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  • 751 The end of the era of the gods

    The heaven punishing ancestral sword is created at the beginning of Hongmeng with the most core and primordial energy of the universe. It's also the first sword ever created and can be considered the ancestor to all swords and weapons. Legend says that even someone with no power holding it would be able to cut the sky and destroy the heavens.

    It's first owner, also the only owner recorded in history, is the leader of the three great gods of creation 'Endo'. When his life came to an end, the sword disappeared with him. Until 700,000 years later, when the sword reappeared again in the center of the universe.

    Both the devil race and the god race wanted to take the sword for their own and it escalated into an all out war between both sides. The war lasted for 30,000 years until the gods took the upper hand and slowly pressed the devils into a corner.
    As a last resort, the devils decided to counter attack with their forbidden weapon, the evil child's wheel of 10,000 disasters.

    Although ranked 2nd in the heavenly treasures, in terms of destructive ability, the evil child's wheel is even more terrifying than the heaven punishing ancestral sword. While the Heaven punishing ancestral sword is created in the in the most center and holy place of the universe, the evil child's wheel came into existence in the darkest place of the universe where the yin energy is the strongest. Nobody is able to control its wicked powers. Although it is located in the Northern region. The devils always tried to seal its power and wouldn't dare using it.

    But when the devils where facing defeat, they eventually decided to use the Evil child's wheel in despair. When the evil child's wheel is activated, the voice of a baby crying echoes and spreads to every corner of the universe together with extreme darkness. The shadow and breath of death envelops every location of the universe.

    After the first wave of attack from the evil child's wheel, both the devils and gods were already pushed to the brink of extinction. When they finally thought the attack was over, the evil child's wheel launched its 2nd wave of attack in the form of poison. This poison eventually wiped out the entire devil and god race.

    It was the Heaven punishing ancestral sword that started this war and the evil child's wheel that ended it.

    From the inheritance that Jasmine got from the evil god, she knew the evil god also caught the poison and in his dying state, he decided to leave behind his inheritance.

    Yun Che still doesn't know what this all have to do with Fen Juechen.
  • 752 Ancient devil arts

    Yun Che asks where the sword and the evil child's wheel are located now? Because the dragon god requested him to find the Heaven punishing ancestral sword because his daughter is sealed inside. Jasmine says the evil god only left behind fragments of his memory and not all, so she doesn't know.

    As for the evil child's wheel, nobody is looking for it or wants to be near it. Even if it appears in front of her, she would get as far away from it. To use it's power to send others to hell, you would first have to send yourself into damnation.

    Yun Che asks what this all gotta do with Fen Juechen. Jasmine answers that the evil arts he was using is exactly the ancient devil arts from the god's era used by the devils. Yun Che wonders why she is so shocked, since the gods were able to pass their inheritance. Shouldn't the devils be also able to do the same.

    Jasmine says that's impossible. When gods fall and leave behind their inheritance, their left behind blood essence or soul fragments will receive protection and affection from the natural world. But it's different for devils, whatever they leave behind will slowly be extinguished by the natural world because their yin energy generally gets rejected.

    Shortly after the demise of the gods, there indeed were inheritors of the devil race, but those demonic energy will soon be exhausted and purified by the natural world after a couple of generations. 30,000 years later, all of the devil inheritors completely disappeared and none appeared since then.
    So the appearance of Fen Juechen is not normal. Since his enternal night demonic arts also requires him to have devil blood, just like Yun Che's phoenix code needs phoenix blood.
    As for Fen Juechen, after reading through his memories, Jasmine knows he inherited it from his father.
    Not the father from the burning heaven clan, but his other father from another life.
  • 753 Forbidden reincarnation arts

    Jasmine explains to Yun Che that Fen Juechen, like him is a reincarnated person from 1000 years ago. They used a forbidden reincarnation arts on him coming from the eternal night illusory devil arts. And this arts is really a high leveled one, Fen Juechen was able to retain 70% of his soul even after 1000 years. She then continues to tell Yun Che about what happened to Fen Juechen after he left Burning heaven clan in ruins, about him finding the coffin that sealed his father's soul inside... All linked to the tragedy befallen on eternal night's royal clan. According to Jasmine, this clan has devil blood flowing within them. Once awakened, their power will surge and they will not be able to reseal their devil blood to hide it from others. But it seems only the direct lineage of the king can awaken it.

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    754 Strange Heavenly Sin Sword

    Chapter continues with Jasmine explaining to Yun Che about the Eternal Night Royal family and how the mighty sword region framed them as a devil family because of their dark colored energy in order to wipe them out and gain the sword, not knowing that the eternal night royal family could actually be considered a devil family because they practice the eternal night illusory devil law. She then goes back to mention how Fen Juechen managed to resist his soul being devoured with his will power and how the devil(ye mufeng) wasn't able to absorb him and how ye mufeng discovered fen juechen was reincarnation of his son ye huang and let himself get absorbed by Fen Juechen.

