Vine Emperor - Ch. 2

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The vastness of space.

A giant plant like creature had latched itself onto what appeared to be planets. There were hundreds of them, and he was sucking them dry.

“More, more, more! I need more!” A booming voice sounded.

On closer inspection, they were not merely planets. In fact, they were Omniverses with countless number of multiverses and an infinite number of universes within, each of those universes containing countless billions and billions of lifeforms in it. And now, these Omniverses faced annihilation from this creature.

“Breakthrough!” The plant creature was yelling. It was already at the peak of Multiverse Creator level, and was attempting to break through to Grand God. This was simply an unprecedented incident. Grand Gods were birthed when the Sage Emperor created Infinity, and there were only that many Grand Gods for as long as Infinity had existed.

“We should have killed it back then.” Liu Xing said, sighing; looking at his 9 brothers. We had to seal our brother Heaven Devourer for this very reason- this monstrosity will devour whole of infinity if we choose to neglect it still.”

“Then we don’t.” Hellsin Brekken nodded.

“I will go.” Liu Xing said, getting up.

Liu Xing was hailed as the strongest Grand God. No one doubted his ability.

“Mordread,” A calm and clear voice rang out within the void. Liu Xing expanded in size until he had reached a size comperable to Mordread. After all, to a Grand God, physical size was negligible.

The next instant, an invisible sword light passed right through Mordread, and it reduced him to smithereens. Liu Xing half expected him to be dead.

However, shortly afterwards, one of the Omniverses he had latched on to literally hatched out, and Mordread returned, he seemingly suffered no damage. “You dare?!” Mordread attacked in streams of vines that covered hundreds of billions of light years, instantly covering Liu Xing’s massive body which was now more or less the size of an Omniverse. This was still a lot of times smaller than Mordread himself, allowing him to surround Liu XIng effortlessly.

Liu Xing was a grand god. How could it be so easy for a Multiverse creator level being to force him? Liu Xing summoned his Grand Domain, it spanned nearly 50% of infinity. He stopped Mordread dead in his tracks. He unsheathed his sword, and instantly thousands of sword lights engulfed Mordread, destroying him thoroughly.

In the area within his grand domain, not even a ramnant of Mordread’s vine remained. And so, he had casually put away his sword, and was about to return back to Sage Realm. However, just then, Mordread’s presence reignited, forcing Liu Xing to teleport away from spot.

But, he did not escape in whole. His right leg, from knee down, was gone. Looking back, Liu Xing saw Mordread consuming his leg. After doing so, his power got frighteningly close to that of a Grand God’s and Mordread returned to his former size.

“You want to kill me?” Mordread laughed. “I have countless billions of my seeds spread out across Infinity! I have the ability to surface from any of their bodies!”

Truly, to kill Mordread was not going to be easy. But, Mordread did indeed die. Liu Xing sent out an order- Devil Vines whenever or wherever they may rise through infinity, was to be killed without regard.

Chapter 1

The Almighty Froppy


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