Wicked Soldier King (妖孽兵王, Yao Nie Bing Wang) - by Bi Xian Zai Meng You (笔仙在梦游)

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Hey everyone, introducing Yao Nie Bing Wang, or Wicked Soldier King (WSK)! Though we're posting here, weren't not actually trying to get 'promoted', just our little contribution to the translator community, while working on studying Chinese is the main goal :3 Enjoy~


Summary: Xu Yun is a man with a mysterious past as a special forces operative. Since then he just wanted to have a relaxed life in HeDong City, working for his gorgeous boss. Unexpectedly he is pulled into a massive power struggle within the criminal underworld, all because he stumbles upon an earth-shattering secret...

^Paraphrased from 17k.

We grew up on a diet of HK gangster films and Wuxia media. Now they made a baby!? Count us in!




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    Chapter 1: The Finest Female Boss

    HeDong City is a millennial city.  Many years of the government cultural heritage protection enabled HeDong City to become a graceful and quiet environment, well suited for recuperation and rest.

    In the evening Xu Yun, just as in the past, went for a stroll.  He wore a sleeveless shirt with a print of a beautiful woman and some bright colored beach shorts; underfoot he wore flip flops.  His entire outfit was worth at most 30 bucks.  As he was walking, he hummed plagiarized lyrics from some unknown song.

    “A graceful lady, first let’s enjoy this hot chick’s curves.

    “Yo this slender waist, oooo weee…”  Xu Yun continued humming his tune.  Suddenly straight ahead center, a waist was waving to and fro.  The walkway led to the swinging rear of an exceptionally alluring female.  After bitter suffering under a tyrant boss for 3 years, this was a huge difference.

    TN: "Ca" is a kind of interjection that doesn't have an English equivalent. Literally "rub", can be used in situations where "oooo weee" as well as in response to someone being abrasive. 

    Tsk tsk tsk.  Since coming to this run-down area for walks for 10+ days,  at last a fine girl arrived.

    Following this for 10+ meters, Xu Yun gradually lost interest, because he discovered another one standing in front of a bar, not to leave but to light a cigarette...

    Xu Yun doesn’t need to ask and can guess the answer of what profession that girl is engaged in.  Damn,  waste of time.

    Just when Xu Yun prepared to seek the next target, suddenly at the side of his ear came a charming sound.

    “What did you come back for?”

    A girl’s tender voice complained, like a jade pearl falling in a plate. It was melodious and pleasing, full of a unique kind of lingering charm.

    Xu Yun turned his head and gazed towards the direction of the voice, and not seeing anyone, he was indifferent.  One look lower, Xu Yun was nearly struck dumb and froze.

    A willow-thin waist, small but perky butt and high ponytail carelessly tied up in full view.

    With her fair, clear skin and alluring red lips, her 5 delicate facial features were flooded with worry. Her breathing was lethargic, but her eyes still beautiful. No matter from which angle they are judged so long as it is not too far away, she would definitely be worthy of being rated as a highest quality woman.

    Only at this moment that apex quality woman seemed to be somewhat troubled.  On her right side stood a 25-6 year old, with the head of a buck and eyes of a rat.  Furthermore, a few big and tall tattooed men on the left and right sides created a tight encirclement.

    Xu Yun does not like to meddle, and without a doubt that finest woman is no exception.  Instantly he took a step forward and walked past her.

    “Sister-in-law, sister-in-law, please save me!  Right now only you can save me…”  With his low eyebrows and rat eyes, his whole expression appeared to be wailing.  Begging urgently he almost kneeled on the ground to the beauty.

    “I am not your sister-in-law, and have no money to give you to continue gambling.  Immediately leave or I will call the police!”  The beauty’s face was so angry it was discolored.

    Once this was said, the bystanders in the crowd let out a burst of whispered discussions.

    The young man seemed to already know she would call the police, his face became completely earnest and continued begging: "Nooo sister-in-law, you can't watch me die and not save me! Just this one time, last time, save me, come on..."

    This beauty was not at all moved.  She flung off the young man’s hand and scolds: “I beg of you to never come back and bother me again.  The next time I help you again with your gambling debt, both of us will be cleaned out! You said it yourself!”

    “Last time, sister-in-law, help me one more time!”  The young man’s face is flushed red with anger, the girl in front of him had no intention to yield.  Immediately his imploring expression suddenly changed and he gloomily got up. He threatened: “Alright.  You see me desperate and don’t help huh?  Then I will tell my Big Brother about your business here in HeDong City!!

    “You, you’re shameless!” The tender, smart beauty was so angry that she nearly fainted; the last two times he came to demand money to gamble with he also used this threat.  This time he used it again.

    “Ai, this good girl’s life is really full of hardship eh.”  Some old man in the crowd sighed.

    “Who said it wasn’t? He has done this 3 times.  That bastard is really something.  Ugh!  This matter forces me to endure it, let’s see if I can’t put him to death!” An indignant random woman shouted loudly.

    “Auntie, why don’t you do just that?  Go ahead and give him hell!” A bald bystander on the road said.

    That woman turned pale and glanced about.  In a small whisper she said: “Just pretend I was stupid okay?  To teach that bastard a lesson, the aftermath is to get mixed up with the Underworld.  Do you dare provoke these types of people?”

    The crowd’s many comments were numerous.  Xu Yun squeezed into the center of the tightly packed crowd and little by little followed learned from start to finish what the situation was.

    That beauty called Ruan QingShuang opened a panacea food restaurant*.  In peaceful times she would depend on operating this panacea food restaurant to make a living. She had a brother-in-law, exactly this shifty-eyed, crooked looking Lu Bao, who was desperately addicted to gambling everyday.  When he lost it all he would run to Ruan QingShuang to demand more money.  Bitterly begging was fruitless, as long as he threatened to tell his brother in the countryside her whereabouts.  He succeeded time after time.

    TN: Actual text is a medicinal meal restaurant, but that sounds like Robitussin on steak so I chose a Greek word meaning “all-curing”, since presumably such a restaurant would have a response for many ailments. Essentially it serves foods that are good for you, but not just healthy also with medicinal properties.

    “Sister in law, how about thinking it over again? Or I can give my big brother a call, I bet he will happily run over here looking for you…”  Lu Bao, this small man intoxicated by success said.

    Ruan QingShuang bit her lip, her beautiful face devoid of color.  Her pretty eyes squeezed tears out.

    Just then, from the throngs of people suddenly a voice called out: “How much money do you want, I’ll give it to you instead of her!”

    Just as the voice reached everyone’s ears, the numerous bystanders near Xu Yun made a path for him, fearful that they would mistaken for the one who called out.

    Xu Yun didn’t care in the slightest, smiling handsomely at Lu Bao he walked over and as he did, he checked the expressions of the crowd.  Every one of them had idiotic expressions as they gazed blankly at Xu Yun.

    When Ruan QingShuang heard someone wanted to pay in place of her, she was alarmed and puzzled, yet felt just a bit touched. It wasn’t because money could shut Lu Bao up, but because he threatened her 3 times and no one from the crowd came out and said anything about Lu Bao’s injustice.

    Lu Bao long ago already went crazy to get some money to gamble with. Now that he saw someone was willing to give money in place of Ruan QingShuang, he immediately turned and went over. “You, you want to give money in place of sister-in-law?”

    Xu Yun snapped his fingers and said: “You didn’t mishear. Say it, how much do you want?”

    “Not much, not much!  Twenty thousand is enough, twenty thousand!”  Lu Bao didn’t think about it much.  With Xu Yun’s outfit, how much money could he possibly have?  At this moment his brains were only full of money.

    “Only 20,000?”  Xu Yun made the expression like it wasn’t much.

    Lu Bao looked and his eyes shone, quickly he said: “Umm, not right, not right, 50,000, 50,000 is enough!”

    “50,000? Not quite there, I’m guessing it’s not enough right...How about I give you 100,000?”  Xu Yun laughed.

    “Ah? Really?” Lu Bao was shocked for an instant, and then an ingratiating smile spread across his face. The shithead dashed to Xu Yun.  As he moved he said: “About the money, talk later sister-in-law, now I have you heh…”

    “You…” Ruan QingShuang was so angry she was shaking from head to foot but she could say nothing.

    “What are you talking about?  Don’t need your money anymore.” Xu Yun smiled handsomely.

    Once Lu Bao heard that, suddenly felt that with the phrase just now, the number was too small. His face was covered in smiles and he went to Xu Yun and changed his tone saying: “Brother that's really fucken generous, hehe,  from now on you are my blood brother..."

    “Mister, let’s declare brotherhood, how does that sound?” (Lu Bao)

    “Good, great!”

    “Don’t give him money!” Ruan QingShuang shouted with all her might towards Xu Yun’s direction.

    Xu Yun smiled and to Ruan QingShuang he threw her a reassuring glance.  Then he smiled handsomely and rubbed his hands together: “Alright!”

    “Huh?” Lu Bao felt uncertain, he hadn’t seen if Xu Yun had any indications of the money.  Then where was the money?

    Taking advantage of the momentarily confused Lu Bao, Xu Yun brandished and wound up his palm and ferociously slapped towards Lu Bao’s face.


    A sound, loud and clear suddenly exploded.

    Lu Bao simply hadn’t reacted at all, and only felt a tremendous power smashing his face.  His body trembled uncontrollably before that enormous power. One swing blasted him spinning sideways.

    Seeing this scene, the crowd couldn’t help touching their cheeks thinking of the pain of that slap.

    Ruthless! Truly ruthless!  Really fucken ruthless!

    The other people were all stunned by Xu Yun’s earth-shattering swing, even all of the big muscular tattooed men were stupefied.  One slap made a 110+ lbs man fly.  How much strength did that need?

    Besides Xu Yun, the only other person still sober was Ruan QingShuang. It’s not that she was exceptionally calm, it’s because she had only just recovered from her anger at Lu Bao’s detestable behavior. Seeing the scene right before her eyes of how Lu Bao was thrashed flying, she thought she was having a nice dream. She didn’t treat it like it was real.

    “Your face really ain’t any ordinary fucken thickness... took your daddy's smack and now my hand’s all tingly.”Xu Yun said a fleeting thought, and like a fierce tiger coming down the mountain to play, in one leap like a pounce he arrived in front of Lu Bao.  He reached out and grabbed Lu Bao’s arm.  Immediately he applied strength suddenly and threw.

    With a thump, Lu Bao stiffened in midair and directly crashed to the ground.  He was confused, and inside his stomach acid churned and came straight out.

    “50,000 slaps still falls short eh?”

    “No...No thanks, I don’t want that…” Lu Bao snapped back to his senses after one slap.  He hurriedly waved both hands and yelling.

    “This is no good. Earlier as your big brother I promised you so I’m giving it to you now.  You don’t want it though, then that means you don’t want to give your big brother face!”  Xu Yun said.

    “Huh? Nonono….” Lu Bao was nearly scared shitless.  With great effort he struggled back up.

    Xu Yun wasn’t in the mood to say much else.  He grabbed Lu bao’s collar, lifting him up as though he was a baby chick and lifted his leg.

    With a ‘thump’ sound, Lu Bao gave a blood curdling scream like the sound of artillery.  Instantly the bystanding crowd wanted to flee.

    *Wump Thump*...With an oppressive thumping sound, Lu Bao tumbled about, face covered with wounds. His body lay unmoving at that place along the street, unclear if he was alive or dead.

    “You can’t even take this little of a beating. Boring!” Towards the ground Xu Yun shook his head and said with a sour expression.

    The bystanding crowd heard this sentence and felt a chill.

    Ruan QingShuang saw Lu Bao blasted into the air with a kick, she was frightened and delighted to the extent that, she even felt a shred of hope for freedom.

    Thinking back to those years that her father agreed to this absurd marriage, her family members not only did not help her, but they even kept her under watch to prevent running away.  Remembering those years of toiling, constantly on the move to evade the marriage, and how her family said they wanted to break all ties over the phone. Thinking of how lately Lu Bao threatened her time after time, and how the surrounding people watch with indifference without a single one coming out and stand up for the injustice towards her... at that moment she couldn’t control her feelings, and tears quietly slid from her eyes.

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    Please add a link to your TL website, I could not find it on Google anywhere.

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    Please add a link to your TL website, I could not find it on Google anywhere.

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    Hello! Thanks for reading. At this time we do not have a website but we are working on the next chapter :3
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    Hello! Thanks for reading. At this time we do not have a website but we are working on the next chapter :3
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    Chapter 2: You Wanna Pick Up My Mom

    Ruan QingShuang used her slender fingers to wipe the tears from her face. She walked up to Xu Yun and said: “Thanks.  Thank you….”

    Xu Yun laughed, waved his hand and said: “As easy as lifting my hand, I couldn’t bear the sight of these big men bullying a young woman.”

    “Yooo, wonderfully saved by a hero today?” The leader said from the middle of the group of tattooed big guys.

    Just now, Xu Yun’s slap and kick truly stupefied them,and unexpectedly shocked their condescending attitude. But as they recovered, the big guys never even deemed Xu Yun worthy, as they saw it, Xu Yun could fight but if he stood alone, surrounded on all sides by a thousand men of the Four Wolves Gang, they don’t need to worry about 1 person.

    Xu Yun turned his head and looked at the tattooed men and laughing said: “What? You guys also want to hear 100,000?”

    “Little punk, where are your manners! Your daddy here is with the 4 Wolves. If you don’t want a thousand people to hunt and butcher you then shut the fuck up and obediently get out the way!” The leader of the tattooed men said.

    Once the 3 words “Four Wolves Gang” left his lips, the bystanding crowd took a step back and retreated, their faces flooded with dread. Apparently the infamy of the Four Wolves Gang was extreme.

    “If I don’t want to go then?  Are you gonna cut me?” Xu Yun wrinkled his eyebrows and said.

    “*Snort*, little punk, I know you can fight, but I came today to collect debt, and collected it.  You wanna fight, we can set it up anytime!”

    Xu Yun’s lips curled with disdain and he said: “A creditor that doesn’t look for a debtor, and instead looks for people completely uninvolved; towards the small penniless fry you say it’s the wrong person, but towards the big fry then you harass them…”

    “Hmph!”  The leader of the tattooed guys gave a cold snort, glaring fiercely at Ruan QingShuang he said: “Will you settle Lu Bao’s gambling debt or not?”

    “Lu Bao’s owes you money, you should get it from him. It has nothing to do with me.” Ruan QingShuang said, her face slightly afraid.

    “Seems that now you have this little punk protecting you, you dare to flee from your debt with the Four Wolves? Today your daddy here is gonna lay it out for you kids.  You don’t want to pay in place of Lu Bao and keep your money, then big daddy is gonna rip down this little shitty restaurant of yours!”

    Ruan QingShuang never would have thought they would be so unreasonable; shocked and afraid at the same time, she was all alone in HeDong City, who would help her?

    Not knowing what to do, Ruan QingShuang subconsciously looked at Xu Yun next to her.

    Xu Yun threw Ruan QingShuang a reassuring look, and then took a step forward facing the tattooed leader.  Laughing, he said: “Now I don’t think too highly of opening casinos or whorehouses for a living. Workers of a restaurant aren’t too bad, but now, haha, I’ll give you two choices. One, forget the whole tough words act between us and just leave with your tail between your legs.  The other option is to end up just like Lu Bao, plus 20,000 and then you scram.  Pick one!”

    “Huh? You fucking dare to compare my Four Wolves Gang to a whorehouse?”  The tattooed leader’s eyes were as large as bells, anger flushing out. His lackeys behind him also became ragingly furious.

    “Stop giving yourself face. Are you guys that much cleaner than a whorehouse?” Xu Yun said indifferently.

    “Shit, punk are you looking to die….” The leader said, he took out a club from his waist and charged towards Xu Yun.

    “Ah! Watch out…” Ruan QingShuang frighteningly screamed, she had never been in this kind of situation before.  Everyone became scared, but she hadn’t forgotten to call out and warn Xu Yun.

    Xu Yun didn’t bother to evade.  He waited until the baton was inches from his head before he moved.

    Suddenly only his right hand’s middle and index finger stretched forward, so fast it became a blur in midair.


    Xu Yun’s fingers smashed straight through the baton, making a loud and clear sound.  The sound wasn’t very loud, but the surrounding people looked like many lightning bolts came crashing down and stood bewildered.

    The fierce smash of the baton... Xu Yun abruptly and effortlessly blocked it.

    Witnessing this reversal and the silent crowd’s amazement, even the leader holding the baton was stunned. Just now he used enough strength that even though it was just a baton, the crushing swing could smash holes - forget about a person’s flesh or even their fingertips.  Yet unexpectedly it was blocked.

    Surprise, shock, astonishment.....

    No other reaction came from the leader.  Xu Yun seized the opportunity, grabbing the baton and pulling downwards, throwing the baton.

    The leader only felt tremendous force on his wrist and arm dragging him into a spin suddenly. He couldn’t control his body as he was forcefully dragged tumbling through the air. His back slammed hard onto the concrete ground.  His eyes contorted in pain as they saw stars and his brain had a sense that the sky was spinning.

    Xu Yun didn’t stop. Using his shoe, he used the tip of his shoe to roll the leader over, immediately exploding with strength and lifting upwards - then this 200 lbs muscular guy soared 2 meters in the air, forming a perfect parabola in the air. Following Lu Bao’s fate, his brains straight away plummeted on the cement ground.

    “Just like that you guys still came out to collect debt? Robbing a bank is more advanced, shit!” Xu Yun muttered, then with a flash, he rushed dead center towards the attacking thugs.

    Straight fist, Rising Shadow Kick, bam bam hitting the mouth neatly.

    Dominating, direct, simple...

    In not even a half an hour, and all 5 or 6 thugs were laying on the ground like bodies, each one like a dog’s corpse.  They lay motionless and unresponsive, utterly defeated.

    “Face is one’s own, but money is the Four Wolves Gang’s! Look at each of you in your sorry state, your daddy here feels sorry for your parents, shit!” Xu Yun said.

    “...” After hearing these words, the bystanders were truly speechless.

    “If you don’t wanna die, roll away.  If you wanna die, stay there like a corpse!” Xu Yun said coolly.

    In the wake of these words, a loud roar erupted towards Xu Yun’s ears.

    “You little shit, if you have the balls, say your name…”

    Xu Yun turned his head and looked.  It was one of the big thugs whose entire face was as bruised and swollen as Lu Bao’s.  “Xu Yun. If you want revenge then come find me, but I’ll warn you that next time I won’t be so gentle!”

    “Alright, you little shit, just wait, Four Wolves Gang… ugh”

    The tattooed thugs remained defiant; Xu Yun swaggered near him. He lifted his leg and stomped on his stomach, and then stomped on all the other thugs as well, only leaving behind successively longer shrieks.

    “Your daddy already told you his name, and you’re still complaining. You’re asking for it.”

    Seeing their boss provoked more of Xu Yun’s wrath, the poser thugs rolling on the ground grimaced in pain as they scrambled with covered faces, clutching their stomachs, or bracing their legs, supporting each other, they quickly tried to charge through the center of the encircling crowd of bystanders.

    The Four Wolves Gang’s people just took a severe beat down. The bystanding crowd knew that very soon the Four Wolves Gang would come for retaliation, and so they all quietly made way for them.

    Ruan QingShuang’s beautiful eyes were full of an expression of gratitude as she looked at Xu Yun. Her pretty face, which was pale earlier was now filled with a tinge of rosiness.

    Ruan QingShuang casually and calmly walked up to Xu Yun and said.“Thank you, Xu Yun.”

    “Piece of cake.” Xu Yun laughed.

    Just then, a young voice of a child was suddenly heard.

    “Mommy, mommy…”

    Following the sound, Xu Yun became totally petrified, because he saw a 5 or 6 year old little girl just like a small bird throwing herself into Ruan QingShuang’s bosom.

    “I, you, damn! How did this happen? Did I just screw up? I was tricked?” In his heart, Xu Yun wanted to cry rivers of tears.

    Ruan QingShuang smiled apologetically at Xu Yun. Her expression cherishing the little girl as she gently stroked the child’s head.  “My daughter GuoGuo is a bit mischievous, please don’t mind, I’m sorry.”

    This sentence was like a thunderbolt as it hit Xu Yun’s ears, and pretty much completely annihilated the hopes in his heart with this girl.

    “Hehe, hehe....you’re pretty young, your daughter is 6 years old maybe?”

    “Huh?” Ruan QingShuang’s pretty face couldn’t help but blush. “This is my adopted daughter.”

    It was like spring came suddenly for Xu Yun, pitch black became full of vitality like a rising tide, laughing he said: “Very good, haha, very good….”

    “Mommy, I’m hungry!” GuoGuo said, as she nibbled on one of her chubby pink fingers.

    Ruan QingShuang apologetically said to Xu Yun: “Please don’t take offense, why don’t you come by my restaurant, I’ll cook some panacea food for GuoGuo.”

    “Sure.” No way would Xu Yun refuse! He agreed immediately and decisively accepted Ruan QingShuang’s invitation.

    The three of them returned to the panacea restaurant, Ruan QingShuang first put GuoGuo in a chair and then picked up an apron and turned into the kitchen.

    GuoGuo played oddly, staring at Xu Yun left and right.

    Xu Yun didn’t dislike kids, in fact he liked them a bit. When he saw them playing happily, he felt a sense of envy because when he was little he never had that kind of treatment. Everyday he would train in martial arts, and do weighted long distance running….

    Thinking about it all, Xu Yun and GuoGuo chatted a bit.

    One adult and one child chatted in good spirits, Xu Yun asked about some ordinary things, and learned about GuoGuo’s adoption from beginning to end. Turns out that Ruan QingShuang went shopping for groceries some time ago. She went to a recycling station, and while standing and waiting she saw a filthy little GuoGuo. Maternal instinct flooded her and in a daze she brought GuoGuo back to the restaurant, and raised her as her own daughter.

    “Uncle Superman, just now when you battled those bad guys was really cool!” GuoGuo’s said, her face flushed with excitement.

    "Superman?" Xu Yun suddenly felt like he had his underwear on backwards, but accepting GuoGuo's nickname, would hurt the nuts even more than wearing underwear on backwards!

    TN: I think it means he feels awkward that is so flashy, a sign of humbleness maybe.

    “Hehe, Uncle Superman, you like my mom don’t you?” GuoGuo interrogated.


    “You don’t need to deny it okay, I can see it.” GuoGuo said with seriousness.


    Xu Yun remained silent.  Did kids nowadays mature that quickly?

    GuoGuo winked her big smart eyes, laughed ‘hehe’ and said: “Uncle Superman, wanna become my dad?”

    Once Xu Yun heard this his eyes brightened. In ancient times, people traveled a thousands of miles to see their fathers all the way home, today ten miles is enough for them to adopt* (as a godfather). He just needed to win over this little girl, and with Ruan QingShuang’s love for her precious adopted daughter, how could he fail?

    TN: As in seeing guests out, very important in Chinese culture. The further you go, the more respect for the person.

    “Mmm, hehe, alright then!” He said, pretending to ponder over something deeply. This little demon skillfully charmed people.

    GuoGuo blinked her big eyes, turned a few times, then stretched a chubby little hand to Xu Yun and said: “Give me 100 bucks.”

    Xu Yun was too stunned to react, this little girl brazenly asked for the first-meeting gift. He immediately complied and took out 100 bucks and gave it to GuoGuo.


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    Chapter 3: Super Chef

    Since GuoGuo easily earned 100 bucks, her entire little face was excited. “So, daddy, how about you give me another 100 bucks?”

    “Huh, you still want more?” Xu Yun couldn’t help but feel conflicted. Didn’t he just give her a first-meeting gift?

    “You stupid, of course; it’s the fee for helping you get employed by my mom!” GuoGuo’s face displayed an expression of iron resolve as she said it.

    Hearing this immature child’s voice, Xu Yun felt that it was more intimidating than five blasts of thunder from the God of Thunder - the shock was stronger by a whole order of magnitude...

    Stealthily looking in the direction of the kitchen, Xu Yun decisively took out another 100 bucks and handed it over.

    GuoGuo snatched yet another 100 bucks and excitedly jumped from her chair and dashed into the kitchen.

    Xu Yun still sat on his chair. Just as he was thinking that money had incredible power, a child’s voice from the kitchen made him immediately feel like he had exploded into bits.

    “Mommy, mommy, Uncle Superman gave me 100 bucks so I could help him pick you up!”

    Even if he was the adoptive father he couldn’t be so indecent!  GuoGuo first took the money, and then betrayed Xu Yun! GuoGuo really made Xu Yun admit thorough defeat.

    Ruan QingShuang was busy in the kitchen and now with what GuoGuo said her face flushed red, glaring at GuoGuo she said, “GuoGuo, what are you making trouble about now? Quickly, give the money back to Uncle.”

    “Nooo, I already recognized Uncle Superman as my adopted father. It wasn’t easy to do. He’s a daddy that can protect GuoGuo……”As she said it, she felt a sense of gratitude, her quick-witted big eyes swelled with tears.

    With a motherly expression, Ruan QingShuang tenderly looked at GuoGuo for a moment. In her heart, she deeply sympathized with and felt pity for GuoGuo’s pain. Truly, GuoGuo and herself were entirely on their own; no one really stood up for them.

    Thinking of that, Ruan QingShuang’s reprimanding expression lessened quite a bit, the fire in her having died down.  She came out carrying a bowl of panacea cuisine, with her pretty face still slightly red. Towards Xu Yun she smiled apologetically and said: “This child GuoGuo is too naughty, those words just now, don’t take them to heart…”

    “Actually I am concerned about it, but what could I do about it? This little girl just blew it all…”  Xu Yun was internally very depressed, but he said: “*Sigh*, no problem, haha, just a child…”

    “GuoGuo, give that money back to Uncle.” Ruan QingShuang very patiently stroked the small girl’s head. As she saw it, just now recognizing Xu Yun as her adopted father was most likely the little girl’s fanciful dream.


    GuoGuo pouted her small mouth. With reluctance, she took out the 100 bucks and put it on the table, slowly handing it back to Xu Yun.

    How could Xu Yun take back money he fully intended to give the kid?  He narrowed his eyes, and laughed like a big bad wolf: “GuoGuo, keep it and buy some candy, how’s that?”

    “No, eating candy is bad for the teeth.”said GuoGuo as she sighed, she didn’t dare to take it and shook her head: “Mommy said kids who eat candy are bad kids.”

    From her expression it could be seen that inside, she didn’t think that way. But in front of her mother, she had no choice but to accept the situation.

    Xu Yun started to like this cute kid more and more, he petted her head: “Then how about you give it to your mom so she can buy some tasty food?”

    “This reason might work!” GuoGuo’s eyes brightened with her new objective.  Whoosh! And she slowly took the money back.

    Ruan QingShuang wasn’t sure what to do about GuoGuo, and just looked sheepishly at Xu Yun. GuoGuo cheered and started eating, then started a wiggling celebratory dance as she washed her hands.

    “Give the money here.” Ruan QingShuang saw GuoGuo leaving. She speedily pulled out her wallet from her pocket.

    “It doesn’t matter, as long as she likes it its fine.” Xu Yun smiled, that little evil genius was a cute mess.

    Ruan QingShuang wasn’t so easy going: “No can do, GuoGuo is young and doesn’t understand things. But it’s not like I want to take your money. Earlier today, I wasn’t even sure how I could ever thank you.”

    “Thank me eh?” Xu Yun saw an advertisement plastered above the entrance of the panacea restaurant looking for chefs and waiters. Pondering it he tapped his stomach and said: “Invite me to eat some of your panacea dishes. How about ginseng orchid soup with lean meat?”

    Ruan QingShuang paused.  She had managed her restaurant for so long and yet had never met a person who could pick a dish without looking at the menu. Distracted for a moment, she quickly nodded her head: “Sure!”

    After Ruan QingShuang returned to the kitchen, GuoGuo already finished washing her hands and ran over. She saw Xu Yun guardedly look at her and tilted her head and asked: “Adopted daddy, what’s wrong?” I’m not a bad person, so why are you looking at me like that?”

    Look at this child - she threatens people happily, and then calls me adopted father easily and gently! If Xu Yun wasn't so calm and stable;he concluded that even if he were to sell her he would lose money.

    “GuoGuo, us two, aren't we meeting through fate?” Xu Yun raised his eyebrows at GuoGuo as he said it.

    GuoGuo alertly looked at Xu Yun.  She looked at him a good while before reluctantly nodding her head: "Do you have something you need help with? Just say it. But I definitely won't tell you if mommy is wearing the same design of pink underwear as me today.”

    WTF OMFG! Xu Yun almost spit blood. What is this little kid thinking about in that brain? But he still quickly glanced at Ruan QingSheng in the background. Indeed there was a faint hint of hot pink clothing underneath Ruan QingShuang's clothing. What GuoGuo was saying couldn't be wrong.

    Xu Yun glanced briefly at GuoGuo's small clothes, the front of which featured an embroidered cute cat. Xu Yun couldn't picture that Ruan QingShuang would wear such cute underwear.

    But as it was just a fleeting desire in his head, Xu Yun very quickly recovered his thoughts. Pointing at the advertisement above the door: he asked "GuoGuo, did your mommy find a chef for the restaurant yet?"

    “Not yet.” GuoGuo unhappily nodded her head. She drank a spoonful of her White Jelly Pear soup: “Nothing we can do about it, 1500 is too low for anyone to want to work for, but mommy doesn’t have any more money to give for their salary.”

    Xu Yun chuckled: “Then what do you think of Uncle becoming the chef?”

    “You?” GuoGuo put down her chopsticks and stood on top of her chair. Her big eyes stared bewildered at Xu Yun, looking him up and down, measuring him several times. Still, he did not look anything like a chef: "Can you sing?"

    “Sure can!”

    “Can you tell ghost stories?”

    “For sure!”

    “Will you play Truth or Dare?

    “No problem!”

    “Can you make mommy happy?”

    “Absolutely settled!”

    At this time, Ruan QingShuang was carrying the ginseng orchid soup with lean meat out, and seeing the two of them with strange expressions, she couldn't resist and said: "What are you two doing?"

    “Mommy, I found your chef! Monthly salary 1000!” Guoguo tooted loudly, exceptionally proud because she had successfully scouted Xu Yun.

    Xu Yun was stunned, standing beside GuoGuo he asked: “Wasn’t it 1500?”

    GuoGuo stood on a chair, just high enough to Xu Yun’s ear and with a small voice only the two of them could hear she threatened: “Do you want to pick my mommy up, or do you want another 500 bucks?”

    *Stab*!  This tactic was definitely a killer's deathblow! Xu Yun was afraid that this little girl would shout out and expose all of his hidden objectives. Shocked, he didn't dare to try to negotiate pay, 1000 would just be 1000.

    "The child is outspoken, it’s just nonsense. Please don't take it seriously." Ruan QingShuang didn't hear any part of their conversation. Immediately she picked GuoGuo up from the chair and put her down. She didn't know that these two had skillfully communicated to each other through their eyes.

    “GuoGuo didn’t misspeak.” Xu Yun went up to the table and drank some of the ginseng orchid soup and tasted: “Pretty good. But the ginseng and orchid have a bit of uneven mixing, and if you add another two slices of ginger it will cover up the medicine taste and drinking it will improve the texture further.”

    Ruan QingShuang was immediately shocked by Xu Yun's evaluation: "You really know about panacea cooking?"

    Xu Yun nodded. Now was a great chance GuoGuo gave him, so that he could have the opportunity to work for the finest boss lady.  Of course he would seize the opportunity and show off a bit: "I know a little, just a little bit."

    GuoGuo secretly gave Xu Yun a thumbs-up motion: smooth!

    “Then...are you really sure you want to work here?” Ruan QingShuang still didn’t dare believe those words, and probed him out a bit. Inside she hoped that since Xu Yun promised, after today's incident with that scoundrel's debt, she felt that if the restaurant didn't have a man, if anything else happened, she and GuoGuo would be pretty screwed...

    Xu Yun "Mmm-ed", testing the air: "If you believe in my skills, you can give me a try."

    "Really!?" Ruan QingShuang was ecstatic. She never thought she would ever come across this much luck!

    Xu Yun nodded: “Mmm.”

    "Oh yeah!" GuoGuo also excitedly jumped up and down, raising her brilliant innocent face. Towards Xu Yun she winked her left eye: "Monthly salary of 1000 bucks, this is something we agreed on."

    This little money grubber really can help her mom save money!

    Ruan QingShuang lovingly patted GuoGuo's head. She said to Xu Yun: "The cash I have on hand is tight... if you don't mind waiting until next month and when business is good, I'll pay you double wages, sound good?

    Without waiting for Xu Yun to respond, GuoGuo already responded and made the decision for him: "No need, no need. Daddy coming to work here is only to be at pavilion closest to the water enjoys the most moonlight first".  He isn't worried about wages.".

    Daddy?! Ruan QingShuang stiffened from shock.

    Xu Yun also had an expression of shock. This little trickster clearly betrayed him !

    "Eat your dinner!" GuoGuo didn't understand the two embarrassed adults in front of her.  With seriousness she sat down, in front of her were her mom's delicious dishes, and with a teasing tone said: "New chef, you're not going to show off your skills? I'm not the type to support idle people."

    This little girl really seemed like the boss of the three… There was a silence once again: “Alright then, I’ll show a thing or two.”Xu Yun said.

    Actually Ruan QingShuang was also wondering how good Xu Yun's cooking was, and was hoping that he would be competent, or else her panacea restaurant would be finished.  However bringing it up may be rude, but since GuoGuo went and said it she didn't stop her, since it allowed Xu Yun to put on the apron and go into the kitchen.

    GuoGuo dashed over to Ruan QingShuang and winked, seemingly waiting for her mother's praise. She had such keen eyes, of course she could see through her mom's inner thoughts.

