Think i might start reading this, but i wanna know...
is this heram and whats the MC's cultivation like...
is it more like: CD, ISSTH, DE ??(which one best describes it)


  • I haven't read the CD or ISSTH as I started TDG a month ago for first Wuxia novel,then DE, and MGA.

    For me, it is similar to DE in the sense or multiple ranks requiring MC to acquire insight as well as energy resources to powerup and make "breakthroughs" to each rank, especially between each "Tier" aka Spirit Tier 9 ranks > Origin Tier with 9 Ranks > Profound with 9 ranks etc etc etc.

    Cultivation is like DE in terms of MC being OP with benefits resulting in crazy fast growth and constantly overpowering people who are technically "above" his level. Both in terms of mystical spirit power, cultivation techniques, and equipment.

    Harem yes, but seems people love it or hate it for MGA style
  • the is pretty straightforward novel and nothing to stress about..u can read it with free mind so no problems there..its fun and gets u engrossed..hope this helps
  • Cultivation is always important, but for MGA the MC attitude and personality are way more focused on. You should read it. Unless you want a nearly sickly sweet MC like CD. Chu Feng is badass. Über Bad Ass
  • where do people who read the raws read them?
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    And is there a translation machine that's better than lnmtl.com

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    Well to be correct in my opinion CF used to be a badass after reaching the upper realm he doesn't seem like a badass anymore. The cultivation is pretty straight forward with major realms which have 9 levels each.
  • The Grammar Nazi seeks to inform you that your previous comment has an error. "Well to be correct in my opinion..." Is flawed. If it's an opinion, it would be neither correct or incorrect. If you used "honest" in place of "correct", things become copacetic 
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