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  • I should not have rushed my story originally, it looks so bad looking back at what it once was. :/
    September 2015
  • Starting to feel my story is just being glossed over, honestly. I get no mail or messages on the story discussion, it feels so lonely.~

    Making it hard to continue... Any criticism is better than none! I must be doing SOMETHING wrong!

    Looking at all the other stories and seeing the 'this story is awesome' posts while mines just sitting with same discussions as i've posted. T.T

    I enjoy writing it, but if no one tells me they enjoy it too(or hate it), i feel i'm doing a bad job regardless. Must be my pessimistic personality.

    I have another story i can write, but this one will easily have 150-300 chapters for the first season, not sure about the second.
    Second season's not solidified, just the beginning to it planned...

    Signed~ Me sitting in my depressing corner silently typing... (T,,T)>
    September 2015
    • Jzhang
      Dont worry I feel ya. Lol how u get a picture in your profile? I want to time skip but its taking forever building that foundation -_-
    • World_Traveler
      Yea, he is actually building the foundation at this very moment in both body adn soul, and an amazing part is coming up later.
      I got a image when i made a account and then made a wuxiaworld one, so idk how to change a wuxiaworld one myself, sorry!

      Also, no notifications on activity posts, so i'm a little late replying.
  • That moment you realize you have a long way to go before your story actually 'starts'. :I
    August 2015