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    Chapter 4: The Cold and Elegant Beauty

    The kitchen was really clean, and the refrigerator contained all kinds of fresh groceries. Xu Yun thought for a bit, then took out a yellow eel, a stalk of celery and two peppers. Ginger and garlic are even more important to have in abundance.

    Ruan QingShuang had already curiously followed Xu Yun into the kitchen. She saw Xu Yun skillfully wash the eel thoroughly, de-bone and slice it, and then cut the peppers, dice the ginger, and julienne the garlic. When the wok was hot, he added oil and roasted the ginger and garlic, and stir-fried the eel. After waiting for the eel to change color, he immediately added the peppers and celery, frying the dish for 1 minute.  He added soy sauce and fermented beans and mixed.

    Just as the dish was coming out, Xu Yun swiftly grabbed a chicken egg and broke it into a bowl. Using boiling broth he made an egg flower, and added a spoonful of honey. He then completed a simple but very low temperature honey and chicken egg flower tea.

    "Come, GuoGuo, Shuang-jie*, try out my skills." Xu Yun very quickly placed the dish and the soup in front of GuoGuo: "Eat it while it's hot. It's not good when it cools down."

    TN: Jie  means older sister. Very common to call older unrelated women sister if you aren’t being super polite. Shows closeness like nee-san, nuna etc.

    It was the first time Ruan QingShuang heard the stranger address her, but her pretty face blushed for just a second without any feeling of unwillingness. It seemed that Xu Yun could address her like that.

    GuoGuo grabbed a piece of the eel, and savoringly ate it as she nodded her head: "Hey, not bad. Keep up the good work, stay consistent."

    Ruan QingShuang also put her chopsticks in her mouth with a piece, drinking a spoonful afterwards of the simple honey and egg tea. She could only lament that Xu Yun's amazing skills were far beyond hers. The fragrant celery, beans and peppers flowed with the eel, creating a fresh and delicate but not greasy flavor. The honey egg tea didn't have a hint of fishiness! It was simply at the level of a chef!

    “How is it? Worth 1000 bucks a month?” Xu Yun smiled with complete confidence. Not even bragging, with only the level of this panacea dish, even 8-star hotels in Dubai would be willing to pay 10,000,000 salary for him to be a chef there!

    TN: 10m RMB is about $1.6m.

    GuoGuo shook her head, finally blurting out: "If it's about 800, that's about right."

    I…*grind*...this girl is really finicky.

    It was clear Xu Yun got along really well with Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo, all 3 of them chatting while eating dinner, they were like three precious treasures of harmony.  GuoGuo still bugged Xu Yun to teach her some moves against bad guys, and so Xu Yun taught her a few military techniques. GuoGuo learned and followed his stances, looking very cute..

    QingShuang and Xu Yun both discussed strategies for publicity.  Unfortunately her assets were too low, and honestly she didn't have enough funds for advertising.  However Xu Yun was very clear, this year without funds, advertising would be impossible.

    Upon hearing this GuoGuo became sleepy and complained that she wanted to go upstairs to sleep. Seeing this, Xu Yun stood up to say his farewells: "It's a bit late, you two rest early, I'll head home."

    "Daddy, how about staying and sleeping with GuoGuo?" GuoGuo said in a sleepy haze.

    "GuoGuo, is mommy accompanying you to sleep not enough?" Ruan QingShuang said, playfully glaring at GuoGuo.

    "The bed is so big, with one more person it's safer. Are you worried I might fall off and get bruised?"

    “...” Ruan QingShuang and Xu Yun nearly became petrified.

    Fortunately GuoGuo didn't press the subject, she turned around and went up the stairs.

    Ruan QingShuang looked embarrassed, she only said: "You....that...."

    "Ah, I understand GuoGuo's good sentiments, I'll still go home to sleep..." Xu Yun could only laugh. Ruan QingShuang blushed as she walked Xu Yun out, and then closed the door and closed up for the night.

    Xu Yun left the panacea restaurant and didn't return directly home. Instead he rounded the corner and went to HeDong City's WenHui district's most famous barbecue street. This place was WenHui district's most popular nightlife section, with action like a raging fire.  People came to drink beers and eat barbecue kebabs, and it was full of unsavory types.

    8 or 9 ruffians full of food and booze were singing drunkenly. Swaying leisurely they got up to go across the street and take a leak on some trees.

    “QiangZi*.” Xu Yun called out.

    TN: QiangZi means strong one, or mighty one.

    "Oh fuck..." A hoodlum was scared shitless. He almost pissed himself, and suddenly he got angry. He turned his head to look behind him.

    When he saw Xu Yun laughing till his eyes were small not too far away.  That hoodlum at once shivered. "Ah, it's Yun-ge* huh, I'm surprised."

    TN: Ge 哥 is brother, specifically older brother. The one addressed as “ge” is usually recognized as senior even if he isn’t truly older.

    The pack of hoodlums QiangZi was leading had started trouble with Xu Yun when he had just returned to HeDong City, but were easily "pacified". Now seeing Xu Yun again was like a mouse seeing a cat.

    "I came because I need a favor." Xu Yun didn't bother with courtesies, in his eyes QiangZi and his followers were at their core not bad people.

    QiangZi paused for a second. He swiftly calculated Xu Yun's outfit, then his expression had a bit of awkwardness and he said: "Yun-ge, were you the one who beat down those Four Wolves Gang guys at Yi River Square?"

    WenHui District didn't have too many people that dared to help members of the Four Wolves Gang, so word of today's incident spread rapidly. Flip flops, tank-top, flowery shorts - a famous titan that made thugs everywhere shake in fear. The instant QiangZi saw Xu Yun's outfit,  he instantly knew why he came!

    "Yo, news sure travels pretty fast eh." Xu Yun acknowledged it calmly, but for this little servant QiangZi, his facial expression became very ugly.

    QiangZi tried to force a laugh but it didn't come out. Xu Yun asking him for help just now meant getting involved with the Four Wolves Gang. It messed with his mind endlessly. Although QiangZi started thuggin' since middle school and was now a veteran of the streets, he had never dared to mess with the Four Wolves Gang. "Yun-ge, people from the Four Wolves Gang are especially ruthless. I advise you to not mess with them...there's the saying two fists will have a hard time against 4 hands. After all, the Four Wolves Gang have more than a thousand members!"

    "I didn't come to ask you to fight alongside me, I only need a little something." Xu Yun understood QiangZi's worries.

    "Yun-ge, as long as it doesn't have anything to do with the Four Wolves Gang, if I have to climb a mountain of blades or cross a sea of fire and I will still help you!" QiangZi acted like it was a military order.

    Xu Yun nodded his head: "Come.  Come with me to a place."

    The group of people came to Yi River Square. Xu Yun pointed at the panacea restaurant across the street. "Help me find someone to print 10,000 colored copies of flyers advertising for this restaurant, then place them nearby all residential areas, offices and schools."

    "Done!" QiangZi nodded, and promised. But inside he was a bit sad over the cost of these 10,000 flyers.

    Xu Yun took out all the money he was carrying, giving it all to QiangZi: "If there's any extra, just consider it payment for running errands. You could use it to get some food and drinks for your brothers. No need to lose money for this favor."

    QiangZi didn't dare to covet Xu Yun's money, quickly and politely he pushed it away: "Nonononono, Yun-ge, if we talk about money it will hurt our brotherhood!"

    "That's different and shouldn't be related." Xu Yun still tried to force the money on QiangZi.

    Seeing it was this way, QiangZi relented and took the rolled up money.  Patting his chest, he guaranteed: "Big brother Yun, since you are relying on me with this matter, don't worry, in WenHui district, these offices and residential areas, I'll cover them all! I'll definitely accomplish this!"

    "Once it's done, I'll treat you to dinner!" Xu Yun put his hand on QiangZi's shoulder and smiled.

    After QiangZi's gang left, Xu Yun also intended to go, but as he was turning, suddenly he sensed a shadow flash in the alley across the street. Closely following the shadow for a bit, in the ghostly light, a slim and graceful figure jumped up to the second floor of the panacea restaurant's windowsill.  Without a sound, the window on the second floor was pushed open and the shadow slid sideways inside.

    "Huh?" Xu Yun wrinkled his eyebrows. That shadow just now moved at apex speed. In fact, that leaping flip to the roof was peerless in technique, not something that ordinary people can do.

    "An elite!" Xu Yun mentally began assessing that shadow's display of skill just now.  But why would this type of person come out of Ruan QingShuang's panacea restaurant? Could it be someone from the Four Wolves Gang?

    Thinking of this, Xu Yun dashed to the front of the restaurant in a few steps. Tip-toeing lightly, his body like a majestic eagle soaring through the sky, quickly and easily reached the second floor balcony. There wasn't a single sound as he lept from the ground.

    Through the window, Xu Yun clearly saw the shadowy elite that entered the panacea restaurant was a woman!

    Borrowing the light from the street, Xu Yun could see the the face of that woman. His eyes suddenly lit up.

    On the woman's tall figure, hot enchantingly smooth hair flowed down her back, with a classical beauty's flavor.

    If comparing the body and face, that woman was definitely not less than Ruan QingShuang, but that woman exuded a light aura of a divinity. Her brow exuded a sense of slaughter, with swift and fierce phoenix eyes like a blade; a stunning face as cold as ice. No matter from which angle, it was all as though no person could desecrate her, that no one could even get close to.

    With some cat-like movements, they seemed as though they were warm and gentle, but it could never be known when fierce sharp claws could erupt out.

    "Ca, such a dangerous person came over here for some fresh air?  Xu Yun was puzzled, but stayed hidden behind the balcony without a sound, silently watching the woman's every move.

    That ice queen, like a ghost, took steps with dextrous precision.  In the corridor she walked as though flying.  As she passed each room, she used her slender, dextrous fingers to open the doors and glimpse inside, then continue onto the next room as though looking for something.

    "Is she looking for someone?"  Xu Yun squinted, his eyebrows tightened, his eyes fearlessly cold, the type that gives people fearful pause.

    If Xu Yun had his brothers beside him, they would definitely know this was the preparation to attack at any time.

    That cold beauty very quickly found the Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo's room. Opening the door and glancing inside, her face showed a "letting out a breath" kind of relieved expression.

    "Phew~" Xu Yun didn't quite understand what this cold beauty came to do.

    The beauty stayed at the door watching for a while, then slowly and relaxedly closed the room door. She turned and headed straight for the balcony.

    Seeing this, with a flash Xu Yun exploded towards the ground - immediately stealthily arriving to the edge of the balcony.  Within 1 note of the musical classic "Ping Sha Luo Yan*, he flipped his body and jumped off the 2nd floor, landing behind a wall in a concealed shadow.

    Very quickly, that cold beauty also descended the 2nd floor.

    However, at the instant she landed, she unexpectedly turned stared towards Xu Yun's hiding spot. Swiftly and fiercely, her phoenix eyes repeatedly flashed sternly.

    "Come out!" The cold beauty said, as she furiously drew a supple blade in her hands, the edge like autumn frost, and glittering like snow. The body of the blade shone jade-like, like autumn waters; it was both divine and devilish!

    "Ca, daddy's concealment techniques are considered good. How did this woman discover me?" Xu Yun internally gloomily complained.  But he came out calmly. "Hehe, you came to look for GuoGuo right?"

    "Who are you?" The cold alluring beauty stayed alert and watching Xu Yun. The flexible blade flashing with a shockingly cold light, as though if Xu Yun's answer didn't satisfy her, the next second that supple blade would pierce through him.

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    Chapter 5: Slippin' Into Trouble

    "Um, I'm Xu Yun. GuoGuo's newly adopted godfather."  During the day, Xu Yun heard the crowd talking about Ruan QingShuang's situation. If Ruan QingShuang had such an amazing friend, Lu Bao never would've had the guts to come bother her. Thus he deduced that this cold beauty must be connected with GuoGuo.

    "You?" The cold beauty's tone had a trace of sneering disdain.

    "Hey, hey, doesn't it seem very fitting?" Xu Yun said to the cold beauty, and blinked. "I think you probably have some kind of internal injury, and need some help, no? Internal injuries...we had better treat it."

    "Hmph!" The cold beauty coldly snorted. An intense aura of instant death suddenly whirled around and erupted from her tender body, filling the air with a divine aura. "If you don't want to die, then hold your tongue!"

    "Die? Who isn't afraid of death? But, if you continue to let that injury sit without treatment, I'll definitely survive till morning..." Xu Yun laughed, "Say it already. What kind of relationship do you have with GuoGuo?

    "Hmph!" The cold beauty again coldly scoffed. She turned around before executing her amazing footwork, and like a flying arrow disappeared in the distance.

    "Trying to run?" Xu Yun called as he charged forward, chasing after her.

    Two silhouettes, one in front and one in back, like two streaks of cold light in the dim of the night, swiftly racing from the panacea restaurant!

    A stylishly dressed, young profligate was just leaving a bar not too far away. Lovingly and drunkenly holding an equally drunk piece of ass in a miniskirt, he was pondering to get to some hotel to get a room. He only briefly felt a swift and fierce ice cold wind cutting by his ear. Two dark shadows instantaneously flashed past, without a shadow or trace!

    The youth's jaw dropped in shock, vigorously using both hands to rub his eyes, he looked around again, but not a single person's shadow could be seen. He couldn't help wondering that, today, to get this girl, he didn't drink that much!

    The stylish youth's brain was dumbstruck; he could not help feeling weak in his legs. He fell on his butt, and called out: "Mommy! I saw a ghost!"

    When the flickering two gongfu* practitioners already raced for 1 kilometer, suddenly the cold beauty abruptly stopped, her tip toes touching the ground, and her soft body like water, instantly halted.

    TN: More commonly seen kung-fu using a different romanization.

    Xu Yun was also not careless.  There was pressure in his navel, making each step feel like 1000 pounds, and the situation was just as before. The divine anger from earlier had not quelled from the cold beauty's face.

    "Who the hell are you?" The cold beauty's expression was frosty cold, but her tone carried a hint of surprise.

    "Haha, just a little bug that was betrayed..."  When discussing himself, his expression flashed with anguish, but in an instant it disappeared: "How about you? What is the relationship between you and GuoGuo? Don't think about running, you can't outrun me."

    "Betrayed?" The cold beauty's elegant brow furrowed a bit, her fierce gaze trained on Xu Yun. After a while it relaxed, and she said: "GuoGuo - take care of her for me. When my wounds heal I will take her away."

    "I'm her godfather, taking care of her is something I should do, but you're saying that you can take her away when you want to... that isn't very proper is it?" Xu Yun smiled and said: "I still don't even know who you are."

    "You really wanna know who I am?" The cold beauty was proud to her very bones.

    "Bullshit, if big daddy didn't want to know, did you think I was so bored that I'd go play with you in some marathon hurricane until my groin hurt?" Xu Yun secretly complained to himself, at last he said: "Of course."

    "Qiu Yan!"

    "What, this name, why was hearing it familiar?  Qiu…….Yan... Qiu....Yan!" Xu Yun said it a few times, suddenly the color on his face changed, startled he said, "Violent Fox Lady Qiu Yan?"

    *Cry*~ Xu Yun inhaled a breath of cold air, he sure had some bad luck.

    The Violent Fox, Lady Qiu Yan’s reputation, if brought up in the Underworld would strike terror in countless elites!

    That year Millenium Feng unified the Suzhou Province Underworld, a feat which couldn’t be done without the Violent Fox. She fell tragically wielding the LongYuanRuan* blade in the midst of a swarm of elites, the smallest estimation is at least hundreds of them. There was a saying that if Giant Owl Feng MingGuo faction didn't get the Violent Fox' help, they could never unite the jumbled dragons and snakes of Suzhou's Underworld.

    *: 龙渊软剑 Supple Abyssal Dragon blade. The character is sword, but who could possibly carry a sword around nowadays without being noticed?

    Violent Fox Lady Qiu Yan was an absolute elite in the Underworld, in fact, an elite among elites!

    But the Suzhou Province Underworld had since undergone a seismic reshuffle. Suzhou's Giant Owl, Millenium Feng was eliminated, and in the end the Violent Fox Lady Qiu Yan and the Feng family's princess whereabouts became unclear. No one had heard of them since.

    Xu Yun never would have thought the Violent Fox Qiu Yan would go to a quiet place like HeDong City's WenHui district. Saying it aloud was really like a fantasy story.

    Thinking of this, Xu Yun suddenly realized something, and simply couldn't resist saying it and curiously asked: "GuoGuo....is her surname Feng?"

    "What you know, many also know." Qiu Yan’s gaze guardedly watched Xu Yun!

    The man in front of her looked slovenly to the max, with a get-up like a day laborer who moved bricks. His physique was big and stalwart, but his valor unfathomable!

    But somehow this kind of person surprisingly seemed to know quite a bit about the Underworld, based on this, Qiu Yan could conclude that this Xu Yun was definitely not as simple as he looked.

    Xu Yun looked dumbfounded.  He never thought that his goddaughter would have such a background, no wonder she was so wicked. Millenium Feng's treasured granddaughter, now that was the princess of Suzhou's Underworld!

    "GuoGuo's situation is not as simple as you think. The more you know, the easier it is to die!" Qiu Yan coldly spoke to Xu Yun. Certainly Xu Yun being able to keep up with her made him quite interesting, but she was suffering from very serious internal injuries. Her body couldn't hold up against the full power from a 2nd-class elite.

    This was also the reason why Qiu Yan made this choice, if she took GuoGuo away now, the pursuers were too powerful. As of now, GuoGuo was safest in the panacea restaurant, and she could have a respite to heal.

    As long as her wounds were fully healed, she could definitely defend against that crazy dog, and have certainty in protecting GuoGuo.

    Xu Yun took a deep breath. This year was truly not turning out peacefully. Originally he had planned of going somewhere and relaxing for a few years, but out of nowhere he came across this complex affair.

    "Since it's like this, I am still GuoGuo's godfather, if you have any difficulties let me know. Maybe I can help you." Just as Xu Yun opened his mouth Qiu Yan immediately put up her guard, and then continued: "If you believe me."

    "And why should I believe you?" Qiu Yan wouldn't easily believe any person. In her world, trust was like a deadly snake - there could always be the time where poison could be spat! You could die at any time!

    There were only two people in this world that she would trust - one was the currently missing Millenium Feng GuoMing, and one was the little devil in the panacea restaurant GuoGuo.

    *Feng GuoMing is his actual name.

    Qiu Yan was not the type that coveted life and feared death. Those who feared death would not become earth-shakingly famous in the Underworld. She remained unmarried and was indifferent to life and death. But for GuoGuo's sake, she would never allow herself to die.

    Xu Yun smiled widely: "That internal injury of yours long ago damaged your heart and lungs severely. At most after 3 days, you will have diminished mental capacity and confusion. If you still don't balance your five elements' yin yang then...I think you should already know the effects of counterflow in your blood vessels. At that point, no one can save you."

    Qiu Yan was thoroughly astonished. With one comment, Xu Yun completely exposed the problem she was most worried about! He could see everything -  plainly speaking Xu Yun was truly an extraordinary healer.

    Seeing Qiu Yan was no longer speaking, Xu Yun continued: "You don't have a choice. If you don't want to believe me, I even dare to guarantee that after a week, you will die very horribly."

    "I’ll wade through these rough waters." Qiu Yan's voice was just as fierce and cold as before: "Do you not fear death?"

    "There's no other way. Who permitted us to recognize GuoGuo as a goddaughter?" Xu Yun shrugged his shoulders, showing a relaxed expression.

    Qiu Yan lightly bit her red lip and a small bit of blood came out: "I know you aren't weak, but the people coming to kill me and GuoGuo however..."

    "However what?" Xu Yun grinned as effortlessly he said: "However too handsome?"

    "Hmph." Qiu Yan berated herself with a cold scoff. Her expression obviously full of disdain: "I'm afraid that before a near first-class elite, you aren't even worth them lifting a shoe."

    A near first-class elite!? Xu Yun was really shocked for a bit, a near first-class elite was something he was very clear about.

    The place where he is at does have a few near first-class elites, but none of them were world-shocking treasures of existences.

    Was there really such elites mixed within the masses? All of them were involved in the Underworld?

    Since when did the Underworld become so attractive?

    Seeing Xu Yun's expression, there was nothing Qiu Yan could say, after all, she originally didn't expect anyone to help!

    "Those near-first class elites, who are they?" Xu Yun threw his gaze on Qiu Yan. Like Qiu Yan's strength before she suffered injury, those fearsome pursuers are also near-1st class elite level right?

    Qiu Yan's wintery cold gaze stopped on Xu Yun, her red lips did not say a single word.

    Xu Yun asked again: "Even if it's a dog or cat, it still has a name right?"

    Qiu Yan expressionlessly asked: "You really want to know?"

    “I want to know!”


    Xu Yun felt like he was being played with, annoyed he said, "You want to say it but you won’t!"

    Qiu Yan's eyes revealed a cold disdain, it seemed to her Xu Yun was nothing more than talk. If he really had to risk his life for GuoGuo, she didn't think he could do it. Qiu Yan didn't believe other people were like her, willing to risk their lives for GuoGuo.

    "The restaurant is recruiting waiters, monthly salary of 1000. It covers food, living expenses and healing." Xu Yun relaxed his eyebrows. "If you have interest, come to the restaurant and apply. We will welcome you at any time."

    Qiu Yan's cold guard relaxed for the first time since talking to Xu Yun, although she didn't say anything.

    "You don't need to follow me anymore, otherwise I'll fix you up good!" Qiu Yan finished talking and immediately turned, her footsteps lightly tapping off the ground and left to the side.

    This time, Xu Yun didn't give chase, but cracked a smile. This woman was some badass - having taken such a heavy injury, she still had a violent temper and arrogance to the bone, no mistake.  Worthy of her reputation, plus another word, "respect". Indeed she had strength worthy of veneration.

    When Xu Yun arrived at his place, it was already dawn. After quickly taking a shower, he went and sat cross legged on his bed.

    With both hands flat on his knees, following an internal yoga repair technique, he inhaled air into his abdomen, a rhythm that was relaxed, but not slow.

    ShiFu (Master) had Xu Yun practice breathing techniques every day, inhaling and exhaling. It helped to clear up turbulent energy inside the heart and lungs, helping to keep his internal energies clean and pure. This was so that Xu Yun could adjust his circulation channels as quickly as possible. The purpose was for freeing him as quickly as possible from falling to the influences of darkness.

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    Chapter 6: Steal a Kiss

    Yin Long's death made Xu Yun's inner evil surge. At the time ShiFu had told Xu Yun, that if he didn't purge his inner evil, he would forever remain below true experts, unable to break through to the next realm.

    But every day Xu Yun would practice according to ShiFu's personal instruction of inhaling and exhaling techniques to adjust his own boundaries, however his inner evil never showed any ablation.

    However today, after following the Violent Fox Lady Qiu Yan on that chase, Xu Yun felt a sense that the inner evil seemed to ease a bit.

    Although this kind of feeling lasted for just a moment, it encouraged him to train harder with this unreliable method - was finding and contesting a near-peak expert a solution to completely banish his inner evil?

    Before leaving off to somewhere, ShiFu proposed this idea. The result was overwhelming shaming rejection, criticizing that this unreliable method was something only a wretch could propose!

    Alas, as many days passed, Xu Yun trained his breathing exercises daily, but never felt his inner evil weakening. After a while it was normal to feel a bit of impatience, so he boldly tested the theory out.

    Xu Yun sighed, he never would've thought that this time, the Chinese Underworld would have such a major reshuffle that was this unexpectedly colossal. Even the Giant Owl Feng MingGuo, vast like Mount Tai, barely managed to escape. It seems this area has a conspiracy that is definitely like a wolf's lair - too deep to measure.

    Xu Yun also never would have thought that GuoGuo was surprisingly Millenium Feng's only, precious granddaughter. The Feng Clan's precious daughter was definitely that earth-shakingly famous, little witch of the Suzhou Underworld.

    Who would dare to believe that Xu Yun is acquainted with such a famous and precious granddaughter?

    "Forget it, I'll stop thinking about it." Xu Yun shook his head. Tomorrow he had to get up early to go to work. If he was late and messed up, GuoGuo would penalize his salary.

    Xu Yun got up early and directly headed to the panacea restaurant. Ruan QingShuang was mopping and GuoGuo was holding a washcloth and tiptoe-ing in her chair.

    “Daddy, why don't you say yourself what time it is?" GuoGuo seriously pointed at her genuine Disney Mickey Mouse watch: "The early bird gets the worm.”

    Tch! This girl...

    Xu Yun picked up GuoGuo and put her on the reception desk. He directly started tickling her: "Early worm gets eaten by the bird!"

    "Hahaha..." GuoGuo laughed particularly brightly.

    Ruan QingShuang couldn't do anything about GuoGuo on the table, so she helplessly said: "GuoGuo, stop bothering people. Don't disturb Uncle Xu Yun from going to prepare the kitchen. Stop causing trouble."

    Xu Yun heard Ruan QingShuang also acquiesced to addressing him (as uncle), he internally swelled with elation: "Alright, GuoGuo go help mommy scrub the chairs, daddy has to go to work."

    "Mkay, pay attention to details! Working with the boss, perception is a must."  GuoGuo had the aura of a small manager. She said in a low voice: "If you wanna pick up my mommy you need to be hard-working."

    "GuoGuo!" Ruan QingShuang's pretty face blushed as she glared.

    Xu Yun couldn't help but laugh.

    Once it hit lunch time, contrary to expectations, the panacea restaurant had a ton of customers.

    The spectacle was like a flag unfurling in the breeze, with mountains and seas of people coming for lunch in huge crowds.

    GuoGuo excitedly stood up directly on the reception desk.  Holding and shaking a laptop and wagging her hand like a beckoning money-cat: "Seniors, aunts and uncles, please place your order! Check-out is here!"

    TN: money cats are symbols of good luck and fortune. 

    With such a cute little bookkeeper directing people, the customers couldn't resist ordering extra. Several beautiful women couldn't resist pinching GuoGuo's little cheeks.

    "To earn money, I have to sell myself a bit like an alluring beauty's sells her face." GuoGuo said glumly. GuoGuo certainly wasn't too happy, but instead said nothing and gave a welcoming smile just like a flower.

    Ruan QingShuang felt that everything in front of her was just like a dream. The panacea restaurant lately had been dull. Although not on the verge of closing, it was just barely scraping by.

    Ruan QingShuang originally used secret recipes from a famous lineage for healthy and health-maintaining dishes. After Xu Yun was hired into the mix, he used techniques that were more palatable, eliminating the taste of Chinese medicine. Even children liked it, including GuoGuo who also felt deeply about it.

    Most remarkable was Xu Yun's ginseng orchid soup with lean meat. It cancelled the orchid's unusual flavor. Originally a very unpopular choice, the orchid soup went so far as becoming an absolute hit. Customers praised it non-stop!

    "Old man Li, in the past wasn't it your master the one who cooked for the Emperor? This is your field, did you come to judge it?" A 60+ year old man beside Li asked him.

    "This dish is absolutely excellent!" Old man Li nodded his head repeatedly, praising non-stop. "I never would have guessed that this chef has quite a bit of skill with Chinese medicine flavors! It must be known, these are skills that most people in the imperial kitchens couldn't grasp their entire lives!"

    Many young people heard these two old-timers chatting, making them anticipate the imperial kitchens' flavors eagerly; what exactly did the creations of the panacea cuisine taste like?

    Ruan QingShuang secretly pondered that GuoGuo was truly a lucky star. She went so far as to give her such an amazing chef, and yet his salary was still low.

    GuoGuo's hands had cramped from counting money, but she still laughed like no other. A pair of small hands rapped on the calculator with a pi-li-pa-la sound. Her mind was very clear, methodical, and on all accounts there wasn't a single mistake.

    The business of the panacea restaurant exploded, the people who discovered it spread the word very quickly on the internet until Lu Bao heard about it. Lu Bao was still biding his time, and directly slipped into the restaurant. He never imagined that business would be so good that it left him speechless.

    As GuoGuo was stuffing stacks of cash into the drawer, the sharp-eyed Lu Bao discovered it in an instant. He lowered his posture and soundlessly made his way to the reception desk.

    GuoGuo suddenly felt a sense of danger and turned her head and saw Lu Bao's still bruised face hanging a sinister smile, looking disapprovingly at her.

    Lu Bao couldn't possibly think of GuoGuo as a problem: "Little miss beautiful, someone is looking for you outside. Go outside and play yeah? Leave this to uncle to handle and it will be fine."

    "Pshh, are you tricking a three-year old?" Is GuoGuo at the level of an urchin? How can just a few words trick GuoGuo?” GuoGuo said with disdain. Her face was now full of contempt as she said: "Mister wants to claim me as a relative to try to get connections, but this little lady won't bite."

    Lu Bao was worried Ruan QingShuang would finish whatever she was busy with and discover him. Seeing GuoGuo wasn't easily fooled, he ferociously glared at her and like a tiger said: "Will you believe me if I say I will sell you to the people in the middle of nowhere as a child bride?! You little shit..."

    "Daddy!" A clear and tender voice sounded out. GuoGuo wasn't going to fall for this trick.

    Lu Bao still hadn't learned his lesson. A figure towered over him, his stare unbroken. Lu Bao's pupils flashed alarmingly with sheer terror, completely doubled in size. "B...b...brother...."

    Xu Yun cleanly and orderly raised his leg. Swiftly and ferociously like icy wind, he kicked Lu Bao right in the stomach!

    Lu Bao curled up with stomach pain! He flew directly out the reception area, and with a crash, landed kneeling on the floor. The stomach acid in his belly nearly came out!

    "Are you a toy? Done after that?" Xu Yun loosened his arms with big circles. "Scaring a little kid, is it very profitable eh?"

    Many of the customers heard the commotion and threw disdainful glares. Ruan QingShuang was also drawn to the sound, and seeing that Lu Bao on the floor, she frowned her brow in anger, and shouted: "What are you doing here! Scram!"

    "Are you waiting for me to escort you?" Xu Yun was too lazy to dirty his hands.

    Lu Bao's forehead dripped sweat, hearing Xu Yun speak was getting mercy. He lowered his head and bowed, clutching his stomach as he fled. Inside though he was gritting his teeth angrily, though he didn't dare let out so much as a fart.

    "Worthy of being my daddy!" GuoGuo giggled loudly, suddenly sniffing the air: "Huh....what's this smell?"

    Xu Yun also smelled a scorched smell, suddenly he frowned, crap! The fire was still on for the pot!


    Even with the small episode, there was no effect on the business of the panacea restaurant. As soon as it was midday, approximately 2-300 customers worth of income was quite consistent.

    "7368!" GuoGuo proudly declared, wiggling her little bottom left and right. She shook a stack of bills and an account book. They had money at last - on QingShuang's face there was a relaxed smile. What else could possibly excite GuoGuo more?

    Ruan QingShuang experienced a sense of comfort she had never experienced before. In the past, one day's worth of income was 2-300 bucks. After expenses, pure profit was plentiful, and today in the tight space of 2 hours in one afternoon of operation, they had surprisingly earned income that exceeded the 7000 barrier!

    Xu Yun took off the apron and walked out of the kitchen. His face beamed: "Sister Shuang, your inherited recipes of the panacea restaurant are well received."

    "I never would've believed business would be so good!" Ruan QingShuang exclaimed. Ruan QingShuang didn't know that it was all thanks to the flyers that Xu Yun arranged for. "Do you think that other days will also be like today?”

    "Of course, getting better is a must." Xu Yun smiled till his eyes were tiny: "Maybe in 3-5 months, we'll be able to open an even bigger panacea restaurant."

    "Really? Today was tough on you!" Ruan QingShuang got somewhat carried away... unexpectedly almost like she was possessed, she snuck a kiss on Xu Yun’s cheek!

    Of course, after such a move, she herself felt it was too sudden. In an instant her face flushed red. Even though she had grown up, it was the first time she had ever been so close to a man.

    But just now was like some kind of mysterious power, a crazy motion beyond Ruan QingShuang's control.

    Was it because this man brought about so much change?

    Xu Yun, after this situation... in the past, he had to follow a sweaty herd of some old men's playboy sons everyday, eternally unable to bathe cleanly. As it was, how would he ever know of a woman's tender touch? Just now Ruan QingShuang's gentle kiss shocked his entire body like a gunshot!

    This could match winning the lottery!

    "♪ Give me a kiss~ kiss my face and leave a love mark~♪!" GuoGuo saw it and immediately began singing: "Give me a kiss~♪ so that in my heart I will think of you~♪."

    TN: It's the lyrics from a classic love song if you’re curious

    Ruan QingShuang heard the singing and immediately escaped to the reception desk, her face beet red with no signs of fading. She firmly kissed GuoGuo's forehead: "Were you happy with that just now?"

    "Completely can't compare with kissing daddy just now." GuoGuo said matter-of-factly. GuoGuo had to point out the vast difference.

    Ruan QingShuang squinted at GuoGuo with her face flushed an even deeper hue of red and she firmly said to GuoGuo: "Then how about GuoGuo follow mommy upstairs, mommy can make you tender...."

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    Chapter 7: Big Breasts, No Brains?

    "Not spanking right?" GuoGuo felt a chill, and quickly fled from Ruan QingShuang's side. Step by step she ran to Xu Yun without turning, and said: "Daddy, Mommy already confessed. Aren't you going to confess too?"

    "How do I confess?" Xu Yun asked GuoGuo stupidly.

    GuoGuo sighed heavily: "Really, apples can't drop from a rotten tree..."

    "GuoGuo! Still saying nonsense! Do you not want this Mickey hairpin now?" Ruan QingShuang glared at GuoGuo: "Say any more nonsense and we will see if anyone will coax you to sleep at night!"

