Long live summons ranks (help)

can someone explain the ranking systems to me... Theres bronze silver..., then theres levels n stuff n then there innate rank levels and then some titles O.o apprentice, braveman or something like that, im rlly confused...


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    Grimoire Rank: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond - Sub Rank: Beginner, Intermediate, Advance
    Beast Rank: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Mythical
    Summoner Rank: 
    Level 1 [Apprentice]
    Level 2 [Braveman]
    Level 3 [Hero]
    Level 4 [Champion]
    level 5 [Grandmaster]
    Level 6 [Elder]
    Level 7 [Overlord].
    Level 8 [Emperor]
    Level 9 [Start of Innate Rank]
  • you forget platinun....

    and what is the rank after innate?
  • The rank after Innate is categorized into two types: Heaven-ranked and Supreme Innate. And just like with Innate realm, it ranges from 1 to 10.

    What's the difference between Heaven-ranked and Supreme Innate? Heaven-ranked is just a cultivation realm higher than Innate realm, while Supreme Innate requires the person to both step into Heaven-rank and form a Supreme Will. A level 1 Supreme Innate can basically mop the floor with a level 5 Heaven-rank.

    Although still possible, it's extremely unlikely for someone to get past level 6 Heaven-rank without first comprehending the Supreme Will.

    Normal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond are the ranks for beasts. Holy and Mythical are special categories of evolution. Ex: It's possible for a beast to become a Holy Beast while at Gold-rank or while at Diamond-rank. Beasts can't get past level 5 Heaven in terms of strength without becoming a Holy Beast first.

    Above Supreme Innate is the Divine Realm, which doesn't have levels like Innate and Supreme Innate, but does have some categorizations for their ranks. This one is rather complicated to explain, so I'll leave it out for now.
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  • I kinda get it but isnt the mc in the innate realm like right at the beginning? So he skipped all of the above?
  • He did, but he had to level up his Grimoire in the end anyway. Besides, what Yue Yang had at the beginning was only an Innate Skill, he only truly stepped on the Innate Realm after 150 or so chapters.
    "A person only dies when they are forgotten" - Dr. Hiluluk
  • he only has innate skill back then reason why he couldnt fight lv 6-8 back then
  • people used the grimorie as cultivation
    while the mc cultivated through the innate skill
    at least that was what i thought
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