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  • plumberz
    How to put the original stories here? I try to put one before but got removed. Is there any prerequisite i need to follow before create a discussions in this category?
    April 9
  • honeysweetie
    Dear Sir, 
       A reporter friend of mine in Beijing would like to have an in-depth interview with you but she doesn't have the means to reach you. She said to have tried with the editorial with whom you signed a collaboration agreement but they didn't provide the information she needed. Her email is [email protected] she works for a Chinese news agency's "domestic news for overseas service department", which, according to my understanding is a news service that tells China-related stories to the outside world. I'd be happy to be the messenger but if you worry about personal information leaking, perhaps it would be better if you could send her an email?  
       Love and peace to Wuxia World!
       Alex of the Moon
    January 29
  • bloodlyrics
    Hello, could you please approve my post in the translations section of the forum? I tried to post my translation of chapter 160 of The Legendary Thief but it still needs approval.
    January 26
  • 王觅立
    January 8
  • clownfishcultfighter
    I'm posting my original story. I just posted Ch. 2 but I'm not sure if I did it correctly. Do you have a guide that explains exactly how to do this? For example, it looks like people are able to update the title....any help would be appreciated.
    November 2017
  • Daoist bashful
    Ren I actually wanted to start writing an original story but the system is really putting me off. No matter what I do, even with trying spoiler tags and seeing other people's solutions, the same problem of "this comment has been submitted for approval" keeps happening. What makes me annoyed is that I have waited DAYS for them to go through but nothing has happened. I am actually pretty committed to writing this story and I really hope you can a) provide a solution or b) completely do away with this system. thanks
    November 2017
  • Honor Guard Myriadhearts
  • vectroid
    How to change forum avatar bro? it is said, whooops there is an error.
    October 2016
  • mike777ac
    For some reason, whenever I see the small version of your profile picture I always imagined Danny McBride as a wizard? I just wanted to finally say that lol.
    September 2016
    • mike777ac
      Of course when I look at the real picture, it looks nothing like that... but well, my eyes are pretty bad lol.
  • CardZhen
    Hello, so I was wondering what happened with The Great Ruler and Upgrade Specialist in Another World. I understand that the translator of USAW has problems but what about TGR? Are the novels dropped?
    July 2016
  • pandaquimera
    Hello, I like a lot the novels hosted in this site and as I noticed that some of the novels here aren`t translated to spanish i`d like to translate Horizon, Bright Moon, Sabre to spanish. I would like to know if you let me translate it.
    May 2016
  • wind
    wind RWX
    Hi, i love the novels you are translating and as i am french i noticed that none of them are translated in my language.
    I contact you by PM because the main novel i'd like to translate is coiling dragon.
    So i would like to ask for your permission to use your translations so i can translate them in french (i don't speak chinese)
    February 2016
  • CuteLoong

    Hi! Webmaster Ren of WuxiaWorld, hello! Because my English proficiency isn't that good and your Chinese is great, I decided to use Chinese to post this message. First of all, allow me to introduce myself; I am a 22 year old who just recently graduated. I am a Chinese lover of novels. By the age of 14, I started my love for online web novels and remained in this community for 8 years. Seeing the web novel community now, it's at the very least a hundred if not a thousand times bigger than before! I can be considered as part of the industry as I am about to start the new year as an editor for a web novel company. (The time until the Chinese New Year is around two months worth of time) But I've changed my mind, I wish to join you guys! I wish for this website to have even more translated novels, in fact, I want to help you guys obtain the Chinese copyright!

    I came across this website by chance, and after a week's worth of time, I've employed the use of a machine translation service to skim through this website, By the time I understood it all it was already way past into the night. I was too excited to go to sleep because after understanding this website, I've come to realize that I hold the same views as this website; it is a website that loves to promote novels of other countries! I've a good understanding of the Chinese novel industry almost as if it is practically like the back of my hand! I too wish to see that more and more people will come to read Chinese web novels, so I wish to become a member with you guys.I hope that you guys will come to recognize me as one of your own! If I become a member with you all, I am willing to invest all of my time and energy into Wuxia World! I want to help you guys attain as many of the Chinese copyrights! In terms of the web novel development and system, I've many ideas. I hope that the webmaster RWX will exchange information with me!

    I've also sent a message to RWX's email, I hope I can get a response!

    December 2015
  • Paragon did these guys get permision to post the trenslated novels you guys put up?
    December 2015
  • dou
    dou RWX
    How do you original stories get promoted?
    October 2015
  • Rimge
     Ren I have very important matter to discuss. Actually it’s a very important idea which I want to accomplish, but I need to discuss it with you. I don’t know how to contact you xD, so could you email me on [email protected] :) or any other way I could contact, I have skpe, teamspeak or whatever other way xD. 
    October 2015
  • randamba
    Your translations are amazing. I was going to read google translates of some Coiling Dragon to see what happens next, but the difference in readability is incomparable.

    One question I've always had is about certain phrases that repeat a lot through the books that IET writes.  I don't know if IET just uses phrases like "ugly to behold", "didn't know whether to laugh or cry", or words like incomparably, quite frequently, or not. So what I'm curious about is if the phrases you are translating are in fact Chinese phrases that can be worded in a few different methods but don't have very many good english translations.
    October 2015
  • sorani123
    Umm RWX I want to post an original story i made but i don't know how to.If you could,can you tell me how to post them?
    August 2015