[Renegade Immortal] - Latest Chapter Discussion.

Anyone else think that Zhou Yi as sword spirit is going to end up merging with Wang Lin's sword spirit, and only then will he be able to put his flying sword all the way to the hilt inside those mysterious sword sheathes?

Bit of Side Trivia: The Lord of the Rings trilogy is 481,103 words long. Adding the Hobbit gets you a total of 576,459 words. If you add in the Silmarillon on top of all that, it reaches 706,574 words.  Assuming that the average word count per chapter is 2,500 words, there are a total of 812,500 words as of this chapter. Holy crap.


  • I was thinking more along the lines of that after he gathers all the mysterious sheaths they fuse. 

  • While that's a good idea, I don't think that that will restrict how deeply he can put a sword into the sheath. It's always been portrayed as a sword simply being unable to withstand the pressure, after all, and that the pressure is related to how well they can refine it to be attached to their souls.
  • Hmm considering that Zhou Yi is Ascendant level, I don't think that that would happen. At least not anytime soon. But considering that there is still that pagoda (meaning there is Karma between them), it might very well happen in the future...
  • Yeah, definitely not any time soon; but with how there is already a lot of karma binding the two together, it wouldn't be out of line for him to eventually come under Wang Lin as one of his sword spirits, or to merge with the one that he has- perhaps because he gets damaged and needs to be stabilized, or something of the sort.
  • Is Rex pranking us twice over with this 408/408 "real" bit, since the 408 "real" he uploaded is the same as the original? What do other people think?
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