    GuoGuo blew out some air. Though she didn't care that much about a Mickey hairpin, but when she heard about going to sleep alone she was scared. She lifted her head, and looked at Xu Yun with teary eyes: "Daddy, lately GuoGuo has nothing but nightmares. If mommy isn't coaxing, what am I going to do?"

    Xu Yun's protective instinct suddenly ignited: "Fear not! GuoGuo still has me. From now on, godfather will help you sleep. We aren't afraid of nightmares!"

    "But I'm still just a little girl. How could a girl stay alone with a guy, like a hot tinderbox... what if something happens?" GuoGuo seriously said as she wiped her falling tears.

    WTF! What the hell is this kid thinking! Xu Yun really wanted to look for some vermicelli and strangle himself dead!

    Ruan QingShuang, fearing that GuoGuo would say some more mind-exploding words quickly changed the subject. "Xu Yun, I want to hire a server for the restaurant and a garnish assistant. What do you think?"

    "Sounds good, getting me a garnish assistant sounds great." Xu Yun went with the flow, no longer trying to figure out GuoGuo. In his head, clearly getting an assistant would deliver themselves to the door.

    Ruan QingShuang was decisive: "Now since we have some cash but no workers, when they come we can see their skills yeah?"

    "I'll go too!" GuoGuo instantly leapt out of the last topic. "I'll say this first, we can't pay a salary of more than 1000. The best choices are work-study students. Not playing with our consciences is good."

    Ruan QingShuang and Xu Yun looked at each other, and really wanted to take this little manager with them. Having such a perceptive GuoGuo with them to check the applicants, the applicants would definitely not cause them to suffer losses.

    Meanwhile, just as the 3 were ready to go, outside the restaurant, there was a whizzing sound, five Jinbei vans like loaves of bread arrived, surrounding the panacea restaurant in a battle formation.  All 5 opened their doors at the same time, and 30+ people came out, immediately opening the doors and entering.

    In the center of 30 or so people, a single bald fatty was the flashiest. He loosened his shoulders. His fierce hawk-like eyes resembled a jackal's, and his visage just as detestable.

    Xu Yun glanced over and knew they were here for trouble. He marched over in front of Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo, shielding them, and asked: "You still want to eat this late?"

    "We're eating." The bald hawk-eyed fatty, with a ravenous look in his eyes and with a single sentence, 30+ people immediately sat down.

    "How the fuck is that chair so hard! You want to kill this big daddy?"

    “Bullshit! There isn’t even a bit of water? Bring the tea!”

    “What the fuck! You get over here and scrub this seat!”

    Tall, small, fat and skinny underlings of all different types, after sitting down began beating the tables, smashing the chairs and hurling insults at the owner's mother! Here or there, all of them took part in hooligan douchebaggery.

    Ruan QingShuang had never seen such behavior before. Internally she froze and felt alarmed and anxious.

    GuoGuo also silently moved and hid behind Xu Yun, her small hand grasping his clothes.

    Concerning fighting level, Xu Yun could be considered Ancestor Class, so with one glance, he could tell these hoodlums were not at all like the type of guys like QiangZi's. With one wave of the bald fatty, it was obvious that everyone else was very obedient. This was definitely the type that had gone through the gauntlet and experienced ruthless shit.

    "Which little dog do you guys work for? If you have a problem we can go talk outside, don't scare the kid." Xu Yun didn't want to play around inside the panacea restaurant.

    All the thugs heard Xu Yun insulting the Four Wolves Gang's reputation, and each and every one of them wanted to try to get a piece of Xu Yun. But all were waiting to hear the order from Wei 4th Brother!

    Ruan QingShuang pulled GuoGuo and pushed her to the stairs: "GuoGuo be good! Go upstairs by yourself!"

    When the bald fatty heard this, suddenly his eyes flashed viciously: "You little shit, you even have a fucken kid? Big daddy came here  to collect debt, and to have some exercise! You dare to touch someone from the Four Wolves Gang, pft, today Daddy is gonna teach you for free how to behave!"

    As he said it, the bald fatty's ruthless eyes gleamed at Ruan QingShuang then coldly cooing, "Hmph, now let this Wei 4th Daddy taste that sexy little milf. She could take me to cloud 9! Hehe, I'll let you try exactly what 4th Brother's golden gun reverse technique. Just consider it interest on the debt that you owe..."

    From some other city, rising up through hell and becoming a malevolent boss, before doing the dirty work it was necessary to say some obscenities. It was called talking shit. In fact, the more filthy and dark the words the better!

    But without even waiting for him to say the "interest" word, Xu Yun darted like an arrow and punched forwards, looking like he was a divine falcon that just descended from the heavens and attacked! His furious, violent, veined fist ruthlessly smashed the bald fatty's mouth! A half of a mouthful of teeth were shattered by this thunderous fist, his mouth dripping with blood! That 200 lbs body flew backwards, the chair he was sitting on smashed with a 'kacha' sound!

    The Wei 4th boss felt that his entire face had been torn to pieces! The thugs were terrified, their hearts felt a storm was on its way.

    The surrounding underlings that saw their boss in that state naturally would get furious! They weren't the type to have jelly legs after their leader went down, with a bang they all stood up and attacked this bold son of a bitch, this little calf that dared to attack Wei 4th Brother !

    Xu Yun tightly spun and gave a swift Shadow Kick, slamming down one of them. His hands were carrying an ashtray that who knows when he picked up, and ruthlessly pounded into the second person's face! The ash tray broke in half, that person too, had his face covered in blood, his condition unknown.

    Lurking in the crowd was a person that grabbed a chair, lifted it over his head but then he roared "Ah!" and dropped down on his knees.

    How could Xu Yun not hear the fiercely swift wind of a hidden weapon coming in? Quickly, like a flash of lightning, he stomped another one down, and discovered that the hidden weapon was merely an ordinary tree branch now damaged. His heart grew anxious and surprised, immediately and easily seeing a shadow behind a phoenix tree appearing clearly.

    "Pretty damn good hidden weapons techniques, seems that the infamous reputation of the venerated Violent Fox isn't only the supple blade, LongYuan..." Xu Yun calmed down, his hands didn't stop at all. Raising his leg, another person was blasted down!

    30+ ferocious thugs from the Four Wolves Gang - two masters, one outside, one inside; the one clear, one hidden synergy settled more than half in an instant!

    Just at this moment, a blue and white police motorcycle rumbled outside, stopping at the panacea restaurant entrance!

    "Everyone freeze!" Inside the restaurant, a delicate voice burst out amidst the miserable groaning crowd. Standing with a heroic pose at the entrance of the panacea restaurant, a lady cop!

    Xu Yun, out of the corner of his eye, aimed. He couldn't help feeling flustered: I'll force my way through... should be good.

    The lady cop's face gave off a young look like the face of a student, with crescent-like brows, white teeth and bright eyes. She was delicate and had a graceful posture - fine and exquisite! A thin waist like a water serpent wearing shorts that couldn't conceal smooth and creamy jade-white legs!

    The two curves on her chest like full moons, looked very accommodating! Xu Yun instantly thought of the Nobel Prize winner Mo Yan's book, Big Breasts, Wide Hips first two words.

    "Stop! Police!" With an air of stern righteousness the lady cop yelled out, her hands already reaching for the gun on her waist belt. This is China, even if she had the right to use the gun, very rarely would she have to draw it and fire it.

    Within the Four Wolves Gang, a person wanting to take advantage of the lady cop suddenly appeared. Just for that he used a despicable tactic against Xu Yun.

    But Xu Yun's hands never showed any sign of slowing, his left fist turned into a palm and bashed fiercely into the throat of the one in front! His right foot immediately formed a hook, and his toes ruthlessly kicked into another belly! His movements were clean and agile, another one bites the dust!

    "Everyone stop! Everyone put your hands around your head and squat on the floor!" The lady cop shouted, suddenly drawing her gun! Her expression towards this crowd that obviously didn't take her seriously was exceptional discontent.

    Xu Yun readied a tool for rear-naked choke techniques, in front the Four Wolves Gang members instantly grabbed the backs of their heads and squatted. He looked left and right, only just now discovering the awesome sight. Of everyone in the entire restaurant brawl, only he was poking out like a sore thumb. Everyone else was squatting besides him.

    Even if one's gong-fu is good, a vegetable knife is still dangerous, let alone a gun?

    Also the shadow outside behind the phoenix tree flashed and disappeared. Xu Yun smiled inside, seems that looking for a waiter really won't be necessary.

    "What are you doing all distracted? Squat! Just now everyone was fighting like a bunch of activists, now you're pretending to be shocked?" The lady cop used her gun and motioned at Xu Yun: "Yo, I'm talking to you."

    "Oh come on! Brother is a good guy, get it! Girl work that brain, really, big chest no brains!" Of course, Xu Yun saying these words were calculated. He smiled: "Police little sister, look at my outfit, could I be a part of these guys?"

    "Call me Officer Qin!" The lady cop gleamed as she said officer, Qin Wan'er, these 3 big words were printed next to her picture, her ID's embossed seal distinctly clear.

    Qin Wan'er looked Xu Yun up and down, gauging him,  sleeveless vest, flowery shorts, flipflops...sweaty....

    Xu Yun mirrored Qin Wan'er looking her over a loop.

    "Do you think that get-up is really attractive?" Qin Wan'er asked.

    Ruan QingShuang seized the chance to explain: "Officer Qin, Xu Yun is the chef. He's not with these bad guys!"

    Qin Wan'er turned her head to look at Ruan QingShuang. Seeing this startling beauty, enough to destroy a nation and her perfect figure of a boss lady, she was quite impressed. Ruan QingShuang had such a deeply good temperament that anyone would like.

    "You are...?"

    "I'm Ruan QingShuang, the boss of this panacea restaurant." Ruan QingShuang smiled.

    "It was you that called us?" Qin Wan'er wrinkled her brow, earlier the emergency caller's voice sounded like a child. Who would've thought it would be such a slim and graceful woman?

    Ruan QingShuang shook her head, she was simply worried. Calling the cops had completely slipped her mind.

    She looked at Xu Yun again. Xu Yun shrugged his shoulders wordlessly, he definitely wouldn't have been able to call the cops, and he didn't like having the cops participating in his affairs either.

    Was it Qiu Yan? Xu Yun very quickly dismissed the idea. How could the Violent Fox that reigned in the Underworld call the cops? And the other side was just some stinking rotten shrimp on the table....

    On the floor above, the tap tap of footsteps, GuoGuo charged down the stairs - her head rushing straight into the arms of Qin Wan'er: "Police sister, you finally came to save GuoGuo!"

    Everyone suddenly realized what had happened and who originally called the police!

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    Chapter 8: The Restaurant Suffers Theft

    As Qin Wan'er saw GuoGuo, suddenly her face lit up and suddenly she felt a sense of loving affection towards the clever little child

    In that moment, the heroically blazing fire in Qin Wan'er's stern eyes suddenly changed to gentle and loving.

    Xu Yun saw the entirety of Qin Wan'er's metamorphosis. He smiled helplessly - when it comes to cuteness, who can beat GuoGuo?

    "Little beautiful, can you tell big sister just what happened?" Qin Wan'er crouched down smiling widely, with none of the ferocity from before.

    "Mommy and daddy have a small business, and these bad guys came to cause trouble!" GuoGuo was filled with indignation and said: "Wan'er-jiejie you have to help mommy and daddy teach these bad guys a lesson for me!"

    Xu Yun and Ruan QingShuang were both stunned and amazed. Qin Wan'er's jaw dropped with surprise, she then looked at the other two. Both were quite young, how could they have a child of this age? Was it possible that they got pregnant underaged and had a pregnant marriage?

    Ruan QingShuang quickly changed the subject: "Officer Qin, GuoGuo is his goddaughter, I.....I and Xu Yun....it's not like what you think."

    "Then you guys can develop like Wan'er-jiejie." GuoGuo said in absolute seriousness. With one sentence, she left all the adults not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

    Qin Wan'er didn't want to stay tangled with this stuff. "How about you guys follow me for a trip, I need to take down some notes. I will definitely make these hooligans receive what they deserve!"

    "Mmm!" GuoGuo was first to agree. "GuoGuo will definitely tell Wan'er-jiejie everything she knows about the situation."

    "Good!" Wan'er again tenderly pinched GuoGuo's cheeks. Then she instantly drew out her cell phone to call the local police department of Wen Hui district to dispatch support to arrest the bald Wei and the rest of the Four Wolves members.

    Obviously, Xu Yun, Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo had all been invited to the WenHui district's police station.

    Xu Yun and Ruan QingShuang plus GuoGuo formed a trio that would dazzle anywhere they went. GuoGuo would also call out mommy and daddy.

    At the police station, everyone thought that this careless and sloppy guy didn't deserve this kid's perfect mother. Even many young police officers were all wondering that if this beauty with a child were to marry them, would they completely lose control?

    A beauty's power is so great that Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo received the best treatment - pouring tea, bringing water and carrying over chairs! But Xu Yun could only stand on the side by himself.

    Xu Yun didn't like it all, bull! This was obviously sexist discrimination!

    Qin Wan'er and a few other officers sat across from them: "Well let's hear it, just what exactly happened?"

    Ruan QingShuang hadn't even opened her mouth when GuoGuo seized the response: "Wan'er-jiejie, it was like this: a scoundrel owed those bad guys money, so he relied on mommy saying that she was his sister-in-law. Then he let those bad guys demand money from mommy! My mom hasn't even married yet so how could she be that scoundrel's sister-in-law!"

    After GuoGuo was done, besides Wan'er, the other male cops sighed internally. It’s such a pity, without marrying and giving birth to a child. Really, who was this useless bastard that would recklessly throw away such treasure!

    To the side, Xu Yun received even more cold glares...

    Xu Yun and Ruan QingShuang were already helpless and too lazy to interrupt to explain. They could only pray GuoGuo the grade schooler wouldn't say too much. Truly they were afraid she would say something shocking without stopping.

    However, Qin Wan'er seemed really chummy with little grade school GuoGuo and they were like fated friends. After eight pages of notes, she surprisingly corresponded with this not-even-seven year old kid.

    "You guys don't get it twisted." Qin Wan'er turned to her colleagues who bore disdainful looks. She continued to question GuoGuo: "Have they harassed you guys many times before?"

    "Yup." GuoGuo nodded her head: "After I was adopted by mommy, they came several times, mommy paid for that scoundrel twice."

    "......" Qin Wan'er completely didn't understand what she was talking about after "recognizing" her mother?

    Ruan QingShuang didn't even know how to start, and let GuoGuo take the role since a child's words have no sin. If she said anything inaccurate, such as about her and Xu Yun, she would intervene.

    GuoGuo continued: "The third time they wanted 20,000. It was daddy who came out and helped us. That's why they came and attacked mommy and daddy today."

    Qin Wan'er leered at Xu Yun, and then peered at Ruan QingShuang, "Was it so?"

    "Yes." Ruan QingShuang nodded, GuoGuo's recounting ability was flawless.

    "Mmm, okay." Qin Wan'er wrote down each thing, then raising her head again and gazing at Xu Yun: "Have you been in the military?"

    Xu Yun was shocked for a bit, then shook his head denying: “No I haven’t.”

    Qin Wan'er scrutinized Xu Yun up and down, then the corners of her mouth rose: "Who are you kidding, do you think I don't know military fighting techniques? When I was at police school I trained in it."

    Xu Yun laughed out loud, his heart gloomy. If he had known earlier, he would've used street fighting techniques in the fight. He used military fighting techniques, because he was afraid if he used other techniques he would kill people...

    "Cat stance, smash ribs, horse stance attack across, pierce throat, snap kick*, these are all moves from military fighting techniques right?" Qin Wan'er coolly said, her eyes triumphantly looking at Xu Yun: "If you never enlisted, how would you know these techniques?"

    TN: These have been converted to their Anglicized versions of wushu moves for familiarity, for more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wushu_stances

    "I never went to school, and mingled with the military for 2 years. No good would come from saying I was in the military." Xu Yun's face remained cool and his heart rate didn't jump.

    At this time news also came up from the interrogation room. The Four Wolves Fourth Wei Bing's* confession was basically identical to GuoGuo's statements.

    TN: Wei Bing is the actual name Wei 4th boss.

    "This shows that Wei Bing didn't lie, and GuoGuo didn't lie after all." Qin Wan'er smiled, stretched her hand out and pinched GuoGuo's little cheeks.

    "That's right! Wan'er jie, they extorted 30,000 bucks from my mom! Is there any way to get it back?" GuoGuo asked, her face expectantly waiting.

    Ruan QingShuang hesitated, what did this girl say? She was just praised for not lying, but Lu Bao only extorted 20,000 bucks.

    Qin Wan’er nodded seriously to Guoguo: "They are a notorious gang, Wan’er-jiejie will surely help you get revenge! If their boss doesn’t give up thirty thousand bucks, jiejie will not let them leave! All right?

    "Excellent!" GuoGuo's face was covered in excitement!

    Looking at Ruan QingShuang, she had an expression like she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Xu Yun understood the little money-grubber GuoGuo had definitely just profited...

    Seeing that Ruan QingShuang wanted to say something, Xu Yun pulled her aside, shaking his head he whispered: "Those peoples’crimes deserve punishment."

    Soon after, Qin Wan'er asked a few questions about Ruan QingShuang's situation. She learned that Ruan QingShuang was just a weak woman relying on herself and also raising GuoGuo, but also needed to be wary of a bunch of gangsters harassing her. Her heart was full of praise for Ruan QingShuang.

    At last, the final verdict had concluded: the group of Four Wolves evil-doers would not be spared and Xu Yun's attacks acted in self- defense and could even be described as courageous.

    "QingShuang-jie, you can take GuoGuo and go, hehe, GuoGuo is so cute." Qin Wan'er really wanted to play with GuoGuo some more.

    Qin Wan'er's way of addressing Ruan QingShuang gave her a feeling of extreme flattery and she said: "Officer Qin, if you ever want some panacea cuisine you must come to my restaurant. GuoGuo and I and also Xu Yun will all especially welcome you."

    "QingShuang-jie, don't be so polite, just call me Wan'er." Qin Wan'er smiled: "I will definitely go try it!"

    "When you come just consider it my treat." GuoGuo smiled.

    Qin Wan'er teased GuoGuo for a bit, then finally stood up. As Xu Yun was getting ready to leave, she stopped him: "You wait."

    Xu Yun hesitated: "What do you still need me for? Didn't we already decide that big brother is a good guy? Reward money? Bravery award money?"

    "What a nice fantasy eh? Beating up an entire group of gangsters and now you want reward money?" Qin Wan'er shook her head, 'no', "Wake up you, young guy!"

    "Then why are you stopping me? Want my number?" Xu Yun stroked his chin: "If you want to date me, then you have to wait until after 9pm at night."

    Qin Wan'er's face was blacklined*: "I just wanted to tell you, because of this case I can subpoena you at any time."

    TN: It means this: http://tinyurl.com/o7xwuaq

    "What for?" Xu Yun wasn't exactly pleased that he was being watched by the cops, even if this cop was a big breasted, no brains pretty girl.

    "Why do you have so many questions? You are a law abiding citizen no? If you are then you are obliged to cooperate!" Qin Wan'er wasn't the least bit courteous.

    Xu Yun was speechless: "That is considered a reason?"

    Qin Wan'er gracefully and beautifully turned her body, only leaving Xu Yun a charming silhouette: "Cooperate well with me, be on my beck and call. It will only result in good for you!"

    Cooperate with the police? What kind of joke was that!  Xu Yun was not happy. If he wasn't in GuoGuo's presence he would've already flipped out. Towards cops in Xu Yun's mind, were two words: trouble and hatred!


    After leaving the police station, it was already nearly 4 pm, so GuoGuo very decisively canceled the plans for the half-day spent at the talent market.

    The reason was simple, it was so late that those who showed up now were only two kinds: one was those who had confidence in their ability, two, those who procrastinated and wasted the day away.

    Obviously, the first type definitely wouldn't go to their restaurant to do odd jobs, and the second type, GuoGuo wouldn't even give them 100 bucks.

    After discussing it, the two adults and a child, two females and a male, finally decided to go home.

    After returning to the panacea restaurant, Ruan QingShuang couldn't help but scream loudly and gasp. The panacea restaurant's window near the street was shattered by someone, and broken glass shards scattered everywhere.

    GuoGuo stared blankly for a while, then immediately screamed out. Taking steps with her little legs, she dashed into the panacea restaurant.

    Very quickly, GuoGuo charged into the reception desk, then curled her lip up to cry. The 7000+ bucks inside the reception table's locked drawer was completely missing.

    When Xu Yun saw the window was shattered, he understood everything. He carefully mulled over it for a bit; the situation was too coincidental to be just a normal thief's work. It was also broad daylight, so to break the glass and steal, certainly a huge amount of gall was needed.

    If this wasn't revenge for the Four Wolves Gang members, then it definitely had something to do with Lu Bao. Today at noon, Lu Bao dared to take advantage of a lot of people to slip in, so it wasn't hard for him to do something like break the glass.

    Besides, Lu Bao had been forced into desperation right now, if he still didn't pay, he feared the Four Wolves Gang would really beat him to death!

    Ruan QingShuang was a bit out of sorts: it wasn't easy to earn so much. Maybe that afternoon's hard-earned profits in 2-3 hours simply sprouted wings and flew away. This kind of blow to Ruan QingShuang's psyche was enormous.

    GuoGuo was so upset that there wasn't a drop of liveliness in her. If people saw her they would feel remorse.

    Letting out a breath, Ruan QingShuang resolutely picked up the phone and called the police.

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    Chapter 9: Mommy, Godfather's Red Apricot is Leaning Against the Wall

    *An idiom for an illicit affair.

    Once Qin Wan'er heard of the panacea restaurant’s case, she took it upon herself to come over on her police motorcycle again. Then she very carefully investigated the scene, gathering the evidence in the area.

    "QingShuang-jie, don't worry. I definitely won't let the thief go unpunished." Qin Wan'er seemed very confident in her ability.

    GuoGuo wiped her eyes and was finally able to calm down.

    "Wan'er, I really don't know how to thank you." Ruan QingShuang softly said as she held onto Qin Wan'er's hand.

    "This all should be my duty, to protect the citizens’ personal safety and secure their property." Qin Wan’er said with a high degree of principle. She turned her head to look at Xu Yun and said “I guarantee I will make every effort to resolve this case within a week!”

    Xu Yun could not help but to cry out in alarm a bit. “Will this need 1 week? I’ll give you some clues. For this case, if it’s not the Four Wolves Gang members striking back for revenge, then it must be that one person who went to QingShuang and acted as her brother-in-law - Lu Bao’s doing! You only have to capture that person and ask. That will do.”

    “Are you the cop or am I the cop?” Qin Wan’er of course was not convinced. She, in the police academy had always been a class leader - even now to the police station. “I have a sense of proper conduct on how to solve the case. You don’t have to teach me. You're just guessing, your basic guess cannot withstand scrutiny.”

    Xu Yun could see that Qin Wan’er was full of confidence, but he couldn’t help but to think about that one mission where in the middle they betrayed their superiors and alerted police, and he laughed softly yet scornfully. “A sense of proper conduct? Then for one day let me do the investigating.”

    “Are you provoking me?” Qin Wan’er widened her eyes. “Xu Yun, if you have the ability to solve the case in one day, I wanna see it.”

    “Okay, wanna have a little bet?” Xu Yun readily said. “If there’s no prize then there’s no point.”

    “You say what it is and that’s what it is!” Qin Wan’er looked like a retired army, one phrase and she promised anything.

    Xu Yun looked at Qin Wan’er again, and couldn’t help but to give her an opportunity one more time. “No regrets?”

    “Whoever regrets, is a small doggie bastard!” Qin Wan’er, as before, was still full of confidence in herself. “If you lose, then I will make you work as a spy! Go undercover to help me do something. You cannot refuse!”

    Qin Wan’er was quite curious why someone as talented as Xu Yun was working at a small restaurant as a chef, like a case of using a talented person in an insignificant position.

    “If you lose, everyday you will do odd for jobs for me at the panacea restaurant. I will permit you to scrub the dishes, but you don’t get to wash the dishes!” Xu Yun raised his eyebrows in blatant provocation.

    “Deal!” Qin Wan’er didn’t even hesitate.

    Ruan QingShuang helplessly watched these two fellows. Why were they fighting like little kids... wasn’t this like playing house?

    “Mommy, this is bad.” GuoGuo said towards Ruan QingShuang dead seriously. “From what I can see, this looks like the red apricot is leaning over the wall.”

    Uh...Ruan QingShuang decided it was better to not understand GuoGuo!

    Qin Wan’er left the restaurant furiously, and Xu Yun also got up to go.

    “You’re not really going to look for Lu Bao, right?” Ruan QingShuang couldn’t help but feel somewhat worried. Even if Lu Bao couldn’t endanger Xu Yun, if Lu Bao ganged up together with the Four Wolves Gang members, she was still worried that Xu Yun would get the worst of it.

    “Xu Yun loosened his shoulders. “The kitchen is pretty much empty, at night we can’t usually serve customers simmer-fried air right? I’m worried you haven't earned enough yet have no choice but to pay me. First I’ll go buy some groceries to use as an emergency for tonight.”

    “Daddy, I’m going too!” GuoGuo said, already following him out.

    Xu Yun shook his finger, whispering to GuoGuo, "GuoGuo, you stay at the restaurant and accompany mommy, godfather has to first look for someone who works with colored glass to come and give us glass panes, else at night air will leak out. Once the glass worker comes, I'll depend on GuoGuo to constantly monitor him for godfather."

    Once GuoGuo heard it, it made sense. Right now mom wasn't too happy, definitely not in the mood to do anything. "Guarantee you will finish your tasks!"

    Only now was Xu Yun assured and left, looking for someone to fix the glass, then going to the grocery market and buying enough fresh vegetables and meat. The freezer was definitely going to be filled again. Also, he had to go to a herbal drugstore to buy some ‘female ginseng*', Chinese artichoke, orchid etc. etc. since they were already running out. He also bought a bit of poria fungus powder, in preparation for a free soup for customers made of poria fungus powder and mung bean that resists heat for the drinker.

    TN:* Angelica Sinensis, orchid = Dendrobium Nobile, 

    Aftering buying everything, Xu Yun then went back to the restaurant. The store's window panes had already been installed, costing 300 bucks extra for expedited service. The worker worked fast for the expedited rate, and even worked exceptionally carefully.

    "Daddy, why did you buy so much stuff?!" The sharp-eyed GuoGuo seeing Xu Yun, quickly came out to welcome him.

    "From now on the panacea restaurant's business will get better and better... more preparations is always better." Xu Yun said, then fished out a small, cute hairclip. "Gift for you GuoGuo."

    GuoGuo was overjoyed, this afternoon the gloom from the robbery was swept away. "Daddy is the best! I will definitely help you say good things in front of mommy, don't worry, I will help pick up mommy!"

    Xu Yun really wanted to kneel to this girl, afraid she would say more shocking words; Xu Yun speedily went to the kitchen and prepared. Dinner time was fast approaching.

    "Mommy." GuoGuo wasn't the type to take things and not deliver, since she took Xu Yun's gift of a hairpin, then she had to help him with that issue. "Do you think godfather is any good?  Can you let him have full membership?"

    Ruan QingShuang looked at Xu Yun's busy back in the kitchen, her heartfelt gratitude, could it be described in words? This was the only one she acknowledged among all men.

    Of course, there were also a lot of men who gave her attentive looks, but Ruan QingShaung knew that those kinds of people's objectives were to get her to sleep with them. She was the child of clean folks, so of course she would become a clean woman. Many men helped Ruan QingShuang who weren't even given a glance and refused.

    And Xu Yun was not the same. From the time he helped get rid of Lu Bao, Ruan QingShuang determined Xu Yun as the type of person who gave a sense of security. Although he looked like a sloppy person who neglected their duties, in his eyes there were no distracting thoughts, being very pure.

    Not knowing why, a bit of complex but difficult to describe feeling inside Ruan QingShuang had floated up from the bottom of her heart. A dark red surprisingly spread noiselessly from the back of her ear radiating outwards slowly.

    GuoGuo only now discovered mama hadn't heard her say anything, instead she was looking in a daze at Xu Yun's figure inside the kitchen, but also a blushing daze.

    "Ah, once a woman falls into a trap, it's always hard to free herself." GuoGuo like a little adult sighed, afterwards shaking her head she went to the reception desk.

    Not long after, guests started coming one after another, the panacea restaurant 's business was like before with the explosive popularity. Although not as crazy as the afternoon's long dragon of a line, it still was densely packed. Ruan QingShuang also slowly came out of the gloom of the robbery event, seeking shelter by putting her heart and soul into her work.

    The night had 3 hours of bustle. This time, GuoGuo didn't dare to be careless. Taking the money paid, she put all of it in her pocket, and was especially alert at the people looking at her pocket.

    "It was tough for you." Ruan QingShuang already viewed Xu Yun with great favor and didn't say thanks. Perhaps Xu Yun didn't know, if he didn't buy the medicine ingredients and foodstuffs, she already didn't have the money to buy medicinal herbs and groceries in bulk.

    Xu Yun took off his apron. "Today I'm little tired, going home first. You two rest early too."

    "Daddy, just live here." GuoGuo said, holding a little box of yogurt, eating it messily. "Today there was even someone who smashed our windows. Me and mommy will both be scared."

    "Um...about that...." Xu Yun really wanted to stay, but tonight he really had something to do.

    Ruan QingShuang took the yogurt in GuoGuo's hand. "While eating you still can't stop your mouth? Do you want mommy to seal it?"

    "Then I won't say anything." GuoGuo quickly shut up, taking her yogurt with a thump thump she ran upstairs.

    Ruan QingShuang was blushing a bit, "Xu Yun, how about you just...."

    "Mmm, then I'll get going." Xu Yun was worried Ruan QingShuang would be embarassed, and without saying much, he directly left the panacea restaurant.

    Ruan QingShuang watched Xu Yun's figure getting distant, disappearing into the darkness of the night. She couldn't help feeling a bit of sourness in her heart. Just now, she wanted to say "How about you just stay", but Xu Yun never gave her the chance to say it all.

    It wasn't easy to muster the courage and she was disappointed. Ruan QingShuang really didn't know if next time she would have the courage to again try to say it.

    Xu Yun could completely relax about leaving, since he believed as long as GuoGuo was at the panacea restaurant, Qiu Yan would never leave the panacea restaurant's vicinity.

    If at night there really was an attack by the Four Wolves Gang, Qiu Yan could easily sweep it away. Even with serious internal injuries, she was the Venerated Violent Fox!

    Xu Yun phoned a meet up with QiangZi at the barbecue night market. No way would QiangZi dare to refuse. Directly after leaving KTV* he went straight to the barbecue night market. A few people were seated at a barbecue stall called "Authentic". Xu Yun ordered 5 lbs of roast lamb. Other than weird stuff like lamb kidneys, lamb fries** or horse fish, he ordered 100+ kebabs of everything.

    *KTV or karaoke. Not a bunch of guys singing together, always bring the chix ;)

    **You don't want to know what this is xD

    "Yun-ge, the business at the panacea restaurant was amazing enough yeah?" QiangZi smiled his eyes squinty. With the advertising he did, of course he would also send scouts.

    Xu Yun nodded, "It was pretty amazing, that's why I'm inviting you and your brothers out to eat. And that other thing, did you hear anything?"

    "I did!" QiangZi did a thumbs up, his face full of respect and worship. "The Four Wolves' bald Wei brought 30+ people to go fuck up the panacea restaurant, but Xu Yun, you alone dealt with them!"

    "Do you know about anything else?" Xu Yun concisely pointed out. "This afternoon the panacea restaurant had its windows shattered, and was robbed of its money. Do you know who did it?"

    QiangZi and his brothers looked at each other. QiangZi sighed and asked, "Then you're saying....the Four Wolves Gang retaliated that fast?"

    "That's right!" Among QiangZi's brothers, the sharpest among them suddenly yelled out, "At past 3pm I saw Lu Bao that fellow was always nearby the panacea restaurant shaking. That dude used to always bully the hot boss of the panacea restaurant. This time, could it be him?"

    "You mean that, that little punk broke the windows and stole the money?" QiangZi was startled, then thinking to himself he nodded. "Right, that little punk owed the Four Wolves Gang a gambling debt. It really could be him that did it!"

    Xu Yun was now pretty much 100% certain that this was done by Lu Bao. "Normally, where would Lu Bao, that little ant, be around this time?

    "Most definitely at the Sky Wolf Casino man!" QiangZi and his brothers all said it simultaneously - seems like they all were very clear about how much Lu Bao loved to gamble.

    After finishing saying it, QiangZi's face color changed. "Yun-ge, you aren't thinking about...."

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    Chapter 10: Overturning an Underground Casino

    Xu Yun looked at QiangZi, but didn't say a word. His gaze alone told QiangZi that he definitely meant to go.

    "Yun-ge, Sky Wolf Casino is the Four Wolves Gang's territory, it’s completely justified in its reputation as a wolf's den!" QiangZi couldn't help but swallow saliva. "You don't really want to...brother, how about we talk it over? Let's see if there's another way?"

    "You guys eat, I'm full." Xu Yun already got up. "Where is that place?"

    QiangZi really didn't want to say, he was really worried that Xu Yun would ride solo and not live to see the next day, but he didn't have the balls to fight the Four Wolves Gang. He had so many underlings at hand, but the Four Wolves Gang could crush them with a finger.

    "BoWen Street." In the end, QiangZi couldn't break Xu Yun's firm gaze.

