Mortal life as Foundation for immortal life You can consider living a long mortal life for at least 1000 years (mortal saint) and experience mortal life as Qi Gathering (immortal way). You can consider the time when a mortal accept his dreams, ideas, thought out possible what if or alternatively different reality as past lives and the him of now is the base personality for the future and use those as experience and opportunities to understand things faster even if they have not experienced it as Foundation Establishment (immortal way) You can consider that the time a mortal anchor their current personality as the base and prepare for death and accept the different possibilities of death and avoid them or experience them to lay a barrier around themselves and nurture more experience and possibilities that are experienced in different ways and thought up of or even dreamed of as Core Formation (immortal way) The mortal can continue to live life or experience death and experience death but this also a tribulation as if the will is not strong their memories will be erased and not be able to experience birth from the moment of time intermingling of yin (female egg) and yang (male sperm) and use DNA of good quality and less bad like defects and establish a better mortal foundation and stronger soul or a conscious cluster of Qi or molecules. The mortal could continue to live longer and hope their soul is strong enough to hold their body together and maybe even slow or stop the aging of the body or with a strong foundation or soul can even reverse back to youth to a certain extent. Their may be chance where bad luck or tribulation start to happen and death may be present and if you get through it you can live longer and which can be considered as tribulation for the for the mortal and/or to advance or known as Nascent Soul (immortal way). This the last I'm going to give for now the mortal will have their soul strength increase and compress and experience quantitative and qualitative change or the conscious Qi or molecules compress and improve and gather more molecules and increase density or strength to hold mortal body but their will come a time of tribulation where the soul start getting weak and/or tired and the body might start to aging again and they have to will themselves to continue live and experience another qualitative change to the soul or conscious Qi or molecules which can be called Divinity Soul, Enlightened Soul, Transcendent Mortal, or Tribulation Crossing (immortal way) There are was to make this faster by living in virtual reality and experience different possibilities and death possibilities without putting the mortal body at harm and experience many things and may strength the soul faster.


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  • The strongest mc is the one from the book that I haven't wrote yet and has no name.
  • Can I get the script also?  How do you very like my theorybelow? Mortal life as Foundation for immortal lifeYou can consider living a long mortal life for at least 1000 years (mortal saint) and experience mortal life as Qi Gathering (immortal way).…