The Silly Alchemist

Any spoilers? Why is this a semi-harem? 


  • what is this novel? can you give me link for this translation?
  • So you want spoilers about the semi-harem tag, well here it is.

    Our MC is a bit a slow. Throughout the story, he doesn't really understand romance, although he is able to charm women with his character.
    He has a fiancee from birth who actually didn't cut off the engagement because he's a bit of a retard (Shocker, I know.)
    He does love them in his own way, but his Romantic IQ is very low, he only slowly develops it, and by the end of the story he hasn't properly developed it.
    It is only implied that he might have developed it (there were a few time-skips with bits of happenings in between before the end of the story).
    Throughout the story, he has a few girls he is quite close with, or develops some kinds of feelings for (he only knows that he wouldn't like it if they died or the kind). And at the end, several females follow him back to his home, not all of them romantically involved though. Some are more friends, some are blood-related.
    The MC is finally crowned Emperor of the continent, although he doesn't want to be. But after being urged by the women (of which there are a few princesses and high noble lineages of opposing empires, and because of their connection with him, and him being the link, he was best suited as the Emperor), he accepts becoming the Emperor. And then at final paragraph he mentions: Since I'm the emperor, then of course I should have the biggest harem, I want a harem of 3000 women. (although he doesn't really understand what that means yet).
    And then is finally kicked to the curb by several of the women.

    Therefor, if you want it to have ended in a harem, then it ends in a harem. If you wanted to end it with only a single girl, then it's not hard to envision him not really understanding romance properly and just sticking with his fiancee, who he has called wife several times. And keeping the other girls on a friends basis.
    It is an open ending, but not like a japanese harem ending.
  • ow shit, only 6 chapters right now

    need at least 50 chapter, so we can know if the story good or not

  • I read it completely, it's good.
  • ilesyt said:
    I read it completely, it's good.
    Yea thats helpful to us . . .

    Someone got some spoilers?
    “But I don’t want to go among mad people" Alice remarked
    "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
  • After reading whats been translated so far on this date this is the first novel that I have wanted spoilers for the actual plot and action so much haha
  • Does he learn alchemy and is he good at it
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    Hello guys~ Translator of 'The Silly Alchemist' here~ I will be providing some spoilers here for you guys~ If there are any spoilers you guys want to know, feel free to comment here and i will fill you guys in~ ^^

    Regarding MC's intelligence and stuffs. (Probably one of the spoiler a lot people want to know about. As someone who likes reading a lot of reincarnated MC novels where the MC are ridiculously OP, I myself had almost dropped the novel at the start because of this.)

    After the MC get reincarnated, because a portion of the MC's soul was not reincarnated along with him, his intelligence was a bit far too stupid in my perspective for someone who was reincarnated. But, this all will get solved at near chapter 30, when something happens to the MC which caused a portion of his soul to return to him and he starts to become much smarter. He will still be a little silly though because this is just how he is naturally, which makes the story very humorous and interesting.^^

    About MC's alchemy skill and being a no-attribute

    Basically, after a portion of MC's soul was returned to him, he started to become smarter and remember the stuffs from his previous life. Using the knowledge of the martial art treasury which he found in the first chapter, the MC link the knowledge of the martial art treasury together with alchemy knowledge and starts inventing alchemy stuffs which the entire continent has not seen at all currently.(His the most genius alchemist in the entire continent) Also, using the knowledge he got from the martial art treasury, even though his innate skill attribute is no-attribute and couldn't learn magic, he was still able to learn martial arts skills from the martial art treasury. MC is pretty OP, i can tell you this.

  • Having an attribute basically means you get a bonus increase in power in that attribute, and you won't get that for the other attributes. It doesn't mean that one can't use magic. You could, it just wouldn't be a powerful as one with that attribute.

    To add on the last spoiler by imakeussmile: His alchemy knowledge actually mostly comes from a book that he just accidentally purchased in the most recent chapter (auction right before the birthday party). Being as free as he is, he studies that book, or well, the copy of it.
  • It's a fun read, but unfortunately, the author is really bad at winding things up. The end is very rushed. 
  • True,  when it was the end , I was like 'what, is this the end'. It was very sudden.
    But on the other hand , it was also very fitting. I hoped they ended with him marrying the girls and showed us who he was gonna marry, and if the cousin was included,  but oh well, I can deal with this ending.
  • Does the MC actually cultivate martial art n kill his enemy to level up his cultivation like other novel.Read that the MC actually cultivate?So is he a alchemist or martialist?
  • He does fight sometimes, but you won't really see him cultivate much.
  • What is MC relationship with the 8 princess the who kill her father to become queen.  

  • When does he finally reveal his fighting skills? Alchemy?

    Who is his first opponent?

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people" Alice remarked
    "Oh, you can’t help that," said the Cat "we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad."
  • When does he finally reveal his fighting skills? Alchemy?

    Who is his first opponent?

    For alchemy abilities he reveals it around Ch70-80 I think. Duel against one of the his fiance's pursuers.

    I'm not 100% if it was fighting skills around  Ch 108, he seem to be fighting soldiers   
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