    Before leaving, Xu Yun again left them 2 packs of beers and three pounds of barbecue. QiangZi and the others sincerely lost their appetite. Xu Yun had been loyal to them, but in all honesty they really didn't dare to piss off the Four Wolves Gang. They felt torn!

    BoWen Street in WenHui district was near Old Town's famous little alley. Above the street was the most splendid row of orange neon lights above medical and herbal supplies stores. Past that are shampoo rooms* one after another were hanging sheep heads but ripping people off by selling dog meat instead.

    *A “shampoo room”. The business poses as a place to wash your hair. Extremely thinly disguised whorehouse.

    Even though the city was exerting especially tough efforts in anti-pornography and anti-organized crime, these shampoo rooms were like wild weeds that couldn't be eliminated with fire. Everyday the spring winds would blow and they would come back.

    "Yo handsome, all by yourself? Why don't you come in for a wash?" Every shampoo room had a girl at the entrance calling out to Xu Yun.

    Xu Yun went from the south side to the north side of BoWen Street without seeing another Majiang hall or arcade, much less a casino. It couldn't be helped, he went to a shampoo room to ask around.

    "Handsome, if you want to come in then come. After a massage you'll feel totally relaxed, our girls are all very capable. Young and beautiful, satisfaction guaranteed! Sexy and alluring girls are dressed gorgeously, just say it and they will be right up on you."

    Xu Yun lifted his hand and blocked her. He firmly and justly asked: "Not free?"

    "Cheh, and you weren't bad looking either. Do you want young also, and even want us to give you red envelopes too?" Seeing Xu Yun's outfit and the fact he didn't have money, that girl was no longer so mindful of him.

    Xu Yun took 100 bucks out of his wallet and waved it around. "I'm inquiring about a place."

    With one glance, she bluntly took the money. "Coming to BoWen Street but you aren’t here for girls... then its definitely to gamble right?"

    Xu Yun nodded. He curtly asked, "Where is Sky Wolf Casino?"

    She pointed at a pool hall not far away. "Inside that pool hall there is a secret door at the southeast corner. After entering it, go down a floor and there is the Sky Wolf Casino. Handsome, if you win some cash, remember to come to little sister's place to play!"

    Xu Yun no longer paid attention to her. In big strides he went to the pool hall.

    The pool hall couldn't be considered big - it only had 6 pool tables. It had 7 or 8 absentminded young guys playing pool. Seeing Xu Yun come in, they would throw glances at him from time to time. This crowd all had bare upper arms with dragon or tiger tattoos. Basically, they didn't seem like good people.

    Xu Yun didn't say anything, going straight for the southeast corner of the pool hall's bathroom. That girl didn't lie at afterall. Tightly against the bathroom wall was a wallpaper secret door of the same color as the surrounding wallpaper.

    Just as Xu Yun was about to go in, the guys playing pool threw down their pool cues and surrounded him. One of them with a wolf tattoo on his chest and looking like a devil shouted, "What, you want to play? If you aren't playing pool then get out!"

    Xu Yun pointed to the casino's secret door. "I want to go in to play for a bit."

    "What playing, who told you that there was something to play in there! Hurry and roll out of here, don't make me force you! The wolf-head tattoo guy crinkled his forehead, obviously suspicious of Xu Yun’s identity.

    After all, inside was a place for gambling and HeDong City was not like Las Vegas; casinos were all not something to be proud of. If they didn't run it carefully, they definitely would get their nest ended by the Department of Public Safety. So, unrecognized strangers wanting to get into the casino wasn't so easy.

    "I'm Lu Bao's friend. He doesn't have money so he asked me to help bring some over." Xu Yun patted his pants pocket.

    The wolf-head finally unfolded his forehead, looking for Lu Bao eh. Today that kid just brought in 10,000 to pay his debt. He never would have thought that that his new friend was rich.

    "Then you follow me." The wolf-head guy motioned with his head, and one of the sharp underlings closed the door of the pool hall.

    With the wolf-head guy leading him, Xu Yun entered the Sky Wolf Casino.

    Inside the casino was a huge commotion of voices - there were at least hundreds of people inside gambling! Even though this place was called Sky Wolf Casino, compared to the casinos Xu Yun had been to in Las Vegas, the difference was huge. At best, it was a small underground casino.

    Even though a sparrow was small, it had a complete set of of organs to survive. Inside has everything: Baccarat, Blackjack, French Roulette, Fan Hung**, Poker, High or Low, YaoYinJi, Run Fast, slot machines, Majiang....etc. As long as you want to gamble, if you want it it's there!

    **1. Might be Fan Tan, with a mistyped character. Not sure though, since typing it would not bring up such an error; Poker, seems to refer to a specific type of poker, not Texas Hold'em; 猜大小 Cai da xiao, Lit. Guess high low; 摇银机 YaoYinJi is "silver shaking machine", some kind of gambling machine; Run Fast is some card game.

    "Lu Bao has only paid half his debt, so I locked him up." The wolf-headed guy glared at all the other people so that they would disperse away. They were looking to see if there was a conman that would get beaten. He continued to lead Xu Yun into a secret passage. "Who are you to him, that you would pay for him?"

    Xu Yun sighed. "I am his older brother."

    "Yo, brotherhood eh." As he talked, the wolf-head guy already brought Xu Yun to the center of the hidden passage. He dug out a key and opened a heavy metal gate, stepping forward he entered.

    Xu Yun went inside, and saw Lu Bao sitting on a chair. His hands were bound, and his mouth was stuffed with a rag. In front of him was a pile of money on a table, roughly 10,000.

    The second Lu Bao saw that the wolf-headed guy brought Xu Yun inside, on the spot he could not sit still. His eyes shown with panic and confusion and his mouth shouting "wu wu wu wu" non-stop!

    "Seeing your brother, you don't need to get that excited right." The wolf-headed guy laughed 'hehe'." He's paying for you. Today, it can be considered that your fingers have all been spared."

    "Wu wu wu wu wu!" Lu Bao stared like he wanted to say something.

    The wolf-head guy took money from the table. Shaking it at Xu Yun, "Your little brother only had 10,000. Still need another 10,000."

    Xu Yun stretched out his hand and grabbed the stack of money the wolf-head guy was holding in his face. Right in front of the astonished wolf-head guy, he stuffed it in his pants pocket. He even smiled politely to the wolf-head guy, "Thanks, ha."

    "What's the meaning of this?" The wolf-head guy's face tightened, his face completely ferocious!

    "Wu wu wu wu!" With great effort Lu Bao tried to spit out the rag in his mouth.

    The wolf-head guy creased his brow, with one movement he pulled the rag out of Lu Bao's mouth. "What the fuck do you want to say!?"

    "3rd Pao-ge, yesterday it was him that beat up LiangZi-ge and the others. Today at noon Wei 4th-ge also fell to his hand!" Lu Bao panic-stricken, looked at Xu Yun, "He's the boyfriend of the lady boss of the panacea restaurant!"

    The wolf-head guy was suddenly shocked pale. He could never have imagined that this afternoon, Wei 4th-ge and the 30+ comrades he brought were done in by this kid!

    Xu Yun gently closed the metal gate as he passed it. "The 7000 bucks were stolen. The other 3000 I'll just treat as reparations for the glass. You can come with me to the police station, or I can call the cops over to come and arrest you, you choose."

    Hearing this, Lu Bao was scared till he trembled, his helpless body was still bound and he couldn't move at all. "3rd Pao-ge, you have to save me!"

    "Hmph. You think you can take money out of here?" The wolf-head guy laughed coldly. "Then yo daddy is going to have to teach you what a wolf's den is!" His voice was firm, the wolf-head guy with a ‘pa' hit a secret alarm device inside the room!

    Instantly, the entire casino fell into chaos. Gamblers focusing on escaping fled out the secret tunnel. The rest of them noticed steel bars rushing down!

    "This shitty doghouse." Xu Yun laughed disdainfully. With a clang, he shut the heavy metal gate! Exerting force with his wrist, he twisted the handle crooked! With this, whether it was from the inside or outside, it couldn't be opened!

    The wolf-head guy saw this and was furious, but inside he couldn't believe how surprised he was! What monstrous hand strength!


    "Bang bang bang!"

    "Bam bam bam!"

    Beyond the gate the sound of nonstop banging and loud cursing continued for a minute,but all along, there weren’t any people capable of protecting the gate! Because 3rd Pao-ge was inside the all the other people outside were feeling anxiety.


    Following a tremendous sound, the whole metal gate came crashing with a boom. In the center of the gate, an impressive, terrifying imprint of a footstep!

    The wolf-head tattooed 3rd Pao-ge was like a dead dog, laying like someone had just thrown him from inside. Almost all the teeth in his mouth had been smashed out, his nose was crooked, his eyebrow was also split. His entire face was indistinguishably covered in blood, and his body twitched and trembled, making the people wonder just what in the hell happened inside.

    Xu Yun dusted off his hands. Laughing, he left the room, "Who else wants to die?"

    Standing in the very front, a reckless fellow roared with a yell and a club came smashing down! Xu Yun stepped left into bow stance. His right fist instantly, vigorously spun forward a straight punch right into the chest! Blasting him 5 meters away, he fell on the ground, groaned once and then didn't move.

    What a heavy fist!

    Everyone looked at each other, they couldn't blame the gang for being beat up as miserably as 3rd Pao-ge.

    "Next." Xu Yun stretched his fingers out, his mouth showing a provocative smile. "Or how about, everyone come at once?"

    Ah, Oww, Aiya, Oof...

    After the wave of screams, Xu Yun calmly stopped and kneeled in the center of a fallen crowd, digging out a cellphone. "Hello? WenHui District's police station, um, can I speak to Officer Qin?"

    Qin Wan'er, for the sake of beating Xu Yun to finding the criminal was constantly working overtime, hearing that someone called the cops looking for her, she really thought that this dude went crazy. "This is she, who are you?"

    "Your actual voice sounds way better than on the phone." Xu Yun laughed. "Officer Qin, how’s the overtime? Find out anything about the robbery yet?"

    "Xu Yun!?" Qin Wan'er knew who it was. "Why is it you? Do you have some kind of defect! Dialing an emergency call for me just to chat?"

    Xu Yun clicked his tongue tsk tsk. "I had spare time! I got an emergency, at the pool hall on BoWen Street, there are some gamblers. Come over quick."

    "If you dare to trick me, you're dead meat!" Qin Wan'er said, glaring.

    "Love, believe it or not." Xu Yun didn't say anything else, and directly hung up the phone.

    Qin Wan’er was so pissed she stomped her feet. “Damn Xu Yun! Just you wait for me!”

    At the moment Qin Wan'er couldn't focus on going to research the robbery case. She got up and got ready, BoWen Street was a place where dragons and snakes mixed, and was commonly known for gambling and prostitution. However time after time, the conflict remained, and they were unable to stamp out the roots.

    Because of this, Qin Wan'er didn't dare to completely disbelieve Xu Yun; taking care to sort the truths out, she would first take a look and then decide. If Xu Yun dared to trick her, she would definitely fix him up good!

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    Chapter 11: Scenes of Spring in a Bath Towel

    Qin Wan'er was swift as wind and fast as lightning on the road. When she arrived at the scene, she only saw Xu Yun playing pool happily alone.

    Seeing that Qin Wan'er had arrived, Xu Yun put the pool cue on his shoulder. "Wanna play? I have a nickname, called Little Rocket!"

    "Less crap with me, nobody wants to bet with you!" Qin Wan'er looked all over the four corners. Not even a single gambling machine was seen. The feeling of being fooled began to grow in her.

    Xu Yun put the pool cue on top of the table. He pointed at the southeast corner. "If you don't believe me, go see yourself."

    Qin Wan'er scrunched her eyebrows. With a half believing and half disbelieving attitude, she went to the southeast corner. In fact, she saw a hidden door!

    Qin Wan'er was greatly surprised, her nerves instantly stiffened. She firmly pushed open the hidden door and step by step descended. After pushing open a secret door, inside was a brightly lit scene that completely shocked her!

    Dozens of gambling machines, and 17 or 18 guys beaten swollen and senseless all over the place!

    It really was a casino! Qin Wan'er internally screamed,  this was the kind of excitement that wasn't beneath Columbus discovering a new continent! The size of this casino in HeDong City was not considered small!

    "How is it?" Xu Yun also went downstairs. "This much is about a 3rd-class right?

    Qin Wan'er didn't dare to believe it. "How did you do it?"

    "Wait, I'll come back." Xu Yun went to that room, then brought out Lu Bao who pissed his pants. "This afternoon, the punk that robbed our panacea restaurant brought me here."

    Hearing that Qin Wan'er became even more surprised! Xu Yun actually caught that thief!?!

    Lu Bao saw that the cops came and his face turned as white as ashes, this time he was screwed. Robbery, participating in an illegal gambling ring, these two crimes were enough to lock him in jail for a while and he would be locked up with the Four Wolves Gang members. He was worried they really would completely destroy his chrysanthemum*...

    *Chrysanthemum is slang for butthole

    Xu Yun kicked Lu Bao. "What crying...go tell cop jiejie about all the crimes you've all done."

    "Cop jiejie! I....I was forced by the Four Wolves Gang members!" Lu Bao wailed tragically.

    If he had known earlier, how was he forced? Qin Wan'er didn't have any patience in her expression, swinging a metal bar she yelled, "Shut up!!"

    Lu Bao's forehead had a bruise, forget crying, he didn't dare to even fart half a fart.

    "I'm going to call for backup, come with me to the station to write a statement." Even though Qin Wan'er wasn't entirely convinced, in the end Xu Yun did do enough for her admiration.

    Xu Yun waved his hand, "Nah. Please no. I dislike inconveniences. Consider this casino a gift from me. If you want to give me something back, then let me skip that troublesome stuff. Well then, thank you."

    Qin Wan'er didn't react the whole time. "What do you mean?"

    "As I said...the Four Wolves Gang's casino was shut down by you, the little thief was also captured by you." Xu Yun smiled widely. "I'm just a citizen that cooperated with police, the stuff that happens after, I don't want to participate in.  Too lazy to deal with it."

    "I've no desire for this credit!" Qin Wan'er glared at Xu Yun, then dialed her police phone, describing the location and rough situation. The station leadership placed great importance on it, instantly sending people to rush over!

    After hanging up the phone, Qin Wan'er could not find Xu Yun. "Xu Yun!!"

    Right after her cell phone vibrated, Qin Wan'er received a text message from Xu Yun. "I left, the merit I beg you to take. Hope you get promoted."

    "Stinking Xu Yun!" Qin Wan'er groaned heavily.

    No way would Xu Yun have energy to waste any more time at that illegal casino. Carrying the money, he went directly back to the panacea restaurant.

    Just as Xu Yun reached the panacea restaurant's first floor, Qiu Yan flashed, appearing once again in front of him.

    "Thanks for the problem this afternoon." Xu Yun definitely knew she was hidden somewhere nearby, so he wasn't surprised. Getting straight to the point he said, "I can't detect your hidden techniques at all, they are very formidable."

    Qiu Yan still remained completely cold. "What did you come back to do?"

    "What, still afraid I would do something unfavorable towards GuoGuo?" Xu Yun switched over, raising his head towards the balcony he loudly called, "GuoGuo!"

    Qiu Yan's face instantly changed, just as GuoGuo went to the balcony, below in an instant, her figure dodged into a dark shadowy corner.

    "Daddy?" GuoGuo was very surprised. "Why did you come back?"

    "I caught the little thief, I brought the money back."  Xu Yun laughed towards the direction the beautiful shadow disappeared towards, proudly digging out the stack of money and raising it towards GuoGuo.

    The second GuoGuo heard she became excited. "I'll go down and open the door for you!"

    From start to finish Ruan QingShuang didn't show up. Xu Yun was a bit puzzled, ordinarily if GuoGuo hadn't slept, she wouldn't have gone to sleep already right?

    After opening the door GuoGuo was unable to resist herself and snatched the money from Xu Yun. "Did you bring it all back dad?"

    "Mmm, there's even interest." Xu Yun smiled, "GuoGuo, where's your mom?"

    "Ah, mommy is taking a shower." GuoGuo was preoccupied with her own stuff, her two hands whizzing speedily through the stack of money, her mouth counting, "100, 200, 300, 400" repeatedly.

    An image of a bathing Ruan QingShuang came into Xu Yun's mind, huuu...Xu Yun felt like his mind was swimming a bit, needing to hang in there. Having a bloody nose would make a fool of himself.

    "Yup daddy, mommy just forgot her underwear. How about you help me bring it to her?" Amidst counting money GuoGuo didn't forget to tell him. "4600, 4700..."

    Poof! This time Xu Yun really couldn't hold back! This was simply too stimulating right?! GuoGuo was worthy of being godfather's good daughter! Didn't take care of you for nothing!

    Xu Yun petted GuoGuo's little head. "GuoGuo is such a good girl. This stuff godfather won't help you, wait for mommy to come out and you know to tell her. I'll go home first."

    "9800, 9900, 10000! Huuuuu..." At this time GuoGuo finished counting the money and let out a sigh. "For this he doesn't have a drop of bravery? Are you really GuoGuo's godfather huh?"

    What is a godfather? A father by kin is simply a father by kin, a godfather is simply a godfather. Xu Yun was getting confused by GuoGuo. "Of course."

    "Mommy! Come out quick!" GuoGuo suddenly charged to the stairs and shouted.

    After rinsing, Ruan QingShuang, she slowly wiped her body of water drops, then waited for GuoGuo to come and bring pajamas. But this little girl instead was late and unwilling, why did she suddenly yell from downstairs?

    Her heart jumped, and couldn't be bothered with wearing some clothes. Wrapping a bath towel around her and tying a quick knot, she opened the door and thumpthumpthumpthump down the stairs.

    "GuoGuo what happened?!" Ruan QingShuang part asked and part dashed down the stairs.

    "Daddy came." GuoGuo said casually.

    Ruan QingShuang had just charged down the stairs, abruptly lifting her head, Xu Yun and GuoGuo were standing at the beginning of the stairs, faces looking up towards her.

    With an "ah", Xu Yun dared to laugh. He never thought Ruan QingShuang would come out with that outfit.

    "Mommy, be careful not to expose yourself. " GuoGuo's small hands covered her face.

    With great difficulty Ruan QingShuang suppressed a scream that would lose her voice, she turned her head and ran back up the stairs! Her entire face blushed deep red, truly like a baboon's butt...

    "Daddy, did you see it?" GuoGuo nervously asked.

    Thinking, Xu Yun didn't recall and shook his head. "Nope, I didn't see anything."

    "The bath towel was so high and you didn't see? Daddy you must have a high degree of near-sightedness right?" GuoGuo seemed very disappointed. "Well, GuoGuo saw it, mommy was too careless."

    Dammit! If it didn't seem like you had been kidnapped, charging up the stairs howling, would your Ruan mama have panicked enough to run out without wearing underwear?

    Xu Yun could be considered completely defeated by this little thing. "Ugh......my myopia...."


    Ruan QingShuang again came out, this time fully dressed. With extreme effort she recovered her cool. "Xu Yun, why did you come?"

    "The money was stolen by Lu Bao, I'm returning it back to you. Also he was arrested by Qin Wan'er." Xu Yun said, "I'm guessing that from now on he definitely won't come back to harass you."

    "10,000 bucks oh!" GuoGuo proudly said.

    Ruan Qing Shuang was amazed, opening her small red lips. “Really? But he didn’t steal that much.”

    Xu Yun laughed softly. "Just consider the extra as interest that he's giving you. For that kind of person, that much is him shorting you."

    "Yeah exactly!" GuoGuo hated Lu Bao quite a bit.

    "If there's no problems then I won't disturb your rest anymore." Xu Yun said, "Tomorrow you have to get up early, rest earlier alright."

    GuoGuo peered at Xu Yun, and then glanced at Ruan QingShuang, expecting her mom to open her mouth asking him to stay. She actually liked Xu Yun bothering her, because Xu Yun would always bring something good.

    But Ruan QingShuang hadn't quite adjusted from the previous situation, in that time she didn't know what to say. "Then take care....be careful on the road."

    "Go on back, I can help you lock the door."

    Only after Xu Yun helped Ruan QingShuang lock the door tight did he start humming a tune as he went to a little alley beside the panacea restaurant.


    A soft arrow stopped on his chest, thankfully Xu Yun was prepared. Quickly pulling back a step he avoided being injured.

    "Was that saying hello?" Xu Yun remained silent, but across from him was Qiu Yan. There was no way she would be gentle and nice.

    Qiu Yan put away the LongRuan blade in her hands, the supple blade silently vanishing at her waist.

    "Are you that scared to see GuoGuo?" Xu Yun's mouth raised and he chuckled. He knew, Qiu Yan was afraid that she could not heal from her internal injuries. Even if she saw GuoGuo, it would only increase her suffering, and without any real significance.

    Qiu Yan knew that no matter what she did, she would still die, so she preferred that GuoGuo think that she died long ago. She didn't want GuoGuo to see her again, only to lose her again. Then the pain for GuoGuo would be even greater.

    "I don't need you to mind my business." Just as always, Qiu Yan's voice was as cold as ice, only in her eyes there was an extra hint of sadness. "If I die, I hope...that you can help me take care of GuoGuo."

    "I am 'the' godfather of GuoGuo." Xu Yun smiled his eyes tiny. "Concerning that you can rest assured."

    "Hmph." The sound that Qiu Yan made was indistinguishably either reassured or disdainful, or perhaps even mocking herself.

    Suddenly, Qiu Yan wordlessly jumped, leaping directly on the roof of the panacea restaurant. With some precise steps, she effortlessly crossed several hundred meters to a small hotel's roof. With a flash she disappeared through the hotel's third floor veranda window.

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    Chapter 12: Solo Run
    [There is a long translation note for the historical context of the title. Of course not necessary to read, but just in case you're curious :3 ]

    Xu Yun didn't estimate wrong after all - Qiu Yan was hidden in a place not too far away from the panacea restaurant the whole time. No wonder she was able to help defeat the hoodlums earlier at noon. Who would've known that the venerated Violent Fox would have such deep love towards a small girl?

    After Xu Yun went home, he didn't bother with the usual breathing exercises, and instead pulled out a gray blue infantry pack from under his bed. Xu Yun opened the backpack, and inside were all kinds of fine medicines together in one place.

    Very quickly he found a gold-purple colored porcelain bottle. Just now he already discovered that Qiu Yan's YinTang* was dark and she was lacking any vitality. Perhaps this was the only thing that could help her continue living. If it wasn't for GuoGuo, Xu Yun wouldn't give such a valuable thing to the infamous underworld-shaking Lady Fox.

    TN: YinTang is a pressure point in between the eyes. If it is dark this is a sign of imminent disaster in physiognomy. Also has a role in other things, such as acupuncture.

    After leaving home, Xu Yun quickly arrived at the three-storied small hotel that Qiu Yan was staying at. His steps gently tapped the floor, then jumping upwards he leapt his way to the hotel's 3rd floor window of a corridor. The whole series of movements were like traveling clouds and flowing water, quiet and silent!

    The hotel third floor had 10+ rooms with people in them. Xu Yun stepped silently to the first door, putting his ear against the door.

    "Ahhh! Daddy, faster ah, faster ah! Mmmm ahh!"

    "Mmh ah mmh ah mmh ah!"

    Jeez! To do it to the point of getting that high! And not afraid of the next door hearing it! Xu Yun silently cursed, rubbing his ears he went to the second room.


    This snoring sound was simply like tremoring thunder! Sleeping like the dead, no wonder next door would moan so crazy and not affect him.

    Xu Yun directly went to the third room. Putting his ear against the door, he didn't hear the slightest noise. It was the kind of silence that made people feel terror!

    The door handle hung the sign "Do Not Disturb". If it wasn't for getting a room to sneakily have an affair, then it was getting a room to do drugs. However these two groups wouldn't have such an ability to hide their breathing. The ability to completely control their breathing to such a level, most likely only Fox Lady Qiu Yan could do it.

    "I know you're inside." Xu Yun smiled his eyes squinty. "I got something for you. If you think it might have a use you can give it a try."

    Inside it was absolutely silent, no one answered. This fox was really guarded. Only that if things dragged on like this, even if Xu Yun had magical hands he still wouldn't be able to save her.

    Xu Yun leaned his shoulder against the room door. "I've only got good intentions, don't treat it like it's malicious."

    Inside the room, not even the smallest reaction was noticed.

    “I'm doing this completely only because I'm related to GuoGuo." Xu Yun had no choice. Wasn't this the legendary warm face pasted to the other's cold fart?

    Just as before, no one responded to Xu Yun from inside.

    "Well, I'm not gonna play music for the cow* anymore." Xu Yun took out the little bottle from his pocket, and put it on the ground. "I put it at the entrance for you, if you believe me then take it and use it.  But, this will at best help you prolong your life. If you continue to delay treatment, fundamentally there is no way you will survive."

    TN* Idiom: doing something nice that recipient doesn't care for.

    After he finished saying it, Xu Yun wasn't gonna waste any more time. Turning around, he left.

    Just as Xu Yun jumped down from the small hotel, the absolutely silent room opened the door by just a crack.

    Qiu Yan coldly and beautifully stood at the entrance without expression. With her slim fingers, she picked up the medicine bottle Xu Yun left and took it into the room. Was he really respecting his relationship with GuoGuo? Or was he pitying someone that was about to die?

    Qiu Yan carefully opened the medicine bottle, with micro-precision she stirred the rim with her finger. An extraordinary and heavy fragrance entered her nose. Her originally icy, strict gaze suddenly changed to extreme surprise!

    "9 Treasures Revival Pills!?" Qiu Yan exclaimed, how would that guy have such precious and famous medicine!

    Qiu Yan didn't care about the others anymore, she pulled open the room door. With quick steps, she chased down to the corridor's end, where the window was wide open. There was no way of knowing where Xu Yun had gone by now.

    Qiu Yan looked at the life-prolonging treasure medicine in her hands. Her curiosity towards Xu Yun was growing more and more.

    After WenHui District received Qin Wan'er's call of great importance requesting for support about the fallen casino, Deputy Superintendent Ma personally came!

    After rushing to the scene a pair of people were both extremely astonished! Deputy Superintendent Ma was already 40 years old, but this was the biggest case he'd seen in his life!

    "Little Qin, this time you really did a great service in this place!" Deputy Superintendent Ma couldn't help but keep praising. "This afternoon you captured so many law-breakers, now you found an illegal gambling den. I am ashamed I am inferior."

    This was all because of your, Deputy Superintendent's leadership!" The little Wu nearby flattered. "Under your wise leadership Wan'er-jie was able to get such a good achievement!"

    "Hahaha, kid, you shouldn't say that, careful if Superintendent Liu and Instructor Chen hear it ha!" Deputy Superintendent Ma knew that his position was 3 handles away, "From now on you should study under little Qin more, say less, do more!"

    "Deputy Superintendent Ma's teaching is best!" Said the little Wu, he nodded and smiled.

    Qin Wan'er never kissed ass, and so never said anything about the topic. "Little Wu, hurry and get back to work. There's so much evidence waiting to be carried back."

    "Sure thing!"

    Small and large alike, 110+ gambling apparatus and 23 suspects were all taken back to the station, of course including the window breaking thief Lu Bao!

    Deputy Superintendent Ma gave the order that this same night of the violent assault court trial, they definitely must bring criminals to justice! However, thanks to comrade Qin Wan'er bringing this to light, tonight she could go home and rest, leaving the rest to her fellow officers on duty.

    Qin Wan'er was actually a bit tired, she didn't have energy for the affairs of the trial either. So she became obedient to leadership and prepared to directly drive home and go rest. However, as Qin Wan'er was waiting at BoWen Street's red light, a bag fell from the sky!

    Tightly following her was a shady person - both hands were suddenly controlled by someone! No matter how she struggled, she couldn't escape her fate of being tied up! Paying attention, she heard several people's voices talking, and then she was thrown inside of a car.

    "You guys dare to attack a police officer!" Qin Wan'er berated and shouted!

    But answering her was an ice cold dagger pressed on her neck. "Less bitching nonsense! So what if you're a cop? Even if you were a king, your daddy here would still dare to attack!"

    Qin Wan'er knew that she had encountered an idiot youngster who didn't care about his life, and so she didn't say anything anymore.  Back in police academy, the instructors once said that if they encountered this situation, they must calm down and cool off, and then calm down some more. Only by calming down could they think of a better countermeasure!

    The car jolted about half an hour later and then stopped.

    "Clunk-". Qin Wan'er heard the sound of a car door opening.

    "Boss, I brought the person."

    "Ah." A coarse voice sounded that seemed incomparably evil and cold.

    Qin Wan'er felt her empty pocket. Her cellphone had been drawn out by someone.

    Soon, that cold coarse man laughed darkly. Taking Qin Wan'er's cellphone he dialed a number.


    Xu Yun had just left Qiu Yan's hideout in the little hotel when he received a call from Qin Wan'er. Inside he was confused. "What, wanna invite me out to eat to thank me?"

    "Haha, actually I really want to thank you real nice." A coarse- sounding voice carried a hint of savage essence and cold gloom.

    Xu Yun was slightly terrified. Why was there a man on Qin Wan'er's cellphone? His 6th sense was telling him some bad news was coming. "Who are you?"

    "Qin Wan'er is in my hands. If you don't want some kind of accident to happen to her, then you'd best be more polite to me." The coarse voice became more and more piercing. "You dared to touch your father's casino. You really don't know the how high heaven is do you?".

    Xu Yun heard and calmed down. Originally he gave the gambling den affair to Qin Wan'er with good intentions, but who would have thought that now success turned unexpectedly into trouble. It seemed that because he gave Qin Wan'er this big gift, it provoked a not small problem. He felt some regret for not staying near BoWen Street longer.

    "What do you want, say it. I'm listening." Xu Yun knew that this person on the phone had ill intent, and got straight to the point.

    "This afternoon you beat down Wei 4th, and even got them locked up by the cops! At night you came again and beat down Chen SanPao, fucked up my place and then called the cops." The voice on the phone growled severely, "You little shit are really my Four Wolves Gang's nemesis. Don't you want to come and resolve this face-to-face with me?"

    Xu Yun obviously understood what this meant, and didn't beat around the bush. Getting straight to the point, "Alright. Say where you want to meet."

    "On the border of HeDong City southern outskirts and north of JinNan City's outskirts. We meet at an abandoned rubber factory near the Si River." The voice on the phone became more and more hoarse. A ghastly feeling arose. "Also, you'd best not try any tricks! Come quickly, I can't guarantee that all these hands I have will keep their lust controlled! If anything happens don't blame me, if you want to blame anything then blame that little cop for being too good-looking!"

    "Alright, I'll be right there. Be a person and wait a moment." In the bottom of his heart, Xu Yun suddenly felt a hint of a deep murderous desire. "Leave a route for negotiation."

    "Hmph. If you wanna blame anything, then blame yourself for not giving me any choice." After grunting he hung up the phone. The beeping tone of a disconnected call seemed especially ear-piercing.

    Xu Yun was confused about what exactly happened. Very quickly he flagged down a taxi. To go to a desolate area outside of town at this time in the middle of the night usually cost a high price, and only if the driver was the type that valued money over life.

    The abandoned rubber factory didn’t really shutdown, but because the problem of the Si River being heavily polluted, they had to move to somewhere else. After all, HeDong City's and JinNan City's leadership cadres all didn't want this beautiful environment near an ancient, thousand year old river to be polluted.

    After arriving at his destination, the driver was a bit nervous. After paying the bill he already made a profit, and now he was just hoping to leave early. Once Xu Yun got out of the car, he fled out of sight.

    The night was dark, the abandoned rubber factory seemed especially quiet.

    After getting out of the taxi he walked on the road about 1 mile before he could see dim lights at the rubbery factory. Past the dim lights he entered, Xu Yun could barely hear some distant 'hehe haha' joyous noises. Following the sound he estimated that inside the number of people was many.

    In the middle of the big courtyard of the rubber factory was parked a single Passat, one Haval SUV, and one Great Wall pickup. Besides those was a single aged Buick and several dozen bread vans. In the middle of dozens of vehicles was Qin Wan'er's dominating police motorcycle.

    There was no one in the courtyard. It seemed that they were completely confident they would not suffer a sneak attack. After all, Qin Wan'er was in their clutches, so they believed that Xu Yun wouldn't recklessly come.

    Xu Yun walked straight up to front of the factory's  huge rusting metal gate.  With a crunch, he pushed open the gate.

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    Small announcement on our wordpress, as well as a pic that may help picturing a part of this chapter. Of course not necessary and won't affect your daily dose of WSK too much! :3

    Chapter 13: A Mysterious Man

    With Xu Yun's arrival, the originally fervent cacophony was forgotten - inside the room suddenly fell silent.

    Xu Yun's gaze swept over each person inside the place. Inside the factory were dozens of big strong guys, most of them exposing their bare upper arms. Wolf head and tiger claw tattoos were everywhere! This group of fellows surrounded him thickly with quite a few numbers.

    In the middle of the crowd were 7 or 8 people, enjoying and eating charcoal hot pot, each one with scattered beer bottles laying at their feet.

    Right behind this group of guys, Qin Wan'er was bound head and limbs to a big pillar that went all the way to the roof of the factory. Seeing Xu Yun appearing, she was speechless about why this guy didn't call the cops. "Why did you come by yourself?!"

    "Mmm well, you didn't say I could bring anyone." An ounce of tension couldn't be seen on Xu Yun's face.

    On dozens of guys' faces there were cold smiles of ridicule. It seemed as if Xu Yun clearly didn't know all along that he was a lamb heading to a slaughter. The 7 or 8 at the gang leaders at the table also put down their chopsticks one after another and stood up.

