hey! I'm new...kinda...sorta...recommend me something!

hey guys! newbie here. so here's how i got hooked into reading whatever is in wuxiaworld.

i was bored one day looking for new manga to read, then i saw the tales of demons and gods manhua, then i thought to myself "eh..why not?"

then i caught up to the latest chapter at the time and was craving for more, then found out that it's actually adapted from a novel. after a few searches here and there, found wuxiaworld and re-read TDG in novel form and a whole new world opened up for me.

sounds dramatic but that's what it felt like at the time.

after catching up to TDG. the same thing happened when i found Wu Dong Qian Kun. after that, i decided to just read novels of whatever looks good

after looking at recommendations for other people i went from TDG and WDQK to the already finished Coiling Dragon

then moved on to Stellar Transformation, then Against the gods, then I Shall Seal The Heavens, then Martial God Asura, then Battle Trough The Heavens

long story short, i finished/caught up to:

with that in mind, can anyone recommend me something with a LOT of chapters because after 1000+ chapters of binge reading ISSTH and MGA, something short will kinda feel like "having a meal that is cut short before you're satisfied"...or something like that

note: i know that Desolate Era is the supposed 3rd entry to IET's shared universe but i'm kinda holding off for now because i want to read it when is has more chapters (also heard that it has 40+ volumes)
as for The Great Ruler, i know it's the same as DE but i'm also holding it off for reasons that even i don't know (maybe i just don't feel like it yet)
i'm also holding off Child of Light because i heard the bromance is strong with that one (not that i'm opposed to it)

if you read this far, i appreciate your patience for my ramblings, i also apologize if i'm too picky



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    It's amazing how much TDG's manhua impacted the Chinese novel scene. So many new people joined this year because of it, including me. I remember registering last December, it wasn't as populated. Long gone are the days when it was possible to get first comment on chapters!

    I've read and liked the same things as you. Below you'll find a list of my recommendations, but obviously, there are many other wonderful novels out there, check up with novelupdates if you want a detailed list on what would be a suitable read for you.

    • Warlock of the Magus World
    • A Will Eternal
    • Spirit Realm
    • Heavenly Jewel Change

    • Transcending the Nine Heavens
    • I'm really a superstar
    • Release that Witch
  • Same here TDG manga->LN 
    have read three four novels after that (TDG, Rebirth of thief, ReMonster, i cant remember the names of other novels....)
    i want to start another novel but i cant make out to where should i start....

  • Same here TDG manga->LN 
    have read three four novels after that (TDG, Rebirth of thief, ReMonster, i cant remember the names of other novels....)
    i want to start another novel but i cant make out to where should i start....

    Literally every single novel me and @Shinso listed here in this topic, try them out. ;d
  • Try Douluo Dalu novel.
    I know it has only 256 translated chapters, but each chapter is 4 times longer than regular ISSTH chapter. So that makes it roughly 1024 ISSTH chapters long.
  • intelands said:
    Try Douluo Dalu novel.
    I know it has only 256 translated chapters, but each chapter is 4 times longer than regular ISSTH chapter. So that makes it roughly 1024 ISSTH chapters long.
    Which one? The first one? Second one? Or the third one?
  • The first one. On bluesilvertranslation.wordpress.com
  • You can also try Otherworldly Evil Monarch and The King’s Avatar.
  • Just for reference, what novel has the most translated chapters? Its seems like it's MGA as far as i know
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    yes but they are short. ATG and ISSTH are the longest i think, CD and ST are finished.
  • I also started reading LN because of TDG. Well, I only have one suggestion...Read "world of cultivation" ...The chapters are long (maybe twice of MGA)...Also, unlike other novels u have read so far, this novel is translated in a way where the translator has kept the "original Chinese taste" intact... Not many chapters are out yet but trust me you won't be reading the same thing over and over again like in other novels..So it's like reading one arc is equal to reading 3 ATG arcs (for ex: the tournaments and the return of yun Che when everyone thinks he is dead..The same arc doesn't happen again and again in this novel).... The first couple of chapters might be rape but trust me you will love it as u go on...
  • this TS has same experience with me.

    I read TDG first in mangafox, then i read TDG novel before Thyaeria move to wuxiaworld (1 chapter/day before move to wuxiaworld). And i begin to read another novel like CD and MGA.

  • Haha I am the same. I read a lot of LN based manhuas before TDG, but TDG was teh only one that got me hooked. After i read all the manhua chapters i craved for more so I got to this page and started reading the LN and now i basically cant stop haha.

    I know you want long running LNs, but I dont know any that you havent mentioned, so i will recommend my favorite Sovereign of the Three Realms. It has a 368 chapters translated as of today and the chapters get released everyday (sometimes even 2 per day).
  • Shinso
    If you're holding off on DE, you may want to reconsider.
    A lot of it is translated, but more to the point, it seems to be a 2 part story.
    We are quickly approaching the end of the first part.  You could easily read through it until the end of the first part and then stuff it onto the back burner for a year until a good chunk of the second part is done.  I don't want to put in any details to avoid spoiling anything, but there is a very obvious large division in the series coming up quick so you could even think of it as a book about to be finished translating and then a sequel not quite yet started.
  • updating this thread, since then, i've caught up to Heavenly Jewel Change and Sovereign Of The Three Realms and been enjoying them so far but Warlock of The Magus World has yet to impress me...

    i've read up to a 100 or so chapters of it and i still can't un-see the similarities and difference between WMW and the early stages of Coiling Dragon

    both MCs are basically the polar opposite of each other on a similar but different situation

