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  • When it's summarised like this, you can really appreciate what a f*cking idiot he is.
  • atrueman90 said: My guess is he will attempt revenge once he reaches divine master lvl1 Given that he can fight at 1.5 realms above himself, this should be adequate.
  • Sweeper Monk said: I wonder if YC is going to take over the Dark realm to use as his revenge or is he just going to use BB to help him, while all the other characters he recruits just provides support and logistics in the form of treasures fo…
  • So YC is definitely beyond the capabilities of the original Evil God? It's intriguing. It can't be due to having more than one Creation God legacy. The only thing I can think is due to his reincarnation via the Mirror of Samsara.
  • Skimming through chapter 1313. Seems to be significant that YC can accommodate both light and dark energies. Something that even Evil God was not able to do.
  • Naofumi said: LazyArata said: Could someone please translate this Its something about shui meiyin being a big help for YC  but I dont understand it very well. Says that she will be a big …
  • Kiretoo said:  Hahaha and if understood correctly Brahma bitch wants him as a husband hahah it's getting interesting Too obvious right? YC would still be a stepping stone for her to the True God stage. 
  • Shiro_Shinigami said: @CFT She couldn't. PGST belongs to Heavenly Wolf, all she ever did was looking a little into it and remember 1st Stage. Otherwise she would definetely show him more. Isn't Little Jasmine the inheritor of the Heavenly…
  • Why doesn't Little Jasmine teach him the rest of the Prison God Sirius’ Tome?
  • How can he use the Golden Crow arts? He is known as a disciple of the Divine Ice Phoenix sect, he can't display Fire skills, he can only show immunity to fire by pretending to have so much control of ice/water laws that fire can't harm him.
  • Cang Yue is a Queen not a housewife. 
  • Yun Che has incredible potential but is still incredibly weak in the Divine way.
  • Bai Xiaochun translates as "White Small Innocent". So Hei Dawu translates as "Black Large Corrupted".
    in Hei Duwa? Comment by CFT June 2018
  • Mars is just being a lazy ass author recycling this type of plot element. He can boost YC without resorting to this kind of thing.
  • No. It is simply because there is a finite amount since the creation of their universe.
  • When XY is reunited with his father and brings his brothers over, it emerges that XY has healed his brother's legs, although he still has to get use to using them again.
  • I was wondering how he got all the 5 elemental Deva souls. 
    in Spoilers... Comment by CFT January 2018
  • Chapter 137 only states that level 7 of GWotB can heal broken limbs, regrow missing body parts, reverse sight loss. Sounds like cellular regeneration.
  • Which chapter talks about the Great Way of the Buddha levels?
  • I wonder if YC is the reincarnated offspring of the Evil God? He's not going to be some random human with such astounding comprehension, even with the Evil God's veins.
  • Which chapter talks about where the profound handle comes from? I must have missed that.
  • When did the  FCA seven fairies join the harem?
  • Hayd189 wanting eternal life and cowardice are not evil traits. His cowardice has limits. He won't willingly put himself into danger unless suitably motivated to do so. He has put his life on the line for his sect brethren.
    in Spoilers... Comment by CFT December 2017
  • I bet MXY will have further designs on YC now she knows he has the primordial dragon legacy.
  • I can't see Mars going through with this. He's going to have to pull something out of the bag.
  • I've only read a few chapters ahead. It seems to be a cultivation treasure (there are probably more functions as the story develops). Every 3 days it releases a scent that causes spiritual energy to accumulate around the owner of the treasure. This …
  • When YC steps into the divine way he should be able to easily fight someone from the next level up.
  • Shiro_Shinigami, good points. The growth from 8 to 10 is from within. The recovery is quicker with the stone but otherwise could be done naturally. The jump from 5 to 8 via the pill is definitely external though. I still don't think it makes sense …
  • How is using the star picking stone and getting to the peak of the Sovereign realm not considered as using "external resources"? (Mars dropped a boo-boo).
  • vincent17c said: New Chapter is out. Eh the solution is old style. Mu bingYun surprisingly offer her phoenix yin ( virginity ) to help yun che power up. She said she would have died if there is no meeting with yunche coincidentally. I am livi…