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  • more Ning saw, the more frighterned he became.     → "frightened" in every direction. :The old black bull had been alive     remove the ":" his body h ad been tempered    → "had…
  • (I had forgotten to report that one)He was now able to truly empty his mind of all extranteous thoughts   → extraneous…
  • A normal Epmeror like myself    → Emperor “Ahahaha!” Green Bamboo himself was in an excellent rule.   → mood ?
  • chapter 908 : then don’t blame for for taking a few swings at it.     → "don't blame me for taking" The question bestowed a sense of enlightenment upon many of the.    → "many of them", "many of the participants", "many of the pill masters" ?
  • in chapter 902, there are some missing spaces after some "." : and cultivation would increase dramatically.Jiang Chen had used a  expert even without his equipment.But Jiang Chen  power behind the sword technique.Jiang Chen  her to refrain from f…
  • it was almost impossible to view them if they didn’t want o be viewed.    → didn’t want to be viewed.
  • A short while later, an ephemeral figure began to drifted towards them     → "began to drift" or "drifted" ?
  • Ning could sense the growth of the Flower of Eterniety    → Eternity
  • we might even find a Daomerge Fircloud Fruit.     → Firecloud
  • They chatted amongs t themselves   → amongst
  • he had received difference from even Hegemons and Otherverse Lords    → "deference" maybe ? the Icpeeak Army’s might.    → Icepeak
  • Lord Skkyjade feigned surprise.    → Skyjade If Ning was willing nto hand it over    →to
  • one could see a fragile-looking you seated in the air in the lotus position.    → "youth"
  • The techniques governinig the prison regions were all quite complex.    → governing
  • Ning was quites killed in the Dao of Thunder.    → "quite skilled" unleash such an attck;    → attack one of th…
  • he even managed to onvince that idiot    → convince D you really think I’m afraid of you?    → Do
  • That way, it can be even be said that we are on friendly terms with each other!    → "it can even be said that" …
  • the aura of frigidity emanating from the white faire     →fireHegemon Brightshore had no hidea    → idea we’ll meet again in the JAdefire Realm!     → Jadefire
  • There were no grounds for me to reject this proposa…     → proposal word has been sent to all sixteen realmverses was well as the otherverse     → as well as http://www.wuxiaworld…
  • There was a greataxe, a suit of aromr, an estate-world, and other treasures.     → armor Autarch Awakener had gather…
  • Emperor Bloodcloud smield coldly.     → smiled It looked like a casual strike, buti t actually    → but it
  • but now that Arhcon Silksnow has charged inside as well     → Archon Whitethahw was definitely comparable to supre…
  • sixteen had been trapped within within the illusions    →  only one "within" generating multiple laters of cracke…
  • This was what the Daolrods of Flydust Star believed.     → Daolords
  • studied over three hundred Hegmeonic legacies     → Hegemonic
  • Instantly, spacetime in the surrounding area abegan to ripple.     → began “Brightmoond.” A black-robed Ning was standing on the surface of Serpentwing Lake.     → Brightmoon
  • and drain the essence the tree had taken in from the Atuarch’s blood.     → Autarch
  • Every part of our frozen bodiescan be used as weapons.     → "bodies can"
  • hoping to be able to finally catapault his Heavenbreaker stance to the fourth stage     → catapult
  • it wa far more difficult than Ninedust’s.    → wasNing just stood three, watching from afar.    → there ? now that their original masters were died     → had died / were dead ? http…