A weird request regarding artifacts/cheats in light novels..

Well the thing is that I am in a roleplaying group and our GM has said that he wanted to to sorta a light novel story where the players are transferred to another world but with a self-picked "cheat" similar to any MC. 

I asked if I could get the power of light novels. As in gaining points and then unlocking talent trees like.. erm.. Like a spirit master from Dolou Dalu. With this system I could buy Innate spirit power rank 10, buy meridian points or maybe go and buy some spirit bones from the ingame shop. 

While I have some ideas on what I want to try and do, I do want some help regarding finding some stories/items/cheats/artifacts/whatever you can think of. 

The things I need:
1) I am creating a spirit realm using the natal artifact from Chaotic Lightning Cultivator and I naturally I want time in there to go faster than in the real world. 
So far I have found the marble from Renegade Immortal that increases time in there by x10. Are there more?

2) I have this idea of merging a bunch of items of great elemental power with the black pearl of Heavenly Jewel Change. 
The only elements I am lacking is Water, Divine and Spirit. What are some good items with these elments? Or some sort of demon/god/beast that could possess a neidan of said elements?

3) Come with some ideas of completely broken combinations.

My main idea is to combine the black pearl from CLC with the myriad painting from TDG and thereby getting a personal cultivation space with 10.000 square miles of space to breed spirit beasts on, plant immortal treasure plants and so on and on. 

(I hope that this will be in the general discussions allowed topics. If not then.. erm.. Cool LN general?)


  • 1) you can use the Jiang realm from stellar transformation, supposedly you should be able to increase time there up to x1000
    2) what about the meridians of the MC from ATG with the seeds? you would be able to control the 5 elements and 2 other that i don't remember
    3) idk what are the rules and limits of your game... 
  • Well my Gm said there will be no limits. Our OP-ness is only limited by our own imagination. 

    He will try to match us with appropriate challenges though ;D
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    well in that case, you can cheat and make it boring and become a "grandmist" user like in CD and ST, if you want to make it interesting don't make yourself op, but give yourself the potential to be op, just my own opinion, glhf :smile: 
  • Well I mean we still have to go through the cultivation, collecting the points etc. 
    And I could imagine that the costs of those talents would be quite hefty :\ 

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