Looking for a novel recommendation

Could you recommend me a novel based on these requirements?
- decisive MC - not necessarily ruthless, but I definitely dislike kindhearted ones - looking for a novel with MC that doesn't show pity to his enemies but won't destroy the whole sect just because of some grudge.
- intelligent/not hotheaded MC
- good development of side characters - I dislike when seemingly important figures are suddenly left behind and never mentioned again
- romance - doesn't have to focus on this, but I like when MC develops feelings to some chicks. I don't want it to be overflowing with sex scenes like Ancient Strengthening Technique, but I don't mind them. Harem is not a problem, but I prefer when MC likes one girl.
- ofc good plot
- at least 200+ translated chapters. Even if I can read MTL and understand the story, it's not satisfying...
- not looking for game/vrmmo genre

I've already read/caught up to: Coiling Dragon, Desolate Era, HJC, Child of Light (dropped), ATG, MGA, WMW, Douluo Dalu, MW, TMW, AST (dropped), Stellar Transformations (dropped), ISSTH (dropped after ~30 chapters, but I heard it gets better?), Dragon-marked War God (still reading but I don't think it's good, I enjoy it but it has many flaws)

A novel similar to Martial World/True Martial World would be the best.

Thank you for recommendations...


  • I'd recommend taking up ISSTH again, some find the beginning dull, but if you sit through roughly the first 100 chapters I guaranty you'll fall for it- it fits the bill for everything you asked and it has insane release speed thanks to DB - an awesome translator.
    Aside from that I recommend trying the rise of the shield hero, it's Japanese if I'm not mistaken, so that's a fresh breath of air, and I believe that it has most of the points you're searching for (despite what it seema at the beginning it is NOT a game or vmmo kinda gig, stick with it for a couple of chapters and I'm sure you won't regret it).
    Another one for consideration is trancending the nine heavens, the mc is hella smart and he doesn't turn the other cheek much
  • Thanks, I've just started ISSTH again.

    As for the shield hero novel, I'm not really a fan of Japanese stuff.
  • On the whole Im with you, but that one was special, go for it if you want a break from cultivation and the like
  • Read everything WW has to offer. I'm being totally honest with you.

    Skyfire Avenue (slow start, but a good one)
    World of Cultivation (slow start, but a great one. You just keep reading until you catch up)
    Terror Infinity (IMO 9,5/10)

    I'm repeating myself but these really shouldn't be discarded
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    List of novels which are quite different from other novels(focus more on character development and world building and unique MC)

    Legend of cultivation god- probably my favorite novel.

    Reincarnator - probably best world building and plot; but quite dark.Awesome foreshadowing and everything connects magically at end of each arc.Lot of story deals with what other characters are doing, what they are thinking etc..

    My Daoist Life- unique novel

    Heaven Awakening Path- good world building and character development

    Skyfire Avenue

    Release the Witch

    Mo Tian Ji

    World of Cultivation

    Zhu Xian

    Tarnscending the Nine heavens

    Emperor Domination - quite different due to insanely OP mc.

    Duoluo Dalu 1,2,3 and Shen Yin Wang Zuo - good group fights.

    Record of Mortal world to Immortality- good story even though it only focuses on MC.

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