[Problem] Email Notifications have dropped out once again....

I haven't received any email updates from after GOR 281 was sent to me. I've been relying on going to NU to check if there have been updates.

Have there been any other people with this same problem or is it just me?


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    It happens every now and then. It tends to sort itself out after a day or so and then send out a mad spam of all that it missed. 

    I'm guessing that the email database is so large it's causing issues on the back end. And it's probs quicker to check the site directly rather than NU imo
  • Same here and at the same update as you. I made a thread last time this happened about a month ago. And it took about a week to solve, not a day as the guy above says. The time before that, I missed out on about 3 months of emails and one day just started getting them again. Never once got a spam of emails afterwards in either case.

    The time it happened about a month ago was due to a plugin issue if I remember correctly. If that's the case this time as well, it's gonna be an issue on the other end and not anything the wxw guys can do.
  • It like an on and off thing, as Ryu mention just better to check the site itself than wait for the email issue to fix itself.
  • i'm getting the emails again as of SR 309, but my mcafee is telling me this site is now considered unsafe.
  • And like I said it's sorted in a few days.

    as for mcafee, get rid of it and get a proper AV that doesn't like to use scare tactics to drum up sales. They're almost as bad as norton, almost. 

  • Jetpack (on Wordpress) was in safe mode, so that might have had something to do with it. It's been taken out of safe mode now, so hopefully things will resume as before.
  • Yep. Sorry for being unable to give an answer earlier. I had some personal issues that prevented me from doing so yesterday. 
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