    At the front of the hot pot table, a darkly-tanned, tall and buff guy stood up at last. In this circle of muscled, vicious men, that one gave a sense of a valor, like a majestic crane in the midst of chickens. "You are that Xu Yun?"

    "It wasn't you that called me." Xu Yun paused, hearing him didn't sound the same. "Where's the person who called me?

    “You can see my boss, if you don't die by my two black* arms today. Then you will definitely have the chance." The tanned guy clenched both his hands cracking into fists!

    *His gangster moniker Er Hei means 'two black', a reference to his arms xD

    Xu Yun wrinkled his eyebrows. "Huh? Er Hei? That name is pretty plain. Are you confusing it with a village?"

    Out of 1000 members of the Four Wolves Gang Er Hei, he was #2. Within HeDong City's dark path of life, he was recognized as a great fighter! Daring to insult him was really done by the ignorant. Even when the experienced met him, they would easily be thrown in the Si River to feed the fishes.

    "It's about time. I heard this afternoon you beat down Wei 4th, and then at night you ended Chen 3rd." Er Hei coldly laughed. "I'm telling you, don't think you're all amazing. I'm not as useless as they are."

    When Xu Yun entered, he already felt that this Er Hei's aura was remarkable. This was a person who had gone through life and death struggles before possessing such an aura, and by his side, the crowd around him were several levels fiercer than the group of gangsters that afternoon. They definitely were all the types to either bleed or be bled by others.

    "Since you all are lacking a beating, then I'll help you guys out." Xu Yun suddenly clenched his fists, his pair of fists crunching was even louder than Er Hei's!

    "Xu Yun! Are you crazy! You'll get beaten to death!" Qin Wan'er completely did not understand this idiot Xu Yun.  "I don't need your help! Run away quickly!"

    After all, she was a top student at police academy. Even at a critical moment, Qin Wan'er's style was to place the people's interests first.

    "Seeing you distressing so on my part, makes this trip not in vain." Xu Yun smiled as he looked at Qin Wan'er, she was tied up like this and still could consider other's safety. Seems like she wasn't like some other cops.

    "You really don't know what's good for you!" Qin Wan'er's impression of Xu Yun was pretty good, so she was quite worried about him. She wanted to struggle out but in the end it was hopeless.

    Qin Wan'er kept struggling, that superb loop climbed and strangled more obviously. Xu Yun was reluctant to look away, concerned he said, "Tied up like this isn't very comfortable eh? Don't worry, I'll release you soon."

    "I don't see how!" Qin Wan'er looked at Xu Yun not in the least concealing his gaze at her chest, she really wondered what this dude was thinking in his brain! Was this the time to be randomly thinking and randomly looking at whatever he wanted?!

    Er Hei's face showed savagery. This little punk is actually still acting cheery!  He was simply not putting him in his gaze!

    This type of person Er Hei would never forgive. "Little boy, heaven has got a road for you that you didn't go to. Instead you actually walked into the gates of hell! Today I'll let you find out exactly what happens when you provoke the Four Wolves Gang!"


    At the sound of the angry shout, dozens of silver machetes all dazzled brightly and without another word the machetes attacked! It seemed they wouldn't give up until Xu Yun bled two pots of blood!

    Xu Yun marched forward with an exquisite step rising like a wave;  screaming dozens raised their machetes as they whizzed past his shoulder, and he moved at the edges of blades into the middle without a single wound!

    Suddenly a boundlessly powerful killing aura, without exaggerating, exploded out from Xu Yun. The sense of absolute devastation instantly enveloped Er Hei and every one of his men like a rolled up mat!

    Time seemed to stop immediately, everyone's body alike seemed frozen.

    On Xu Yun's face hung an evil, forbidding smile that if nearby people saw, might go so far as to make them break out in cold shivers - even pain and powerlessness sensations might suddenly cram into their legs. The machetes in their hands unexpectedly dropped!

    "Bang Clang!" The sound of machetes dropping on the floor awakened the people from their stupor.

    Er Hei found it unbearable to resist this boundless pressure out of thin air, roaring, "Hack him to death!"

    But now, this mob already didn't have that initial confidence and bravery. They've hacked up people and been hacked by people, but had never felt such an imposing aura before! The dread in their hearts often wanted to force the mind to become even more fearful.

    That bone-piercing chill just now was like the Death God was hovering over their spines!

    Knowing that would you still stubbornly charge?

    Even if these fellows were total badasses and didn’t fear the master, in this instant they were quite stiff in their legs.

    There is a fitting saying: the husband battles, and even with courage. With lots of effort, he falls anyway, all three are used up*!

    TN: Well this is kind of a poem, so a bit of a personal  interpretation here. Only the first parts of the last two phrases rhyme, and I think '3' refers to the husband battling, his bravery, and all his effort. Yet all of it is wasted by the authority.

    The situation now was just like that meaning, originally these completely confident dozens with their attacking arms still thought the next 3 or 5 guys could end the battle, but now after all this, they didn't even injure a single hair on the enemy, and the enemy only used a fierce murderous aura was like giving them all a bang on their heads with a stick!

    Seeing no one reacting, Er Hei came up with a good scheme, but with his faction, the worst he can do is to lose face. If he threw away face in front of all his brothers, even if they still saw him as boss after, his prestige would be wiped away.

    Suddenly, Er Hei strode forward, his blade raised ruthlessly cutting towards the crown of Xu Yun's head! With only a tiny lean Xu Yun dodged, his hands gripping Er Hei's wrists! Er Hei's wrist ate some pain, and he screamed aloud and his hands dropped the steel blade.

    Er Hei found it hard to believe that this man in front of him could so easily injure his single strike, powerful enough to split Mt. Hua! After all, he was considered someone at the peak of HeDong in prestige and respect. Unexpectedly today he was forced to lose face by a no-name little punk!

    The dignified second lord of the Four Wolves Gang brought dozens of fighting-capable brothers, unexpectedly a single enemy riding solo gave them plenty of trouble. This was losing a ton of face!

    And also Xu Yun went so far as to be calm and composed, compared to them they looked like dogs drowning in the water - the difference was enormous. In fact they were like a pack of homeless dogs.

    Er Hei suddenly flipped out like a mad dog gone berserk pouncing over!

    Xu Yun didn't dodge though, despite Er Hei pouncing in front of him! He abruptly lifted his leg and with lightning speed too quick to dodge, whipped his leg out ruthlessly, he thrashed Er Hei right between the ears directly on the chin! Er Hei's whole body shook from one powerful smashing force and barreled through the air 360 degrees! Then he heavily fell on the hot pot table!


    “Ahhhh-! Owwww-!”

    The soaringly famous Er Hei-ge was actually sitting with his butt inside the flipped over hot pot. Boiling broth splashed his entire body, severe scalding causing unbearable pain, he couldn't resist and yelled ah ah and rolled about! A body full of blisters were crushed and popped and the pain became even more unbearable.

    Dozens of fighters saw Er Hei-ge become disabled, and were unable to refrain from terror. None dared to take lead and act. Confused eyes looked at the people beside them, and heavy breathing came from their noses each louder than the next. It seemed that they were all nervous to the limit.

    But this mob of fellows were in the end not the type that could use ‘to defeat the enemy, destroy the head' calmly. Right now getting merits for the gang can get very high prestige. Whoever could capture Xu Yun would definitely become big brother above others, so Xu Yun also did not lower his guard.

    Finally someone couldn't hold it in anymore, with a surge of the desire for promotion, yelling ‘ya’!, he raised his blade at Xu Yun's back attacking! Xu Yun stepped aside and dodged the blade’s edge, raising his foot quickly, he stomped squarely on the calf! Like an eagle claw, his right palm fiercely locked on the other's throat, making him violently crash on the floor!

    He was the first to eat dirt, and the others also could not bear any longer! Bang! Certainly, even though every one of them was full of fear, all of them rushed to attack! This group dared to risk their lives, unlike some little foolish greenhorns.

    Xu Yun was also not careless - stomping with his foot and thrusting out his right fist, then a high kick, with covering step punch, he then grabbed someone’s neck and twisted it, violently slamming him down! Even though each move was so simple it couldn't be further simplified, it was also life-threatening! Those attacked by Xu Yun were dazed without a single one being able to stand up again!

    Qin Wan'er watched with her eyes stiff. She had never seen someone that could be like Xu Yun, with simple military style techniques yet making such flexible changes! All alone against dozens of big dudes with machetes besieging him, unexpectedly he did it with ease!

    He was simply a mysterious man!

    She even suspected that this wasn't some kind of movie right?! Even if right now someone yelled "Cut! That's a wrap", Qin Wan'er still definitely wouldn't be surprised.

    Three minutes later, Xu Yun in drop stance* flipped over the last one. Letting out a relaxed breath, "Ca, I sweated all over."

    *A Wushu stance, hands not necessarily in the same place

    "You simply aren't human!" Qin Wan'er's chin nearly fell off. Dozens of people, and just like that Xu Yun with seemingly 3 fists and 2 kicks, put them all in their place!

    Xu Yun heard and almost rolled his eyes. "Having you saying stuff like that? Who isn't a person huh!"

    "I didn't mean that...I was saying you....you...you..." Qin Wan'er temporarily did not know what she should say, "Are you really a human!?"

    "Correct, I'm not human. I'm not a human so I can leave." Xu Yun finished talking and really started walking away.

    "I already said I didn't mean that! If you want to leave then you should release me first ah!" Qin Wan'er was lovably angry and said, "I have to go to the bathroom, hurry and come over here and free me!"

    In Qin Wan'er's eyes, Xu Yun enlisting for two years definitely wasn't so simple. Now she was really curious about Xu Yun's background. This guy's talent honestly made her think unimaginable terrors!

    Xu Yun stopped teasing Wan'er. To let her down he picked up a machete, and whoosh with the blade he cut the rope that bound Qin Wan'er.

    Qin Wan'er finally struggled out of the bindings, neatly and quickly she pulled the bindings off her body, shooting a look at Xu Yun, "Accompany me to the bathroom..."

    What the, what kind of invitation is this?!

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    Chapter 14: Don't touch auntie's chest

    Outside was dark. Qin Wan’er really didn’t dare to go out and randomly search. She also wasn’t familiar with this factory. Who knows what kind of strange, bizarre thing could happen in the middle of the night?

    “Me? So honored?” Xu Yun stared blankly, doubting whether or not he had misheard.

    “Get lost, not whatever dirty thing you're thinking! Outside is too dark, and alone I was afraid of getting lost!”Qin Wan’er blushingly explained. She was completely red because she was afraid that Xu Yun would joke about her timidness.

    Xu Yun had no opinion.“Deference is no substitute for the respect obedience shows.”.

    The two people went to the front and the back of this factory building. Then they moved down along the factory building and along the corner they searched. In this kind area, the bathroom was sure to be located at the corner. Very quickly, they found the place.

    Although she was also afraid to go in alone, Xu Yun was after all, a male, she still suppressed the idea of dragging him in together.

    But at that moment Qin Wan'er got her wish, a vroom of a car engine's sound rumbled out!

    Xu Yun's heart had a bad feeling. Qin Wan'er was also in the bathroom, calling out. "Don't let them get away!"

    However, Xu Yun broke into a pursuit at once, yet by the time he returned to that vacant land, all that was left was the police bike. Even though right now Xu Yun could chase them, he thought that abandoning a beautiful girl like Qin Wan’er in a desolate rural area was too thoughtless and inconsiderate.

    Qin Wan'er also tightly followed in pursuit. Even though in her heart a strong anger rose up on the toilet because things weren’t going well, but in a desolate countryside, a kind of fearful feeling became stronger and suppressed her angry impulses.

    "Where are they?!" By the time Qin Wan'er caught up with the pursuit, even the car lights were not visible.

    “They already escaped.”Xu Yun shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

    Qin Wan'er rolled her eyes. "Then why didn't you chase them!"

    “Come on, that's a car. I have two legs, how can I chase them?" Xu Yun was silent. "You're a cop, you chase 'em!"

    "Then chase 'em!" Qin Wan'er saw that the patrol bike the station gave her wasn't at all taken away. Directly climbing on the bike, after starting the engine, she launched!

    Xu Yun, seeing the situation, quickly jumped on the back seat, and hugged onto Qin Wan'er. He didn't hope to be left in the desolate countryside in the middle of the night, if he had to run back, tonight he wouldn't be sleeping!

    “Xu Yun! !” Qin Wan’er suddenly shouted.

    “I'm ready!”

    “No one cares if you sit or not! Where is your hand grabbing! Don’t touch my chest!” Qin Wan’er demanded as she completely flipped out.

    "Oh...no wonder it was so soft." Xu Yun quickly moved his hands lower.

    Qin Wan'er’s demand fell apart. "You're still touching your aunt's chest! Let go of me! Don't hold onto me!"

    “……” Xu Yun was silent, this is to be blamed on your boobs being too big, moved his hands down so much and still could touch them. "Then where do I hold?"

    "Hold onto yourself!" Qin Wan'er really wanted to get a block of tofu and beat to death the guy behind her!

    Xu Yun could only obediently release his two hands, and tighten his two legs against the seat under his butt.

    Hearing a hum, the bike broke the speed limit in 10 seconds charging out!  Fortunately, Xu Yun wasn't an ordinary person, or else he would've fallen off ages ago!

    Once on the road, Qin Wan'er was like lightning, full throttle chasing for 20 minutes and they didn't see so much as half of a car's shadow! This view continued until they reached the city, which directly threw off clues for the chase.

    “Do you remember their license plate number?” Qin Wan’er crunched the vehicle to a stop and got off, panting from rage and frowning as she asked. Xu Yun shook his head.

    "Can you do anything?" Qin Wan'er groaned ‘ai'.

    "Then what about you? You're a cop and you got tied up. Got the nerve to say something to me?" Xu Yun sighed endlessly.

    Qin Wan’er resolutely glared at Xu Yun: “I owe you one, okay then!”

    “Considered a decent ethics” Xu Yun stroked his chin, and nodded.

    “Get off!”

    "A good person finishes the job. Take me home yeah?"

    “You think I’m a motorcycle taxi? This is a police vehicle! It doesn’t carry passengers!”

    "Don't be so uptight, just do it this once."

    “Get off!”

    “Policemen serve the people, this is Heaven’s law and Earth’s principle!*”


    With Xu Yun’s insistence, Qin Wan’er could only send Xu Yun back home acting against her will. Otherwise, this guy would refuse to get off the vehicle!

    After getting home, Xu Yun quickly took a cold shower, then did his usual routine of duties. After finishing his Master's breathing and evil-suppression techniques.

    Once Xu Yun was done with ordinary tasks, he would comfortably recline on his bed. He was convinced that the so-called 4 Wolves Gang wouldn’t so easily let him go. He worried that in the future there would be even more inconveniences watching and waiting for him.

    If he really offended some giant owl* he still wasn't afraid, but offending this type of ruffian was the most troublesome. They would harass you without wanton recklessness, and Xu Yun was too lazy to kill them.

    *Owls have evil connotation.


    Inside of a room within the club house of Hundred Happiness, on a small sheepskin sofa sat a roughly 50+ old middle aged man, his hair mostly white. Copper coin designs on a loose shirt were incapable of hiding the faint tremble of his body. He squinted through his triangle-shaped eyes, which flashed a hint of a darkly fierce, cold brightness, just like he was prepared to spit out poison like a browed viper at any time.

    "Urrrraawr-! Furious, the middle aged man threw the expensive purple sand cup in his hand fiercely on the ground! He roared, "Useless shits! Brought so many men and couldn't even deal with one person! Even shameless enough to go to the hospital! Hmph!"

    A few guys nearby began to tremble and quake in fear, afraid of saying anything wrong which would incur wrath.

    The middle-aged man sitting on the sofa was called Wang ShunXi.  In HeDong City’s WenHui district, a notorious big time gangster, and  the leader of the Four Wolves. The younger generation of gangsters all address him as Uncle Xi.

    It is said his father was the first generation that started big time gang bangin' here; inherited by him, he spent his whole life developing and promoting it. Leading Er Hei, San Pao and Wei-4th they established the Four Wolves Gang. He was absolutely, 100% the local tyrant gangster.

    "Uncle Xi, this can't also be blamed on Er Hei-ge. That kid is simply......too powerful."

    It took a while before Wang ShunXi calmed down - probably, these underlings really didn't lie. After all, Er Hei was his right-hand and a capable man. He could fight, was ruthless, and he could be considered loyal and devoted towards him. This time they sank in a sewer, he was worried that maybe they really did come across a worthy adversary.

    If the other side was a group of people, perhaps Wang ShunXi wouldn’t be as angry, but his adversary was a lone person!

    One person, man! At noon Wei 4th brought 30+ underlings to go fuck up his place were done in by him! At night #3 San Pao and the casino's 20+ capable fighters unexpectedly were put down by one guy! Right now even #2 Er Hei was dropped by him!

    Where the hell was that boy from? Could he be associated with the underworld?

    Up till now, Wang ShunXi had seen such a ferocious person before,  but that was something he couldn’t touch - an underworld elite! That person in his eyes was an existence like a ferocious animal, he even had a chilling moniker "Leopard".

    If this young guy really was the ferocious type associated with the underworld, then he absolutely can’t be working at the little panacea restaurant doing manual labor! Therefore, Wang ShunXi was very quick to refute this thought as untrue. Since he wasn’t a ferocious person of the underworld, then he there wasn’t anything fear!

    This kid really had quite some ability, if he could get him to serve the Four Wolves Gang, then Wang ShunXi would naturally choose full throttle growth!

    “How is Er Hei right now. Were his scalding burns severe?”Wang ShunXi tried to calm himself down.

    That little underling's head was like a baby chick pecking at grains. "Mm, mm, mm, such a large hot pot's broth on a rolling boil, I fear Er Hei's skin has all been scalded by the broth...."

    Once Wang ShunXi heard, he ferociously blamed, "I tell him to take care of something and that fucking pretentious bastard ate hot pot! He deserved it!"

    But Er Hei after all, was his right-hand man. After venting his temper, Wang ShunXi still decided to go have a look: We’re leaving. Take me to the hospital.”

    Inside the hospital, Er Hei’s arms, thighs, back, chest up to his face were wrapped up in white bandages. That one hot pot of broth, indeed not 1 drop was put to waste, all of it splashed on his body.

    Er Hei was howling angrily at little nurses applying medicine. At this moment Wang ShunXi had just pushed open the door to enter, he waved his hand to the small nurses, "Go on out."

    The small nurses hurriedly escaped outside, treating this kind of patient was really a kind of torture!

    Boss, why did you come...”Er Hei stared blankly and endured the pain to sit up: I’m sorry boss, this matter.. I..”

    “Forget it.” Wang ShunXi waved his hand. Even though his voice wasn’t his frame of mind, but he did not blame either. “Shit happens, this one page has already turned. Nurse your wounds well and don’t think too much.”

    Er Hei’s heart had a burst of warmth, afterwards, he immediately gnashed his teeth and pledged, “Boss, when I leave the hospital, the first thing I will do is chop that grandson into 10,000 pieces!”

    Saying this was all out of anger. Ttoday Er Hei was beaten to this state, then it was definitely because of the gap in strength. Wang ShunXi understood the concept that to strike a stone with an egg, then one will suffer bitterly..

    Seeing Wang ShunXi smiling a subtle, extremely deep smile, Er Hei felt a sense of calmness. Even if he didn't want to admit it, he had to admit that he was definitely not a worthy adversary of him. The gap in strength was enormous. Ever since, his arrogant and confident heart suffered from serious trauma.

    “Look after your injuries, alright.”Wang ShunXi saw that Er Hei’s injuries were skin burns and was immediately relieved. He got up to leave the hospital ward at once.

    Just as Wang ShunXi left the hospital room, Er Hei used some strength from who knows where, and showing unexpected toughness, he sat up.  Even though his entire body felt tearing pains that made it hard to endure, he still insisted on straightening his body, "Boss, when I leave the hospital I will use a gun to take care of him!!"

    "Er Hei, your boss also isn't just anyone, before doing something think about it first! Wang ShunXi said, "Guns aren't the kind of thing you can just casually take out and fuck around with. China is still China. Even though there are plenty of young kids with very big balls, and using a gun to do two savage things can get you promoted, how many of them have been arrested and taken to prison for them to rot their days away?"

    Er Hei lowered his head speechless to Wang ShunXi.

    "I, Wang ShunXi could live so many peaceful days in HeDong City, is all because of one code! If you want to punish someone, besides violence there are many ways." Wang ShunXi smiled widely, his evil face ferociously sinister.

    Wang ShunXi left the hospital and entered into his Audi car, permitting his chauffeur to drive quickly away from the hospital. He always believed that hospitals and places like them were extremely unlucky, if the injured person was not his #2, he would not have come here.

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    Chapter 15: Ripped Off


    Thanks to one night of bad sleep, at dawn Xu Yun felt really sleepy when he got up. He arrived at the panacea restaurant after a dozen yawns.

    Ruan QingShuang looked at Xu Yun’s condition, and couldn’t help feeling sorry asking, “Are you too tired from yesterday?”

    Xu Yun did a downwards stretch. “Nope, it’s because I didn’t sleep well last night.”

    “Daddy, don’t tell me yesterday you were lying about taking care of your health?”GuoGuo had a suspicious face as she moved to bite her white, delicate finger.

    Xu Yun was speechless, this kid really understood something of everything. “Uhhh...healthcare fluffy hair!”

    Ruan QingShuang looked at the time and quickly changed the subject. "The early shift for the public transport to the wholesale vegetable market is about to take off - we should quickly go. GuoGuo if you want a bunny plush toy then be well-behaved!"

    "Mm mm, I guarantee I won't keep mentioning daddy lying about taking care of his body." GuoGuo's two hands immediately covered her mouth.

    Ruan QingShuang helplessly shook her head.

    Xu Yun’s face blacklined. He rubbed it off, ge really didn’t do it!

    HeDong's wholesale vegetable market had a wide range of groceries of a fairly large scale on sale.  Whether it was melons, fruits, vegetables, or even dried seafood, it had everything! Xu Yun held GuoGuo and with Ruan QingShuang in front, and they walked around for a whole two hours.

    They at last negotiated with 2 distributors for a fair price and guarantees of freshness; one was for fresh vegetables and the other was for fresh meats. They also worked out a long-term partnership at the lowest price.

    With the clever-speaking GuoGuo, these two distributors also agreed to deliver the goods for free. After all, there was probably no one that could withstand GuoGuo's bitter crying negotiation tactic. Because the restaurant didn't have enough workers, GuoGuo's tactic of improving something already good was executed beautifully.

    After buying essential things, the three people took the bus back to the restaurant. All that effort and in a blink of an eye it was past 9 am. A day's frantic business was about to start.

    Although on an ordinary day in Yi River Plaza there are rather many people walking around in the evening, but on this fine day in broad daylight, appeared several bored roving hoodlums of the indecent type. While serving food and observing the situation outside through the rear kitchen, Xu Yun’s heart felt a faint sense that something was up.

    Two hoodlums passed the panacea restaurant's entrance. The shifty-eyed sly-looking leader glanced around, but in the end they didn't do anything and quickly left.

    The Devil had sent a troublesome little imp.

    Xu Yun felt compelled to mention to the others three words of vigilance when the business of the panacea restaurant picked up. Even if a few thugs messed with them, he was too busy to deal with it.

    “Shuang-jie, GuoGuo, the past few days are still important and there are numerous things to pay attention to: place money in the drawer and lock it well. Protect against fire, and vile characters.” Xu Yun reminded Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo both. He wasn’t worried that someone will retaliate against him, but he was afraid of disaster falling upon Ruan QingShuang and her little shop.

    “Okay. I will take note.” Ruan QingShuang nodded, she also had a somewhat strange feeling at the moment.

    GuoGuo’s face showed that she was proud of herself. She patted her newly purchased waist pack. “Rest assured, I carry all of the important things on my belt! And mama also has one!”

    Xu Yun looked at GuoGuo’s waist pack, and looked at Ruan QingShuang’s waistpack, his gaze moving unconsciously up a few inches. He didn’t know how to compliment it. “Not bad.”

    "Daddy you’re no good! Looking at mommy's chest and drooling." GuoGuo snorted, and once again petrified both Xu Yun and Ruan QingShuang.

    It already became lunch time without anyone noticing, and the panacea restaurant had a large, continuous stream of customers. There were guests that didn’t eat yesterday and quickly left, and there were also those repeat customers from earlier who had tried it out and felt it was pretty good. After the store had many people inside, Xu Yun didn’t have spare time to ponder or watch the suspicious people from the early morning.

    White jelly pear soup, wolfberry chrysanthemum pork rib soup, quail eggs and red braised pork, simmered pig trotters...each delicious delicacy was brought to the customers by Ruan QingShuang.

    The chef’s food was good, the lady boss was beautiful, and there was also an unequaled, adorable little cashier!

    The most important thing is fair prices and ample proportions. In addition, there was free sarsaparilla green bean soup. The panacea restaurant’s survival was perhaps not in danger, but it still faced difficulties. After the customers eat the food, isn’t it a joy? The customers that hadn’t yet ordered food were constantly very impatient.

    Ruan QingShuang saw their eyes filled with joy and delight in their hearts. She very clearly knew the amount of credit that went to Xu Yun.

    “Fuck!” Someone suddenly cursed in a fit of rage inside the restaurant scaring the guests, causing them to jump high.

    In the southern row of tables sat a few hooligans of students’ age but without students’ style of dress.

    Among them, one long-haired guy slapped the table and got up, shouting loudly, “What the hell is this fucking stuff! No wonder I feel so sick! There are dead flies! Everyone come look! Look isn’t it disgusting!?”

    Next to him a guy with short hair followed after him to leave, arguing noisily along the way: “Too fucken disgusting! How are you supposed to eat this? Poisoning someone to death, you should pay with your life!”

    As Ruan QingShuang witnessed the accusation her eyebrows rose, she walked towards the front, seeing the person facing the sarsaparilla and green bean soup with dead flies, she had an expression of disbelief. “This...can’t be. Our kitchen is really clean! This mistake is absolutely improbable.”

    “Clean?!” the long haired guy stared at Ruan QingShuang: “Ms. Manager, what do you mean by that? Are you saying that we specifically brought dead flies to blackmail you with dead flies?!”

    The short-haired guy screamed, “House of horrors! House of horrors! This place also even accuses us of bringing houseflies. These flies were definitely fried in a pot! You can’t possibly say that we, ourselves deep-fried it?”

    With such a disturbance from these people, very many customers having meals all left. Customers that were still eating also wrinkled their brows.

    A restaurant's greatest fear is this type of situation. Everywhere had been affected by the circulation of waste oil by criminals, food without flies and cockroaches was many peoples' minimum requirement!

    "Everybody look, this fly was fried into paste! There's no way it could be us that put it in just now!" The merciless long-haired guy stood on his chair. This was very effective. Most customers no longer wanted to eat anymore.

    With such a small amount of effort, people in the restaurant stopped eating, and everybody all watched to see how the lady boss would explain.

    The long-haired young guy violently slapped a table. “How do you say we settle this dispute!? Ge and the rest of us won’t let you go just because you’re pretty!”

    “I’m sorry, we must be careful in the future.”QingShuang was absolutely convinced that Xu Yun was not the cause, but she had no evidence that proved that the flies were from the young hooligans, therefore she could only bow her head and admit fault. “I can have the chef re-make it in a minute.”

    The short-haired guy was not satisfied with this apology. “Remake it in a minute?! What are you serving? Simmer-fried flies?”

    “Hey, Oh, my stomach hurts like hell!” The long-haired guy used the opportunity to clutch his stomach, leaning over a table. “I’m a goner, I’ve been poisoned. I was poisoned to death by this restaurant with filthy stuff! I will tell the authorities about you guys!”

    “Ge, then go quickly to the hospital to take a look!” The short-haired thug pretended to be surprised, the other three also spoke. “But we don’t have any money! It costs money to go to the hospital!”

    “We have to urgently save you, even if we have no money we can’t just leave you ge!”

    “Manager, this happened because we are here. You pay the fees!”

    This time it is evident that the young guys were deliberately finding fault, but Ruan QingShuang clenched her teeth and decided to accept the financial loss to avoid calamity. “How much do you guys want?”

    The short-haired guy didn’t bother being polite, opening his mouth wide like a lion, he extended 5 fingers: “5,000!”

    “5,000?!” Ruan QingShuang was alarmed when she heard: “Why don’t you guys rob a bank!”

    "You haven't even found out how expensive it is to go to the hospital!" The short-haired guy was irritated. "Having a cold and going to the hospital costs 2 or 3,000! My brother was food poisoned! Poisoned okay! 5,000 might not even cure it!"

    At the moment GuoGuo was charging over. Depending on her godfather's support for battle, she wouldn't be afraid of these few hoodlums. "I saw it, it was him putting in the flies himself! And he has even more small bottles of flies in his pants pocket!"

    GuoGuo’s one phrase gave a jolt of surprise like 1,000 waves! The several small fry were frightened by this fart of a little kid and her extraordinarily sharp eyes!

    “Please also use your heard first before you try to extort someone. The sarsaparilla and green bean soup is boiled clear, even if there were flies, they would be blanched to death!” GuoGuo couldn't help but to shake her head. "Ay, did you guys come here to show the lower IQ limit?"

    One diner after another that was present stared blankly and began to whisper “Yeah, green bean soup is boiled, if there are any flies, they would be blanched! These young gangsters are really wicked!”

    “These people’s conscience must have been eaten by dogs! There are always those that want to use devious means to cheat people out of money!”

    GuoGuo’s face showed that she was pleased with herself as she looked at the small fry. The short-haired thug saw in a moment that his plan was smashed by this tiny little girl. Suddenly furious, he moved up and gave GuoGuo a huge slap in the face!

    “Daddy!!” Danger like a thousand pounds were hanging by a thread, GuoGuo screamed!

    At once, the short-haired thug looked at his palm which had slapped GuoGuo, but was unable to advance half a minute! A pair of large hands like iron pincers crushed the short haired thug’s wrists. He couldn’t help but be alarmed, his heart leaping.

    GuoGuo patted her little chest, and let out a relaxed breath. "That was close!"

    Xu Yun appeared like a demon facing the small fry. Tightly grabbing the short haired thug’s wrists, he chuckled faintly. “Isn’t 5,000 too little? How about 10,000?”

    Ruan QingShuang immediately knew what Xu Yun wanted to do.

    GuoGuo had an amazed expression “Godfather, did your brain get water in it?”

    The long haired guy heard this and his stomach stopped hurting. He got up and stared wide-eyed at Xu Yun. He really didn't think that this job was such a soft, easy egg - unexpectedly they wanted to give double! If they knew earlier they would've asked for more from the start!

    “I want it! I want 10,000! The short-haired thug was wild with joy, his mentality hard to conceal! He even entirely forgot the stabbing pain in his wrists!

    Xu Yun suddenly picked up the bowl of green bean soup from the table and not saying anything further, splashed it showering all over the short-haired thug’s face! Followed by a rapid kick, he sent the thug flying out of the place!

    "Ahhh!" The short-haired guy hugged his stomach in unbearable pain, besides him, everyone in the panacea restaurant was scared silent.

    “One bowl* not enough? Xu Yun’s smile was gone, coldly asking the remaining 4: “There’s still more. Who wants some?”

    *TN bowl sounds similar to 10,000 in Chinese

    The small fry that had come for extortion were stunned, who expected that this cook would be so very fierce!

    The small fry, apart from the long-haired guy, were merely high school students, nothing more. Ordinarily at school their might was powerful and they didn’t experience any major upheavals. Thus in this moment, they were stupefied.

    But the long-haired guy was certainly a bad one to send, with fury, he lifted a table!

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    Chapter 16: The Tyrant Entices

    Xu Yun suddenly extended a palm pressing on the table top, and the long-haired guy felt enough strength to suppress 9 cattle and 2 tigers. With all his strength he couldn't flip the table, and his face went red with shame!

    At this time the long-haired guy reached the conclusion that he wasn't his equal, and turned his head wanting to run. In one step forward Xu Yun caught his collar, pulled him back and punched him in the face!

    This fist struck right on his nose, and the long-haired guy's brow was broken with fresh blood flowing. The bridge of his nose leaked out liquids that he lay in it, and his front teeth were smashed out, fallen like two grains. His mouth was really full of every flavor of the joys and sorrows of life!

    Xu Yun dealt with this type of little ruffian with only one word, ‘thrash’!

    The long-haired guy didn't resist the hits, and kept on begging for forgiveness. Since he lost his front teeth, each word came out with a whistle. "I was wrong! Wrong! Stop hitting me!"

    Xu Yun threw the long-haired guy aside like garbage on the ground. "The housefly problem, how did this happen? Who taught you that dirty trick?"

    "Ge, please big master disregard this little one. Let me go please?" The long-haired guy of course didn't carelessly say anything.

    "Your mouth is pretty stubborn." Xu Yun laughed softly, "GuoGuo, bring the knife over here!"

    Ruan QingShuang knew in her heart that Xu Yun was trying to scare them, so she allowed GuoGuo to happily charge to the kitchen and bring a vegetable knife over.

    The long-haired guy, seeing the gleaming vegetable knife, couldn't hold back the numbing sensation in his scalp. "Ge, what are you going to do? If you have something to say let's discuss it well. I put the house flies in. I fried them at home, just treat me as a fart and let me go!"

    "You're as immoral as dancing with the devil, man." Xu Yun lifted the vegetable knife in his hands, it flashed, gleaming. "Then I'll release that hand?"

    "Ge, I don’t want you to cut off my lowly hand. Give me a chance, I will definitely change!" The long-haired guy's adam's apple trembled, his legs and belly trembled - scared till he almost peed.

    Xu Yun laughed coldly. "I already gave you a chance, you wouldn't talk. I'll count to three....."

