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  • It's up on royal royalroadl https://royalroadl.com/fiction/16031/immortal-dynasty
  • I just tried to put my story up on royalroadl. Still pending . hope they put it up
  • Chapter 4 : 4 years laterFour years went by as Feng Chanyui found his life as a baby finally come to an end. In the span of those years, Feng Feilong and Feng Batui went on a crusade against menacing powers in the surroundings of Feng Village. Thei…
  • If anyone could tell me how they find the story? . And please don't go with just "it"s garbage" try and explain what you don't like. I'm not focusing too much on the mc pov as of now, a time skip is expected soon tho
  • Chapter 3 : Feng FeilongThe next day early in the morning Feng Kong was doing morning routines. As he just had a son he decided he had to look a bit cooler when Feng Chanyui grew up. He certainly wanted to be a role model for that son of his because…
  • Hey i was skeptic the first two chapters, but your story is really interesting bro. Hope you could update it more. i'm still at chapter 17 but it's really an original novel. I just love it, especially how he got played by the yao brats. The demon ga…
  • I like the mage and warrior division!!
  • Chapter 2 : Fathers and Sons Feng Kong watched at the silhouette of his mother disappearing little by little in the darkness of the glacial night. It is necessary to underline that Feng Village had a particularly cold climate, especially in winter l…
  • Chapter 1 Loved by the Heavens "It seems like some kind of a game ability..." Well let me open this system once again , System Open"Feng Chanyui was looking at the system abilities, and after a while he realized how everything worked. "Looks l…