    Jasmine then explains to yun che about the whole reincarnation thing fen juechen went through and said how pitiful he was because the method and the way he obtained his strength caused his life to shorten a large amount and that it will continue to decline as he powers up until he dies. She talks about how lucky yun che was to have the mirror of samsara when compared to fen juechen's own reincarnation path.  Yun che asks if the other people fen juechen wants to kill is the sacred ground people and jasmine says it is. Yun che reminisces about revenge and his own time on azure continent and comparing it to fen juechen's own search for revenge. Jasmine and yun che both pity him and his sucky life.

    Jasmine tells yun che that fen juechen's goal now is to get the heavenly sin sword because he can control due to his bloodline, even if its only 70% after his reincarnation. Talks about origin of sword and how the sword was found by 1st eternal night ancestor and devil blood drop from sword fused with that ancestor starting the whole devil bloodline. Basically sword had the devil blood and the devil law and eternal night ancestor picked it up and was able to establish the clan. Jasmine says yun che should participate in upcoming event at supreme ocean palace and that she needs to check up on the heavenly sin sword just in case to figure out how the million year devil bloodline was in the sword and what could be happening.

    Yun che feels sorry for fen juechen and hopes he doesn't die soon or little aunt will be sad.  Then he says to himself that he and fen juechen have a common enemy in the mighty sword region and with the sun moon divine hall. 
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    755 heavenly sword villa honored guests

    After 3 days of resting in floating cloud city Yun Che is back to full health. 4th day morning yun che and xue'er decides to leave and head to blue wind city for 2 days to meet up with cang yue and then head back to frozen cloud asgard. Number one under heaven stays behind b/c his sister is pregnant and he is afraid something might happen. Yun che and xue'er get on the ark and zoom to blue wind city. The DPE and feng hongkeng kept their promise and after feng hongkeng gets scared shitless after hearing about yun che's master and the sun moon divine hall running away and cutting all action against yun che he decides to compensate blue wind country a little and more gives them 800,000 jin of the crystals and helped by dispatching more of their army and etc. Basically hongkeng sucking up to yun che trying to get into his master's good book. Other countries in sky profound continent also visit blue wind country often to pay respects and suck up as well. 

    Cang yue then calls yun che for an important matter while being mischevous and sinister. Turns out some of the other countries heard about xue'er and yun ches marriage and so navy tide nation proposes that yun che should marry their princess han yu. Yun che is nervous and awkward and so cang yue teases him by saying that the navy tide nation was sincere and serious about it and that han yu is a great beauty as well judging by the portrait navy tide gave her to see and because she thought yun che would like her she has not declined.

    Dialogue of why the 5 other countries are so respectful to blue wind now. basically DPE pressure and of course main component is yun che. All the other countries scared shitless by yun che since he even forced DPE to back down and submit. Yun che may be consort but he is actual monarch of blue wind country in everyone's eyes.

    Cang yue hands yun che the portrait of han yu and she decides that although she was teasing if yun che looks like he's interested then she'll set up the marriage for the political tie. Yun che then asks if han yu is as beautiful as xue'er, cang yue says no and yun che says that if so then theres no need to think since he's only interested in beauties on xue'er level. Xue'er blushes and is happy. cang yue is like, really? is it fine to decline the envoy is waiting in the city so I can decline it immediately. Yun che says helplessly says go ahead.

    Yun che sees xiao sect emblem and asks about xiao sect. The xiao sect had helped the DPE when they invaded and when they lost they came to imperial capital and said that they would forever be loyal to royal family from now on and etc, etc... basically kissing ass after they abandoned blue wind when it seemed that DPE will win only to grovel and praise after DPE loses.

    Talk moves to heavenly sword villa and cang yue gets somber saying no news, they never helped even after asking 9 times and even now there is no news or any action being taken by them. Yun che snorts and says he'll go over personally to see what the reasons were.

    Currently in heavenly sword villa headmaster is seeing two guests (uncles from mighty sword region)and are talking about ling jie and his progress as well as headmaster and his wife's problems starting to ease the past three years. Not remorseful at all and they also talk about black fiend nation matter. Then a voice calls for xuanyuan yufeng(wife) to get the hell out here.
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    756 condemning

    Yun che tells xue'er about heavenly sword villa mountain as they head towards the area. Reminisces about how he looked at the villa in awe when he was weak but now he is strong and currently he looks at the heavenly sword villa with despise. Xue'er asks timidly how he is going to deal with them and yun che sighs and said even if he wanted to forgive them he can't after them not helping the country and the personal matter of little fairy (cue murderous aura).

    Yun che then calls for yufeng to get the hell out. The entire villa is startled and angry/confused about who would act like this in their territory. Jasmine tells yun che there are 2 guests in the villa with decent strength (Level 6 sovereign). Yun che sneers then he flashes back to ling jie and feels a little conflicted. 

    Rest of chapter is pretty boring, basically yufeng and tianni feeling ashamed and saying that they'll give a confession. Father trying to protect son and son saying that he is current villa master and that he chose to do what he did and that he is willing to give a confession and apologize. Yun che asks if he even wanted a confession from him and says that he wouldn't even care about the mighty sword region and that if he wanted to he could destroy their villa since he caused a ruckus in DPE city a while back. Both father and son pale at this.

