Novel where MC Comprehends way of Sword

Hello guys, this title might be confusing ,so I'll try to explain what am I looking for.

I am looking for novel where mc is swordsman and uses sword and his comprehension of it through the story
You might say, oh most of mc's uses sword, however I would reply that there is no meaning behind it, just like they like sword and that's it.
I am looking for novel where mc is typical swordsman, something like in DE [ didn't read whole ], but from the beginning he was quite dedicated towards the sword.

Hm one of the interesting titles I would give hire would be Five Way World, where MC goes on the road of sword.

Thanks for any suggestions, really appreciate them !


  • Chaotic Sword God
    - MC was the top swordsman in his past life and was killed by enemy when he made his breakthru. Reincarnates into a baby in a different world and pursues the sword once again. When he materializes his weapon, its a sword. Later in the story which hasnt been translated yet he pursues the Way of the Sword for his breakthrus while everyone else uses Space laws

    Dominating Sword Immortal
    - Title says it I think

    Peerless Martial God
    - MC picks up sword later on and comprehends the Sword
    “But I don’t want to go among mad people" Alice remarked
    "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
  • “But I don’t want to go among mad people" Alice remarked
    "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
  • Thank you !
  • True Martial World
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    Transcending the Nine Heavens is a good novel, loved by many actually. It isn't one of those novels where it's repetitive. Also it has a very good character development. You will love it.


    Chu Yang, the Ninth Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, sacrificed almost everything he had for the sake of improving his martial arts, including the love of his life. After spending three years locating the fifth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, he was ambushed by all sides at that very place. Mortally injured with no means of escape, Chu Yang executed a sacrificial technique by plunging the Nine Tribulations Sword into his very own heart. “With the blood of my heart, ten thousand tribulations will collapse!”

    After witnessing the death of all his ambushers, Chu Yang’s vision began to darken. At a distance, moments before his death, he saw the mastermind who had plotted his downfall — Mo Tian Ji. With that, his eyes finally closed.

    However, with a start, Chu Yang once again awoke to find that he had returned to when he was sixteen years of age! Furthermore, the Sword Spirit of the Nine Tribulations Sword now resided within his Dantian, the energy center of his body! From that very moment, Chu Yang would then begin to right all of his past regrets, and carve his very own legend by fulfilling his destiny as the final Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, and defeating the Heavenly Devils beyond the realm of the Nine Heavens Continent.

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          Choose wisely....
  • Tbh I hate TTNH, because it involves politics all the time, I was thinking that after they'd enter the higher realm it would stop, but it didnt. Politics was fine and stuff, but I'm not into it. Thanks for proposition anyway.
  • If you can read raw chinese novel, I recommend the book 剑道真解
    It's not a typical xianxia or xuanhuan novel, but it's coooooooool. MC is a cool, powerful swordsman, has been persuing the principle of sword in his whole life.
  • yes, DE MC is pure swordsman, till the very end of the novel.

    i believe CD is also similar, if i remember correctly...
  • DE is my personal favourite novel , he becomes very focused on the sword later into the novel. Also love the story and the progression.
  • Thanks for the titles above, I also like DE for this aspect.
  • Paradiso of demons and gods, at
  • Thank you, will take a look on this one today, looking forward for another ones !
  • I know DE is desolate era but I got no clue about CD. Can somebody tell me?
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    I like Dominating Sword Immortal. The MC is not like some petty protagonists that try to revenge on every single person that bully him in the past. He could forget and forgive.
    By the way I also like DE (he just never cheating to his wife to the very end).
  • I know DE is desolate era but I got no clue about CD. Can somebody tell me?
    Coiling dragon 
  • Does anyone know where I can finish reading Dominating Sword Immortal. Most websites stopped at chapter 913, and the one website that does have all the chapters has really bad translation. 

    BTW “The Sovereign’s Ascension” is also a really cool web novel based around the sword.
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