Why nobody cares about...?

first off, not sure if repeating others, didnt research, so...

why nobody cares about excessive repetitive filler explanations in the novels? i lost the track of the novels that i dropped because of authors abusing this cheap tactic to fill up their chapters.
those novels that i dropped are still popular and on full translation mode - meaning there're still a lot of readers...

few examples would be - Zang Long, AGT, BTTH, Doulou Dolu, etc... and ALL THE JAPANESE NOVELS (tried several of them, all following same formula).

i rarely see anyone saying that "dropped it due to fillers"...


  • I think people just get used to it and sort of skim past the repetitive stuff. 
  • Well, most authors are paid according to how many they write, so they will have some fillers. And you certainly do not usually pay for what you read. So bear it, writing is not a volunteer work.
  • Everyone cares. Most hate it but:

    1. It's free so i don't complain. If you want to complain, complain about the chinese system of writing the novels.
    2. The authors all sign a contract in which they have to write and release a certain amount of chapters/words each day and it's hard to constantly think up amazing plot and twists and so they have no choice but to use repetitions and fill up the chapters.

    That said though, there are some novels like atg and mga which are the worst in this and then there are novels like issth which doesn't have nearly as much repetition relatively.
    Understand basic grammar:
    Your vs You're
    There vs Their vs They're
    Defiantly vs Definitely
    Loose vs Lose
    Than vs Then
    To vs Too
    NO 'Should/Could of'

  • I don't really mind, it still feels much better than manga xD
  • I can easily ignore it, and I understand why they do it.
  • Er Gen is the dude! If you love amazing stories with very little repetition then look no further. ISSTH, Xian Ni, or A Thought Through Eternity are all amazing novels with epic skills, cultivation that you can follow, no random super buffs that boost you whole levels instantly so you can fight extremely arrogant kids, and actual enemies. Not that bull from MGA, ATG, or PMG. Actual opponents that, for the most part, are not inherently evil or arrogant. They just happen to be in the way or an adversary at the time. Realistic human intelligence, thought provoking insight into life,  plus laughs that last chapters. And the sad part about this whole thing is this isn't even over hype. He really is this good.
  • I am reading all 3 Er Gen novels... I love Er Gen and late IET novels... they stick to the genre... I hate it when half of the novel is wasted on trashy romance garbage and filled with endless repetitions... this just shows how talented or non-talented the author is... non-talented authors run out of juice and start to fill chapters with bullshits...

    recently I started Terror Infinity (the name looks like should be Infinite Terror) and dropped it in the middle of Alien mission.. too much slice of life & info dump and too little game elements & power up & rewards...

  • I am extremely picky with anything I read. Once a novel starts to agitate me I will take a break to let it build up some chapters. WDQK is kinda on the cusp of me dropping it thanks to this latest arc. All the other parts I was cool with, but this arc with the genius's of the other empires is making me consider not reading another novel by this author. Battle through the heavens the manhua got me onto this site, so it pains me to see his work be so boring to me. It's just that the villains are terrible villains in the novel WDQK. All of them are just "genius's" in there respective area's being dicks.
  • Friends,

    Correct me if I'm wrong—but in their country of origin aren't light novels largely aimed at businessmen commuting on subways and buses to kill time on their way to work? People reading a short chapter or two per day—on some sort of handheld device while being jostled constantly—might need occasional reminders what the story was about…

    Well at least on some finer points.

    Saxon Violence

  • I dunno. The repetition is fine. It's the lack of diverse characters that make the story weaker.
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