    Yun che then says that his wife cang yue told him even if sword villa forgot about their loyalty and ties to blue wind blue wind can't forget theirs and sink as low as they did and destroy them. Father and son feel bad and ashamed about their actions and regrets not helping cang yue and feels worse as they remember cang yue's pleas and her sorrows and blue wind kingdom's sorrows.
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    757 xuanyuan yufeng (this is the wife that hated/hates little fairy)

    The chapter starts with yun che continuing to rebuke the father son pair saying how shameless they were to sit idle as blue wind was destroyed and as his empress wife cried tears of blood asking for aid. He says that they have let down the blue wind kingdom and their ancestors as well as their whole lineage b/c of their acts. They agree and accept that they have done regretful things and tianni even says he will go see cang yue and apologize in person, but yun che says to forget it that his wife does not want to see his face or anyone else from heavenly sword villa ever again.

    Yun che then goes on a rant about how he repays his friends with friendship and enemies with blood and how if they had helped the country during the 3 years he was gone yun che would have done anything to repay them in thanks but now they should be grateful that he doesn't destroy them due to his wife's wishes even if mighty sword region is behind them.

    Xuanyuan feng then calls yun che out and he turns to her, she is also the person who spread little fairy's secret and yun che knows this from the merchant guild. Husband tries to chastise her and tell her to back down and that it doesn't involve her when she reminds him that yun che called her out in the beginning and he's like oh yeah.....

    Husband trys to intervene saying how could there be any enmity between yun che and his wife since they haven't met since that one time and even then not really. Yun che says that she should know what he is talking about and that the only apology and reckoning he needs is from her. Then yun che moves to capture her but the 2 elders from mighty sword region interfere and they greet yun che saying its an honor to meet the famous yun che. Yun che then asks why they interfered if they are honored, he then says that he has an extreme grudge with xuanyuan yufeng so back off.
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    758 xuanyuan and 9th elder

    Summary for this chapter is short. Basically in a nut shell Yun che captures xuanyuan even with elders trying to protect her and one elder threatens by telling yun che that she is daughter of 9th elder. Rest of chapter is elders thretening yun che but can't attack him b/c they know about yun che's "master" duotian and how sun moon hall elder got turned into a crisp with a little spark so they are afraid to anger yun che's master by hurting his disciple. Then since yun che still doesnt release xuanyuan one elder attempts to attack xue'er thinking she is a frozen asgard disciple close to yun che.

    Elders are xuanyuan jiuding and mu yuanzhi.
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    759 In an extremely difficult situation

    Another short summary b/c its not very important.
    The elders both get wrecked hard by xue'er phoenix powers b/c she is lvl 8 sovereign. They fight for a while as elders struggle and yun che stays afloat watching/clutching xuanyuan by the neck. After a few more exchanges xue'er defeats them and spares their lives and elders figure out her identity as princess xue'er, a 19 year old sovereign 8 which shocks them. Yun che had been doing a soul search using profound handle during the fight and he confirms that what he learned from merchant zi elder was true and she really was the true culprit and more. He regrets slightly b/c she is ling jie's mother but still angry and pissed off at her.
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    760 remeets ling jie

    Ling yun comes flying in (actual son that yun che's wife fought during the competition years back) and demands yun che release his mother. (Previous father son was the old sword guy and villa head).  Ling jie also follows his brother out. Father tries to stop them and says not to go b/c ling yun is now extremely weak compared to yun che but ling jie is catching up/passing his brother but still both are weaker than yun che currently. Ling jie is shocked b/c he was originally happy his boss was alive but the current setting was pretty bad and confused him.

    (well with yun che trying to kill his mother no wonder he's confused, poor kid.well with yun che trying to kill his mother no wonder he's confused, poor kid.)

    Yun che then blows the pair back away from him with a energy blast. He then explains to everyone why he was pissed and why he demands answers and justice because of xuanyuan spreading chu yuechan's pregnancy and how she sent 3 mighty sword region men to attack and kill chu yuechan when she was kicked out of frozen cloud asgard. Xuanyuan laughs and confirms everything saying she only regrets that the three couldn't actually kill chu yuechan letting her escape due to their carelessness. The father and sons are horrified by the news because they really didn't know.

    Ling yuefeng asks for forgiveness and to spare his wife b/c he is partially to blame and that it was his own desire for chu yuechan that started the feud and jealousy. Yun che refuses. The elder tries to threaten with ninth elder again but yun che tells the elders to go fuck themselves and shut up as he dared to kill the sun oon divine hall and wreck DPE city and kill DPE sovereigns he wouldn't care if he killed mighty sword elders as well. The elders become pale b/c even disregarding yun che and his master just xue'er is enough to kill them here and now.

