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  • At what chapter does he figure out Elder Dan's true identity?
  • When are the time stap for his power ups (for example when does he enter the nirvana realm and so forth)
  • I've read the entire novel on MTL. Loved the journey, felt that it was a shame when the old characters lost their relevancy. Didn't see the point of the author developing new relationships in the last 20 chapters, felt that was a poor move.

    Would have loved it if Chen Xiang kept adventuring with:
    Hua Xiangyue
    Liu Menger
    Leng Youlan
    Xue Xianxian
    Su Meiyao
    Bai Youyou
    Long Xueyi

    Especially Long Xueyi

    Instead of introducing so many characters that after one or two arcs, the new characters would lose their relevancy.

    The only girls I was a fan of after that was:
    Dongfang Xinyue
    Lu Qillian
    Du Yanyao but she literally got 1, 20 second appearance after the Sacred Dan World
    Long Hui Shan
    Feng Yujie
    Xiao Xianglin who was introduced in like chapter 3500+

    Chen Xiang's harem (if we are including girls he's had sex with and kissed) is about 50 odd women.

    It's also a shame that the women he merely had friendly relations with had no screen time.
    I.e Lan Lan and Yanran

    Don't get me wrong I loved the story, I just wish the author could have payed more attention to the side characters in the second half of the story as he did in the first.
  • @Chu Yuechan 

    I finished this novel as well last month. Although I quite liked it, this novel was a huge source of frustration for me; this was specially true after around chapter 2600.

    I agree with roughly 90% of what @alenotbeer said about this novel.

    The way people were always trying to rob Chen Xiang of his things throughout the whole novel was really disgusting. Doesn't matter what nice thing he came up with, people would try to rob him left and right, while sounding as if it were in their rights to posses Chen Xiang's things. Be it his cultivation technique, alchemy technique, sword technique, space technique, sword, armor, crystals, alchemy recipes, incantations, cultivated Divine Beast, etc. Seriously, it's endless, it goes from beginning till the end of the story with this disgusting plot of people righteously trying to rob Chen Xiang's possessions.

    The cultivation process and the reckless way Chen Xiang kept adventuring were frustrating as well. Even when Chen Xiang had all the necessary things required to progress his cultivation, he would instead, for some retarded reason, postpone it for the moment and would go after any random new possible adventure he could find. Chen Xiang would go repeatedly in adventures, one after another, without even regards for his cultivation, and the majority of the time he would get screwed because of it.

    The alchemy was boring and way too descriptive as well.

    The thing that pissed me the most though was how the majority of the heroines were left forgotten throughout the story. What about Long Xueyi saying that she would never want to separate from Chen Xiang, and that they would always adventure together, just to be left behind a few chapters later? Even Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were almost completely forgotten.

    His wives would be more than willing to travel with Chen Xiang, but he would reject saying that it's dangerous, when being left behind was the most dangerous most of times. Around chapter 2600, Chen Xiang left for the God Uncultivated Land, a higher world, in order TO TAKE THE CONTROL OF HIS WORLD FROM THE HANDS OF A LUNATIC THAT WANTED TO DESTROY SAID WORLD IN ORDER TO ABSORB ITS ENERGY. All his wives wanted to go with him, but Chen Xiang rejected because it would be too dangerous. I was totally "WTF, dude?! How can it be more dangerous than staying alone inside a world controlled by that lunatic?". Yes, retarded logic beyond belief.

    I must add as well that, after going to God Uncultivated Land(chapter 2600), Chen Xiang didn't touch a single "new" heroine or even the old ones that he had yet to touch but were his lovers as well. I seriously felt that I was reading about a different main character. It came to the point where the ones who demanded for Chen Xiang to accept new wives were his own old wives, because they took a liking certain girls but Chen Xiang for some reason became a sacred monk out of nowhere.

    That ending was rushed as fuck as well. What's with that dumb and pointless alchemy competition that lasted more than 10 chapters, when there were only 40 chapters left of the story and a shitton of things left to deal with.

    The thing I liked the most in this novel was Chen Xiang flirting and joking around with beauties as well as their interations, but the author basically put an end to that on the last 1200 chapters.  :|
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  • Well thanks for that I'm dropping this novel now. lol. Like a friend told me most novels turn to shit past the 500 mark. 
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    Yeah, I agree with you, Ophis. Much of my fondness for this story stems from the early romance too. It felt like the story just switched authors for the second part.

    Like... the original love interests were treated horribly despite their importance and prominence in the first part, some barely got a paragraph assuring us that MC did have sex with them before they were abandoned from henceforth. If the author intended to do that to them, he shouldn't have spent so much time developing them and making them likeable, damn it!

    Then, at a certain point, MC essentially become a monk and would only accept about half of the love interest he comes across. Flip a coin. Tails, they have to leave MC for some reason and the author would completely forget about them. Heads, they get to travel with MC, but they would remain "just friends" who would occasionally hold hands and maybe kiss despite thousands of years passing and MC clearly being interested in them. I'm sorry, but if I wanted that, I'd bloody read 凡人修仙传!

