The Constantly Reborn Hero (TCRH) (On temporary hiatus)

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So, after thinking about an idea for some time and on a sudden moment of inspiration, I decided to make this. You can also read it here:


'Aaaah!" I scream as I feel myself get blown apart.

Well, that was certainly unpleasant. Though I suppose anyone would feel some pain after having their body pretty much explode. A white light engulfs me once more as I feel my soul leaving my body.

While my soul was moving on, I could hear a small voice ask, "Did I go too far?"

No, you're perfectly fine! Look, I still have an arm and a leg intact! Oh! Look, my head is only half destroyed! I continue my sarcastic remarks as my soul moves on to be reborn into another body.

It’s been like this five times now. Originally, I was a prophesied hero that would fight the demon lord and “save the world!” Or so I thought. Instead, I get completely torn to pieces before even making it inside the fortress.

As I died, a white light came down and took my soul away, and I found myself reborn as some commoner’s kid. I kept all of my memories from my previous life and hoped that this was a chance to live normally. But I was met with the great luck of becoming a “hero” once more. I tried to train seriously that time, and when the time came to assault the demon lord’s fortress, I was able to get inside. I was able to make it a whole five steps in before a giant axe came down and sliced me in half! I was excited at the prospect of finally being released from this hell before the white light came down once more.

My third life began then. All my memories still, I tried to make sense of the reason of why this happened a third time. This time I was the son of a noble in a rather crude kingdom. It was rather fun at first, being able to relax in a semi-luxuriant family. But once again, the all-mighty hero call comes for me again. But I was actually blessed this time. I had the ability to use light-based magic. After training once more, I headed out to fight the demon lord. Using magic, I was able to quickly get rid of any monsters that stood in my way. This time I formed a barrier around my body, which stopped the traps from killing me. Unfortunately that didn’t stop the demon generals from disintegrating my body with dark magic.

The same thing happened and I was reborn, blah blah blah. This time I was born as a bastard between a noble and a servant. I silently prayed every night that for once I could live normally. Once again, I was pulled along as the hero. Oh joy, the excitement of being the great savior of humanity! Oh how I absolutely love being the noble sacrifice that will bring peace and stop war! I could only curl up into a ball and cry about my luck. Then came the fated day when I had to go fight. I made it past the minions, past the traps, and barely past the generals. Finally, it was time. Maybe I could actually escape this hell. But the demon lord easily crushed me. Literally crushed. My body turned into a human pancake.

My fifth life already ended when I got exploded into pieces. Nothing left to talk about with that.

As I’m moving onto my sixth life, I start to wonder what other crazy things will happen in the future. Hopefully less death. Hopefully. Chances are low though. Oh well. With the flash of light, I’m reborn once more.


  • Wow...6th?? 200$ He becomes the Demon King! 200$!! Who is welling to bet?!
  • Wow...6th?? 200$ He becomes the Demon King! 200$!! Who is welling to bet?!

    Is it possible for me to bet?
  • Wow...6th?? 200$ He becomes the Demon King! 200$!! Who is welling to bet?!

    Is it possible for me to bet?

    Umm....No? Yes? Well..Umm..I change my mind! I don't wanna bet no more! >_<
  • Wow...6th?? 200$ He becomes the Demon King! 200$!! Who is welling to bet?!

    agahhahhahah exactly my thoughts lmao!! :D

    Is it possible for me to bet?

    :DDDD hhahah
  • Hey guys, quick question. For this story, would you prefer mass releases of this, or a chapter when it's ready?
  • Mass releases.
  • Hey guys, I got chapter 1 done. You can read it here or here:

    As for the mass releases compared to releasing single chapters, I decided against it as I didn't think it would be right for me. I may release an Ancient's Son chapter and Reborn Hero chapter at the same time though(If I can motivate myself enough).

    “Ah, why does this always happen to me?” I sigh as I sit on a hay
    bale chewing on a piece of grass. My name this time is Kale Heronsson. I
    was born into an average farming family in a village a little ways away
    from the Varkrys Kingdom, which is one of the seven kingdoms. Right now
    I’m 13 years old. The time the “hero people” come are when I reach 16. I
    just secretly hope that this time I can get away from them. Chances are
    unlikely though.

    So far I haven’t found out anything too important about why I keep
    getting reborn or why I keep my memories. One thing I have figured out
    though is I don’t always have to die at the demon lord’s castle. My last
    life, the fifth one, ended when I tried flirting with a rather cute
    fire mage. Unfortunately for me, she had a really short temper,
    resulting in my body being blown to pieces. I don’t know if this means
    that I’ll always be reborn when I die or what. To be honest, this whole
    scenario confuses me. I don’t know why this is happening to me. Maybe
    it’s my destiny or fate to beat the demon lord? Maybe that’s why I keep
    getting reborn.

    “Kale! What are you doing lazing about, you shitty brat!” A very annoying voice calls out to me.

    “Oh great.” I mutter.

    A woman in her 40s with ratty brown hair with a big mole on her cheek came walking up.

    “Why are you sitting on your ass? Go and help your father with the animals!” She says angrily.

