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  • SassyKeyboardWarrior said: Can anyone tell me what happens with the blood of the evil god? I'm really worried about the future love progression because of this fact. Do any of the main female leads die? Are they taken hostage or kidnapped in …
  • shadewalker said: I would like to ask if somebody could summarise the graveyard of the gods arc? Im really corious What going to happend with the soul springs, and what more will they obtain in there.  It will be revealed it is not a grav…
  • Lightning blaze said: I want to get spoiled on everything even on the ending too, idc just spoiled me like you will spoil a girl, i want to know everything  It will be revealed at the end that Qin lie in fact is the imperial soul great…
  • Hellshard said: The endings that bad? Kind of makes me want to stop reading it. The ending was not that bad as there is a huge secret about the MC that will be revealed at the end
  • when will the mc fuse with his clone at which chapter
  • what is qin wentian's new seven astral souls after he remoulds and restores his cultivation at immortal king realm and will he get his bloodlines back