    Ling jie then cries out begging yun che to not kill his mother and says he will pay for her crimes with his life instead and attempts to kill himself. This scares everyone even xuanyuan as they try to stop him. Yun che (being our badass mc) decides to chuck xuanyuan at ling jie stopping him from killing himself. Ling jie and ling yun cry out mother and ling tianni and ling yuefeng crowd around her and yun che says to pray that chu yuechan and his child are safe or else.
  • 761 life promise (not sure of title)

    Yun che calls xue'er and says lets leave and they fly off. Mu yuanzhi is relieved that it ended semi-peacefully b/c of yun che's master but then 13th elder xuanyuan jiuding says to worry not (they seem to know something about yun che's master or maybe they have a way to deal with him. Not stated what they know, just xuanyuan elder saying lets talk about it later and smiling strangely after mu elder asks what he's saying)

    Xue'er attempts to cheer yun che up by saying that chu yuechan and his child will be safe. She also asks about what happened to her and yun che says that from the soul search he learned the 3 men sent to kill her were unable to succeed b/c even though she had crippled herself(taken away frozen asgard power) she escaped into extreme land of ice and snow in frozen asgard mountain area and managed to find a snow phoenix which she rode on to safety as the 3 became lost in the snow storm. But after that what could have happened to her he doesn't know and he feels terrible not knowing. Xue'er again continues to try and comfort him.

    Ling Jie then comes calling and yun che asks if he came to kill him/attack him for what he did and ling jie says no, he came to thank him. Yun che asks what the heck is wrong with his brain thanking someone who just attacked his family and home and nearly killed his mother when ling jie says he knows yun che spared his mother for him and that they were originally in the wrong so it would have been justified even if yun che killed his mother. He says he knows how much yun che cares for his family judging by how he destroyed burning heaven clan for his family members and that yun che sparing his mother was a huge concession on yun che's part b/c of ling jie.

    Yun che is like its fine we're brothers aren't we and ling jie tears up asking if he can still call yun che boss and yun che says yes. Ling jie says how lucky he is to have a boss like yun che and yun che is like no i'm the lucky one since i have such a little brother. (what a lovely bromance.....) Then yun che talks about ling jie's progress but warns him not to be to close to mighty sword region b/c they are evil and are hiding something and that yun che will eventually have to confront them even if ling jie is a member. Yun che warns ling jie to pull out and stay away from mighty sword region if possible. Ling jie eventually agrees b/c he trusts his boss. He then says that he will leave heavenly sword villa and mighty sword region to go off searching for chu yuechan to atone for his mother's mistakes and with that promise ling jie sets off.
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    762 devil sword dark clouds

    Deep down underground where heavenly sin sword is kept we find out that the sword actually hosts a devil sovereign and the sword is originally sealed. Old man appears and begins to talk with the sword talking about how they are holding the devil sword convention in order to lure fen juechen and the other powers and how the day of the convention is when yin energy is highest to allow for the devil to more easily escape from the sword seal. Apparently he has been sealed for a long time and when eternal night ancestor found him he gave him the devil blood and devil law in exchange for the ancestor helping him get free but the ancestor turned on him and instead sealed him more tightly and swore to guard the sword forever along with his eternal night clan so he may never be free.

    The old man reassures the devil spirit that he will not do the same as long as the devil keeps his promise of helping him get world domination. Some more info and how devil sovereign was sealed by evil god and he need fen juechen to extract the devil blood to free him. The two laugh at how well the plan is going and it is revealed that the man is xuanyuan wentian from heavenly sword region 
  • 763 heaven filling hate

    Lingxi and grandpa xiao are in floating cloud city talking about tianxi diqi (xiao yun's wife) pregnancy. Then they get news of fen juechen being seen seriously injured and hurt and lingxi (little aunt) decides to go to him, others try to say no but grandpa and lingxi say that it was fen juechen that helped them and kept the DPE soldiers away during the war and etc.

    Lingxi arrives and stops 1st under heaven from killing fen juechen and refuses to kill fen juechen even when 1st under heaven tells her repeatedly that he is dangerous and has a unshakable feud with yun che. She begs him to save fen juechen and that she believes he isn't a truly bad person. 1st under heaven eventually agrees and helps heal him, which fen juechen doesn't want as he doesn't like pity and is full of anger and hate.

    Fen juechen is recuperating in floating cloud city while lingxi tries to help him and comfort him but fen juechen keeps saying he doesn't want her help or any pity especially since she is related to yun che. He flips shit and breaks stuff everytime she tries to help him, until he finally snaps at her telling her his hate for yun che fills the heavens and that his life's goal is to kill yun che for revenge and why she couldn't get that through her thick skull.

    Lingxi keeps on saying that she doesn't believe it and that he should find a way to let go of the grievance and that since he lost his family she will be his family as his younger sister and him as the elder brother. Fen Juechen then goes into a daze and chapter ends.
  • 764 tears of a demon

    Fen juechen keeps on denying lingxi saying he is full of hatred and is like a devil. Lingxi then goes on a rant saying that she will be his younger sister and she would truly see him as family, as her elder brother and how she cherishes family vary deeply and how currently she has only grandpa xiao, yun che as real family but that he can be another member of her family.

