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  • Hard to say.
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  • Kurtzin said: injamambivu said: Kurtzin said: this is killing me!!!  Is Nicole really dead? I mean, come on!!! She can't die!!!  Poor Roddy... does anyone know if she will come back and when? unless they pull a TI where the…
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  • Yes / No lol ^^ MC will meet with flight attendant but not on japan. flight to North America.
  • Summary for Chapter 546 (Nov 15, 2015 release): -this anger leader of the west wings, he want to killed Yun Che. -there is alot of over thinking here... like he think Yun Che is trapping him or its trap within a trap ... basically over thinking. (…
  • i think she can only eats swords+ some medical things and she only have one transformation that's a "heavy sword" I dont think so... but i ll double check that chapter... it could be because she ate his heavy sword therefore can take that form, …
  • Summary 545 release nov. 15, 2015 [spoiler] -Yun Che stand up agree the battle and stuff but then he twist by adding stuff. Like if we lost we ll be out of 12 Major Clan thingy but what happen if we win?  (This got the west wings side laughing) -Yun…
  • Yun Che Kick someone ass... hide then kick the rest of everyone else ass... and then he kick his own ass by saving the phoenix princess.
  • Vietnamese names of main character. Vân Triệt = Yun Che Vân Khinh Hồng = Biological Father of Yun Che Summary: [spoiler] - Ruler of Demon was going to protect Vân Clan by getting involve in the argument was stop by Vân Khinh Hồng through telepat…