    -linley is a caring person, but leylin is apathetic
    -linley treasures his companions and would risk his life for them, leylin weighs the pros and cons before deciding whether he would save or abandon his acquaintance
    -linley is a hopeless romantic towards someone he loves, is loyal and gets emotionally attached to them, leylin would sleep with any pretty girl that tries to seduce him provided that he's assured that there's no strings attached
    -linley acts based on his emotions though he does try to reason with himself if his emotion influenced action is the right decision, leylin is way too pragmatic
    -linley chose the path of a magus because he couldn't get very far as a warrior with his diluted bloodline but he later on fixes and he himself prefers moving with his body and using magic as support. leylin on the other hand, practices on being a knight as a fall-back net in case magic fails him and he needs to run away with his boosted physical stats as a knight
    -linley likes to fight head on, leylin ambushes with potions
    -linley got his strength through years of hard work, leylin tries to find shortcuts through his A.I. chip and potioneering skills
    - and finally.....THEIR NAMES! Linley? Leylin?

    i could probably go on with these comparison but i'll stop here, i like linley's character so you can probably imagine my first impression on leylin. but with all is said and done, i can appreciate leylin not being the average "i'm mr. right" MC. i am gonna stick to reading WMW though because although it didn't give me the best first impression, neither did book 1 of ISSTH, because let's face it, most of us will agree that book 1 of ISSTH was kinda meh and a bit slow in pacing. heck, i even doubted it at first if ISSTH will get good after book 1 but it did.

    anyways, thank for all your recommendations guys, i'll try to get through all of your recommendations someday
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    If you want to experience Something vastly different than your typical "chinese cultivation" novel but still a wuxia. Try  A step into the past Probably the longest completed translated chinese novel that i have read. And i have finished CD and ST. You can read reviews and story description here. Send me reply if you manage to finish it lol. 

    Edit: i would consider this more of an actual novel than a web/light novel. It deals in a lot of adult themes.
  • Wow, I found out about light novels the same way, after reading ~10 chapters of TDG manhua.
  • You should try;
    Martial World
    True Martial World
    Nine Cauldron
    Absolute Choice
    Transcending The Nine Heaven
    Otherworldly Evil Monarch
    A Will Eternal
    Emperor Domination
    Perfect World
    Dark King
    Lame Daoist
    Cultivation Chat Group
    Library of Heaven Path
    Heavenly Star
    And many more...

  • *sigh*.....okay, i'm in chapter 189 of WMW right now and i've already said what i thought about the series and i'm getting bored out of my mind, i know i'm nowhere near finishing "arc 1" of it but i really cant stand Leylin at all. so i want to ask other readers of WMW, is it gonna be more of the same thing down the line? is there gonna be a big game changer that might cause me to change my opinion on the series, cause i'm seriously considering on just dropping it right now and move on to Renegade Immortal or Emperor's Domination or something
  • it's like this all the time. He gets stronger but it's still the same. Leylin is gonna teeter on the edge of evil while the story moves slow. It's more of a slow moving thought out XianXia like Xian Ni but not as fun to read since the MC is always this dickish.
  • consider WMW dropped, started reading Emperor's Domination though, read up to a hundred chapters just now. MC is pretty arrogant but at least his arrogance is justified, i'm digging it so far. hell of a lot more enjoyable to read than Leylin's attitude
  • Give my novel a shot too if you are bored~ You can find it either on the forums here, or on royalroadl if you dig their background better.
    If you'd like more chapters of ISSI or Tales send me a note on patreon!
  • Try Overlord, its JP but I find it seriously intriguing and a great read.
  • Same here!  Read the manhua TDG and found out about LN here in Wuxia and can't stop reading ever since! Finished CD and caught up with PW,  ISSTH,  BTTH and ATG.  I was just about to post a similar question on here (with all the new translations out)  when I saw yours..so thanks!  The suggestions here will help me choose what to read next. 
  • meebs said:
    If you want to experience Something vastly different than your typical "chinese cultivation" novel but still a wuxia. Try  A step into the past Probably the longest completed translated chinese novel that i have read.
    Or even try some of the classics like "Smiling Proud Wanderer" or the Condor Trilogy which are awesome as well..the true source of Wuxia...
  • Since there are so many comments I did not read them so excuse me if someone has already stated it out but whatever you do, DON'T read child of light!

    I wish someone would have told me this.

    It's starts of nice but the characters are so damn flat (written) with no real development, the magic system also starts of nice but is so badly evolving...

    Long story short, after a few chapters of reading you will get the feeling that the author has no plan mapped out for either the characters, the story, the battle/magic system. All in all badly written and executed.
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    If I'm not mistake, child of light is that author's first novel
    So it's not the author​ has no plan, but because he is still a noob amateur author at that time lol.
    But his next novel keep better like doulo
  • DAFINETLY READ RELEASE THAT WITCH, tho its still at about 300 something, i also recommend Gate of Revelation and Terror Infinity, but from the list that you made it seems you aren't as much into these kinds of novels, they arent cultivatorly
  • it's not that i specifically want "cultivatorly" types of of stories, i'm just craving for some OP MC in the stories right now, 'cos after so many different kinds anime or manga i've seen, the OP MC trope is rarely seen and the underdog trope just dominates a lot of stories.

    "cultivatorly" stories just happens to fit that criteria so well

    also, seen the overlord anime, currently trying to buy the novels
    all caught up with Emperor's Domination
    currently trying to catch up on my BTTH backlog at the moment, i fell off while reading ED and currently about 50 chapters behind
    I'm thingking about starting Renegade Immortal after since ISSTH is ending soon
    then maybe Martial World or Release That Witch next?
  • If you haven't started desolate era yet, its good, and pretty much all of iet's novels are very readable on mtl.
  • speaking of IET's works though, does anyone know if his next work "Lord Xue Ying" connected to the whole Grandmist universe he created for CD, ST, and DE?
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