    ...And a lot of MC's problems could be solved if he had dedicated more time to training in all those hyperbolic time chambers or time loopholes that he keeps running into... Like the ones that can stretch one month into ten thousand years (or something like that) or just staying in his world and train normally instead of ascending to a higher realm where time runs faster (a couple years into a couple ten thousand years). I keep thinking that if the girls and co can get as OP as him (one or two ranks below him) with such a plot device, imagine how OP MC would be if he were using it instead? Dude is a talented freak of nature, but he doesn't make the best out of all those cheats that keeps dropping into his lap and he keeps acting like a retard (yet everyone treats him like he's Albert Einstein).

    I feel that the reason I got so frustrated with this story (and boy, was I angry when I wrote my comment) is because of lost potential. This story had the potential to be very, very, very good. And the author failed to deliver and completely flopped in the most avoidable way.

    Actually, I think this is mead.
  • Yeah, I really liked the early romance as well.

    Another thing that bothered me was that the author never bothered to explain what was the deal with that Divine Dragon of Chen Xiang. The Dragon did a lot of actions that were out of the ordinary and could serve as foreshadow, but the author simply ignored it all and ended the novel.  :|
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  • So how many girls does he bangs?
  • athlonkmf said:
    What kind of revenge does he get against the Dan elder. Even if she is a harem member, it still pissed me off how she made the competition harder for him.
    She became his slave and the first one he bumps around.
    athlonkmf said:
    What kind of revenge does he get against the Dan elder. Even if she is a harem member, it still pissed me off how she made the competition harder for him.
    She became his slave and the first one he bumps around.
    I thought that was his wife when bonding with the Thunder essence
  • I got to this place where long Xueyi got poisoned by some anti-dragon venom and MC went to the star territory with the cat, his master and master's twin brother to find the antidote. Around when does he return or rather when is Xueyi cured
  • What chapter does the MC first have sex.?
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    wargumm1i said:
    What chapter does the MC first have sex.?
    Chapter 526 to 527, I think.
  • Yen said:
    I got to this place where long Xueyi got poisoned by some anti-dragon venom and MC went to the star territory with the cat, his master and master's twin brother to find the antidote. Around when does he return or rather when is Xueyi cured

    Honestly speaking, he actually doesn't return. Rather, his Harem Sect goes to where he is, and a lot of crazy shit happens after that.

    Chen Xiang takes around 50 or so chapters in order to procure all the ingredients for the pill and sent it back to Long Xueyi through his master's twin brother.
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  • So it pretty much turns rather shitty after 1200 chapters and then at 2500 just full blown shit? Really disappointing..
  • Wanted to know where the MC's profound Martial Dao mark comes from.(chapter 2416)
    As in which divine ability
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    Chen Xiang has sex with Liu Menger and Leng Youlan?

  • I have a couple questions plz help me answer? there any yuri and or ntr thought bai you you and the other girl in his ring were lesbians?

    2. Does bai youyou and the other girl in the ring sei something do they love our mc and join his harem?
  • You seriously didn't make a thread asking the same exact questions. 
  • Yep felt this was a dead thread so I made a new one to try my luck
  • For those who are curious here is the description:


    Young Chen Xiang had a fateful encounter with goddess & demoness & received their peerless heritage, got divine pulse, learns ultimate martial arts, transcendent alchemy techniques, which gives him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation. When hungry he refines some spirit pills to eat as snack, when lonely he flirts with goddesses, when bored he teases those martial artists who came to beg for spirit pills, when tired he let his beautiful wives massage him. Translator’s Synopsis Chen Xiang had been struck with a misfortune, he was born without a spiritual vein so he cannot practice martial arts. However its just his luck that he has a fateful encounter with some mysterious beauties. This made his life take a turn for the better down the path of cultivation and alchemy. This new and exciting world is filled with immortals, devils, gods, and mystical heavenly beasts. As he starts his lifelong adventure, he comes across many secrets and mysteries hidden in this world. Explore with our hero as he contemplates these tantalizing and profound mysteries and reaches the peak of the martial way, while he flirts with women, makes friends and challenges the lords, immortals, and devils of the martial world.

    Translator site:
    Very interesting novel but it's a pity it has only a few translated chapters. I'll just have to wait till it reach at least 100.

    Here, 300+ chapters translated. ;
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    Thats the translators site 
  • So what I read in the spoilers the outrage about his harem is overblown.
    He doesn't abandon his harem he doesn't forget his harem, his harem just stays in a sect/city one of his women created.
    This pretty much happens in every story with a big harem, because it's hard for an author to keep writing about 50 girls.
    He even threw away a chance to create a better world to be with his family/harem in the ending.
  • La verdad pienso que si no puede escribir sobre las mujeres del protagonista, es preferible que no meta tantas mujeres y con solo unas pocas es suficiente para llevar una buena relacion
  • How many the harem is it 27 or 50 i mean the girls who ended living with the MC by the end of the novel not the one he have sex with
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