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  • Ah yes the F5 Sect. I remember that ancient sect. They were so dominant back then but sadly their dao has dissipated and become irrelevant when the heavens implemented the upvote system. Now we have newer sects like the Yes Daddy sect and the *Explo…
  • basically i mean they do sometimes also say its kinda smelly when it happens.
  • Warlock of the Magus World which is also by the same author I believe.
  • yes there was. Their translators though sadly have joined the dark side and went to the site who shall not be named. They took their work with them. 
  • some are off due to kindle others sadly are off because their translators went to the dark side to join the site who shall not be named
  • Ah and if you see this you might wanna hurry up and catch up since its almost over. I am sure you know but completed novels are no longer free and you only have a month after completion before it goes behind the paywall.
  • Ah I kinda got bored with ED and stopped a little after he got to the tenth world. It just started to get boring. Maybe one day I will pick it back up.
  • Hmmm based on those I would say maybe check out Refining the Mountains and Rivers, I am Overlord, Dragon Prince Yuan, and maybe Spirit Vessel. Beastmaster of the Ages is also pretty good as its different from your regular xianxia.
  • So basically what I am getting is its like Taishi Ci's weapon from the Dynasty Warrior series.
  • hahaha you go that right the amount of crazy things used as weapons is insane
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  • I completed ISST and read a good deal of RI. I haven't read any of AWE or beseech the devil. But from what I know about the other two I have to say RI is my favorite out of the four. Maybe its cause its a darker theme like Munsu said
  • hmm lamp grandpa doesn't really narrow it down unfortunately lol. Was it maybe Coiling Dragon? Anything else you remember about the novel? I know I am late so maybe you found it already
  • Uh each novel universe has their own scale of cultivation. the only common ones that some share go mortal(jianhu), qi gathering, foundation establishment, core formation, and then nascent soul. Usually after that they all have their own unique names…
  • Qin Yu from ST and Linley from CD would be my best guess. Qin Yu can literally make worlds and birng back the dead. The Meng level is the highest power level i have seen and is the closest imo to a "god". 
  • Yo that's Against the Gods lol. One of the more popular titles on here.
  • Kinda sounds like Otherworldly Evil Monarch. Never got to the part where he is kings son though if it is.
  • WarGodoftheWoods said: Martial peak dang you got that from that little
  • Ongoing novels are completely free. Any other novel you will have to pay for yes. Whether that be real money or karma. This was explained way way back when they updated everything. I can only assume your a newcomer.
  • Not sure if its good news. Most of the manhua for stories Like MGA, Skyfire Avenue and other great novels are crap. They aren't well received and it pains me to see people dislike an otherwise great novel that got a trash manhua adaptation.
  • hey thanks for asking this i came here to look for something like this. I was wanting to change my username too. Is there anyway to suggest this to an admin? I mean beside discord which i know some translators have and i think there is a WW one.
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  • Funny since in CD the Azure Dragon Clan uses and is associated with the water attrubute. The Black Warrior of the North or turtle was Earth. Also why isn't the Azure Dragon called Meng Long? Long being the character for dragon. ps good to know shenl…
  • an awl from what i know is like a spear having a long shaft with a blade at the end. pretty much what jason said.
  • Yea Clayweg is his disciple from when he traveled the other cosmoses. He was obviously then brought to his new cosmos once he made it and was taught or allowed to learn the temporal laws and become an exalted celestial. As for specifics on what happ…
  • It most likely does have something to with resources as you all stated. I think maybe they do have to go to a higher level plane as they likely have a richer spirit density or maybe its even a whole different type of spirit energy all together. If i…
  • Er the manhua constantly changes his family name so I wouldn't take that as canon. Atleast the version I read.
  • There is a LN but I highly recommend staying away from it due to the ending. Without spoiling anything IMO the ending is an ass pull , kinda fucked up, and makes the whole story pointless but that's just my opinion. I learned of the ending and decid…
  • Just google it. But yea as for Legend of Maian I wouldn't recommend it as from what I'v heard the ending is kinda an ass pull and really kinda fucked up if you ask me. Also makes the whole dam story seem kinda pointless. For Dai Densetsu no Yuusha y…
  • There are alot more simialrities cuz i was wondering that too. Like how Nie Li says in his past life he had a purple sword and could kill people with a thought. Sound like Sovereign Linley? I can't think of more but there were a lot of little subtle…