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  • This forum was specifically set up for us to bring things to the administrators attention. So why wouldn't I use it for it's intended purpose. If they aren't going to do anything when people post here why does it exist. And by the way, Aran almost …
  • Imperial God Emperor, the current translator is horrible. He will just disappear for months at a time. I think he is close to being thirty chapters behind.
  • Look I know this shit sucks. No one wants to see wuxia world's hard work stolen, but some of us really need to calm down. I was over there reading some of the reviews and I saw fans from this site leaving death threats for their fans. And I meen tha…
  • In book 8 chapter 7 when his master gives him permission to go out adventuring it mentions that he has opened up the Dao Domain of Inferno.
    in Dao Comment by rickayelm January 2016
  • Can someone who has read ahead tell me what the Dao of Taiji is. From how Immortal Diancai talks about it it should be some kind of technical Dao like the Dao of the sword.
    in Dao Comment by rickayelm January 2016
  • He has the rainwater sword dao domain, and the inferno dao domain.
    in Dao Comment by rickayelm January 2016