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  • Nameless
    Hey yo animeda I wonder if you can answer some of my question regarding martial god space the current translated chapter is it the part where he trains till op while the other go for the tourney and he comes out single handedly deal with demon race?
    2.what comes after this whole thing? Does he go to another continent to study?
    3.I saw some spoiler about him winning an auc about some painting which merged with his soul and during some school tournament he plucked some seed or something to add in his painting making infinite spirit stone?
    4.does the devil in the mirror come into play I know he teaches mc alchemy and stuff but does mc use it alot?
    December 2015
    • animeda
      1. he doesn't fight with demon race alone. Right now his main rival is that prince... their fight ended up as draw If I remember right.
      after that there is another journey where he has to break a formation on some place, gaining more insights plus leveling up...
      2. He steps into half step legend and then go to another country for tournament.
      3. I haven't read after he steps into half legend
      4. yup just like he creates poison flags, he learns stuff from ye mo.
  • darknebulous
    have you read god of thunder being translated on puttty translation if so do you have any spoilers
    October 2015
    • animeda
      sorry mate, I haven't read that one.