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  • This book is the most hardest one to find spoilers, LOL
    in Spoilers Comment by anlie December 2017
  • So... i recommend this book to my friend... i told him its a very very good book, especially the romance..  so after around 2-3 week, he called me and said "hey u remember that book ze tian ji? FUCK YOU and thanks for wasting my time in lnmtl while …
  • His introduction feels kinda a very powerful daofather, and always roam around and have lots of friends etc etc, but..... Theres no mention of him at all, dissapointing.. Even thundergod have more screen time than this lu dong bin guy LOL
  • I read this thread and laugh.. But yea i agree,,, if its a trap im gonna flippin out too
  • Ok from my deduction, the drama release wil be at the end of 2018 (my sister told me i dont know where she got the source, shes the drama person) and if im not mistaken the first plan they going to release its in 2017 and now they changed it to 2018…
  • Actually if he moves on, its kinda refreshing though.. No harem, but still find new love.. As we all know life goes on..
    in Spoilers Comment by anlie January 2017
  • Too bad he didnt keep the name.. Usually we read those villain or hidden master got their own nickname.. If only he still roam around and people kept on calling him blood calamity
  • A bit confused, so that old guy whos CCS subordinate stab with a knife, what hes spposed to do? and did XYR really not expecting CCS to come? and Please correct me if im wrong, XYR wanna kill prince chen, but CCS didnt want him to be killed.. Right?…
  • Yea, korean novel (personal opinion) MC usually 90% is a selfish prick,, that 10% usually the Mc occupation is a manager of artist or Chef LOL... i just hope Ren wont change wuxiaworld to a multi-national Ln place...  Please ren if you read this mak…
  • Patcan, did u read the latest raw? Is mc gonna be with phoenix girl for real? As im still curious which one is the female lead..
  • XYR making a point there.. Wang zhi ce is a senile old man.. Despite all the reason why he shows up, selfish prick...
  • Yes, finally i decided to read it.. Personal opinion ill give it 3.5 stars at max 4 stars.. Enjoyable read at least.. what im confused is, ive been trying to read absolute choice but only manage to reach chaps 9 and i lost the feel to continue.. Did…
  • Finally.... He keep the ball rolling... Go pope!!
  • Lol, sorry didnt realize it till ive read up to the latest chaps. Gu yue na
  • Who is yuena? Ive read up to the blind date event.. And yes i agree about wulin gonna be whipped by his wife... Lol
  • Best arc IMO.. Is masked King competition.. I even play it on the youtube while re reading it lmao.. Just to get the feel
  • I havent read it yet.. im gonna wait till theres like 10-15chaps, since ive tried to wait a chap day by day (in this XYR arc) feels like wanna die but cant die lmao..
  • Good.. Bcos if tjss pulling that small sister elder brother shit again (tangsan xiaowu) it will really make me disappointed 
  • So.. Im just updating the spoilers.. As i read through mtl, im still not sure which one is truly female mc... gu yue or nuo er.. As i read the story i felt that gu yue is the female MC (despite the mysteries around her)
  • We'll see if this drama gonna be good.. I rarely watch drama but for this i will watch it.. Watch the trailer.. Luoluo make me nosebleed...
  • Damn.. Hanbi is a bitch...
    in Spoilers Comment by anlie December 2016
  • (My opinion) 2. I think its right, he doesnt like to shows up and keeping his identity a secret (no income to the club), and if im not mistaken theyre declining because the other member (beside SMC) didnt like him and mess up his order whenever they…
    in QZGS Comment by anlie December 2016
  • What im wondering now is,, ze tian ji is still on going.. But they already made the drama, either mao ni have plan to finish this novel as soon as possible or the drama will  have a different story/ending
  • Ur lucky theredbery is a good person,, lol 
  • Is that han bi guy? The selfish prick.  At first i thought hes gonna be a good member, looks like its not that simple. And luckily MC gf warned him too
    in Spoilers Comment by anlie December 2016
  • ilesyt said: It was a troll. I had released a ch in which I mentioned that there wouldn't be any romance. and some new went and added the romance tag.  So the ending is a troll or the romance tag? btw thank you for the translation 
  • Evaansan said: If they have seen each other twice, how come they spent time together not knowing who the other was ? It doesn't make any sense. Actually it does if u read it from their first glimpse and their situation (no offense here) i…
  • Im still curious what is XYR trying to do.. Even by involving wang po ( i know hes the bait for taois ji) but i kinda think this is a bit too hype.. Its been 5 chapters now but theres still no solid answer.. Even though XYR answer to CCS that she ne…
  • Ok... This is the first time tian lie nearly crap his pants... Lmfao..
    in Spoilers Comment by anlie December 2016
  • Latest chapter.... upvote for the best wifey material... Shes good.... and CCS just like a good husband giving her food to eat bcos the wine is too strong (according him LOL)