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  • Ragnarock
    Hey man hope you could help me with these questions plz

    1.Who does yue bing easily dominate?

    2.does yue bing and mc other little sister and 4th mother live in Mcs grimiore world?

    3. Since Mcs summoned beast bloody queen join Mcs harem how does that work will she be able to speak with the mc because right now they speak different languages and will she be able to stay outside of the grimiore for as long as she wants? 

    September 2017
  • Ragnarock
    Sorry for bothering thought you couldn't read my message because it was too big

    Is there any yuri in that and did she use a whip on him seems like he's going to get reversed raped is he in this?

    „Wu Xia apologizing elder sister.” Xue Wu Xia also smiles a brightness, received Artifact, the politenessreturns to thank Empress Fei Wen Li your majesty, has kissed on the face of Student Yue Yang speciallysuperficially, praises: „Original Wu Xia also wants to chat a meeting with elder sister, but since in timewithout enough time, then makes up once more! As for this good-for-nothing, always accompanies me not to be good, kept him to give the elder sister you to help here, I did not worry in any case!”

    Serpent Empress calls Xiao Wen Li first, enjoys the kiss of kid good night, sending precious daughterto sleep, in order to avoid she braves the big eye to blink looks at suddenly clearly, affects waits a while‚imperial husband’ affective tone. Regarding being well prepared Her Imperial Majesty, Student Yue Yanga little fears suddenly that ended, is it possible that does Her Imperial Majesty like playing the leather whip candle? If is really such, that future natural luck life will thoroughly end!

    Does not have words, is called ‚, if the life has raped you, but you are incapable of revolting, simplycloses the eye to enjoy’? Let Her Imperial Majesty counter push, it is estimated that the feeling does not go bad, moreover oneself are not the tender flower, does not need her to show tender affection!

    Thinks at heart that Student Yue Yang heroic spirit hundred times, put out the pomegranate elder sister's formidable boldness immediately: Come, counter pushes me heartily!
    September 2017
  • Alucard3968
    Do you know that if in god and devil world does mc and his harem become immortal?
    April 2017
    • Ophis
      At the very least, the MC does. As for his harem it wasn't ever specified. But I assume they did as well since Yue Zhong became the ruler of the entire God and Devil system.