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  • travis0917
    Hi Daoist Cleaving Fist,  I read your novel, which is very attractive.I am a student of UC Berkeley. I'm currently doing a project about writers for an entrepreneur class. What we are doing is to make a writing community where writers can get feedback, supporting, and reader. We have just built a simple website, because I like your novels, I wonder if you could help us to test it, and be our beta user. Appreciate it. Regards
    September 2017
    • Daoist Cleaving Fist
      Daoist Cleaving Fist
      Sorry I just read this haha, quite busy of my daily life. Okay, let's talk about your proposal...

      I would love to join such community. Actually I have been looking something like this that someone can give me feedback about my story, and yeah I want to give also ideas to others that may help them break their neck breaking blockade.

      Just give me the link of your site and I'll give my visit there sooner or later. Cheers!.
  • Hi
    August 2017