    Fen juechen keeps trying to refuse and turn her away saying he is a demon intnet on slaughter and intent on killing yun che and etc and lingxi keeps on pushing him to be family and to let go of his hate, she tells him how he helped her back then when she was taken by burning heaven clan and also how he saved the city during DPE war and how she believes he is a good person and is a hero in her eyes. Fen juechen is eventually pushed into a corner by her insistence and forced to acknowledge it and she gives him yun che's clothes to wear saying that even if he hates yun che the clothes did nothing wrong. Fen juechen is then left alone to change and he holds the clothes then cries as he realizes that he has tears and that he can be a human not a devil.
  • 765 Devil Sword Competition approaches

    Lingxi comes back in and acts like a proper younger sister forcing him to eat medicinal soup she also tells him to call her lingxi or younger sister from now on since he is her elder brother. Fen Juechen is then surprised when lingxi tells him that he is very much like yun che such as his temperament to get angry and ballistic if those he cares about are in danger. She then tells him that the matter of clan extermination 4 years ago yun che regrets it and feels bad for fen juechen because he knows how painful it is to be an only survivor of a exterminated clan. Lingxi tells fen juechen that it wasn't really yun che's fault and that she believes both yun che and fen juechen are good people. Fen juechen then asks what he could do with his power since he only acquired power for revenge then lingxi says that he can use the power to protect people like yun che and how he chose the heavy sword to protect his loved ones. She also goes on about how safe and happy she will be to know she was protected by both yun che and fen juechen.

    Fen juechen then asks what she would do if yun che died and she said that she would accompany him in death, she explains her childhood and her time with yun che and how when previously it seemed he died she also wanted to die but since grandpa xiao would be lonely she didn't but how now that xiao yun is back she could die without regret if yun che also dies since granpa xiao won't be so lonly. Fen juechen then says he won't kill yun che now after her talk of dying with yun che and etc. Lingxi is really happy and thanks him, 1st under heaven had looked on secretly and he is surprised by lingxi and how she convinced fen juechen.

    Back at frozen cloud asgard xue'er comes in to yun che's room and tells him that the day of the devil sword convention is in 4 days according to her father and most of DPE has started to head on over to the ocean palace. Yun che also begins to ready himself to travel. He then goes to check up on the frozen cloud asgard fairies. The 6 fairies greet him and they and most of the disciples have leveled up due to the pills yun che gave them but they can't practice frozen end arts, yun che ponders why and the difficulty of training in the art when jasmine tells him its hopeless because they won't be able to learn it in even 10,000 years. Yun che asks why.
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    766 unusual frozen end divine arts

    The frozen end divine arts is apparently a ice phoenix art and to train in it one requires the blood of the divine beast, but yun che and xia qingyue's physiques managed to bypass the requirement. This is the reason jasmine told yun che the other faeries had no chance in cultivating the art. The 3 fire divine beasts were the phoenix, golden crow, and vermillion bird the 3 ice divine beasts were the azure(blue) dragon, ice phoenix, and ice qilin. Each with their respective techniques, the frozen end divine art is the ice phoenix's technique like yun che's world ode of the phoenix.

    Meanwhile on the demon continent duke Ming has been cornered by the other families and he is putting up a struggle.

    *Note that the azure dragon mentioned above is not the same as the primordial azure dragon yun che got the inheritance from. Basically this "azure" dragon is water elemental based. Think of it as more of a flood dragon if you want to clear it up.
    The raw characters are 青龙 which literally means blue-green dragon. Azure dragon in Chinese is 青龍 in traditional and 青龙 in simple
  • 767 Wasting duke ming

    Little demon empress appears and cripples duke ming who tried to escape using his essence blood and a escape technique but was caught by the LDE before he could successfully disappear. LDE cripples his cultivation instead of killing him to torture him for a long time for revenge. Then she asks yun family's preparations on void transport gate, they say it will be ready in 10 days and the portal will connect to the profound sky continent. Mu family head wonders about LDE and how she cares for yun che, even though she trys to hide it. The families and LDE prepare for the portal opening in 10 days. 

    Back on sky continent xue'er and yun che have departed to supreme ocean palace, they arrive a bit away from the actual location to hide existence of the ark, xue'er and yun che fly using their profound strength the rest of the way.
  • 768 floating ocean palace

    Yun che and xue'er arrive and are greeted by yuanba and his master. Other people are surprised by xue'er level in cultivation, sovereign 8. They exchange pleasantries and chat while gu cang thinks about the outstanding new generation and how frightening yuanba and xue'er are and how heaven defying yun che is. He also notices how xue'er seems attached and dependent on yun che as well. He then asks yun che about his master mr. duotian and yun che replies that he isn't interested in mortal affairs and is mysterious only showing up to help him when he needs it. Gu cang nods and says as expected of such a senior. 

    7 venerable of ocean palace are arriving, yuanaba explains that they are the people above elder status in the holy grounds. 
  • 769 Ocean Palace Saint Master (Looks like Mars is releasing in a weird interval pattern now)

    The Ocean Palace master wishes to meet with yun che alone, xue'er doesn't like it but she says that she'll just wait for yun che outside and their escort respectfully lead them to the palace master. Yunaba already left with his master and the escort thinks about yun che and how he has heaven defying strength and also how he has connections with other similarly heaven defying people along with a god-like master.

    Yun che arrives and discovers that the ocean palace master is a woman and the name of the overlord pellet was changed, don't know why. The palace master asks yun che why he wants the Netherworld Udumbara Flower from the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest. Yun che says that his master needs it and when palace master asks why his master sent yun che to fetch something so dangerous to even sovereigns he replies that it is a test for him from his master and so he needs to complete it with his own strength. Palace master acknowledges it and says that she will let yun che go to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest since he even sold them the overlord pills.

