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  • the only incest i can think of is between 2 powerful brother and sister holders of unique bloodline. The tradition is that they marry each other in order to preserve the bloodline, and the brother died before he can sleep with his sister …
  • we all go there to read
  • there are 7 Jasmine only knew the names of the 5, or just told him those names cuz she never thought he will be able to go beyond opening the 5th gate
  • podlizurko said: 4th treasure we know for sure isnt on this planet. Hmmm i remember reading something about that..... do you remember where it was mentioned?
  • Well ....i dont think FJ will die....dont forget that Jasmine has her own goals and FJ might fall into them somehow, or maybe his bloodline will be part of her plan or somethin
  • i would suggest not starting this discussion cuz it usually brings out a bad argument.....
  • Hey guys i have a quick question. I stopped reading this novel about 200 chapters back. And i was thinking of starting to read it again, but when i looked it up on novelupdates, i noticed there was a neotore tag added. So my question is this is ther…
  • it is a proper explanation, but i call bullshit earlier when he showed the upgraded tyrant pills to ...Zi Ji? he said they were useful for sovereigns as well and now all of a sudden they dont work on anyone above tyrant 5
  • i can see the fairies gettin on the YC train but doubt all the disciples will unless there is another beauty out there that rivals ....any of his other wives/potential wives or if there is a girl with a special constitution or something among the re…
  • redleaf97 said: wgra5 said: Yun che may give her the mirror hoping it will keep her safe The mirror still need a decade or more years to active there is that, but at the same time there were some signs of life in it at one point …
  • i really didnt think that mars was gona go with the "lets have all the fairies join the YC harem train", at most i was thinking maybe the twins might get some lovin but not all them, but after the latest chapter it seems i was wrong
  • MjesticSirloin said: he always dies after one too damm this is so funny...and so true too
  • wtf is up with all cockblokin? I men QX cant have sex cuz it will harm her cultivation, now xue'er cant have it cuz of some bullshit reason again ......
  • dont know about elves
  • i just started reading this, but i cant find any chapters after chapter 2 where are the rest of the chapters hosted?
  • 713 has got to be the most useless chapter up to date. I men how could you spent 2k words and say virtually nothin of use?
  • it was funny BTW I am dreading next chapter. Cuz its gona be 95% argument from the phoenix emperor and then the last line will be xue'er saying yes it will be so boring
  • not impressed with the latest chapter ....notin much goin on there
  • anhrefn said: If Yun Che dies again I'll drop ATG If he does i will start reading actively again
  • Stigma said: I do not understand why non of you has stated the obvious yet. Most likely events will unfold in the following order:  1) an argument between YC/DPE/Xuer 2) explaination from YC to Xuer 3) argument between Xuer/DPE 4) Xuer begs …
  • combatmaster1o3 said: It looks like Mars needs some time to think again, based on the amount of content on the page. YC literally make 0 actions this chapter. Fuck that was short. He did he wiped the tears from her face Fengmi7 said:…
  • Rx-18-67 said: He'll get stuck somewhere and everyone will just assumed he died because soul imprints are reserved for scrubs and no one important ever uses them.  This is so sad.....but at the same time highly likely to happen
  • LoL bunch of blood thirsty people in this forum. I hope she stops him. What did all these normal people do in the city? I dont think they deserve to die cuz of the phoenix emperor.
  • Grim Reaper said: Of topic: Hey guys what happens when life and death element mixed together ? does it produce new element like how earth and water element produce mud . Well i think when life and death are mixed together get a z…
  • so.... i guess next volume is YC least we wont have the whole he died thing everyone is missing him, cuz he comes back the moment he dies
  • perception is different. I would consider rape only when it happens forcefully and one of the parties is strongly opposed to the deed. Whatever happens with both YC and Yuechan the opposite party was conflicted in yuechan's case and YC was just givi…
  • podlizurko said: 705 is out. If google translate is correct , dpe has more than 1 late stage sovereign , but its more likely 3 or 4. That really doesn't make any sense. If they had late stage sovereign they would be close to a sacred  grou…
  • Not really a dream, just it never really happened.
  • ser4 said: wgra5 said: As long as Yun che doesn't "die" again I'm all for that and maybe a new inheritance  I hope he dies TBH, then gets reincarnated and starts all over again I am  actually serious, last time he died he lande…
  • wgra5 said: As long as Yun che doesn't "die" again I'm all for that and maybe a new inheritance  I hope he dies TBH, then gets reincarnated and starts all over again