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  • I love writing stories.

    It helps me get to be someone else even for just a bit.

    I like to get up the rooftop and stand on the edge of the building while listening to music... I like to watch the world pass by the window... I like to walk among the pedestrians and bump shoulders with them while taking a random walk towards nowhere... at night, I like looking at the stars in an empty side of the city where there are no lights.

    --all while thinking of every bits of these details on my stories.

    Writing, for me, is a way of LIFE. It's a way to express one's self, no matter how hard it is... and perhaps it is to portray that world where you wanna live on and escape to if this real world doesn't exist.

    Our stories tells us who we are and what we aspire. These are mine. What is yours? Here, take a look at my projects:

    ===Siva Light Novel Series:===
    Vol 1 Legend of the Destroyer
    Vol 2 First Departure
    Vol 3 Frozen Blue Heart
    Vol 4 Book of Legends
    Vol 5 Eyes of Origins (NEW)

    ===Barriers=== On hiatus (missing blueprint)

    ===Pilot: Online=== SOON

    ===The Mortal King=== SOON

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    June 2017