. 1 is WL, 2 is Zu wutai, 3 is Xi Zin and who is the last person?
  • In the current Chapter, what was the scroll that absorbed the purple light? Is it a really powerful treasure? And who is that skeleton that go sealed by 3 top grade spirit stone?
  • Royal ancestor said: rexdaevid said: Any spoilers on the current arc in the translation? We know that Wang Lin will prevail it all but what will happen to Liu Mei and this Suzaku country? I'm not good at making summary but basically…
  • So what happens to WL after the wild land saga???
  • Who is this Mo Zhi character that helped WL to gain the understanding of heavens? Does he come back in later chapters?
  • Who's is this old guy that helped Wang Lin so much in the current chapters? And where did he go when the snow country invaded four alliance?
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  • So I've been reading in mtl and he recently got to soul formation. It mentioned that there's two ways to get soul formation. 1 is to let someone flow their path of heaven onto you and you imitate their path. The other which is harder is to experienc…
  • Which chapter do situ man come out?
  • Why did wan ling stop at 4th step then? How strong would a fifth or sixth step cultivator be? Like a god?
  • How did wan ling got out from the cave world? If he got out does that mean the cave world cease to exist or someone easily could destroy it?
  • Man, this sounds like some inception stuff, world within a world within a world >.
  • So what is the difference between the cave world and the real world. Who created the cave world in the first place? If Wang Ling was born in a cave world then does that mean he is not real??? Thanks Royal
  • Wait. I'm so confused. So is chapter 1 to the recent chapters all real or a dream world? And is this compass you talk about is the element ball thing?
  • I also read it on http://lnmtl.com/novel/renegade-immortal. It's quite a good mtl. Also can someone tell me why cultivators need to experience many paths to reach Spirit Severing?