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    era0fice said:
    Novel ends with children from 3 women but he was ambushed by the other women who demanded an answer from him. He seems to be willing to accept all of them.
    No, Bai Wan Qiang doesn't join the harem, she remains an aunt.
    Also there are 2 more "layers" of cultivation realms after Heavenly Immortal. My interpretations may not be the same as the translators.
    [SPOILER] Heavenly Immortal
    "Mysterious" Immortal
    Golden Immortal
    Saint Immortal
    Immortal King
    True God
    "Spirit" God
    Ancestor God
    Imperial Lord/"Domain Ruler"?? (This realm differs between 2 types of breakthrough methods, the latter is stronger as usual)
    Dao Lord 
    IMO the book gets more interesting after he [SPOILER] joins Ji Yu's school [/SPOILER] but thats quite deep in, maybe about halfway. Also i felt that the ending was quite good, but that may be because of the after-stories
    Awsome thank me man I'm at chapter 63 and I guess there had to be realms after heavenly immortal!

    1. Is there realm immortals in this novel like can you can become immortal and be able to live forever and never having to die if so do you have to reach earthly immortal for that or heavnly immortal?

    2. If my question was correct above will be able to help make all the woman in his harem true immortals that are able to live forever and never having to die and being able to live for eternity
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