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  • How will the yang family inheritance war end... How will yang kai escape from the family 
    in Martial Peak Comment by sid January 12
  • Who is Qianyes mother?? 
    in Spoilers... Comment by sid January 1
  • Could anyone give a gist of whats gonna happen in the eternal continent. How is BXC gonna reach the archaen realm??
    in Spoilers... Comment by sid December 2018
  • same question here?? Will he train magic/ aura or is he gonna collect any ancient power that helps him cultivate????
  • who is this A'xiu......A heavenly immortal??
  • could anyone give a brief summary of the dark reverie arc...
  • What is secret behind the intruder cells... Any reference to his parents?? 
  • Who is the guy who gave him the bloodline??
  • i read somewhere that it is the silver dragon bloodline... Any other spoilers about its abilities other than fast learning and high recovery speed???
  • patcan3609 said: Lin isnt important, not yet at least. He doesnt really join Lin's family. Pretty good fights. He usually fights on his own. Hes cold and brutal to enemies but is disinclined to think about things like politics. Those are for …
    in Spoilers... Comment by sid July 2017
  • So... How does he get rid of his scar problem?? Any reference of who could have stolen his origin power
    in Spoilers... Comment by sid July 2017
  • How will the armament sect arc end?? Will they get destroyed??
  • so how is he going to improve his talent. It is mentioned that his talent is pretty bad in the latest TL
  • athlonkmf said: It's more complicated than that. His friend was indeed made into a zombie due to the arts the dr taught him. The mc was supposed to have the same fate but he was lucky that his talent was different. The doctor then decided to …
  • so.. will he join some immortal sect after leaving the current sect..... How is he gonna learn martial techniques since the qi he is cultivating is entirely different and belongs to immortal cultivation.??
  • SPWJin said: well i guess it should be called a moon stone monkey emperor bloodline or vajara blood line How does he find out about these... It was mentioned that he will go to a demon sect where they do not care about his bloodline and no…
  • Madness said: Doesn't his bloodline keep evolving? That's what I got from reading MTL (then again, it's mtl lol) oh.. could you please will still be a stone monkey bloodline right???
  • SPWJin said: souldz25 said: as far as i know that's his bloodline we still don't know much about it (he didn't get retested ) he doesn't join the black tortoise sect he joins another sect (Black Demon Sect i think) because when he's i…
  • the new raw chap is up......... Yi Yun destroyed the poison with his radiant qi. He had reached the second stage of the tai ah cultivation technique due to his pure yang body before. So he vaporizes the poison and smashes viper as well as his snake …
  • So Is zhi xiang still around or did the time for going to the other demonic realm over??
  • so does the MC upgrade his talent??? or is it a non requisite and is not know by the people of this world.
    in Martial World Comment by sid March 2016
  • Sparteh said: I just hope that author won't pull out something bad happening to the sister and then revenge arc what is typical to Chinise WN according to the current setup of the novel.... it is highly unlikely...
  • New raw is up.... He completes the 3 legged crow totem and also gets a pure yang body... The remainder of the spirit is absorbed in to the purple crystal... Don't know the correct details since i read it through MTL ...
  • No new raw chap today??? does that mean he has hit writer's block again??
  • its present in the other novels spoiler category..
  • I don't think he is really gonna give up the 10k beast totem.. The very reason he started learning it is because of its "freedom". It can help him to mix in different type of energies and laws to create an OP totem. Also I don't think he is gonna de…
  • Vexram said: i don't remember the PC sealing any weapon. the synopsis did mention it sealed a demon king though. yes , according to the synopsis.. it does have a sealing function....
  • I prefer the crystal... The cube is all powerful and can even empower those with low talent and comprehension but there is a catch.. The cube needs to be first used to seal the souls of other masters/immortals in order for it to work and the chance …
  • Bonfire01 said: bonifide said: injamambivu said: he needs 10k kills i doubt there are 10k yang beasts there he can kill (at his current level) Thats why he shouldnt had been 10k thats why he got writers block. Should had been…
  • lets hope that he gets over the writers block soon... any speculations about the next arc??