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    770 losses money from transaction

    Palace master says she will send yun che right now which surprises yun che since the devil sword convention is ongoing but she tells him not to worry as it will take time to set everything up. Yun che and palace master then goes into a discussion about the pills and zi ji is also called in, he was a member of the ocean palace as suspected and seems to have a strange relationship with the palace leader. Yun che then says that he will sell the 20 pills to ocean palace for 2 jins of crystal a piece and with the 2 high level monster cores and with the access to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest and then the ocean palace can auction it off or whatever they want since it'll be their pill. 

    Palace master also said that she was suspicious of his master and whether it was true but the pills forced her to believe it because its incredibly difficult to create and in such quantity without a strong power. Yun che then seals the deal regarding the pills as zi ji tells him about the actual value of the divine crystals  and how the ocean palace needs to keep some in reserve.
  • 771 mighty heavenly sword master

    Yun che completes transaction and gets his cores and crystal while zi ji gets the pills. He then begins to take yun che to the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest but ocean palace master reminds him that the seal can only be opened for 100 breaths of time and then it will close, zi ji acknowledges it and says that they will begin to leave after 50 breaths of time so do not worry.

    Yun che and zi ji leaves and xue'er also follows them, yunaba also comes along and yun che asks to bring him as well. zi ji doesn't disagree and they continue on but a strong person shows up and yunaba remarks that the person's aura and strength is above even his own master. Yun che asks who it was and zi ji says that it was the sword master of mighty sword region Xuanyuan Wentian. Yunaba is surprised while yun che gets angry and clenches his fist when he knows who it is. Xuanyuan Wentian says hello and looks at zi ji and yun che's group talking pleasantries with them. After they pass him yun che talks secretly with jasmine saying he might have to rely on her during the devil sword convention and that the sword master strikes him as hiding a secret. Jasmine says not to worry since her strength is enough to kill even a thousand Xuanyuan Wentians.

    Father and son pair (Xuanyuan Wentian and son) talk about yun che and their plans for the devil sword and talk about the mirror of samsara and how they want to take it and the divine profound secrets in the devil sword since they both appeared now. Xuanyuan Wentian then reminds his son that this is the ocean palace and so must take care and not act like its the mighty sword region. Son says he gets it.
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    Oh hi, I'm the new Bladerash. Normally I should be putting an introduction here but everyone already knows who I am.


    The chapter starts with YC talking with Jasmine about Xuanyuan Wentian and how he didn't ask YC about his master.  ecause of YC's formidable intuition he thinks that MHSR knows that 'Doutian' is a fake, Jasmine tells him he has her and that he has nothing to fear and YC responded with that he will rely on her strength the following days.

     After the small chat with Yasmine, Zi Ji warns YC about XW (Xuanyuan dude) telling him that XW is a sword maniac and that he is crazy for power (another death flag raised, only the mc and his buddies are allowed to be crazy for power). XW is stronger than the leader of SOP and the poison bitches but he is equal to the Sain Emperor. then he talks about the ENRF which no one cares about and how XW destroyed them because he was power mad.

    YC thanks Zi Ji but he still wants to know something but he doesn't know if he should ask it. YC is curious about Qu Fengyi (This translation is confusing me qq) Qu Fengyi is the leader of the sea palace but why does she keep adopting sons (and daughters?) is it because no one wants her? And with that YC thought that she was ugly hell. (I probably have this whole part wrong, I need huge corrections!)

    Zi Ji asks if YC wants to know about the relations the Sovereign of the seas and he has. YC smiles and says that the he got suspicious because the seniors of the sea palace are polite to Zi Ji and he was curious about his status. Some guessing is happening and in the end YC came to the conclusion that they were married. Zi Ji confirms that they are married but because of these two statuses it is made a secret, after that points his finger to the place telling him that they arrived at the Moon Slaughter Devil Nest.

    Yuanba starts talking about a strong formation and more shit that you don't need to know, Zi Ji in the end aks why YC wants the flower and YC says that he has his reasons. Some warnings happen about that place but this is YC, he won't be affected.
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  • 773

    The chapter starts with YC saying to Yuanba and Xue'er that they shouldn't enter the place, Yuanba says that he won't back down after coming this far and Xue'er wants to protect YC. YC being all smooth he tells  xue'er to hold his hand and tells Yuanba to be cautious.

    The seal was removed and they have 100 breaths to stay in the place. When they entered the place they all could feel something cold through their body and soul, Xue'er firmly  grasped YC's hand. Dark attribute energy was lingering arround and no outside light could enter.

    Suddenly everyones profound strength was being surpressed to the  emperor profund realm, YC shrugs it away and asks Zi Ji to lead him to the Netherworld Udumbara Flower. They all followed Zi Ji and Xue'er activated her phoenix fire but they couldn't see that much even with her pure fire.

