Do you guys think mu chen will have another girl or not?

We seen in the recent chapters he's cool with xiao xiao(xiao yan daughter) and Lin jing(Lin dong daughter) I think it would be cool if he got both of them, but I feel that if get even got a second girl it would nine nether girl. What do guys think and feel about this?


  • It would definetly not surprise me if he got another girl, considering both Xiao Yan and Lin Dong has two wives. I would however prefer that he didn't because I don't know why, I just feel Mu Chen's relationship with Luo Li is different compared to the other 2 MCs of the univers, it's a bit deeper and more developed. I'd prefer it to stay that way, but as I said, it would definetly not surprise me. 

    It would probably be the same thing as the other 2 books where Mu Chen gets together with another girl and then goes "You won't get mad at me won't you?" towards Luo Li, she will act disgruntled but be ok with it.
  • After reading the RAW and interactions with other girls, I feel its very very unlikely.
  • Hmm I guess so I just thought it would kinda cool for mu chen to get both of the previous protagonists daughter, but I see both of y'all opinions and I respect that.
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    Other than Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing the other main strong candidate would be Nine Nether/Jiǔ yōu.  Besides, say he were to get Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing, no matter how much Xiao Yan and Lin Dong might approve of him or have expectations of him, Mu Chen would still likely have to fight both of them to get their daughters.

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