[Problem] F-secure has tagged wuxiaworld as harmful

As off today (02.01.2017), every time I try to access any page inside wuxiaworld.com site, including this forum, my f-secure app will show a warning. According to the warning, wuxiaworld.com has been reported as a harmful site. I don't believe that it would be a good thing to be labelled as a harmful site, so you might want to do something about that.

Thanks for sharing with us these great novels and happy New Year !


  • Hi,

    can you check the antivirus logs to see what's the reason for tagging us as malware? I am setting up a virtual machine with windows 7 to test just in case. 

    Thanks for notifying us.
  • Unfortunately I have not been able to check any logs from my phone. I will try to access the site later on from a computer, and hopefully that will give out more information.
  • Ok, thank you very much!
  • Unfortunately it didn't help anything. Even with normal computer F-secure still tries to prevent me from accessing the site as it is "suspicious" according to it's warning, but there is no explanation why it is so. Even the event log which is shown to me only repeats the sama sentence.
  • Well, don't worry. It was enough help to know there is a problem with that antivirus. Thanks for your help :smile: 

  • Chances are it's from when there were vid adds on the site. FSecure tends to report them as malware. All you can do (Kirsu) is reach out to FSecure and let them know it's a false positive, and then wait to for them to check it.

    in the mean time you can manually bypass the AV to view the site
  • I've already submitted the report this morning, but it's going to take a bit to get it reviewed.
  • Well, that was faster than expected. They've said they were going to mark wuxiaworld.com as safe, and that their security solutions would be update via Security Cloud.
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