    Zi Ji teaches YC some history about this place, how it was discovered and how the strength of the people that entered the place were surpressed. YC askes about the origin of the yin origin to Jasmine but Jasmine was shocked, she never had seen this before and she got scared. Jasmine orders Yun Che to leave the place because the huge amount of yin energy would mean that there is a scary monster.

    While Jasmine is talking she got interupted by some weird laughs, the 4 quickly released their profound aura but because of the surpression they weren't that strong. In this place everyone would be surpressed by two realms but Yuanba was shockingly surpressed one realm below, the tyrant realm!

    While everyone was ready to fight, YC suddenly noticed something Zi Ji also saw what YC saw, what they saw was the Netherworld Udumbara Flower! While he was being excited he suddenly felt something behind him!


    Damn this chapter was a fun read, 27 chapters left until we are caught up!

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  • 774

    YC quickly turned around and somewhere in the distance he saw a purple light. The purple light was becoming bigger by time and YC ordered everybody to retreat. The purple light was from the Udumbara flower and they were praising it's abilities (I think).

    Zi Ji starts talking how lucky YC is because they still have half the time left inside the place. YC tells Xue'er and Yuanba to go back and that he will take the Udumbara flower immediately, Xue'er responds that he needs to be careful and YC going all smooth che mode tells her not to worry ('Death' flag).

    Jasmine on the other hand is angry and tells YC to go back, YC tries to refute but Jasmine tells him that the flower hasn't been fully bloomed yet. YC tries to confirm Jasmine words and is shocked when he saw that it hasn't fully bloomed yet.

    Wants to pluck the flower in it's not fully bloomed state but Jasmine says that the difference would be too big, the difference was the same as heaven and earth. After that there is a discussion that he can't leave because he needs to wait another 500 years to enter the place again and he doesn't have that much time.

    Jasmine tells him to leave at maximum speed and YC asks why, she tells him that the dark energy is dangerous and with her soul body she can't resist the dark energy. She keeps telling him how dangerous it is to leave the sky poison pearl but suddenly she stops talking, this time Jasmine's tone changes and tells YC to leave again because she noticed that a creature was living near the flower.

    At that time Zi Ji tells YC that they have less than 30 breaths left, YC made the decision to leave and Yuanba asks about the flower but YC tells him to ignore that.

    Back to talking with Jasmine, YC asks what the cultivation is from the monster and Jasmine says that the monster is in the sixth level of the Sovereign profound realm. They run towards the formation but YC suddenly slows down and like a hero he pushes Xue'er towards the formation.

    Jasmine already predicted what he was planning to do but she tells him to leave the place while Yuanba and Xue'er shout YC name.

    YC being smooth tells them not to worry about him and tells them that he has the profound ark and that he has nothing to worry about, but to break his confidence Jasmine tells him that the Profound boat won't work in this place.

    After that the formation activates and the 3 leave with YC and Jasmine left behind.


    Around the part where YC pushes Xue'er another scene happened in my mind where Yun Che turns back to the flower and releases his aura ready to fight, from behind him Xue'er and the rest could see the energy released from his body. 

    The formation activates and the last thing they could see was that YC dashed forward towards the flower, such a scene would make this chapter so cool!
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    The sound of Phoenix flames could be heard inside the Supreme Ocean Palace, the origin of the Phoenix flames were from Xue'er that went berserk after the formation closed. Zi Ji and Yuanba try to stop her but because of the flames they can't get close.

    As a last resort Xue'er used Star Scorching Demon Lotus but nothing happened, Xue'er kept crying while saying 'brother Yun' repeatedly. Yuanba finally get's to her and comforts her, telling her that YC has the profound ark and can get out of the place easily. Zi Ji also thinks he can get out because of his 'master'. 

    From the distance people were flying towards the place the 3 were, the first one that they noticed was the Great Elder Mo Chenfeng from the Ocean Palace (Who?), behind him there was the father, grandfather, first brother and the great grandfather of Xue'er.

    Xue'er was shocked seeing her great grandfather Fenk Zukui, 100 years ago he was at the ninth level of the sovereign profound realm. Some real big shot appeared.

    Mo Chenfeng asked Zi Ji what happened and Zi Ji explained what happened and some recap happens.

    The phoenix family land and were surprised seeing Xue'er here and Hengkong asks why she is here. Incest lover Ximing was shit talking blue wind and Yun Che but she ignored him.

    Xue'er explains why she is here and that YC also came here, some talking happen and HengKong tells Zukui who YC was and tells that he gave Xue'er the last 2 odes. While in the distance Incest lover kept shit talking YC but he kept being ignored.

    Xue'er tells her father she will stay here waiting for YC, Yuanba also decides to stay here with Xue'er to wait for Yun Che. Hengkong tells Tianwei and Zukui who Yuanba is and they were shocked learning who he was.

    Ziming asks his father to also stay here with Xue'er but Hengkong simply says to shut up after that everyone left leaving Yuanba and Xue'er behind.

    The chapter ends with Xue'er saying something incredibly cute.

    „Brother Yun, Xue'er will wait for you to come out here safely.” Feng Xue'er both hands place the chest, beautiful pupil closed, the snow lip pronounces unstressed: „A Brother Yun day does not come out, Xue'er on and other day, one year does not come out, Xue'er on and other year ... If ... If Brother Yun is never willing to come back, Xue'er can forever ... Forever here is accompanying Brother Yun ...”  

