The different types of laws

There are many different types of laws in ED: Merit laws, Life laws, Physique laws, Longevity laws, etc. Does anyone know all the different types of laws, as well as what what the differences between all these types of laws are and what their effects are?


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    Yeah, it's confusing... here's what I think I know at least.

    Longevity Laws: Okay so these are temporary power ups that use up your lifeblood/longevity/blood energy. Better Longevity Laws should give you a better return rate on the lifespan you give up for power. The one Li Qiye chose is one that increases the results of his training, but is very taxing on his longevity, which doesn't matter because his Longevity Treasure is basically an endless sea of blood energy. I think they might be the same as Life Laws.

    Physique Laws: These are body training techniques. Other series typically have them be very important in the mid-late game, or never mentioned at all. Basically, they represent what your bodily "stats" are, and most of them beyond the Mortal rank will also give some sort of super power. It could be as simple as flight, or an elemental attack, or as amazing as Li Qiye's situational super-heavy weight, and Li Shangyuan's dao immunity. You generally have to start with a Physique Law in the same category as your Inherent Physique, and are only able to upgrade to the next level when you've mastered your current level. Most people have trouble changing their Physique Laws, but the lower ranked ones have much more mutability, sort of like how a pawn in Chess can become any other piece. Mortal Physiques can be changed into any of the other Physiques even that of an Immortal, and some Houtian(?) Physiques are able to evolve until they reach the equivalent of an Immortal Physique. Li Qiye and Chen Biaojiao are examples of the previous.

    Merit Laws: These I am shaky on, but it seems like when you cultivate, you tend to have a single special move/martial art that forms a spiritual foundation for your cultivation. Li Qiye's is the Six Kun Peng Transformations, which focus on quick movements and overhead strikes and so-on and so-forth. Think of it as the "main combat style" of a character, with other techniques being "special moves" and the Physique Law being permanent "stat" modifiers.

    Again, I find this series confusing so I'm sure I'm wrong in some way.

  • Not that it really matters with regards to merit laws. Honestly, the author never really goes into the specific advantages of an opponent's merit laws unless it's an emperor law.
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    Yea, the author doesn't go all technical on the cultivation and technique system. So don't think too much about it.
    The MC's cultivation and progression itself is out of the norm and totally different from the world's denizens so all these laws are basically useless against him. Moreover when the story shifts to a new world/realm, they'll be new cultivation methods, new techniques and systems etc, so what you see in previous worlds will become invalid or at the very least will need to adapt and evolve to the cultivation of the new world.
  • Dont try to understand it, its dumb like all xinxia even ISSTH is like that, ISSTH is one of the best that at least tried to make a way for it to work, this novel is almost like immortal executioner you never know what his power do or what he is using or if he is weak etc, you just know nothing can stop him, so we never know anything about it and just explanation of what he is doing and why because need to be 'perfect', even now i dont know his level and if he is stronger or no or if he can kill virtuous paragon, its never explained just told i dont even know what that water thing did to his body just that his body became 'perfect' but it is never told to us what is this perfect what changed etc, later if the author said that because of the water he can kill Immortal emperors i would believe because he never told us what the fuck the water did to his body we just get a 'perfect' thing and dont even come about skills this would be even messier.

    Law, Magic, superpower, anything else that these novels try to do is just dumb because if another people use it is one way, if MC use it is stronger so you never get a clear view of it, if the author say that because MC put more power his is stronger or his mana/KI/dantian is purer he is stronger etc, but then we get explanation that even the elders could not do it etc or we dont see difference in the same skills even if two different people is using it so we just see that the MC is stronger and that it the others is all about the same power there is no strong or weak, so its never a clear picture, just look at ISSTH MC go use a power once do x, later same power he use is stronger but just with a explanation that the MC got stronger but the whole power thing was stronger because the MC have more insight in the law/dao, so he explain to you before that his power is stronger despite his 'level' to later he just say to you that it get stronger because of his 'level' so yeah its pretty dumb overall.

    just follow the author like me, when i grow tired of him making everyone hate the MC, i'll stop reading ED for a while too, like i did with ISSTH, i never read a novel with clear cut of how the powers work i understand that what matter the most is the story and this is why i like reading but this is the reason that i give 9 and never 10 to these novels and the one that have clear cut about how it works is the one designed like a game and these the story is a little messy so we never really get to read something good.
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    MC is so strong that nothing really matters blush 
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