Cannot figure out the name of the novel

Hello all

I had recently read a LN sometime back and in a particular scene there was something regarding the Main character entering a tower and passing some people to reach level 9 regarding something. One of the saints outside saw his dot on the level 9 floor and freaked out. Does anyone have any idea which one it could be? thanks


  • more info maybe!? this trope  is way to common ,or maybe someone else could help you.

    btw:This has nothing to do with "wiki" ,so idk why posted it here.
  • sorry lol didnt know what category this question belonged too

    As far as i remember it went something like this

    "the main character is in a tower trying to accomplish something to show his mental strength. in the beginning noone has much hope for him but one by one he starts passing people to reach the ending stages. from the outside various groups are watching and they are watching him in the way of a dot. Basically on the screen all they see are dots and they dont know who is which. By the end of the part, the main character passes his rival or the leader and enters level 9 and on the screen some elders see only one dot which stays in the area and cultivates for a very long time."

    pretty much this is how i remember this so would appreciate which LN it is from
  • I think it could be MGA. Asura Ghost Tower Arc.
    Something similar also happens in ISSTH(chapter 580) when Meng Hao enters the Demon Immortal Pagoda.
    But since you mention that the MC stays for cultivation it's more likely to be MGA.
  • It is probably WDQK when they were having a contest in the Symbol Master Tower for mental power. There are only 9 levels in the tower and the Lin Dong makes it to the 9th level and after he comes out of the tower the guy in charge freaks out along with a lot of other people. Lin Dong also spends over 20 days in the tower and makes a breakthrough. Chapter 144 is when he forces his way up to the ninth level and chapter 146 is when he comes out and people freak.
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    Yes, I think that it is WDQK too. Its description is similar
  • I can't figure out on either it where a guy has this zombie girl (for like battle with flower in here head) he falls in love with her and then goes back in the past to revive her it's a metal arts novel and it an original novel I think you can buy it on Amazon and the author has his own site I just can't remember it 
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