    “I didn’t know I was supposed to take care of you so soon, mother.” I sarcastically say.

    “What did you just say to me? Do you want me to spank your ass with a shovel?”

    “Sorry, not interested in yours and dad’s bedroom play!” I yell out as I get up and run.

    “You little shit! Just wait until I get my hands on you!”

    After running, I soon I find my father milking cows at the barn.

    “Hey, anything you need help with?”

    The rough looking man turned towards me. “Yeah, would you be able to grab the chicken eggs?”

    “Yeah, sure thing.” I say as I head towards the chicken coop.

    On the way there, I grabbed a hand woven basket and put some straw on
    the bottom of it. I went to the chicken coop and opened it up and
    grabbed the eggs inside. After I was done with that, I headed back to
    the barn where my father was.

    “Need help with anything else?” I ask.

    “No, there wasn’t much needed to do today.” The old man said while
    standing up and wiping the sweat off his forehead. “By the way, you
    didn’t piss your mother off again, did you?”

    “I may have said something that made her angry. Why?”

    “She came by with a shovel earlier asking where you went. I told her I sent you to town to grab something.”


    “Not a problem. Just try not to anger her anymore.”

    “No promises.”

    He sighed. “I guess I can’t ask for much more from you. You do get all your work done around here.”

    Why such a nice guy like him married such a vulgar woman, I’ll never know.

    “Hey, I need to head to the town tomorrow to sell some things. Mind coming with me?”


    “Alright, meet me at the barn tomorrow morning.”


    “Now, let’s head back so you can apologize to your mother.”

    “You do realize I’ll most likely get beat with a shovel, right?”

    “You started it by provoking her.”

    “Can you at least make sure she doesn’t use the shovel?”

    “I’ll make sure she doesn’t.”

    “Fine, let’s go.”

    That night I got beat, but at least it wasn’t with a shovel.

    Early next morning, I went out to meet my father at the barn.

    “You ready?” He asked.

    “Yeah. What are we selling today?” I reply.

    “Milk, eggs, meat, the usual stuff. Ah, also, here.” He took a dagger
    from a pouch at his side and handed it to me. When I looked at him
    quizzically, he said, “In case we happen to run into any bad folk on our

    “Ah, okay.” I had already thought that was the case, but I wanted to
    confirm. I put the dagger on the back of my pants. Hopefully I don’t
    need to use it. “Is the cart prepared?”

    “Yep, I was waiting on you.”

    “Well I’m here, so let’s get going.” Saying so, I stepped up onto the cart with my father stepping up onto the other side.

    We rode on a small dirt road that was surrounded by trees on both
    sides. It was mostly an uneventful ride, with only the occasional rabbit
    or deer.

    As I laid back against the cart, I let out a deep breath. It’s rather
    hot out today. The heat seems almost unnatural. It’s rather strange.
    While thinking about useless things, the trees start to shake to my
    right. The sudden noise alerting me. Man, I hope it isn’t a bear or
    anything. That would be annoying to deal with. But at least I could deal
    with it.

    As I think of such, a large red scaly snout pushes it’s out of the trees. Wait a second. This isn’t a good sign.

    “What the hell is that?” I hear my father yell out beside me.

    “Judging by the red color of the scales and the size of the snout, it
    looks like a fire dragon. In which case we’re fucked.” I say casually.

    “F… Fire dragon?!” My father whips the reins on the horse and is trying to turn the cart around.

    The dragon pushes it’s way out onto the path and quickly takes notice of us.

    “Yeah, we’re fucked.” I say. What’s the deal with the giant ass
    dragon already? Isn’t that supposed to be something saved for later,
    when I actually get some hero training and stuff? Well, whatever this
    run ended rather soon. I can’t help but feel bad for this poor guy
    though. Might as well help him get away from the dragon.

    “Hey, giant heap of burning shit! Yeah, I’m talking to you, lizard
    brains!” I yell as I get off the cart and run towards the dragon. “If
    you’re tough enough, come after me!”

    “What are you doing Kale?!” I hear my father call out behind me.

    “Just get out of here!” I yell back.

    The dragon is absolutely pissed and it roars at me. Right after, it
    started to run towards me. Good, I was able to get it’s attention. I
    sprint off into the forest, with the dragon right behind me, smashing
    trees out of the way. God damn this thing is completely mad. I turn
    around and notice the dragon about to spew out a mouth full of fire.
    Shit, this isn’t good. I jump to the left and see a white hot beam of
    fire hit where I just was.

    I think this is it for this life. Well, at least I was able to help
    the old man get away. No regrets this life. As patiently wait for the
    dragon to kill me, I hear a yell from behind the dragon.

    “KALE!” I see the old man wielding what looks like a small sword.
    Wait, what is he doing here? I let the dragon away from him so he could

    The dragon took notice of him and swatted at him with it’s tail. The
    tail connected with his chest and sent him flying into a tree. As soon
    as he hit the tree, his body went limp. The dragon then turned it’s
    attention back towards me.