    This is the Lnmtl version, she is basically saying that she will wait for ever and ever for YC on the place she is saying.

    So cuuuuuuteeeee!


    Damn Mars isn't messing around with these incredible chapters, damn I have missed a lot!
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  • 776

    The chapter starts with Jasmine scolding YC for not leaving the place, YC says that they waited for 7 years to get the flower. Some more words are being exchanged and the beast has been brought up, YC says that he won against Juechen so why wouldn't he win against that beast.

    Jasmine then gets angry and says that he won because of Hong'er because she was sucking away the power of Juechen when they fought or something. 

    The discussion ends and YC sits down and activated the great way of the buddha (I have no idea why). After a while he stands up again and activates the golden crow flame and walks towards the flower.


    Damn this was a chapter where almost nothing happened easy for me to write tho!
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  • 777

    YC looked at the flower and asks Jasmine for the location of the beast, she says it is above the flower staring at YC. YC asks if it's really in the sixth level of the sovereign profound realm, Jasmine is not sure but she thinks she is that far off.

    YC tries to come in contact with the beast, calling it the Moon Slaughter Devil Sovereign. The beast finally talks and is generous to kill YC personally. Some talking happen how the beast is 10.000 years (I'm from Europe, the decimals we use are different) in the devil nest. The beast is pissed because he knows that YC also wants the flower, the beast explains how he needs the flower to get his old strength back.

    After a while YC learns that the beast is 1 million years alive or stuck in the nest. 

    And BAAAM the fighting starts, YC activates his two flames but he felt something familiar when he got attacked by the beast. Some monolouge happen and Jasmine found out that the monster was using the Eternal Night Illusory Devil Law, the beast heard what Jasmine said and was really shocked but later found out where it came from.

    He found out that YC had another soul in his body and that she knew about his cultivation, the cultivation he is using is also the same cultivation Juechen is using or something.

    Some predicting happen and they found out that the beast was a DEMON!
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  • 778

    YC was shocked when he heard from Jasmine that the beast was actually a demon. Gods and demons should be extinct but a demons was right in front of him. YC asks Jasmine if she is sure and she says that she is completely sure, the demon 'asks' who Jasmine is, from his voice you could hear that he was shocked and had some fear in it.

    Jasmine finally found the link of how the cultivation appeared in the profound sky continent, the demon on the other hand can't believe that his cultivation has leaked out and that only this king (He calls himself a king btw) knew about the cultivation. Suddenly the demon knew how the cultivation was leaked, it was his stupid son that leaked it and the demon started raging because of that.

    We also learn that the Heavenly Sin Divine Sword actually is named the Eternal Night Devil Sword and that the sword also has a soul in it. 1 million years ago the demon was sealed by the evil god but 10.000 years ago the seal weakened and he got out and since then he was gathering his old strength back. 

    The demon was also very happy to learn that the evil god died.

    YC wants to know why the evil god didn't kill the demon but instead the sealed him away, the demon tells him he can ask the evil god personally after he kills him.

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  • 779

    Jasmine tells YC to kill the devil at all cost.

    The demon attacks YC first but YC used Star God's Broken Shadow and Extreme Mirage Lightning to escape, the demon was shocked but he easily caught up with YC. YC leaped away at this moment YC noticed that the demon is 100 times stronger than Juechen, this is because the demon is active for more than 1 million years and he knows his technique's.

    YC opened Purgatory and his aura changed, after releasing a low roar YC used Burning Sun Rupture a golden crow attack. The attack hit the demon but the flame easily dissapeared, the demon also recognized the flame and said that the golden crow flame wouldn't do him anything and that he would only be scared of the vermillion bird flame.

    The demon noticed the sudden change in YC body and he recognized that aura, his anger boiled up again into a new degree. The anger he had now was exceeding the anger he had about his son, he was angry because YC was the person that inherited the evil gods powers and wants to kill him in all cost for revenge.

    YC summons Hong'er and some huge light appeared when she appeared, that light showed the whole body of the demon. The fighting continues and the sword could damage the demon, the demon was shocked learning that the sword could damage him he also recognized something from hong'er. (I personally didn't understand that part, if someones knows what happened please tell me)

    Jasmine tells YC that he can only win with Hong'er.
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  • 780

    The demon got scared from hong'er and started spouting things like the Devil Punisher Sword and about how the Sword Spirit God clan was exterminated. 

    Around this time we learn more about hong'er's origin, the two continue fighting but the demon got more scared because of the aura the sword emitted.

    80% of this chapter is fighting and about hong'er nothing interesting, the other 20% however is interesting.

    The scene switches back to the blue wind and Cang Yue received a sound transmission from Lingxi, something big had happened and she quickly wanted to send YC a message but because of the distance she couldn't. Cang yue ordered some people to get in contact with Frozen Cloud Asgard so that they could convey the message.

    Cang Yue then finally explains what happened, it seemed that Xiao Yun went missing and no one could find him. Now whole blue wind is searching for Xiao Yun.
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