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  • goofykwame
    I recently seen that you have helped other helped other people with the same problem I think I'm on a blacklist because I commented something most likely on the legend of the Dragon King but I don't remember it being a spoiler and I don't use slander the only thing I could come up with as explanation is that a upsetted someone if I actually broke the rules then I'll apologize if it's just because someone didn't like something I said about a story I'll still apologize but that's just really childish
    July 2018
  • Phillipsi
    Hi Yn5an3
    I've also been having my Original Novel posts being blocked by "awaiting approval", can you help?
    December 2017
  • WheeledWriter
    Hi Yn5an3

    I've been having my Original Novel posts blocked by the spam filter in the tread I created for it in Original Stories; I didn't realise what what was going on at first and then I tried posting smaller portions of the chapter as suggested elsewhere on the forum, but none of it worked, possibly because I'm the only poster in the thread?

    As a result, you probably have at least six versions of the same Chapter sitting in your moderation queue from me - maybe more? Sorry about that.

    Is there any way to set it so that the original creator of a thread can be approved to make unlimited replies in that thread?

    If you could ignore all of the posts currently awaiting moderation from me and put up what I have sitting currently in draft by any chance?

    I'd also like to move all of the posts for the first chapter into the first post as well - I just discovered the 'edit' option - but I'm afraid I'll lose those as well if I try...


    August 2017
    • WheeledWriter
      Ok - I was able to combine my earlier posts for chapter one into a single post - which makes me happy, so now I have one post where I used to have three; but the forum is still blocking the second chapter.

      I have no idea why - there is nothing weird in it - and the length is less than the now combined first post.

      So you now have even more posts awaiting moderation from me - but I only want to post a new chapter directly after the first one, not any of those attempts.

      Is it possible?
  • happyforce

    I saw the post : 

    I  have tried using it for WDQK but it seems that rss feed is empty?

    Is there a time when it gets emptied?
    March 2017
    • happyforce
      Never mind I found it correct link is :
  • Myriea
    Hi there, I've accidentally posted too many times for my translation (under Translations > The Immortals' 9 Coffins) since I wasn't sure what I saw (the pop up was tiny!). Please kindly approve it for me when you wake up... (what timezone are you in btw?)
    December 2016
  • BookWorm
    Hey. There are multiple spam threads on 'General Novel Discussions'. Most likely a bot. Think you might want to look at that.
    November 2016
    • Yn5an3
      I'm killing them every hour or two, but at night while I sleep they seem to be specially active, those fucking bastards. Thanks for notifying me.
  • DMR
    Hi, it's just that on another post about the "recent chapter" menu, I remembered how you said that the menu lags for posting the most recent chapters.

    I used a few computers and phones and I noted that on computers (using chrome and firefox) I wasn't able to notice any update lags, but on mobile (using firefox, chrome, and maxthon), there was a lag for chapters... but that lag was only on mobile apps.

    Just thought it might be helpful info.
    October 2016
    • Yn5an3
      Haha, thanks. That's most likely because you are logged into WW when you use your computer, but not on the mobile phone. We already know the reason why that happens. It's not really a bug, only a limitation in the way our cache works. But I do appreciate your effort notifying me about it. :)
  • Avijit25
    Hey Was on Volaretranslations and some brought this person up https://www.wattpad.com/user/DModeTime he has posted issth bth and other novels on his site and only the synopsis is credited i was wondering if he has permission to be posting the stuff from the WW, TN and other websites such as tottallyinsane

    April 2016
  • CuteLoong
    Hello,system administrator if you can.I hope you can help me.Let the webmaster see my request,thank you so much!Sorry my English is very poor
    December 2015
    • Yn5an3
      I've notified him, but he's busy these days. It's Christmas after all, so it may take a couple of days for him to respond.
  • Boyce98
    To clarify, MTLs are allowed, and there is no problem hosting them, but we would like those translations to adhere to some standards. Pasting text into a translator and then copying the results whithout any edits is well below the quality threshold we'd like to have in the forums, and even below the quality the less caring of the readers would request of a story. For those wanting to know what the bare minimum is, I consider it to be the point where a translation, which has few or lesser grammar mistakes, is readable without having to do multiple passes over some sentences to get a rough idea of the contents.

    Since this time the translator has stated clearly that his intention wasn't even to translate the story and that he's basically dropping it, this thread is no longer open. I you are the author and would like to continue working on the series, just PM me and I'll gladly open it again.

    Concerning this matter, I would like to submit a improved synopsis. While I used google translate to help me a little bit with understand some of the content I used http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php for all the words and I would like to send you this synopsis in hopes that maybe someone would be willing to pick up the project if they read a okay quality translation. I hope that maybe someone could check my translation that I put a good 30minutes-1hour in mtling 

    This had been clearly stated by the then already hopeless scholar Chen Ju, who had accidentally opened the mysterious blood jade, obtained an ancient evil demon Taoist who passed on it's Taoist methods, thus began his first step on the road of supreme evolution. From then on, with my fluttering heart, I would dispel the the demon spirit!  ****************** 《都天血神决》 The five large realms : clearing the arteries, igniting the soul, changing into a heavenly body, palace establishment, and forming the Dao. Determined to practice the laws of Taoism, practicing jiànzǒupiānfēng, and the manners of taoism. Please stay tuned!
    MTL note:  ****************** is part of raws.

    RAWS of synopsis

    意外开启神秘血玉,得到上古凶妖——蚊道人的修炼传承,从而走上了一条绝世进化的道路。 从此,我心唯扬,神魔辟易! ****************** 《都天血神决》五大境界:通脉、点神、化星、建宫、组道。 新的修炼法决,剑走偏锋之修炼方式,敬请关注!绝对精彩!

    Currently I'm interested in learning Chinese so I've been starting with learning the first 214 radicals of chinese. Any advice you could give me could and will be appreciated :P

    sincerely, a humble mtler

    November 2015
    • Boyce98
      please delete comment above ^ I sent a pm with same msg after posting this once I realized this was public lol
  • Welcome Aboard!
    July 2015