    "Four Wolves Gang! It was someone from the Four Wolves Gang that wanted me to do it!" The long-haired guy didn't wait for Xu Yun to start counting and shouted it out. He even frantically dug into his pockets for the 4 or 5 small bottles with fried house flies he had left. "This was also given to me by them!"

    Everybody seeing the situation confirmed the truth. Each cursed these little flunkies and the Four Wolves Gang assholes. Just now the panacea restaurant’s hygiene problem worries were swept clean.

    The restaurant had gone through such a disturbance, but it didn't disturb its popularity. Instead, it made even more people believe in the panacea restaurant's sanitation. GuoGuo even publicly revealed the kitchen while making food, only so much that it didn't affect Xu Yun working. Any customer could enter the kitchen as they wished!

    Ruan QingShuang's smiling face relaxed more and more. After coming alone to HeDong City, she never had it as smooth as today. Right now she didn't regret her choice of running away from that marriage even more.

    Who would've thought that right now, not only did she not lack in anything, she owned her own panacea restaurant and even had a naturally innocent, cute, lively and clever daughter, and even met a man whom she admired.

    After kicking out those five bastards looking for trouble, the business of the panacea restaurant exceeded yesterday's scene even more! Xu Yun made dishes until his legs felt like jelly, and GuoGuo counted money until she had cramps!

    The last wave of guests finally left, and Xu Yun at last let out a breath. Very quickly, he made three servings of Chinese artichoke quail soup together with steamed duck and yams, before calling Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo to eat together.

    At this time, Qin Wan'er suddenly opened the door and entered.

    "Wan'er-jiejie!" GuoGuo slowly jumped over to welcome her.

    "GuoGuo was missing me huh!" Qin Wan'er pulled GuoGuo's small hands and giggled ‘hehe'.

    Ruan QingShuang's good mood also gave an especially warm welcoming, and she said, "Wan'er come, did you eat yet? Come eat with us."

    "Hehe, QingShuang-jie knows me, I really haven't eaten yet!" Qin Wan'er cutely stuck out her tongue.

    GuoGuo looked confused at the two people. "I call Wan'er jiejie, and Wan'er-jiejie calls my mommy jie-jie, then am I supposed to also call mommy jiejie?"

    "You should just call me mommy!" Ruan QingShuang was already in a good mood and laughed.

    Qin Wan'er was amused by GuoGuo's cuteness. "Then GuoGuo, what should you do? Maybe GuoGuo can change and call Wan'er-jiejie Wan'er mama yeah?"

    "That won't work!" GuoGuo looked seriously at Xu Yun. "That's too favorable for my dad. Won't he have two wives then?"

    Ruan QingShuang and Qin Wan'er were suddenly rendered speechless in a flash by GuoGuo's words!

    "Ahem!" Xu Yun softly cleared his throat. Changing GuoGuo's topic, "Qin Wan'er, I didn't see you at working hours, and only now arriving right at meal time. Have you done odd-jobs before?"

    Qin Wan'er snorted, today during noon at the station there was an honor ceremony, and everyone praised the great merit she set up!  Shutting down the 4 Wolves' casino was absolutely an exceptional accomplishment. Not knowing if Qin Wan'er would be promoted, nevertheless the entire WenHui District police station would be greatly commended. Director Liu felt great, and gave Qin Wan'er a half day off to let her go home and report good news.

    Qin Wan'er didn't go straight home, instead coincidentally, came to the panacea restaurant. Because she was very clear that all the work was done by Xu Yun himself, while she didn't even put in something worth half a penny!

    Originally Qin Wan'er came to say thanks, but seeing Xu Yun had an attitude, "I came looking for Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo to say something okay? What's the matter with you?"

    "Daddy, how about you go make two more dishes." GuoGuo instructed, "It's inconvenient for you to interrupt women talking."

    Xu Yun understandingly smiled, this was like the finest woman getting sisters and thus was a good situation. At the very least Ruan QingShuang would have someone to rely on. He wouldn't have to worry that she would suffer bullying.

    After all, Xu Yun still didn't know if he would stay in HeDong City and settle down - things change. He even left places before that he hoped to stay for the rest of his life. What other place could make him reluctant to leave in this lifetime?

    Three women are enough for a drama’s worth of conversation. Obviously, GuoGuo's age is small, but her heart isn't. She and Qin Wan'er unexpectedly chatted really well. Also the three of them set a date to go shopping tomorrow and buy some nice clothes!

    In the blink of an eye it was already 4 pm. In the morning they had negotiated about buying some more produce and meat and now it had been delivered. Even though Qin Wan'er was a treasured only child, nonetheless she was completely humble and helped Ruan QingShuang and Xu Yun unload together.

    Xu Yun was very satisfied with Qin Wan'er's performance, he proudly pulled GuoGuo over to his side, "How is it, godfather finding this free odd-jobs worker ain't bad eh."

    "Daddy, why do I get the feeling you want to find a second mom for me?" GuoGuo looked suspiciously at Xu Yun.

    Qin Wan'er's face was made completely red by GuoGuo.

    Ruan QingShuang stared at GuoGuo, "Is your butt itchin’ again?"

    "I'm only saying what's in daddy's heart!" GuoGuo earnestly said.

    Luckily Qin Wan'er received a call, easing the embarrassing situation. She ‘mmh'd’ several times and hung up the phone. "I'm going back to the office, they said that the boss of the Four Wolves Gang came to pay bail!"

    "Wan'er-jiejie, 30,000 bucks!" GuoGuo hurriedly stretched out 3 chubby fingers.

    "Mhh! Qin Wan'er didn't waste any more time. After she said her goodbyes to Ruan QingShuang and Xu Yun each, she speedily rode her bike to return to the police station.

    But Qin Wan'er hadn't left for long, and the panacea restaurant's insane business started again. The people who had eaten here all praised nonstop, so one passes it to 10 people, and 10 to 100. In a short time, the panacea restaurant turned into the hottest restaurant in HeDong City's WenHui District.

    At night it was busy till 8 or 9 pm. Finally there were no more people inside.

    For the first time, GuoGuo didn't even finish counting the money and stuffed it into the purse, not wanting to count it! Tired!

    "Shuang-jie, if there's nothing else I'll head back first. You and GuoGuo should close up early and sleep." After hanging up his apron, he changed into his outfit of pants and a sleeveless shirt. "From now on we won't have to get up early to buy produce anymore. Sleep some more in the morning."

    "Then....go a little slow on the road." Ruan QingShuang still couldn't open up and tell him to stay and live there.

    GuoGuo saw her mom looking like she wanted to say something and said 'ai'. The little boss shook her head, "Too reserved, ai..."

    Without waiting for Xu Yun to exit, a bunch of xenon gas lights pierced through the glass door. Right now, inside the panacea restaurant, the flashing on Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo caused their eyes to go dark for a moment. Soon after a polished black Audi A6 turned off its lights. A skinny and tall guy jumped out of the driver's seat. He quickly opened the back passenger door, and a middle-aged man stepped out. His hair was greying and he had triangular eyes, giving a sense of dark fierceness and an uncomfortable feeling.

    Closely following, several vehicles behind the Audi came to a screeching stop. Stepping out of each of the cars came a type of dragon tattooed big guy. They immediately almost completely surrounded the panacea restaurant.

    Xu Yun's keen sense of smell allowed him to sense these people, and he worried that they may have come with ill intent. Ruan QingShuang's beautiful brow knitted up with a bit of tension. In GuoGuo's eyes was a touch of anxiety. Immediately Xu Yun hid his body.

    Even though the middle-aged man was full of smiles, instead it made people feel that there wasn’t the slightest bit of honest kindness. He walked straight to the panacea restaurant, and the tall and skinny guy that opened the door for him quickly came over and opened the restaurant door.

    Xu Yun dashed towards the fierce and savage middle-aged man and called out, "Eating?"

    "I've eaten." The middle aged man had a hoarse voice, he looked for a place to sit by himself. "Herbal medicine cuisine is an amazing thing; it is a fused product of traditional medical practices and cooking experience. Since using medicine to make food also has the benefit of medicinal use. Medicine borrowing food's power, and food assisting medicine's might, both of them complement each other and each, bringing out the best of each other."

    As he spoke, the middle-aged man looked over Xu Yun, revealing a darkly fierce gaze. He opened his mouth and hoarsely said, "Don't you think it is so?"

    Xu Yun immediately recognized this man's hoarse voice, and let out a cold laugh. "Originally I should've been looking for you, instead I didn't think you'd come by yourself."

    The middle-aged man stroked his sparse hair. "Xu Yun, you have skill and even stomped my 3 brothers. I very much admire your power. That is to say, a wise man submits to his circumstances! Join me, and I guarantee you, it will be more comfortable than now by a hundred times, a thousand times."

    "I am not an outstanding talent, but I actually want to send you a message." Xu Yun smiled his eyes squinty.

    The middle-aged man wrinkled his brow. In the past he if he took the initiative and threw out the olive branch of peace, there weren't many who wouldn't welcome it. "What?"

    Xu Yun's face was full of disapproval, "A bat stretches out stabbing a bird’s feather, and you're the bird? Looking at your age, if I hit you I will feel shame. I'll give you a chance. Get out!"

    "Smelly old man, don't waste your tongue wagging! My daddy won't become a gangster!" GuoGuo heavily snorted, right now she was using all her strength. We have friends at the police station!

    Chapter 17: Finally Living Together

    “Young people, don’t be so unadaptable to the times!” The middle-aged man threw a squinted gaze at GuoGuo. His eyes originally were triangular and not large, but in a moment they became slits -  his entire person became darkly venomous! He was 40 years old before lowering his head, but unexpectedly he was scolded as a stinky old fart. Naturally he was in a bad mood.

    GuoGuo’s heart felt cold, and she hid behind Xu Yun’s body.

    “Then what?” Xu Yun patted GuoGuo, her feeling of security immediately doubled.

    Today he wanted to finish it. Even if he was likely to die, it wouldn't be a problem. If he let Qin Wan'er know that this old man was the one who had her tied up behind the scenes, she might even complain that he didn't hit hard enough.

    The middle-aged man suppressed his inner boiling anger, “Xu Yun, although I Wang ShunXi am certainly no overlord of HeDong, but in WenHui District, I am a master that with just one stomp can make three earthquakes. If you would be willing to follow me, I guarantee meteoric rise in the world! Become an awe-inspiring man far and wide. Don’t tell me that you have gladly settled at this small restaurant?!”

    “What’s so bad about here? I think it’s pretty good.” Xu Yun clapped his leg. “Here I have food, and I have drink. Don’t waste your time talking to me about this, we're good people and definitely won’t join a gang. If you don’t get lost, I might really have to do something about that.”

    Wang Shun Xi still was unwilling to give up, unfazed he said, "Brother, if you would just follow me, I'll let you eat the best and drink the finest every day. Whatever kind of women you want, I'll give you whatever kind of women! Brother I have already given you ample face.”

    “Face?” Xu Yun shook his head, and drummed on his legs like the sound of horse hooves, "How much does it cost per pound?"

    Wang ShunXi coldly snorted, supporting himself he stood up, he was already out of patience to keep talking to Xu Yun. “Xu Yun, I'll give you a few days' time. Think my offer over real good. Otherwise, we'll just have to wait and see!"

    “Today, we won’t fight you because I, your ge, is in a good mood. Next time you won’t get this kind of treatment.”

    Xu Yun snorted, and severely told Wang ShunXi, “Get lost!”

    If the Four Wolves Gang could recruit such a fierce general, forget about being able to crush other machete and hatchet groups and triads with imposing warriors to become WenHui District's number one biggest gang, even taking all of HeDong City wouldn't be a problem!

    The leader of the Four Wolves Gang left humiliated, and GuoGuo secretly rejoiced. She hugged her mother's shapely hips!

    Of course, Wang ShunXi wouldn't leave so easily. After starting the car and driving for a few minutes, suddenly both front tires simultaneously burst!

    The car already lost control and spun around hitting several cars! The driver already broke out in cold sweat, thinking that someone was shooting at them! Wang ShunXi's head was dangling by his pants - just now was Qiu Yan carrying out revenge.

    Above the sidewalk, Qiu Yan raised her head sternly, her beautiful face snorted. She threw away the two small stones left in her hands and left the scene in a flash.


    Because the 4 Wolves gang’s officially declared war, Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo both felt a sense of danger.

    Xu Yun didn't agree on this matter. The Four Wolves Gang provoking them was like a death wish, solely based on the fact there was the Violent Fox Lady Qiu Yan was enough to make them unable to afford attacking.

    “Xu Yun, afterwards, can you live in the restaurant?” Ruan QingShuang finally spoke. She could speak because she felt that together and there would be someone to look after them. Also she knew that by herself, she would not be able to protect GuoGuo.

    When Xu Yun heard this, his eyes shined. Although the Four Wolves Gang was a mob gang, however unexpectedly they gave him a right and proper reason to live at the panacea restaurant. “Alright, then early tomorrow, I will move over. I’m also worried that the Four Wolves Gang will do something harmful to you two."

    “Why wait till tomorrow, you can live here today.” GuoGuo dragged Xu Yun to live with them, and whispered, “In the evening after mom showers, she usually doesn’t wear much.”

    “GuoGuo! You’re talking nonsense!" Ruan QingShuang at once flushed red!

    GuoGuo paid no attention, waving her small hand, “Just telling the truth.”

    Ruan QingShuang had no way to avoid what GuoGuo said.

    That day's images again played in Xu Yun's mind, suddenly Xu Yun's heart shined, but his mouth firmly denied. "GuoGuo, me living in the restaurant is only to protect your safety. Ummm, do you believe that?"

    "Hehe daddy can't speak the truth to me?" GuoGuo's eyes conveyed her craftiness. "GuoGuo prefers to believe pigs can fly yo...";

    Xu Yun was also momentarily petrified!

    Ruan QingShuang was speechless, she turned around and went upstairs to tidy up a room near the staircase for Xu Yun, which was also a much cooler, east-facing room..

    In fact, Xu Yun was indifferent about where he slept. So long as he could have a place of meditation, where he could easily sit and meditate.

    Xu Yun first rushed over to his residence to pack his daily essentials to bring them over. In fact, there were no important things - his only belongings filled up his treasured infantry pack.

    In less than half an hour of time Xu Yun returned, and also by now, Ruan QingShuang already helped Xu Yun tidy up a room. This room was exactly like buying a furnished house!

    “Mom, GuoGuo is sleepy.” GuoGuo yawned.

    “Wait for mommy to finish helping Uncle Xu Yun unpack before I go accompany GuoGuo to bed alright?” Ruan QingShuang smiled, patting GuoGuo’s head.

    But GuoGuo didn't feel appreciative: “Wu~ we just now barely started to live together, are you impatient to do something between adults?”

    WTF! She was not yet 7 after all!?! Xu Yun almost spat out blood!

    The corner of Ruan QingShuang’s mouth was twitching, she was also completely defeated by this small person!

    “Mommy will accompany you to sleep right now.” Ruan QingShuang was helpless, and forced a smile on her face towards Xu Yun, “The remainder of your stuff you can put in order yourself, I…”

    "Must be done...." What else could Xu Yun do, unpack! Or else not only wouldn't he gain any small privileges, but GuoGuo would even become the promiscuous police; that possibility would be completely horrible!

    After Xu Yun settled everything, he hastily showered then meditated before practicing breathing techniques that his ShiFu trained him in.


    Wang ShunXi arrived in his residence after returning from the panacea restaurant, only to find the lights out in his home, in his mind he cursed, Where did that little whore fuck off to!?

    Just when Wang ShunXi reached the entrance, he angrily glared! The door had actually been kicked down! After all, he was also a gangster that had been gang-banging for many years. His heart sank, in big steps he entered the room. "Who!"

    "Hahaha, old brother has had it good these days." A man's boorish voice laughed.

    Once Wang ShunXi heard this voice, he suddenly got cold shivers all over. He went over towards the voice, and on the sofa sat a bare-chested, tall and buff guy. On the big guy's face was a horrific scar, and beside him he supported his mistress, tortured to her last breaths....

    This...why was this demon here!?!

    "Old brother, do you not remember your brother? Once I reached HeDong I thought about you." The man's eyes posed a cold darkness. "Hahaha old brother your tastes are getting higher and higher. This woman's taste was simply too refreshing."

    Bro...brother Leopard...how, how do you have time to...to come to HeDong...." Wang ShunXi in Hedong was an infamous tyrant! Who would he be afraid of in any given day! But surprisingly speaking in front of this man he even stuttered! Seeing his own woman having been mutilated till she looked like she was bleeding charcoal, he unexpectedly didn't even dare to fart half a fart!

    Because Wang ShunXi’s mind was very clear on the matter, even if there was 10 of him, 1 hundred of him, in the eyes of an Underworld elite, he was only an ant!

    “Because I know HeDong has you, old brother.” The tall and sturdy guy’s two eyes flashed rays of light. “Old brother at your place there are women I can help play with hahahaha !”

    Leopard was a famous elite in the Underworld! These people, on ordinary days are usually in Yanjing, Suzhou, Shanghai and Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen - big cities. Why would he abruptly arrive at HeDong city?!

    “Leopard brother, you… really can chat and laugh, heh heh……heh, if you need help in anything, don’t hesitate to tell!” WangShunXi was the 4 Wolves gang’s tyrant, but in front of Leopard, he was like a grandson. He was very clear, although Leopard readily calls him old brother, if his actions offended him, he would immediately be a dead man!

    Leopard patted one side of the body of the dying woman, “Old brother, this little lover has already helped me, heh heh heh. I just want to ask a few questions.”

    Wang ShunXi at last loosened a breath, if he could use women to feed this guy full, it wouldn’t be too much trouble. “Ask, ask, I will say everything I know!”

    “Old brother, you are a tyrant. Recently hasn’t there been any unmarried pregnant girls?” Leopard looked at him, then pulled out two photos and threw them on the table.

    Wang ShunXi respectfully pickup up the two photos, the first photo was of a glamorous ice-cold beauty, she simply could be rated as rarity in the world to see. Seeing her, one would certainly never forget.

    He shook his head and picked up the second photo, looking at the photo he could see an innocent natural smile of a small girl. Afterwards, Wang ShunXi’s eyes momentarily shined! This was exactly that damn little girl from the panacea restaurant who called him a stinky old fart!?

    “Apparently old brother has seen the people in the photos.” Leopard was keenly aware of the change of expression in Wang ShunXi’s eyes. In his heart, he faintly smiled.

    “Yes, this small girl I have seen at Yi River Plaza, just east of Main Street, inside of the panacea restaurant!” Wang ShunXi joyously nodded as he wanted his news to keep Leopard in a good mood.

    “Are you certain?” Leopard’s two eyes flashed a cold light. “Is it really this little girl?”

    Wang ShunXi was extremely sure. “I am certain, extremely certain!”

    Leopard stood up, laughing grimly he covered himself with his coat. Treating Wang ShunXi with no trace of politeness he said, “Old brother, thanks for the woman. When you have another stunner, remember to tell me, ha ha ha, the two of us have very similar tastes! That’s why I recognize you as old brother! Ha ha ha!”

    “Hahaha, for sure, hahaha, for sure, for sure!” Wang ShunXi could only smile apologetically across his entire face!

    Leopard no longer paid attention to Wang ShunXi’s flattery. Immediately taking large steps to leave, he didn’t even bother looking at the woman on the sofa nearly in shock.

    Now his mind had only a single thought - the seriously injured venerated Violent Fox was already about to die, but this was a good opportunity for him! If today he could kill the Violent Lady Fox, and bring back Millenium Feng’s princess, then his rank and position in the eyes of his boss would be sure to be promoted a level!

    Such a good opportunity, Leopard certainly wouldn't let go! Even capturing the Violent Fox Lady Qiu Yan was absolutely not impossible!

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    Chapter 18: Joint Attack

    In the deep night, there was the disturbing sound of a footstep on the roof top. Even though this man already had great control over his breathing, it still didn't escape Xu Yun's ears. Very quickly, another footstep also sounded. It was very graceful, yet carried a hint of heaviness like a serious injury.

    At first, Xu Yun didn't know who it was, but later decided this was definitely Qiu Yan without mistake.

    The steps sounded here and there, two people seemed to be fighting. Suddenly, the latter's footsteps repeatedly retreated, seemingly having tasted some bad luck.

    Seems like tonight another little show was playing out. Suddenly the two shadows on the roof stopped moving. In an instant, all of the peaceful air changed to make people feel oppression.

    Xu Yun searched for pants on his bed, on top he put on a tank-top. On pins and needles, he slipped over. Putting on a pair of flip flops, he directly opened the window and jumped out.  He tip-toed lightly on the window sill, with a flash his shadow skillfully directly went up to the upstairs. The entire movement was silent.

    Hidden in the shadows, with a glance Xu Yun saw the moonlight shone that hint of cold brightness.

    With the Long Ruan supple blade between Qiu Yan's fingers, she stood at the panacea restaurant's roof's south side. Her body flooding out a weak, irregular wind of thick and severe murderous aura! Along with the Long Yuan unsheathed, the murderous aura was more and more suffocating.

    She couldn't figure out how the enemy side's people found them so quickly.  The clash just now's nearly squandered all of her physical strength.

    At the north side rooftop stood a 7 foot big guy. He was tall with a powerful body that emitted a dense killing intent, with eyes as fierce as a beast. The blade wound on his face under the moonlight looked especially frightening!

    "Never would've thought you would really be hiding at such a small, unknown city! Looks like my luck is good. They're looking so hard, they're wearing down metal shoes, leaving no place un-hunted. But I, Leopard, besides coming, put no labor in!" This was that man that once appeared at Wang ShunXi's residence called Leopard.

    Leopard's face was ferociously evil, the wound on his face would've made people horrified. "Qiu Yan, I advise you to obediently allow yourself to be captured!"

    Qiu Yan, with her face like ice, scoffed and disdainfully replied, "Leopard, on what basis do you dare to challenge in front of me? You really are a fool that doesn't know the line between life and death!"

    Even though she said that, in fact Qiu Yan very clearly understood that right now she had more inadequacies. If it wasn't for Leopard treating her with cautiousness, perhaps she would've already been defeated during that last clash!

    "HahHahHah! Qiu Yan, you still think you're that unreachable, venerated Violent Fox from back then?" Leopard's face savagely smiled. "Don't think I don't know your situation. Even if I don't move on you today, how many days can you live! That's not as good as obediently coming with me to be a play-thing for our boss. Who knows, maybe there will be a big display of mercy and internal techniques will be used to let you struggle at death's door for a few more days!"

    Qiu Yan's eyes flashed with a slight cold light, right now she really wanted to settle this rambling fellow with one strike!

    But her body's condition told her that she simply couldn't one-shot kill! If she couldn't one-shot him, she could completely be exhausted of her energy by this 2nd-tier elite!

    Xu Yun frowned a bit, it seemed that in the combat just now, Qiu Yan's body had already exceeded her limits. If she kept continuing like this, she would definitely die before this elite!

    "Qiu Yan even though I, Leopard, only just entered the 2nd Realm of elites but you alone, the venerated Fox who suffered injury, I'm afraid you will have it hard enduring me! I also want to see how long you can persist for!" Leopard suddenly laughed coldly, his fist wrap suddenly exposed 3 silvery glints -  the exposed objects were claw weapons!  Leopard's moniker perhaps came from this.

    Instantly, Leopard's body burst forth an enormous killing aura! His entire person screamed, tearing apart the tranquility of the night sky, charging directly for Qiu Yan!


    A wedged foot carrying flip flops with a dense strong gale suddenly flew out, stiffly smashing into Leopard's face, lightly preventing Leopard's formidable attack!

    "Who!?" Leopard took advantage to roll backwards, his entire self instantly went to 100% alert. The sense of crisis flashed, flooding his entire body!

    Only seeing Xu Yun lifting his leg, standing like a golden chicken on the edge of the roof with a joking expression. Smiling he said, "I'm sorry heh, I got sweaty feet and slipped a bit. I wasn't careful and flung it out.".

    Leopard's heart clenched! This was simply a huge insult! He focused and sensed the young guy in front of him. He wasn't half his fighting power! Where did this charging idiot come from!

    "You're courting death-!" Leopard's face shone savagely and fiercely. One swipe of an ordinary person's flip-flop foot and he fell smashing on his face, that could definitely never be forgiven! His entire person leapt into the air, just like a hungry wolf charging to pounce and feed on Xu Yun!

    Xu Yun was indifferent however, still standing like a golden chicken in his original place. In the split second that Leopard pounced down, from inside Xu Yun suddenly burst out a powerful killing aura, boiling like the Yangze, endless and never stopping!

    Leopard was instantly shocked! He only heard a second of pi-li-pa-la! All of the sharp blades on his hands were broken by Xu Yun's two fingers!

    Only that face to face with him, Leopard lost his proud weapon. Looking at the broken blades on his hand, inside Leopard gave a lamenting hiss. This kid was definitely not a normal person! He was actually able to pinch off his fine steel-forged fist blades!

    "I'd like to see how a cat without claws can catch someone." Xu Yun had a ridiculing smile, and in the smile a murderous aura was faintly discernible.

    Leopard completely didn't think that this person was unexpectedly also an elite, and in fact was an elite completely not weak compared to himself! Inside he flashed with a moment of indescribable panic. He really never thought that the venerated Violent Fox would actually have such powerful aid!

    At the instant Leopard was about to go to the gods, Xu Yun used his bare foot and yelled out ‘ada!’ spectacularly stomping directly down! That heel directly attacked the root of the problem, like an ordinary metal hammer ruthlessly smashing down on Leopard's nose!

    Instantly, Leopard's nasal bone ruptured ivory burst open, his face a whirlwind of blood! But he is after all also a formidable 2nd tier elite, immediately, he rapidly put out his response! Two continuous backflips escaped out of Xu Yun's attack range!

    He very clearly understood, when elites were fighting, it was very dangerous. The possibility for winning today was minuscule!

    Hogging all the merit was already impossible, so the first thing he had to do was protect his life, then call for reinforcements!  He secretly reached into his pocket and took out a dark red chip; he noiselessly threw it into a corner of the panacea restaurant's roof.

    However, Leopard seemed to forget that this rooftop had another existence!

    Also that talented person was the most dangerous existence! Even if she was already seriously injured and on death's doorstep, she would always look for the most timely moment to kill!

    Suddenly, a cold light flashed through the night sky, just like if the Heavenly Palace smashed down a bolt of lightning.  The Underworld's dignified 2nd-tier elite Leopard's neck was instantly torn open by the Long Ruan supple blade - together with a mouth of blood, bright blood instantly ruptured out of the broken skin spraying out!

    Before dying, Leopard's dying gaze fell on that dark red chip he tossed into the corner. In his eyes revealed a type of madness and vengefulness....

    How could a 2nd-tier elite withstand Qiu Yan’s and Xu Yun’s joint attack!

    Qiu Yan killing people was in all honestly too fearless, seeing it Xu Yun frowned - too cold blooded.

    Xu Yun's two legs jumped and found their slippers. Using his hands to draw a cross on his chest, he chanted, "Amitabha, pass away early, and reincarnate early. If you have grudges repay grudges, and if you have grievances repay grievances. It is not my affair."

    Qiu Yan didn't bother at all with Xu Yun's death oration, she never believed in ghosts or gods. If there really were vengeful ghosts, then in reality the ones that would look for her for revenge would be too many.

    Even though today was a new 2nd-tier elite, but it was sufficient to make Qiu Yan feel great pressure and danger! She never would've thought that the opposing side would so quickly investigate and pursue to here. She really didn't know at the next step what kind of person would come next.

    Even though Qiu Yan already broke through the elite 1st-tier Realm, but right now with the situation with her body, even a 2nd-tier elite was very difficult to defend against.

    Today, if it wasn't for Xu Yun acting to help her, Qiu Yan would've been exhausted of her energy and then perished.

    Thinking of that, Qiu Yan couldn't help but feel alarmed. She didn't think that Xu Yun was a profound elite, hidden and unexposed.

    "Just like this, do you still want to protect GuoGuo alone?" Xu Yun threw out a merciless question to this woman.

    Thinking of the innocent and unaffected GuoGuo inside the panacea restaurant, from the bottom of Qiu Yan's heart rose a portion of hard to control sentiment. She even thought about ending her own life! Then she wouldn't have to think about her confusion right now.

    "Didn't I say this to you before, the panacea restaurant was looking for a waitress with a monthly salary of 1000 that covers eating, covers living, and covers healing - why didn't you believe it?" Xu Yun laughed. "I gave you medicine before didn't I?"

    Qiu Yan looked at Xu Yun, her gaze already didn't have the cold severeness, instead it was full of curiosity and uncertainty. "Who are you exactly?"

    "Didn't I already tell you? Just a betrayed and wretched little bug." Xu Yun raised his eyebrows. He didn't want to bring up things from the past, that would make his violent energies soar rapidly and be hard to control.

    "Then how do you have the 9 Treasures Revival Pills?!" Qiu Yan today could confront a 2nd-class elite like Leopard all because she relied on yesterday's pills' healing power. If not for these 9 Treasures Revival Pills, then today forget about killing anyone, perhaps she wouldn't even have any strength to defend against an ordinary attack.

    Xu Yun was surprised for a moment, "You're talking about that medicine made from Cordyceps sinensis, ginseng, lingzhi mushroom, Chinese eaglewood, gecko, dragon's blood sap, antelope horns, antlers and pit viper?"

    "Correct." Qiu Yan expression was even more confused, this dude was unexpectedly able to say the 9 treasures inside of the pill, but didn't know the name of the medicine?

    "I call that thing Powerful Pill." Xu Yun said indifferently. To him, that thing wasn't considered any kind of treasure - as long as you had the ingredients, you could make as much as you want. "How was it, that thing had a bit of use right?"

    Qiu Yan took a breath of cool air. In the Underworld Nine Treasures Revival Pills could be sold for millions in price, but from this dude's mouth it was just an ordinary pill! Who the hell was he!?

    Qiu Yan seemed to have understood that this man in front of her obviously had more secrets than she did. She understood other people's desires to not say much about their situation, or maybe right now Qiu Yan felt exceptionally grateful to Xu Yun. She actually opened her mouth and said, "Thank you."

    "You're welcome. From now on we can be considered neighbors." Xu Yun shrugged.

    Qiu Yan didn't say anything more, she touched the Long Ruan supple blade, then she picked up the already expired Leopard.

    Towards this, Xu Yun didn't put forth any opinion. The person was killed by her, so let her clean up the scene of battle. Xu Yun was already accustomed to seeing bloody scenes, but speaking truthfully, he really didn't like these spectacles.

    The night scene returned to its prior tranquility, Xu Yun turned around and went back down to his room.

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    Chapter 19: Sexy Female Server

    The first thing in the morning, GuoGuo knocked on a door to wake up Xu Yun.  “Daddy! Hurry up and get out of bed! GuoGuo’s really hungry.”

    “Uh……what do you want to eat?” Xu Yun turned over and started putting on a pair of beach shorts and a plain sleeveless shirt before opening the door to go out.

    “I’m heading out to see what good food I can get, you wash up first.” GuoGuo winked. Xu Yun, after an hour and half, couldn’t figure out what this little girl meant.

    Xu Yun patted GuoGuo’s small head, slightly laughing, “Then you go on and wait for for a bit, what about your mother?”

    “Something might happen, the bathroom door lock might have a little problem; you want to use a key to open it.” GuoGuo’s pair of big eyes gleamed for a bit, afterwards she turned her head and ran down the stairs.

    Xu Yun overall felt there was a little something off with the place, but again couldn’t say for sure what was the matter. He was also too lazy to think about it. He walked over to the bathroom, twisted the key and went inside.


    Just now Xu Yun finally knew why GuoGuo was somewhat abnormal.

    Ruan QingShuang’s entire body flushed a deep red, her face froze facing Xu Yun. She had just finished a shower, and was wearing underwear. There wasn’t enough time for her to put on clothes yet! She definitely remembered to lock the door properly!

    “Shuang-jie…….eh…...this…...I didn’t see anything.” Xu Yun fought to resist spraying blood from his nose and turned his head and closed the door.

    Ruan QingShuang’s heart fell down with a clang, she blushed and rapidly dressed. Today she had plans to go shopping with Qin Wan’er, and she wasn’t used to getting up early and showering.

    Ruan QingShuang moved away from the bathroom and saw that the key was hanging on top of the door handle, in a flash she understood that it was GuoGuo’s prank!

    “GuoGuo! !” Ruan QingShuang quivered and cried!

    Scared, GuoGuo felt a shiver, not entirely from her hand which was squeezed into the refrigerator! This time, there wasn’t enough time to grab yogurt, she hurriedly ran to escape past the doorway to see if Wan’er-jiejie came yet.

    Fortunately, Qin Wan’er had arrived before Ruan QingShuang at the lower level of the panacea restaurant. Qin Wan'er ditched the police uniform, her Bohemian style waist skirt accentuating her originally slender legs even more. A pair of denim blue-colored canvas shoes made her original cool and elegant temperament a little more fresh and vivacious.

    Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo both couldn’t help but cry out in alarm, “How pretty!”

    “You girls too!” Qin Wan’er also couldn’t help but praise, GuoGuo was wearing a cute little fresh tutu with a special princess look, and Ruan QingShuang had a dress with small flowers in Bohemian style with a matching pair of flats, with an international style.

    "You're wearing this to do odd jobs? Did you mistaken what you were going to do here?" Xu Yun was also coming down the stairs, unable to resist, he was a bit shocked. "You three's outfits are so devilish, what are you going to do?"

    Xu Yun found it all unbelievable that a woman’s face without makeup could pull at the heartstrings in this way. They were all truly capable of causing the downfall of a city or state and didn’t need to be adorned with Estee Lauder and Chanel makeup.

