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  • Guys, can anyone spoiler me in the latest raw, xia qingyue really become badblood with Yun che after xiaqingyue kill his family? I lost my interest to keep reading this novel after I know xiaqingyue become moon god King and kill Yun che's families
  • UnderworldDream said: The lack of respect he shows to the readers and more importantly his Patreon supporters is just unbelievable. This guy need a wake up call. If you go to the Patreon page you can see one patron willing to pay 150$ to g…
  • this becoming worse and worse with each week Rex need to find help
  • this novel is good, remind me much about MGA but, the spoiler is really sparce
  • hope DB will start with amazing schedule
    in dropped? Comment by Clyne August 2017
  • guys, any news about chu yue chan until chapter 900++? i stopped reading at chapter 677, i need streoid to keep reading 
  • Guigs said: He is a rank nine ME, and have a place able to defend agaisnt a rank 1 HA. If am not wrong, there are 2 immortals from the Darl Hall that will die, but i don't remember their names(the one that humiliate CF and a mole). The Snow H…
  • this novel is so good when i read the first 10 chapters, i read it all the way until the latest translation (chapter 180 right now)
  • guys, can you tell me what chapter in novel same with the latest manga right now?
  • KeNNzor said: Hello everyone! I am new to this novel (about one week) and I have a question because I'm kinda confused.. I see people talking about stuff that happens in chapter 2000+ but currently on WuxiaWorld there are only about 1800 chap…
  • Silith said: Will everything be alright with vegetable trio during tournament? I mean they wont get injured, right? yeah, what happen to chilly paper, big radish, and small radish in the end?
  • Suran said: hicveithus said: so why is he so confident? he even organizes this whole thing lol  Is his backing that strong? Emperor Gong's successor is Chu Feng's sworn brother Zhang Tianyi, and his backer is his dad who is a rank 5…
  • i already until chapter 1743, how chufeng end his run with 4 imperial clans in the end? 4 imperial clans want to kill chufeng
  • tombec94 said: It's here the most heartbreaking part of the novel has come, hold up your buckets most heartbreaking part of the novel? i already cried once when ke yunhai died, is there really another story like this? my god i'm still st…
  • guys, what happen to the cursed soil sect in HLOM? did chufeng destroy it? when chufeng establish himself as the strongest cultivator in HLOM?
  • yes, very interested Everyone in novelupdates will interested with this program please make it happen. I cannot copas 1000 chapters in 1 day all by myself
  • same with me if i use google chrome, wuxiaworld keep changing the website to another website.  now i use firefox and not have a same problem anymore
  • when ji ning become daolord?
  • Salrandin said: Its hilarious seeing these people who read for free complain about the highest velocity translator out there. highest velocity? Now i know for certain you never read MGA. MGA is really short every chapter. 24 chapters just …
  • Demon Emperor said: his clan is called immortal demon god clan from the ancient immortal territory  major spoiler  here read at ur own discretion qin wential will die and his body will be extinguished when he remolds his body he will lose his…
  • i read until the latest translation, Qin Wentian always said he has ancient bloodline, what clan is his parent? beast clan? demon clan? human clan? Qin wentian practice demon technique for his main power. I though his bloodline has a deep connectio…
  • what happened to hua tai xu? can qin wen tian beat him in the end?
  • this translator has zero credible he also never responded to the reader only going on his pace, without care he already slow behind 1 week, and he doesn't look like want to translate that 24 chapters. He tell us 6 is his birthday, but he absent f…
  • who save them from the giligan guy? level 8 tiger beast (at least high level saint king)
  • i'm glad i never read this novel ending like that is really suck i will never ever read this novel
  • last week only has 21 chapters? what is going on? he still 24 chapters behind from 2 weeks ago, but i don't think he can finish it with his translation pace like now. he never respond to reader's complain as well
  • iSYNDICATE said: Can you please tell me at which chapter does MC become Saint King and Saint Emperor? please tell me this too When MC become saint king and saint emperor
  • injamambivu said: Clyne said: Guys, is freya keep showing until the end of novel? i want to know if leylin will be with his wife along his adventure or she will be forgotten like other heroine freya is his main wife til the end w…
  • Guys, is freya keep showing until the end of novel? i want to know if leylin will be with his wife along his adventure or she will be forgotten like other heroine
  • Ruki said: Hah! Those miserable trashs will taste someone that more powerful than Divine Realm~~ this here