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  • Senior_Nepuko_JACT
    Hello brother Royal Ancestor!
    I'm Senior Nepuko, or Just a Curious Traveler (JACT) from Wuxiaworld . I would like to ask you something, and I already tried to contact you thro Webnovel, but I'll do so here as well as to have more chances to reach you . Here's the copy-paste from the Webnovel reply of mine :

    "Hello Royal Ancestor!
    You're not replying to comments in Wuxiaworld so I'm trying from here, hopefully you'll notice the reply.
    So, brother Ancestor, I'm "Just a Curious Traveler" from Wuxiworld, you may or may not know me XD. I'm here to invite you to join Discord, for we really need you there, especially for Mogu cultivation chart-related matters. The discord also has Er Gen channels and we can talk directly with translators there, so you might be interested

    Discord link :

    If you want to already know the reason, it's about Dao Divinity being only "comparable" to Paragon realm in ISSTH. We'd like to have you there to help us, or at least to tell me here where is that mentioned in ISSTH, for I have trouble finding it (and since I know next to nothing about DD, I don't even know if it has a sign like the Suns in Grand Empyrean). Please help us, Ancestor!

    Link (repetition is key! ) =

    My personal Discord ID : Senior Nepuko#9946

    Have a great day "

    June 2019
  • winayat
    what really happened at the end of current arc in Renegade Immortal?

    August 2018
  • Alucard3968
    Could someone plz answer a few questions I have plz?

    1. Does mc and his harem become immortal?

    2. Does mc still keep up with the demon cultivations techniques I really like it?

    3. So why did he end up with the girl who used there child a a revenge spirit? 

    May 2017
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    March 2016