    “Stupefied?” Qin Wan’er said, proud of herself and blinking at Xu Yun. “You haven’t seen beautiful women before, and now you see three all at once dazzling your eyes?”

    “How about it, are these clothes nice-looking?” Ruan QingShuang also swirled her skirt for Xu Yun to see. She was such a reserved person, unexpectedly she played a joke on Xu Yun; it seemed that the incident earlier upstairs was already forgotten in the back of her mind.

    “Daddy, do you think that mom is pretty? Or that Wan’er-jiejie is pretty?” GuoGuo had an especially comforting charm, throwing her gaze at Xu Yun. Wiggling her little body she said childishly, "Daddy, or is GuoGuo even more pretty?"

    These 3 females almost electrocuted Xu Yun to death! One of the two women was enough to reach ecstasy, let alone simultaneously! Ridiculously alluring women!

    “Fortunately during the time the monk XuanZang went to India for the Tripitaka scriptures, he didn’t encounter you women, otherwise he would’ve long ago quit his job and responsibilities!” In Xu Yun’s mind they had high marks of 90 or higher!

    In Xu Yun’s mind, they had tied scores, women with scores of 80 or higher were worth a lifetime of life risking to get a piece of them. And to run into women in the range of 90 or above, no matter if facing life and death, men would certainly have to win them over and woo them!

    Xu Yun’s words caused Ruan QingShuang and Qin Wan’er to giggle and laugh, the beautiful women like flowery branches swayed, spreading out causing Xu Yun’s heart to have a spell of itches.

    “Daddy, today you look after the restaurant all right?” GuoGuo laughed. “GuoGuo hands over the economic authority to you. Mom and I want to go with Wan’er jiejie to visit the shopping center. GuoGuo hasn’t bought beautiful clothes in quite a while.”

    Qin Wan’er also extended her fair and delicate hands towards Xu Yun to shake hands. “Bye-bye! Thanks for your trouble ge, Big Xu chef!”

    Even Ruan QingShuang had a slightly apologetic smile “Xu Yun, today can you look after the restaurant, GuoGuo wants to go, I also promised Wan’er…….”

    Damn! You girls are going out to have this much fun? Go out in your natural appearances and don’t bring your ge?

    Xu Yun looked on helplessly as two beautiful women of the highest quality and one super little girl with their dazzling and enchanting appearances left the area around the shop, this was called a bitter heart! Today, however this weekend, could it be that only ge alone had the bitter fate to fight bravely on the frontline jobs?

    But returning to our main topic, Ruan QingShuang, a single person coming to eke out a living in HeDong city also endured much toil. Since there was an occasion to relax once in a while, of course she would want to go, this Xu Yun completely understood.

    Oh well, Xu Yun tied on his apron, he never would’ve believed that the grand Xu Yun would be able to have fun without end like this at such a very small panacea restaurant!

    But the noon-time customers never gave Xu Yun the chance to be super busy.

    Exactly at this point in time, 4 guests entered the panacea restaurant; seems as if everyone has met with a devil. They only had the free sarsaparilla and mung bean soup. Taking it back and looking for a seat to sit down, they begin to drink. They all felt a little embarrassed.

    Xu Yun asked them many times to think about what they wanted to order to eat, but they didn’t respond.

    However, the fifth guest to come in also only had 1 bowl of sarsaparilla and mung bean soup, Xu Yun at last realized that something was wrong. However, these guests were not the type of thugs to decorate themselves with tattoos of tigers!

    These people all took the free sarsaparilla and mung bean soup as their main dish, drinking 1 bowl, then grabbing another bowl, only to order another comfortably.

    Very quickly, the 6th bowl, 7th bowl, 8th bowl,.......9th bowl, 56th bowl…….

    The panacea restaurant’s seats were unconsciously filled completely with a large army of free sarsaparilla and mung bean soup drinkers. Repeat customers arrived to the restaurant to have a meal, but seeing no places to sit, felt helpless; they could only turn around to leave.

    The afternoon’s lunchtime only had 2 more hours left, Xu Yu started to play with a calculator on one hand, on another, carefully observing every individual “customer’s” small sip of sarsaparilla mung bean soup. These people were old and younger company employees, as well as some dressed as students…….

    At this time, a young individual wearing a flowery shirt entered the panacea restaurant. The guy's face had a sloppy look, with soft white skin like a bitch. Behind him he brought two tall and sturdy underlings following him tightly left and right.

    Xu Yun knew, the master of this show had appeared at last.

    The flower shirt guy first looked at the customers present. With a fake smile he looked at the front desk at Xu Yun, “Yo, boss, this business has become really popular, I wanted to come eat, but there isn’t any place to even sit.”

    Xu Yun laughed softly, "If you have a fart, then don't hold it in. If you hold it in, it'll turn into a sickness. Let it out alright."

    “Okay, your words are very straightforward!” the guy disdainfully sneered, “Today you had better remember me, I am Wang TianGuang! The 4 Wolves gang Wang ShunXi is my uncle, you offend my uncle, it’s the same as offending me Wang TianGuang! Understand?”

    Xu Yun felt somewhat grudgingly, the 4 Wolves Gang was the soul of the deceased but still hanging around. Apparently that group of puppies really wanted to find a way to get exterminated.

    “Today young and old worked hard! Take the money and go! Wang TianGuang waved his large hand, the guests drinking sarsaparilla and mung bean soup one after another got up and left. Behind Wang TianGuang, the two underlings quickly took out cash rewards, 1 hundred bucks a person!

    Wang TianGuang, self-satisfied looked at Xu Yun, “Boy, my uncle wanted to rise with you because of age and dimmed eyesight! But I don’t have a lot of patience, do you want to play? I want to play with you to death!”

    “Get out.” Xu Yun’s words jumped out of his mouth. He really didn’t understand the value of the operation - to spend several thousand bucks in operation costs just to get people to come here to drink just a very tiny amount that you could count on your hands worth of sarsaparilla and mung bean soup? He was really afraid that this kind of mental deficiency was infectious.

    On the spot Wang TianGuang became violently enraged, he acted recklessly and cursed loudly, “Today big daddy will rock your shop, do you believe it!!”

    Xu Yun wasn't a particularly patient person, he was at once prepared to resolve this with his hands and put this one individual that didn’t know the word “death” and didn’t know how to write “idiot”. Then this one female walked into the panacea restaurant.

    A woman with long hair fluttering like a fairy - with a skin-tight black t-shirt and a tall proud chest, with a perfect half arc appeared! The lower part of her body was covered with skin-tight black pants, a pair of long perfectly round legs would absolutely stun whatever men that looked at her.

    As a matter of fact, this was Violent Fox, Lady Qiu Yan!

    “I’ve thought it over, today I came here early to be a waitress.” Qiu Yan got right to the point, without the slightest fuss.

    Xu Yun slightly laughed, apparently Qiu Yan’s next thought was very obvious.

    The injured Qiu Yan could only manage with great difficulty to defend herself against a second-tier elite, not to say anything about protecting GuoGuo. Following Xu Yun's group wasn't the same, since there was someone capable of helping to defend against powerful enemies, and she ate the precious medicine 9 Treasured Revival Pills. Also with Xu Yun’s excellent medical skills, perhaps he could even heal her internal injuries.

    Just as Wang TianGuang was looking for trouble, how would he allow someone else to interrupt him, he suddenly vented out all of his accumulated rancor from a moment ago. "Are you blind! Didn't you see granddaddy speaking? Get the fuck out!"

    Xu Yun, in his mind, couldn’t help feeling happy - this guy could’ve provoked anyone, but he just had to provoke the venerated Violent Fox as she was in hard times. This was practically just like turning on a lantern and going on a toilet to look for shit (death)*!

    *Was like this in the raw text, play on words that sound similar.

    Qiu Yan’s knitted eyebrows rose, her eyes showing a fierce coldness, “What did you say?”

    “I told you to get out!” Wang TianGuang turned his head thinking it was unimportant; he didn't think that the person applying for this job would be a little symbol of beauty. The sudden sexiness made him excited, with a lewd voice he teased, "Little whore looks quite outstanding, hmph, have any interest in becoming I, Wang TianGuang's woman? I'm known as the Silver Gun Little Tyrant...."


    Not waiting for Wang TianGuang’s words to finish, Qiu Yan suddenly, with 1 simple tyrannical move, a tall slash of a leg like thunder and electricity hacked, striking the top of Wang TianGuang’s head!

    Concealing the sky, a canopy over the day, Wang TianGuang's pink, soft, and little white face ruthlessly smashed down on the reception desk's glass surface!

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    Chapter 20: Becoming Daddy and Brother-in-Law?

    With a huge smashing sound, the glass table was shattered to bits by Wang TianGuang's face! Even though the glass was shattered, it didn't look as fucked up as Wang TianGuang's face!

    That face was truly unrecognizable yo, the corners of his eyes split, and his pupils were like black beads burst through the split skin. Fresh blood spurt out from his crooked nose towards the heavens! Wang TianGuang's brain was like a gong, drum, and cymbals ringing for a spell; he only knew that in front of him was darkness, other than that he had no clue.



    Xu Yun waved to those two foolish underlings, "Still not hurrying him to the hospital? Don't let him die in front of me, it’s bad luck yo!"

    Looking at the devastated Wang TianGuang, those two underlings' legs and bellies were both trembling. That icy beauty again had a stern expression, and their entire bodies felt like they were being penetrated by a threatening icy aura. Would they dare to say anything more?

    The two of them quickly dragged Wang TianGuang to rush to the hospital - really going to save a life was troublesome! Uncle Xi would definitely blame them two!

    Xu Yun seeing that those two were quite far, smiled widely to Qiu Yan. "You really thought it over? Monthly salary of 1000, not too little right?"

    Although Qiu Yan didn't pay attention to Xu Yun, he at least saw that her eyes didn't have the sternness from before. Her coming here, how could it be about money? The ability to protect GuoGuo's safety, that was her number 1 priority.

    "How could a person who doesn't like to talk be a good waitress." Xu Yun teased dryly.

    At this time, the three shopping beauties finally returned.

    "Daddy quickly look, mommy and Wan'er-jiejie are pretty right!" GuoGuo hadn't come inside yet and excitedly shouted out.

    When GuoGuo pushed open the door and entered, she instantly paused with her mouth slightly open. In a flash her eyes reddened. Half a month of grievances, worries, and being frightened - all came pouring out. With a 'wah' she threw herself at Qiu Yan. "*Wahhh*! Jiejie! *Wahhh*! Where have you been!"

    Seeing GuoGuo with her grieving face, Qiu Yan’s icy heart flashed and turned into gentle waters. She went forward and hugged GuoGuo who was weeping bitterly! Her mouth silently murmured, "GuoGuo don't blame jiejie, at that time jiejie left you was also for you...GuoGuo don't blame jiejie, jiejie from now on won't ever leave you again...never will again...."

    "Wahhh..." GuoGuo couldn't help fearfully worrying about Qiu Yan for 10+ days. After thoroughly shouting and crying she said, "Jiejie is bad...do you know that after looking for you and not finding you, GuoGuo was so worried...Wahhh..."

    Soon after, Ruan QingShuang and Qin Wan'er came in completely dazed, what in the world happened? The two women could only stare at Xu Yun, curiously waiting for Xu Yun to explain.

    "Uh...about this, I think it'll be better if GuoGuo herself explains." Xu Yun didn't know how to explain it, shrugging his shoulders helplessly. "Qiu Yan, how about you take GuoGuo upstairs first."

    Qiu Yan nodded, and wordlessly carried the crying mess GuoGuo and went upstairs.

    Seeing this woman covered entirely in mystery, Qin Wan'er couldn't help but wrinkle her brow. Looking at Ruan QingShuang, "QingShuang-jie, who is she?"

    "I don't know either, didn't GuoGuo call her jiejie?" Ruan QingShuang shook her head. She was certain that this woman had some kind of relationship with GuoGuo. She always thought that GuoGuo was an orphan, but she didn't think that she still had other kin.

    "Your daughter's older sister and you don't know who she is?" Qin Wan'er was again silent, what kind of logic was that?

    Xu Yun whistled at Qin Wan'er. "Qin Wan'er, your new skirt is really short. What for? To ride the bus and be a plainclothes cop? Risking your body to catch some pervy hoodlum?"

    "If I'm going to catch anyone I'll first catch you, you sex maniac! Keep looking and I'll dig out your eyeballs!" Qin Wan'er glared at Xu Yun. Her attention rapidly shifted.

    Even though Ruan QingShuang wasn't entirely comfortable with GuoGuo upstairs, but she saw the calmness in Xu Yun's eyes, and felt assured that that woman called Qiu Yan wouldn't harm GuoGuo. Now in her heart, she had this strange feeling - in fact she was worried that that woman would take GuoGuo away.

    Although GuoGuo wasn't birthed by her, and the time they spent together wasn't all that long, but without knowing why, Ruan QingShuang really already saw GuoGuo just like her own biological child.

    Because from the time Ruan QingShuang saw GuoGuo, was the same time she and GuoGuo came to HeDong. The same loneliness, the same helplessness, and the same suffering with no one willing to help.

    Ruan QingShuang really had a bit of fear; fear of what she would do without GuoGuo. Would she return to that same loneliness from before?

    Fleeing her family and coming to HeDong City, Ruan QingShuang always endured that kind of loneliness. It was GuoGuo that gave her a new life. She already started with GuoGuo coming here, if GuoGuo really wanted to leave, she didn't know how she would deal with this reality.

    "QingShuang-jie?" Qin Wan'er stretched her hand and shook Ruan QingShuang.

    With this, Ruan QingShuang finally came to her senses. "What?"

    "I’m heading back to the station, the superintendent just called looking for me." Qin Wan'er said, "Yesterday the Four Wolves Gang's guarantor didn't want to pay the 30,000. Don't know if this time they will give up being stubborn. Don't worry, I will definitely help you get that money back!"

    "Wan'er, then I've troubled you." Ruan QingShuang felt grateful towards Qin Wan'er.

    Xu Yun didn't feel that way, "Her being a cop, she should serve the public, or how would we all pay our taxes and provide for them to eat?"

    Qin Wan'er glared openly at Xu Yun. This dude says things like he's an enemy of the police! Really, she didn't know if a cop wrongly arrested him while he was patronizing a brothel before!

    After Qin Wan'er left, several times Ruan QingShuang wanted to open her mouth and ask who that woman was, but Xu Yun used a smile to dodge it. "When the time is right, they will naturally talk it over with you. If I describe their situation it wouldn't be very clear."

    "Then GuoGuo...will she leave?" When she said these words, Ruan QingShuang's heart-rate jumped a bit, her eyes slightly reddened.

    Just at that time, Qiu Yan holding GuoGuo appeared at the corner of the stairs.

    GuoGuo's face already didn't have anymore tears. Even though her eyes were still completely red, but her mouth already broke out in a brilliant smile. "Of course GuoGuo won't leave mommy!"

    Ruan QingShuang immediately turned her head over, gently stroking and looking at GuoGuo, the deep affection in her eyes even affected Qiu Yan.

    Always maintaining wariness towards everyone, Qiu Yan had to admit this woman in front of her had a very deep love towards GuoGuo.

    GuoGuo jumped down from Qiu Yan's arms and then charged headlong into Ruan QingShuang's bosom. "Mama, this is Qiu Yan-jiejie. Since I was small she's been my best, best friend!"

    "What about me then?" Ruan QingShuang heard GuoGuo saying that and felt just a bit jealous.

    "Mama since 15 days ago, is the person who has been best to me!" GuoGuo had a golden tongue it seems. "If not for mama, GuoGuo already knew she might not live, but mommy gave me a second life! Mommy is GuoGuo's most loved person!"

    The words of a little urchin that wasn't even 7 years old made Ruan QingShuang emotional to the point of tears.

    Xu Yun smiled painfully. The way this played out, this girl without a thing still went the happy route. How did she heal sadness and grief, fanning it clear? Somehow it was just a little bit unfair.

    "Daddy, so you already met Qiu Yan-jiejie. Why didn't you tell me!" GuoGuo's face had anger as she spoke.

    Xu Yun was wronged, it was Qiu Yan avoiding you. It wasn't that he didn't want to say!

    "Hmph, between Qiu Yan-jiejie and mommy you can only pick one. Don't think you can have both in the boat!" GuoGuo completely didn't give a chance for Xu Yun to explain, directly putting him under judgment. "Daddy definitely is thinking that he wants to be daddy and be brother-in-law. Me addressing you will turn too hard."

    What the hell! Xu Yun really thought about cracking his head against a wall and dying. Screw it.

    GuoGuo didn't pursue the issue, and ran to the account book at the reception desk. Seeing that there was nothing recorded, GuoGuo was a bit surprised. "Daddy why didn't you do the bookkeeping? How much we've sold, do you remember all of it?”

    "Sold a big pot of green bean soup for free." Xu Yun shrugged and said helplessly.

    "What do you mean?" Ruan QingShuang was too curious and couldn't help but ask.

    Xu Yun was afraid Ruan QingShuang would worry, but didn't want to explain too much.

    Qiu Yan said coldly, "Scoundrels swindled us."

    "Hehe." Xu Yun could only dryly laugh. Squeezing GuoGuo's cheeks, "But they were already settled by Qiu Yan-jiejie."

    GuoGuo pouted her little mouth. Thinking that this entire afternoon they didn't earn any money, her small face flushed red, "It definitely must be that whatever wolf-dog gang bad guys!"

    "GuoGuo, from now on none of them will come back to cause problems. With me here, I won't ever allow you to suffer wrongs." Qiu Yan two eyes revealed shards of regret and affection.

    "Mh!" GuoGuo nodded, and very happily ran over to Ruan QingShuang's side. "Mommy, let's have Qiu Yan stay as the waitress. Hehe, this way all of us don't need to separate."

    Ruan QingShuang of course would approve, the restaurant was originally lacking in helping hands. Having a person they knew was tons better than looking for a stranger. "Qiu Yan, I don't know what your opinion is...?"

    "Mh." Qiu Yan nodded. No matter with who, she didn't say much. Even if she felt limitlessly grateful to Ruan QingShuang, it was very hard to say those types of sentimental words.

    Ruan QingShuang smiled widely, "Then from now on I'll trouble you."

    She saw that Qiu Yan was the type that didn't talk much.

    Xu Yun saw in Qiu Yan's eyes a hint of pain. Perhaps the situation last night caused her internal injury to act up again, but she still insisted on standing in front of GuoGuo. She didn't show any indication of injury.

    "GuoGuo, then why don't you quickly go get your sister a room prepared?" Xu Yun reminded.

    Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo only now realized it. Ruan QingShuang pulled GuoGuo and said, "Go ahead, let's go tidy up a room nice and clean for Qiu Yan-jiejie, okay?"

    "Okay!" GuoGuo charged first up the stairs.

    It covers eating expenses, living expenses, and healing expenses. These were the words that Xu Yun said, so of course he couldn't go back on them.

    "How many days do you think you can hold on for?" Xu Yun's expression was unexpectedly very easy.

    Qiu Yan in a self-mocking sneer said, "If it weren't for your 9 Treasure Revival Pill, I would probably already be dead."

    "Don't take it to heart." Xu Yun admired her spirit that had no fear of death.

    "I can't figure it out but what else can I do?" Qiu Yan still had that self-mockery. "Xu Yun, from the time I was little till I grew up, I rarely believed in others. But I chose to believe in you. I believe that after I die you will definitely help and take care of GuoGuo well."

    Xu Yun quickly waved his hand. "No no no. If you wanna die then don't show up. Seeing GuoGuo one more time? Would you be able to rest in peace?"

    Qiu Yan dropped her gaze, after a while she slowly lifted her head. Her face didn't carry any bit of expression. "I don't want to die."

    "Then kindly listen to me. Even though I'm not some legendary doctor like Bian Que or Hua Tuo, I didn't have as much time as them." Xu Yun laughed. "But I'm worried that you won't cooperate."

    Qiu Yan stopped being sullen, her gaze firm and said, "As long as you can keep me alive, whatever you want me to do I will do!"

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    Chapter 21: Four Major Beauties

    Xu Yun of course knew, the venerated Violent Lady Fox was unlikely to fear death. What she was afraid of was that if she died, who would look after GuoGuo? Hehe, it is really unexpected that the Millennium Feng’s little princess would have so much charm to have Qiu Yan selflessly exist for GuoGuo.

    At this time, Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo also came down the stairs.

    Although Ruan QingShuang felt that Qiu Yan was not at all amiable and approachable, but she still had good intentions. “Your room is in order, Qiu Yan. I see that your complexion isn’t so good, do you want to rest a little?”

    “Thank you.” Qiu Yan’s mouth actually being able to speak these two words, was the absolute limit to how grateful she could be to another person!

    Qiu Yan went upstairs to rest, and GuoGuo immediately encircled Xu Yun, asking him all kinds of questions. Xu Yun half-heartedly responded. If he said too much GuoGuo wouldn’t understand. Instead it would be better to not worry GuoGuo too much.

    Ruan QingShuang also more or less understood some of the circumstances - GuoGuo’s family had some unclear matters. Did Qiu Yan take her out, and accidently leave her behind? However, Xu Yun also hadn’t said any specific details of the affair.


    Before lunch, Qin Wan’er excitedly returned to the panacea restaurant in a good mood. As soon as she entered the restaurant, she fished out 30,000 bucks from her pocket and patted it on the reception desk in front of GuoGuo.

    “Wow!” GuoGuo’s two eyes emitted a green shine. “Wan’er jiejie, you won the lottery?”

    “Uh huh, if you want to think that, I don’t mind.” Qin Wan’er ‘hehe’ laughed. Ruan QingShuang rushed to pull herself to the side. “QingShuang-jie, today someone from the 4 Wolves Gang went to bail out their people, and they very obediently coughed up your extorted money!”

    Ruan QingShuang was astonished, she never dreamed of recovering the 20,000 bucks that Lu Bao and the 4 Wolves Gang extorted from her. Not only was she getting it back, there was also an additional 10,000 bucks.

    GuoGuo didn’t bother to be courteous, asking for another 10,000 bucks - it could be treated as interest.

    “Since you’ve arrived, no need to be polite. Come in and help make dishes.” Xu Yun didn’t treat Qin Wan’er as an outsider.

    Qin Wan’er arrived, and since she bet and lost, she rolled her eyes at Xu Yun. “Garnishing dishes is garnishing dishes, what’s so amazing about it?”

    During this time, Qiu Yan who was upstairs, came downstairs. Qin Wan'er sensed a sound towards the stairs and looked over, her body froze for a second.

    Perhaps killers and cops have a natural sixth sense that strongly clashes, so both of them and their 4 eyes opposed each other; after which there was still somewhat of a standstill. That afternoon they met because of GuoGuo, so neither was paying attention to the other. But right now was different.

    "Hey! What are you so dazed about? Is it because Shuang-jie hasn't said anything, the two of you don't want to work?" Xu Yun's interruption broke the suspicious tension between the two. "The one who should carry the dishes out, go carry the dishes out. The one who should wash vegetables, go wash vegetables."

    Xu Yun spoke firmly, just then two male and 2 female customers walked in the panacea restaurant.

    Qiu Yan and Qin Wan'er also stopped tangling with each other and each went about doing the things they were supposed to do.

    “GuoGuo, what kind of person is Qin Wan’er?” Qiu Yan asked during her break time.

    GuoGuo displayed her pride, “Wan’er jiejie is a police officer. Since GuoGuo got acquainted with her, from now on we don’t need to fear bad guys looking for trouble.”

    Police officer?!

    Qiu Yan couldn’t help but to be on high alert towards Qin Wan’er. For people of the underworld, it was only natural that towards police officers they would clash considerably. The degree of her hatred towards police officers was second after Xu Yun’s.

    The panacea restaurant’s business was originally already explosively popular. Today in the space of a single evening, the word of mouth spread extremely wide! A chef comparable to the Imperial kitchens’ doesn't need to say much.

    Lady boss Ruan QingShuang’s light eyebrows were like clear autumn waters. A jade complexion paired with a gentle breeze, she was externally elegant, internally intelligent!

    Waitress Qiu Yan’s skin was like the ice and snow. Her grace, if measured on a scale would be as a virgin maiden; her beauty and glamor were indeed exceptional!

    Qin Wan'er, the odd jobs worker, had hands as yielding as grass, with skin as white as cream; sweet, and dignified.

    The front desk cashier GuoGuo was witty and intelligent. Her silliness attracted affection; a charming person!

    This kind of restaurant can’t fire people up? Sweet, smart, elegant, splendid the four great beauties of ancient China were neatly gathered in the panacea restaurant. The members of the Four Wolves Gang now guessed the reason at last why Xu Yun would prefer to nest here instead of going with them to conquer the world.

    The panacea restaurant was packed with customers the whole evening! Some people ordered dishes in order to have Ruan QingShuang or Qiu Yan walk close to them for the first time. Xu Yun always wondered, if these guys knew that Qiu Yan was a female devil who wouldn’t blink at killing people, would they still dare to eat the the stuff that she carried over?

    Qin Wan’er’s arms were tired and sore and she regretted it to the core. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have entered into this kind of bet with Xu Yun.

    Xu Yun was unexpectedly relaxed, he carried two large ladles in his hands, sending whatever work to Qin Wan’er along with instructions without the slightest degree of kindness towards women. It couldn’t be helped, who let Qin Wan’er be a police officer?

    “Hey, Xu Yun, what did GuoGuo’s-jiejie do before?” Qin Wan’er detected a strange feeling directly from Qiu Yan’s body.

    “Uh……..” Xu Yun couldn’t tell the truth, so he could only make up a story. “I heard that before she was a flight attendant. What about it, she’s too beautiful?”

    Qin Wan’er nodded, half-believing, half-doubting. “Beautiful, for sure, but I get a feeling from her that she is different from other people. When you look at her you get a sense of extreme coldness.”

    “Standing up top is very lonely, all flight attendants have a lonely life at the top are like that.” Xu Yun surprisingly offered as an explanation.

    Their chat naturally escaped Qiu Yan’s ears. Luckily Qin Wan'er didn't say anything else, otherwise if the two of them caused trouble, Xu Yun really didn't know how to play peacemaker.

    The panacea restaurant’s refrigerator was finally empty at last, this was basically closing time for the shop! GuoGuo counted bill after bill until her eyes were red. One evening’s business shattered 10,000 bucks - for Ruan QingShuang’s small-scale restaurant this was simply shocking.

    “Should we celebrate a little?” Qin Wan’er had never experienced this kind of success before, it was only natural that she would feel a sense of excitement. “I’ll go buy some beers, how about it?”

    “But I can’t drink alcohol.” Ruan QingShuang stared blankly, she did want to celebrate, but she wasn’t good at drinking alcohol.

    Qiu Yan was still wordless. She already heard from GuoGuo’s mouth that Ruan QingShuang’s friend was a policewoman, so she wasn’t at all interested in replying towards Qin Wan’er. She immediately got up and went upstairs.

    Qin Wan’er didn’t mind anyways. In any case, she wasn’t very fond of the ice cold feeling that she got from Qiu Yan.

    GuoGuo saw Qiu Yan went upstairs, and she shook her little head, "Wan'er jiejie, I also want to accompany you and drink beer, but I'm still too small. What if I turn into an alcoholic? Then who would marry me?"

    “Hehe…….” Qin Wan’er, for lack of better option, managed to laugh, with a blacklined face she said, “I’m convinced that anyone that would dare to take you as a wife, is absolutely not a normal person.”

    When Ruan QingShuang heard, she couldn’t help but to lament. GuoGuo was such a little rascal. She really didn’t know what kind of young man would have the ability to get her later on.

    Finally, Qin Wan’er could only throw her expectant gaze towards Xu Yun’s. He would be the only one that would be in favor of her drinking beer to celebrate.

    “Eh, about that…. after drinking alcohol people become disorderly, I’m still a small, pure, and innocent man. If anything happens, who would take responsibility?” Xu Yun spoke while pulling the collar of his sleeveless shirt, with a nervous expression like he had been violated.

    This time Qin Wan’er became completely speechless. “Who is going to do anything with you after drinking! In your dreams! Even if there is an accident, no one would want you to take responsibility for it!”

    “Wan’er, if you really want to drink beer, then I will accompany you.” Ruan QingShuang smiled widely as she spoke. She didn’t want to brush off Qin Wan’er’s eagerness, and she was really in an exceptionally happy frame of mind.

    "I guess we shouldn't, QingShuang-jie." Qin Wan'er rolled her eyes at Xu Yun. "With this fella living here, I'm worried what if something..."

    Once she heard, Ruan QingShuang completely blushed. “It isn’t just a lone male and female - there is GuoGuo, and Qiu Yan.”

    GuoGuo suddenly shook her electronic wrist watch. "Wan'er-jiejie, during the day when we were shopping for clothes you said you wanted to work the night shift. Did that mean you had to go to work at night?"

    “Oh damn!” Qin Wan’er’s complexion changed, how could she forget that she had to work a shift; 8pm was the start, now it was 9pm. “I have to quickly leave, today I have to work a shift! Bye bye!”

    Once Ruan QingShuang heard GuoGuo talk about the shift, she smiled embarrassed at Qin Wan’er. If she hadn’t been here at the restaurant helping out, she probably wouldn’t have been late. “Wan’er, go slow on the road, pay attention to safety!”

    “Mmm!” Qin Wan’er didn’t say anything else, rapidly taking off in a wisp of smoke.

    Seeing Qin Wan’er leave, Xu Yun also yawned and got up, “I’m a little tired, gonna go up and rest a while.”

    “Mmm, then you can go rest a little early.” Ruan QingShuang turned her head, the past few days were really hard for Xu Yun.

    Xu Yun wasn’t really heading upstairs to rest, rather just now when Qiu Yan was heading upstairs, he had seen her somewhat pale complexion. Xu Yun was worried that her internal injuries were acting up again. He was also dreading that even if his master came, it would be futile.


    Qiu Yan heard knocking on the door, with a voice full of vigilance she asked “Who?”

    Xu Yun didn’t reply, instead he directly opened the door and entered. He clearly understood Qiu Yan’s nature. With her, trying to convince her with many words was useless. Using actions to convince her was the best method of approaching her.

    “Right now you have two choices.” Xu Yun closed the door of Qiu Yan’s room, and took out a bottle from his pocket. “First, take your medicine! I still have 7 Nine Treasures Revival pills; it wouldn’t be difficult to extend your life by a month, but after a month, even gods would be unable to save you.”

    7 Nine Treasure Revival pills!?

    Qiu Yan's jaw nearly dropped off from shock! This type of precious medicine mentioned in the underworld's blackmarket could be valued over 1 million, and it wasn't like just having money it could be attained! When Millennium Feng united Suzhou he only had 5 or 6 pills!

    Yet this one guy standing in front of her, who was slovenly in dress and manner unexpectedly fished out 7 pills. Plus the one pill that he had previously given her, for a total of 8 pills!

    Huuu---! Qiu Yan couldn’t help but draw out a mouthful of some cold air, this guy absolutely couldn’t be as simple as she first thought. He could confront 2nd realm elites like Leopard while talking cheerily and wittingly, and in one breath he could take out this much precious and unusual treasured medicine - who is this guy!?

    Xu Yun didn’t care about Qiu Yan’s astonishment continuing, “The second choice, is to trust me. I can’t guarantee that I can eliminate your internal injuries right now, but I can certainly, over the long term, take care of your health and restore you.”

    Qiu Yan was silent, after a while, to one’s surprise, the corners of her mouth perked up, showing a light smile that was disillusioned with worldly affairs. “Fine, I will trust you.”

    As Xu Yun spoke his hands were already inside a fine silver box, neatly arranged over an area inside were 108 silver needles. “The enemies coming are not few in number and unexpectedly they were able to use internal energy to injure you, the Violent Lady Fox’s Qi Jing 8 meridians. They really aren’t simple people.”

    Hmph, Qiu Yan narrowed her two eyes, one on one, she wasn’t afraid. But if she were attacked by two 1st tier elites, she completely didn’t have any chance of victory.

    “Take off your clothes.” Xu Yun tried to play it down, as his hands touched several silver needles.

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    Chapter 22: Stripping Naked for Healing

    Qiu Yan’s facial expression suddenly underwent great changes. She abruptly raised her head, glaring at Xu Yun, as though she wasn’t suffering from internal injuries at the moment. For weaklings to dare talk to her like that, she would swiftly kill them!

    How could Xu Yun not understand Qiu Yan’s grave and stern look? He shrugged his shoulders disapprovingly, “I don't have the ability to do acupuncture through clothing. Each part of the Qi Jing 8 Meridians is very important. If you don't want to take it off then fine, but don't blame me if I prick the wrong spot."

    “You!” Although Qiu Yan didn’t understand medical science, she thoroughly understood that the Qi Jing 8 Meridians were very important for those that practiced martial arts. Also, she was a 1st-tier elite, so her entire body's blood vessels and muscles were already cleared with increased circulation. Therefore, it was clear that this point was of incredibly formidable importance..

    Especially the two Ren and Du Meridians, if they were pricked incorrectly, it was very easy to lose martial arts abilities. Failing again could be deadly, or perhaps cause a vegetative state as a handicapped person.

    Xu Yun took back his silver needles. “Forget it, since you aren’t willing, I won’t force you. Also, you can look at your own chest for the Jade Hall, Sandalwood Center, as well as the Central Court*. If my guess is right, those several acupuncture points have already become dark purple in color. And your Du Mai(Governing Vessel) above your Great Hammer, Spirit Platform, and Life Gate* acupuncture points, perhaps are even worse.

    *TN All acupuncture points in Chinese, translated to English for your reading pleasure! :3 The translations might not be right for some, we welcome correction!.

