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  • The reason is different: Befor becoming a soul sprtie he uses the upgrade technique to drasticaly increase his soulforce. But once he became a soul sprite he nearly exploded, because he wasn't able to control his powers. After that he seldom empti…
  • Ragnarock said:   Hey guys  have you read all of upgraded specialist to the end? 1. What happnes to mc and his wife and kids at the end? 2. Would it still be possible for immortality where they can live forever never having to die consideri…
    in Fate theory Comment by Impachen May 2019
  • The upgrade system uses the world laws (Law of Fire, Law of metal, etc.) to enhance a soul item. That´s the only info one gets from the novel The grades used in the novel are: low middle human tier high low middle earth tier high low middle heav…
  • iagoio2 said: Can someone tell me in what chapter wang dong'er regain her memories?  Difficult question, you could say it happens in chapter 484 (machine translations). But you get to read it at chapter 509 (machine translations).
  • DeathStroke96 said: What is Wang dongs third Spirit? During their first fusion skydream stated that she/he like huo yuhao has three spirits/souls, since the butterfly and the hammer are two what's the third? thanks. See gods daughter, she…
  • It is never expressly told in the novel, but i guess Sanshi, Nannan, Beibei and Tang Wutong get to know it at chapter 433/434 (machine translations) Huo Yuhao is a soul saint at that time.
  • Rydki said: When does Dong'er come back? I was reading just because of they romance and know that she died kinda making me wanting to stop... I guess the romance story continues after chapter 509 (machine translations). It`s shortly after …