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  • With chapter does he marry Angela and Elena? Is it at the end of the novel? 
  • Well in the recent chapters Nie Li calls Ninger "his woman" and ziyun heard it. She wasnt angry and did say Nie Li is his faince (i mean Ziyun). Im right? 
  • Peerles Martial God is pretty good (i read the first 100 chapters) but its not what im searching for. It has even worse romance than MGA. 
  • I didnt start reading it yet but before i start i want to ask: Is this one of those Novels where the MC meets his girl every 100-300 chapter like for example Martial God Asura. I really hate sth. Like this. I didnt find yet a good Martial/cultivatio…
  • Rebirth of the Thief sounds interesting, but how's the romance plot? Asking because in TDG its not bad but not as good i wish it would be. 
  • I need a longer break before reading more chapters. I must say, something diffrent like romance elements etc. In MGA Would be fine, for such a long novel its the same actions over and over again. Its to repetitive and i got bored because of it. If i…
  • Hi a few quik questions: 1. How is the current cultivation rank from Chu feng and the Su Sisters? Im about chapter 1500 and i must say its pretty stupid because both Su Sisters are stronger than the MC during this time (its make no sense: MC is a ge…