    Qiu Yan clenched her teeth tightly. How could she endure allowing herself, clear as ice and clean as jade, to expose her body to a man to look at! Only unless, after he gave the needle treatment, she would immediately kill him. If it was like before, Qiu Yan  could definitely be able to do this kind of thing, but now, she really couldn’t win against Xu Yun.

    “Life and death is not up to the heavens, but up to yourself.” Xu Yun was not ambiguous. He picked up his silver needles and directly gave all 7 of the 9 Treasures Revival pills as a present to Qiu Yan. “Rest assured, I can take care of GuoGuo well.”

    Xu Yun’s attempt to persuade her had ended, and he left Qiu Yan’s room after.  Just at this time, he also ran right into Ruan QingShuang and GuoGuo going upstairs.

    “Daddy, what are you doing going into Qiu Yan-jiejie’s room?” GuoGuo vigilantly said. “You already have mom, you shouldn’t be so indecisive. Also according to family seniority, she is considered to be your daughter. You should certainly take note of ethical relationships.”

    Ethical your face!

    Xu Yun almost spit out blood. In the lands under heaven, is there a daughter that is almost her father’s age?!

    “I gave your sister a gift of some medicine. Your sister seems like she’s feeling ill.” Xu Yun remained silent.

    Ruan QingShuang’s expression was just a moment ago awkward, and now became worried and she stealthily drew towards Xu Yun’s direction. “Xu Yun, why didn’t you tell me about this girl feeling ill? It’s always more appropriate for me, the boss, to personally act than for you to.”

    “Eh…….” Xu Yun scratched his head, you acting in an official capacity is actually suitable, but you can’t carry out acupuncture. Was it that she was mistaken, thinking that she was becoming Qiu Yan's auntie?

    But GuoGuo next words almost toppled Xu Yun and Ruan QingShuang on one side!

    “Ai, women every month will always have several days or so time of feeling unwell.” GuoGuo's face was like she deeply felt the same, sighing.

    What the hell! You’re just a few years old and know everything!

    Xu Yun really wondered just how much maturity did GuoGuo's mental age have!

    “Let’s go GuoGuo! Mom is going to take you to go shower!”, Ruan QingShuang actually pulled GuoGuo helplessly, and could only drag her away. "Right now in the restaurant, there are many people living here, so GuoGuo mustn’t procrastinate showering again.”

    After Ruan QingShuang carried GuoGuo away, Xu Yun returned to his own room.

    Qiu Yan didn’t hear the noise outside. She let out a long breath, and summoned the courage to stand in front of the mirror, she slowly took off her clothing. The mirror mapped out Qiu Yan’s graceful body’s beauty and skin of white jade; it would simply make it impossible for people to believe she was a killer.

    By using the mirror Qiu Yan could clearly see her own chest’s Jade Hall, Sandalwood Center, Central Court, and the Giant Depression under the rib and God's Depression in the belly button acupuncture points on the abdomen were all purple. Her entire body irresistibly shuddered. Xu Yun said correctly - her internal injuries were already approaching the condition when they couldn’t be treated. If she dragged it out again, she feared that she could only wait to die.

    But no matter what Xu Yun said, he was still a man! No matter what, Qiu Yan was unable to persuade herself to allow a man to look over her entire body! Even if he was a doctor who cared for his patients like a parent to a child, with the motive of a doctor doing good, he would still have seen it!

    But also, the main target of the silver needles was the Qi Jing 8 Meridians - then to illustrate the Du Mai: Ren and Du Meridians, Penetrating Meridian, Girdle Meridian, Yang-linking Vessel, Yin-linking Vessel, Yin-heel Vessel, Yang-heel Vessel...that was the entire body up and down, without leaving any part out!

    But, if she didn't get the treatment, then in one month's time she would have no way to protect GuoGuo.

    GuoGuo……this was Qiu Yan’s lethal weakness!

    Qiu Yan finally decided that if she was willing to die to protect GuoGuo, then why was she afraid of letting a man look at her body! For GuoGuo, who the Millennium Feng entrusted to her, this speck of humiliation was nothing!

    Thinking of that, Qiu Yan put on her clothes and pushed open the door, directly opening Xu Yun's door the room over.

    Xu Yun seemed like he was long ago expecting her to come to him. “Thought it over?”

    “Mmm.” Qiu Yan tried to regulate her breathing as much as possible.

    "In reality, it isn't much. The acupuncture treatment mainly needs to be applied to the two Ren and Du Meridian's several important acupuncture points. I also think.....eh.....nevermind." Xu Yun originally was thinking of saying that there are too many places he couldn't see, but considering Qiu Yan's temperament wasn't very suitable for joking, he chose to swallow the words instead.

    This point somewhat exceeded Qiu Yan's expectations. "Only the two Ren and Du  Meridians need acupuncture?"

    “Yup.” Xu Yun nodded his head.

    “Then I will treat the acupuncture points on my chest myself! You are only in charge of the lower back meridians! Qiu Yan seemed to have found to way to accept treatment, only allowing Xu Yun to look at her lower back. Although it was awkward, yet she could accept it. At the very least, she wouldn’t have to bear her breasts facing a man!

    Xu Yun stared blankly, he was concerned that there wouldn’t be an opportunity to witness the Violent Lady Fox’s proud twin peaks. “You can do acupuncture?”

    “I know a little bit.” Qiu Yan said, she would rather brave three dangers than to let Xu Yun see it all.

    Xu Yun smiled a little. “Alright, I also think that you wouldn’t use your own life to mess around. Whatever I say, is whatever you do!”

    “Very well!” Qiu Yan clenched her teeth, she also thoroughly endured enough of the torment from her internal injuries.

    “Undress.” Xu Yun walked up to Qiu Yan’s back. “You only need to hold 7 silver needles, according to my directions, apply them in the acupuncture points. Remember 10,000,000 times over, that you must never get the sequence or the positions wrong.”

    Qiu Yan nodded her head, her face full of moral integrity. She  was also no longer shy or embarrassed. With one grasp she removed her shirt, then without the slightest hesitation she untied her undergarments.

    The entire room was instantly permeated with a special aura. Xu Yun even went so far as to not breathe. He had never seen a naked figure before. Qiu Yan's graceful back gave him an endless source of fantasies. Her creamy white jade skin looked soft like water, as though with a pinch you could break the surface and with a splash... softness would flow out. Xu Yun couldn't resist drooling right now.

    Qiu Yan’s voice echoed coldly, “Seen enough yet?”

    “Victoria’s Secret? This underwear is quite expensive isn’t it?” Xu Yun hurriedly looked at the underwear while stroking his chin to change the subject.

    “Xu Yun, if you dare to have any distracting thoughts again, I swear I will cut your head off!” Qiu Yan, once she heard that at this crucial moment Xu Yun cared about what brand of undergarment she wore, of course she would be enraged enough to lash out and punish him!

    Xu Yun sucked in a breath, “Sure, I will only talk about acupuncture - I will not talk about underwear.”

    “Daddy, is Qiu Yan-jiejie in your room? Eh……”. Following GuoGuo’s question, Xu Yun’s room started to creak as the door was twisted open by GuoGuo, who directly entered without thinking. The just-washed hair on her head was still damp.


    The whole room was deathly quiet! Qiu Yan, who was still tending to her health, grabbed her clothes to cover her body. Afterwards, she picked up GuoGuo and walked her to her own room.

    During the whole course of events, no one said anything. Xu Yun had never really encountered such an awkward affair. Who knew if this child GuoGuo would exaggerate in front of Ruan QingShuang and irresponsibly say things?

    Ai, GuoGuo oh GuoGuo, godfather's lifetime heroic reputation all depends on whether you can keep that mouth closed.

    Qiu Yan could only blame herself for not being careful enough. How could she forget to lock the door when she went into Xu Yun’s room just now? Later acupuncture treatments, with this kind of situation, apparently must take place very late at night, when everyone had fallen asleep. Or else at any time, other people in the household could encounter awkward circumstances.

    “Qiu Yan-jiejie, why did daddy take off your clothes? Don’t tell me that you two wanted to ……” GuoGuo’s facial expression was quite incredulous. In her own world. Qiu Yan was just like an iceberg’s existence. Before when she met with men, she would look straight forward and she would say that she hadn’t seen them! Forget about undressing in front of a man!

    Although Qiu Yan’s exterior was Violent Lady Fox, yet towards GuoGuo, she was a gentle and soft older sister. “GuoGuo you can’t say irresponsible things. Just now jiejie was simply allowing him to help me heal. There wasn’t any other purpose.”

    "It's just like Zhang CuiShan and Yin SuSu in Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre taking off her clothes to cure her wounds, Yang Xiao with Ji XiaoFu taking off her clothes to heal wounds, Zhang WuJi had Zhao Min take off her clothes to mend her injuries...".

    While saying it, GuoGuo helplessly shook her head, “Ai, are heroes just full of hot air? Was daddy just like them, if the girl's clothes weren't taken off then they wouldn't heal her wounds?"

    “Jiejie’s injury needs acupuncture, so you have to remove your clothes……”. Qiu Yan didn’t know whether at present, soap operas were helping her or harming her. “GuoGuo, in short, about Xu Yun giving jiejie healing treatment, you can’t tell others about this matter, all right?”

    Closely following, Qiu Yan also nervously said, “You especially can’t tell your Ruan mama!”

    GuoGuo nodded, readily promising, “Of course, if mom knew, she would surely be jealous.”

    Qiu Yan finally relaxed a breath and said, “Then, since we have come to an agreement, we must keep the secret!”

    “Mmmm……” GuoGuo’s small eye balls blinked, “But next time you let daddy give you a healing treatment, at that time, you must certainly call GuoGuo. GuoGuo is very worried that jiejie will get the worst out of it.”

    *Sweat*, with this kind of matter, who would have the nerve to call other people?! Even though GuoGuo was a small child, Qiu Yan was in an uncomfortable position.

    Just then, Ruan QingShuang also finished showering, she walked out from the bathroom and called, “GuoGuo, where did you go?”

    “Qiu Yan-jiejie, I’m going to go. I won’t talk about yesterday’s matters at all.” GuoGuo stuck out her tongue, and immediately opened the door to run out. “Mom, I went to go play with Qiu Yan-jiejie for a little bit……”

    Inside Xu Yun’s room, he was rapidly breathing, sticking his ears out to hear. He was really dreading that GuoGuo would say some horribly shocking things, but he rejoiced - GuoGuo unexpectedly didn't mention a word of what just happened.

    Although Xu Yun had the intention of a doctor who cared for his patients like a parent to a child, but this kind of affair seemed very unclear, and could certainly and easily lead to misunderstandings. His own heroic reputation mustn't be ruined by this kind of small matter.

    Xu Yun also didn’t ask Qiu Yan if she wanted to go shower or not. Soon after, he went early to hastily take a cold shower. First he completed his daily breathing exercises, an important matter to be settled. He couldn’t say for sure, but some day, he could purge himself of his inner evil.

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    Chapter 23: Dueling Two Fierce People

    In the dead of night, Xu Yun again heard Qiu Yan knocking on the door. He now was very certain of Qiu Yan's desire to live.

    "Now there will be no one to disturb." Xu Yun opened the door with a big smile.

    Qiu Yan didn't say much. Again, she sat into the position she was supposed to, and decisively took off her clothing. From the silver box she took out 7 silver needles. "Let's start."

    Even though this was the second time Xu Yun saw Qiu Yan's cleanly white back, he still had to take a few breaths to suppress the lustful thoughts in his brain. Despite Xu Yun not being a pervert, he was in no way the ideal gentleman.

    "Your internal injuries are already beyond the one or two day's time, so this may be uncomfortable. You should prepare."

    Qiu Yan nodded. Right now for GuoGuo, there was already nothing that she, Qiu Yan, couldn't bear!

    Xu Yun also no longer wasted any time, his right hand's index and middle fingers stretched out in flash, taking out two silver needles. Taking a breath of inner strength from his dan-tian, he directly forced it into his two fingers. Xu Yun’s wrist flipped, directly placing a silver needle into Qiu Yan's back's DuMai's God Meridian on her back. A burst of warmth from the silver needle entered Qiu Yan's body!

    Qiu Yan suddenly felt her body relax, stopping at a blood clot around her heart and lungs; she felt the internal energy slowly dissolving it.

    Xu Yun gently turned the needle in place with his thumb and index fingers, while saying, "As best as you can, adjust your breathing! Ready the silver needles in your hands, when I count to three, use the silver needles on your Jade Hall Meridian in the center of her chest.”

    Qiu Yan didn't say anything. With her best effort, she adjusted her breathing rhythm, as she raised the silver needles in her hand preparing.

    Xu Yun's hand flashed and he took out a second silver needle, "1, 2, 3!"

    Once he finished, together at the same time they pierced silver needles in the Jade Hall and Spirit Platform Meridians!

    Qiu Yan only felt a refreshing burst, it felt like all of the foulness in her body was clearing and being eliminated by the meridian stimulation. She hadn't felt that kind of ease since she was injured.

    With this perfect coordination, Xu Yun relaxed and let Qiu Yan handle applying the needles by herself on her chest. They split the rest of the needle applications, two meridians each.

    Each time, Xu Yun filled the needles with internal energy letting Qiu Yan feel even more relaxed.

    Finally Xu Yun got the last silver needle containing his internal energy and applied it to Qiu Yan's lower back's Life Meridian. Seeing Qiu Yan's lower back's meridian point's darkness slowly fade away, Xu Yun knew that the silver needles had had an amazing effect on the clots.

    "Huuu..." Xu Yun finally let out a sigh of relief!

    And Qiu Yan just felt a moment of comfort in her entire body's meridians, then suddenly she wrinkled her eyebrows.

    On the roof was a faint rustle; two relaxed footsteps hit the roof. The feeble sound was practically incapable of being heard.

    "Calm yourself. Because of your meridians relaxing, tighten your breathing, and nurse your meridians in order. The two rats outside, let me take care of them." Xu Yun raised the corners of his mouth, and let out an evilly cold smile. He hadn’t foreseen that those two's speed would be this surprisingly fast - just finished breaking one of them and now here again comes two!

    Right now Qiu Yan wasn't going to let her emotions affect her actions. She could only meditate and nurse her meridians in order, or else she could get an even worse feedback effect. Also, she knew that this situation could be handled by Xu Yun.

    Xu Yun was wearing slippers, and couldn't run on paved roads. Flipping out through the window, Xu Yun moved like water during the whole process, without half a second of delay.

    "Luckily Qiu Yan isn't the one acting today, or else this roof top will turn into a slaughterhouse." Xu Yun secretly complained.

    The people on the roof heard steps. A muffled voice said, "Gong You, I found Leopard's locator."

    "Then it seems Leopard has met many evils and little luck," another voice cautiously said. "The Violent Lady Fox is still the Violent Lady Fox. After taking such heavy injuries she unexpectedly can still avoid Leopard's killing pursuit. Qin Hu, us two definitely need to be careful!"

    "Hmph." The other voice was somewhat disdainful. "Gong You you're esteeming Qiu Yan too much. If anything really happened to Leopard, then it was definitely Qiu Yan's luck. She suffered such serious internal injuries, even if we don't get her she should quickly die soon right? How could someone in their death throes endanger us!"


    Suddenly a light cough sounded, startling the two people on the roof into cold sweat all over! Killing aura puffed out, rapidly entering alert mode!

    "Gos-hawk Gong You and the Devil Beast Qin Hu." Xu Yun smiled widely, and walked in front of the two. "You two are considered famous in the underworld. So late in the night and not sleeping, are you guys doing something gay up here?"

    Gong You narrowed his eyes, exceptionally alert while studying the person in front of him. This kid could get so close to them noiselessly, and knew that they were from the underworld. Clearly, he wasn't an ordinary person!

    "May I ask who is speaking? Why would you eavesdrop on us two talking?" Gong You's eyes flashed cruelly evil. Xu Yun knew, only bloodthirsty people would have this type of cruelly evil appearance.

    "Xu Yun." Xu Yun narrowed his eyes. His body suddenly rising thickly with battle intent, he very quickly entered battle mode. "Ever heard of it?"

    "Gong You, stop wasting words with this no-name punk!" Qin Hu was by nature impulsive, his eyes flashed fiercely with thick killing intent!

    "Don't be reckless!" Gong You sternly said, he wasn't at all so quick to fight.

    Because Gong You had already basically figured that Xu Yun definitely wasn't below the two of them. Right now they didn't know if Leopard was alive or dead, but it definitely had something to do with the person in front of them. After all, the venerated Violent Lady Fox was already half-crippled, maybe Leopard was harmed by this person!

    Xu Yun smiled his eyes squinty, "Coming to look for that person from yesterday? Don't waste your effort. He was killed by Qiu Yan."

    With this Gong You and Qin Hu’s killing auras instantly exploded out, Gong You's eyes flashed with dark ruthlessness. "You really know the venerated Violent Fox....Hmph, where is she!?"

    Xu Yun locked his brow. "Where Qiu Yan is, I certainly know, but I don't want to tell you. So what are you going to do?"

    "Gos-hawk! This little shit is obviously just provoking us! Let's kill him first and then look for Qiu Yan that lowly bitch!" Qin Hu said, angrily glaring at Xu Yun while grinding his teeth. After all, he and Leopard usually had good relations, right now they confirmed that he died. He was of course in a very bad mood.

    Xu Yun really didn't think that the opposing side was that cruel. After one incident they sent two famous 2nd-tier elites. Even if Qiu Yan didn't have any internal injuries, one person handling two 2nd-tier peak-Realm elites is still very tough.

    Gong You also gradually lost his patience. "Since you don't want to say, then don't blame us for being merciless!"

    "Big daddy will rip you to pieces!" Qin Hu suddenly stepped with his left to the left side, his right leg bent to a kneel, a tiger claw on both hands with the right one thrust forward, and his left one in front of his chest! Two furious eyes locked on Xu Yun! Showing provocation truly awakened a fierce tiger!

    Gong You also stepped into bow stance, his two eyes fierce. Right leg in back, with his whole body close to the floor and a pair of long arms like a mantis! Xu Yun knew it wasn't just any mantis style, but one that Gong You relied on that he himself developed, Blade-Arm style!

    "Today, ge will play with you two." Xu Yun sneeringly smiled, a fierce murderous aura rose from inside his very extraordinary body.

    In an instant, the air exploded with an enormously tyrannical aura! As though it could topple mountains and invert the seas, it speedily enveloped the entire roof of the panacea restaurant!

    Gong You and Qin Hu suddenly felt a chill to the bone! Their brows clenched tightly, their faces slowly becoming imposing. They never would have thought that the enemy's imposing presence would be so unexpectedly terrifying!

    Merely releasing his forbidding aura from his body, was enough to make these two scouting elites find it unbearable, as these two 2nd-tier elites couldn't help but feel dread in their hearts. It had a kind of fear that made them think to go no further.

    But Qin Hu still kept up his killing aura as before! He wouldn't back off just because of Xu Yun's killing aura - today his and Gong You's objective before coming here was simple. Either find Leopard or bring Qiu Yan's corpse back!

    Even if any kind of busy body showed up, Qin Hu would kill them all the same! Kill! Kill!

    Gong You wasn't so careless. Right now he completely understood why Leopard died here. It was because there was actually such a powerful person hidden here!

    The venerated Violent Fox was indeed not a simple issue. Unexpectedly she could have such a first class elite helping her - this was definitely a miscalculation by the boss!

    Xu Yun had already prepared way before. Even though fighting solo against two 2nd-tier elites was not at all easy, but apart from him settling it alone, what else could be done? He just used acupuncture to clear Qiu Yan's entire body's meridians and making them completely clean of internal blood clots. If she were to fight, then it would be nothing but a death wish.

    Right Xu Yun was hoping that these two fellows were something he could handle. The most weak should be defeated, and then talk while waiting for Qiu Yan to recover, then there will be a powerful help!

    In the instant of having second thoughts, Qin Hu took advantage and immediately advanced three steps, a tall and sturdy body flipped over to the other side. Seizing the opportunity, like a hungry tiger flipping a mountain, two claws came screeching through the air to attack!

    Meanwhile, Gong You chose the same time to attack without the slightest hesitation. His body was just like a goshawk diving down and streaking across the earth, his wrists flipped exposing two irresistibly cold lights - sharp blades in the night seem especially frightful.

    Gong You had very clearly understood, only by simultaneously attacking, would he and Qin Hu have a chance to win!

    With extreme speed, Gong You brought his short blades slicing towards Xu Yun's legs! Qin Hu's two hands fiercely ripped towards his chest! Two men, one above and one below cooperated extremely skillfully, like they often fought side by side!

    Facing two powerful elites, Xu Yun wouldn't dare be careless. Using his legs, his steps came to life! His figure flashed like a phantom past Gong You's shocking wind-like short-blade strike! Closely following sideways, he avoided Qin Hu's tiger-like heart shredding clutches!

    Evading both people, it was time to attack, and Xu Yun had no spare time. His right fist at his waist suddenly spun, striking out, swift as wind with a shock like lightning, an unblockable fist exploded out! A current screeched past, shocking right into Qin Hu's belly!

    This fist was absolutely vicious! Qin Hu only felt like there was a blade twisting in his belly. Those hundreds of wisps of hidden strength came together flexibly inside, ruthlessly exploding inside his body! If right now Xu Yun wanted to crush these evil men, then it would’ve been enough to kill Qin Hu!

    Gong You naturally wouldn't give Xu Yun this chance, without hesitating the cold blades in his hands pressed on! Xu Yun intuitively dodged two fierce winds attacking towards him, and was forced to retreat two steps!

    The impatiently attacking Gong You exposed a huge spot on his back! Xu Yun took the excellent opportunity, he immediately tiptoed on the ground. His whole body flipped, soaring through the air! With maximum internal strength, a powerful strike to halve Mt. Hua ferociously smashed towards Gong You's back!

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    Chapter 24: GuoGuo Disrupts the Plan

    “Waaaa--!” Gong You didn’t have any time to evade - forced by one chop of Xu Yun’s leg as though toppling mountains and overturning the seas right in the middle of his back!

    Xu Yun’s legs landed steady and stable on the ground, while Gong You fell to the ground with a crash. His chest cavity felt a momentary violent surge, and he tasted a slight fishiness in his mouth, closely followed by a 'puu' sound as he vomited a fresh mouthful of blood!  

    But Qin Hu seized an opportunity, and like a fierce tiger coming down a mountain, he pounced with a skill trained to perfection. Like a black tiger with the goal of digging out a heart, snarling, he struck straight with a fierce wind at Xu Yun’s solar plexus!

    How could Xu Yun give this much of a good opportunity? A spinning round metal fist met Qin Hu's tiger claw with a thunderous 13,000 pound smash forwards! One fist and one claw, the two clashed like a volcano erupting!

    Although Qin Hu’s tiger claw was perfected with powerful strength that could crush stones or break steel, but how can it resist Xu Yun’s valiant inner strength which could crush stones into dust!? Once the two hands contacted each other, Qin Hu gave a blood-curdling screech, and he rapidly withdrew the broken fingers of his tiger claw!  

    Just at the moment Qin Hu pulled back his damaged hand, Xu Yun’s left knee bent deeply, his right leg abruptly shot outward like an artillery shell! In one move he went into drop stance, and ruthlessly raised his leg and kicked downward towards Qin Hu's crotch. Qin Hu's entire body rocked in convulsion, with a poof, he ruthlessly dropped the shit-eating dog!

    “Ahhhh!” Qin Hu tore the night sky with a shriek, 5 finger bones that were were crushed in a flash was piercingly painful, the burst of severe pain in his crotch affected his mind and physiology even more; simultaneously, they were unbearable.

    Xu Yun was also able to catch a breather, now that those two had already lost their basic fighting strength.

    Still inside of Xu Yun’s room, Qiu Yan could hear people scream. Abruptly opening her pair of severe, icy eyes, she let out a long relaxed breath. She harmonized her JingMai meridian order, making her entire body feel incomparable bliss. Then, turning in an instant, Qiu Yan already put on all her clothes. With one step on the edge of Xu Yun's opened window, she flipped, leaping directly onto the roof!

    Qiu Yan’s sudden appearance extremely startled the three people!

    “This fast?” Xu Yun was somewhat surprised, generally speaking, after receiving an internal injury treatment of the JingMai Meridians, it wasn’t easy to do anything. But Qiu Yan unexpectedly used just 3-5 minutes right after treatment, that was all.

    “Qiu Yan!” Although Qin Hu was in severe pain that was difficult to bear, he still struggled to shout out 2 words.

    One Xu Yun was already enough to render the 2 incapable of responding. Now with the venerated Violent Fox suddenly in the mix, perhaps for these two people everything pointed towards disaster!

    Precisely at this time, Gong You got up. He wanted to take advantage of the moment that Qiu Yan’s abrupt appearance interrupted Xu Yun’s attention. Immediately rising like a fierce eagle spreading its wings, he jumped down from the panacea restaurant and fled the scene!

    It wasn’t that he was a coward, rather he clearly understood that they already couldn’t defeat a single Xu Yun. If there was an additional Violent Lady Fox then he would 100% be waiting for his death!

    If both people died, it was better leaving Qin Hu to die alone - he must return to his boss’s side to share information!

    Whoosh--! A burst of severe wind blew over, and again flip flops were seen as if lightning cut open the night sky!

    Gong You was originally jumping high to rush out, when his body was suddenly hit with slippers. At once this kind of inconceivable shape ferociously fell from the roof, banging with a huge sound; soon after there wasn’t half a fraction of sound.

    Qiu Yan with eyes as cold as ice abruptly, in a flash of light around her waist the Long Yuan supple blade was already drawn in her hand. Together the cold light flashed before Qin Hu’s eyes. He only saw the Long Ruan’s blade like clear autumn waters, the massive pain as his heart was impaled made him forget everything. In an instant later, no matter how many big breaths he inhaled, oxygen would never again flow through his heart.

    For someone like the Devil Beast Qin Hu, the sensation of dying was nothing, just that he couldn't accept it and nothing more.

    Not waiting for Xu Yun to stop her, Qiu Yan had already turned over to leap off the top of the building to go straight to where Gong You was hiding! Towards them, Qiu Yan didn’t have half a speck of pity. In her eyes, these people deserved death! Back then, with how they treated the Feng Clan, sooner or later she would get payback on all of them!

    Xu Yun saw the situation yet didn’t hesitate, directly following after on the top of a building with a single jump. He didn’t wish for Qiu Yan to really turn the vicinity of the panacea restaurant into a cemetery! So Xu Yun moved quickly, leaping downwards off of the top of a building in a flash, soon after, he was stunned!

    Shit! Why did Qin Wan’er appear downstairs right now!?!

    “Don’t move!”, a tender sound scolded, echoing through the empty night. Qin Wan’er steadied her pistol level with both hands, aiming at Qiu Yan!

    The scene just a moment ago shocked Qin Wan’er. After receiving a phone call she instantly hurried back to the panacea restaurant. Just as she was stopping the police bike, she immediately saw someone from the roof of the high building fall heavily down!

    Still not knowing what happened, Qiu Yan lept down, her graceful silhouette like a demon!

    And closely following behind Qiu Yan’s figure beside her was  exactly the one who Qin Wan’er was originally brimming with curiosity about, Xu Yun!

    Just what was this situation turning into?!

    Making a movie! An action movie!!

    With everyone staring blankly, Gong You seized the opportunity. He forced down a mouthful of blood and got up to run!

    How would Xu Yun gave him the chance, with a flash his body cut off Gong You, facing him. Abruptly raising his leg and whipping it out like lightning, he viciously struck Gong You’s stomach! The already heavily wounded Gong You suffered another bang, his whole body was like a broken kite with his head planted at the entrance of the panacea restaurant. He didn’t have a fraction of strength to get up.

    Qin Wan’er’s eyes were wide open, unwaveringly watching Qiu Yan.  The reason was very simple, because of the Long Ruan supple blade like autumn waters in Qiu Yan’s hand!

    In China, this kind of bladed thing was under regulations! Following the Public Security Department's stipulations, the jurisdiction of carrying blades, manufacturing them, and buying any of them had a proper legal procedure!

    Qin Wan’er only knew what she saw - she precisely saw Qiu Yan carry a long blade on top of a building, chasing after a person who fell quickly downwards. And this person received severe injuries from Xu Yun’s leg earlier; afterwards, he was even closer to dying.

    “Put down your weapons!” Qin Wan’er said in a stern voice towards Qiu Yan’s direction.

    Qiu Yan’s gaze was cold and detached as it floated over Qin Wan’er. Even if she hadn’t purged her internal injuries, she wouldn’t put this little cop with an ordinary gun in her eyes.

    How could Qin Wan'er take this kind of provocative disregard? Just because GuoGuo called Qiu Yan jiejie, Qin Wan'er wouldn't be lenient.  "Put it down!"

    “You’d best not get involved with this matter.” Qiu Yan coldly said, “I don’t want to do anything wrong to you in front of GuoGuo, you should just go.”

    “What!?” Qin Wan’er immediately glared wide-eyed, "Just now I thought of GuoGuo and was very modest to you, you had best put down your weapons carefully and cooperate with law enforcement! Come with me to the police station and clarify the situation!”

    At present Xu Yun really felt completely awkward - fundamentally, there was no way to explain this situation!

    Although Qin Wan’er was big breasted with no brains, but in society she was an indifferent and fair little police officer, while Qiu Yan was the underworld’s famous Violent Lady Fox. Both people fundamentally were not people of the same world!  

    Qiu Yan’s eyes flashed a bit of coldness. Xu Yun could see that from the depths of her heart, she already had the intention to kill!

    “Damn!” Just as Qiu Yan was about to act, Xu Yun put his hand in and blocked the middle of both of them.  "Qin Wan'er as a police officer you aren't too disciplined. The person on the floor is a criminal! As good samaritans the two of us acted, you shouldn't capture the wrong person."

    "Good samaritans?" How could Qin Wan'er be so easy to deceive?  "Are you thinking that I'm a 3 year old kid? Good samaritans still holding sharp weapons?! Do you guys think you're acting in a Wuxia film! If you keep shielding her, I'll even capture you too!"

    Qiu Yan already didn’t want to have any more pointless talk. It was best at this kind of moment to erase this police officer to avoid trouble and inconvenience! The Long Ruan blade in Qiu Yan's hands suddenly shifted with a smear of iciness, she only needed to move it a bit and she could make Qin Wan'er's little life return to her maker!

    During this period of a thousand pounds hanging by a single thread, a young and tender voice sounded outwards from the panacea restaurant.

    “Wan’er jiejie, you came? Dad, what are you doing with Qiu Yan?” GuoGuo’s sudden appearance completely altered the scene’s atmosphere.

    Ruan QingShuang had a bewildered expression, holding GuoGuo as she opened the door to come out. In a breath she asked the 3 questions in succession, “Xu Yun? Qiu Yan? You guys?”  

    “GuoGuo, was it you who called the police?” Xu Yun was really completely defeated by GuoGuo. Why was this little girl so interested in the police? A little wind would blow grass, and she would want to call the police.  

    GuoGuo rubbed her eyes in a sleepy daze, conscientiously nodding her head, “Safety first.”

    “Watch out!” Qiu Yan abruptly shouted!

    However at this time it was already late. Gong You, who had just now been kicked flying by Xu Yun into the doorway suddenly got up and grabbed sleepy-eyed GuoGuo from Ruan QingShuang’s arms. Ruan QingShuang couldn’t protect GuoGuo in time, and was also thrown onto the ground by Gong You!

    “Everyone, don’t move! If anyone moves again, I’ll kill her immediately!”.  As Gong You spoke, he already grasped a short blade up against GuoGuo’s throat.

    It all happened too suddenly - even GuoGuo didn’t have a response, and so she completely forgot to cry. Ruan QingShuang was also thoroughly stunned in the spot where she was thrown down; everyone was completely stupefied.   

    Qiu Yan’s pair of phoenix eyes were flashing a menacingly cold light. Her body suddenly rose a fierce murderous aura, if it weren't for GuoGuo tightly wrapped by Gong You's chest, perhaps she may have already murderously punished him!

    Qin Wan’er was also stupefied by this abrupt turn of events. The guy thrown downstairs and kicked flying into the doorway by Xu Yun was unexpectedly still able to get up. Was he even human?

    In this world, when does this kind of madness occur? Everyone was so abnormal, what did they eat when they grew up?!

    Xu Yun narrowed his eyes into slits. His gaze was bitingly cold, yet calm. He was already regretting not finishing this killer. If Gong You was a dead person, right now, he would be unable to threaten his daughter GuoGuo.

    “Put the kid down!” Qin Wan’er angrily rebuked, lifting her pistol one more time. She pulled the gun like a pump, the gun cocked with a thunderous noise!

    Gong You sneered, his whole head was hidden behind GuoGuo’s body. He snarled, “Open fire! Shoot! Let me see how accurate this stupid police officer’s marksmanship of yours can be! Hahaha, did you know, the moment when a kid’s brains explodes is really beautiful!”

    The entire time the night air was tranquil, a dreadful kind of calm.

    Qin Wan’er was confident in her marksmanship. Last time there was a large scale shooting competition, she was ranked first in HeDong City! But now, confronting a real criminal, with GuoGuo in the criminal’s hands, her confidence unexpectedly and mysteriously disappeared. 

    “If you don’t want this kid to die, quickly put the gun down and kick it over!” Gong You berated in a stern voice as the short knife in his grasp tightly pressed against GuoGuo’s neck!

    With Qin Wan’er’s pair of soft hands, she already didn’t have the courage to confront her counterpart!

    Xu Yun and Qiu Yan both were well prepared to intervene at any time. If Gong You gave them a single opening, they wouldn’t miss the opportunity... But how could a second-tier elite make that kind of low-level mistake?

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