Help me find this novel please!

So I remember reading a novel that had a rather unique character involved, but the details of it are all hazy in my mind when I try to remember it.

I remember that initially it seemed like he had no talent in cultivating which lead his family to despise him, but later on he demonstrated talent in it which got him sent to the same school as his older brother who was shown to be FAR more polite than the other brother.

At one point he saved his brother from some people by ruthlessly injuring them, I think he was also engaged to the princess of the King in the area, but at one point he had to flee from the entire Kingdom as another sect wanted to murder him.

Eventually he returned as some important figure to another Empire, helped them resolve their war at the time, and eventually wiped out the sect that tried to kill him so long ago. Can anyone help me remember what novel this was, because it was freaking amazing and I wanna read it again!


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