    Seriously? God damn it, this dragon. “Hey, you shitty dragon! Fuck
    you!” I take the dagger and throw it towards one of the dragon’s eyes.
    The dragon shifts it’s head slightly and the dagger bounces off it’s
    snout. The dragon raises one of it’s claws and gets ready to strike me
    down when the old man starts moving again.

    I can just hear him weakly call out, “Kale…”

    The dragon also noticed this and looked back and forth between me and
    the old man. It somehow was able to put two and two together in it’s
    small brain and turned back to the old man. It raised a claw and was
    about to kill him.

    “Hey, dumb shit! I’m over here!” I cry out, desperately trying to get
    it’s attention. The dragon paid me no mind and continued on.

    “Damn you, leave him alone!” I once more cry out. It continued to ignore me.

    “I said LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Blue lightning crackled around my right arm
    and before I knew it I had aimed at the dragon. The dragon now took
    notice and considered me a threat. It tried to move out of the way, but
    it was cramped in the forest.

    “Suffer in the afterlife, you scaly bastard.”

    A blue lightning beam shot out from my arm and struck the dragon’s
    head, blowing it to pieces. It’s lifeless body slumped over and smashed
    against the ground.

    Holy. Shit. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t die. It seems I’ll be
    able to train to be a lightning mage this life, and a powerful one at
    that. Wait, this isn’t the time to be excited.

    “Hey, old man! You okay?” I yell as I run over to him.

    “Kale…” He weakly calls my name again.

    “Hey hey, it’ll be alright. I’ll get you out of here and we’ll get you fixed up.”

    “Kale… I saw it… I saw you… saw you beat the dragon…” The old man weakly says. “I’m proud of you… Kale, my son.”

    “Hey, don’t act like you’re dying. I’ll get you out of here. Just
    stay with me.” I shook his body a little, but he didn’t respond. What
    the fuck. I beat the dragon, we should both be able to leave.

    “Hey old man, wake up. It’s fine. I killed the dragon. Wake up so I can get you out of here.” He didn’t move. He’s dead.

    “No… No, this isn’t right!” I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t help him.
    Instead he sacrificed himself for me. He distracted the dragon and
    unintentionally helped me find out about my lightning abilities.

    Some hero I am. I pick up the old man’s body and carry him out to the
    road. I soon find the cart and set his body down in it. I sit at the
    front and grab the horse’s reins. I start heading back to the village.

    What a shitty life so far.

  • have you abandonded this?
  • wes174 said:

    have you abandonded this?

    No, but the updates will slower on this than Ancient's Son. I'm going to try and release a minimum of two Ancient's Son chapter and one Reborn Hero chapter every week. If I'm able to, I'll release more chapters.

    I've gotten chapter 12 done for Ancient's Son done, so I'll do chapter 13 and then do Reborn Hero chapter 2.
  • Hey guys, chapter 2 is done. You can read it here, or here:

    It wasn’t long before I arrived at the village. Or maybe it was. I
    can’t tell. My mind is messed up right now. It wouldn’t have mattered to
    me if I had died. What really has me fucked up is the old man’s death.
    It’s not the death part that has screwed me, I’ve seen plenty of death
    over my past five lives. It’s the fact that he willingly faced such a
    large beast in an attempt to save me, his “son”. If only he knew the
    truth, that I only took over his actual son. Damnit, thinking about this
    is making me sick to my stomach.

    I looked up and saw that I had made it back home. My mother must’ve noticed me, because she immediately came out of the house.

    “Kale, what happened? Why are your clothes all torn and burned?” Worry was evident in her voice.

    I stood up without saying anything, moved to the back of the cart, and picked up the old man’s body.

    “Kale, what are you doing? Why aren’t you answer-“ She saw the body.
    Tears welled up in her eyes and then started to roll down her face.
    “Heron. My dear Heron… Kale… What happened?” Her voice was barely stable
    and it sounded as if she was about to break down.

    “We ran into a fire dragon. I had tried to lead it away from him, but he came back to try and save me.”

    “It’s your fault…” I could barely hear her whisper.


    “It’s all your fault! This happened because of you! I want you out! Get out of my life! I renounce you as my son!”

    As she hurled her rage at me, I only grit my teeth. “Since you wish
    me to go so very much, I’ll leave.” I walked into the house, and
    gathered whatever belongings I could carry on me and left.

    I don’t know what to do now. I wasn’t planning on this happening. I
    suppose I’ll have to make a living as an adventurer for now. I’m sure a
    lightning mage can get somewhere.

    One year later…

    It’s been a year since I was kicked out of home. I’m now 14 years
    old. I’ve had a rough time over the past year. After leaving, I had
    decided to become an adventurer. That’s still my goal, but I didn’t know
    that to officially register as an adventurer, I would have to visit one
    of the seven kingdom capitals. Luckily enough, the Varkrys capital was
    close to my old home. And by close enough, I meant a journey for
    multiple months. So in order to get here, I had either been a hitchhiker
    or had been a guard on different caravans heading all over the place.
    One person, a massive fat rich guy, even offered me a ride all the way
    to the capital if I had become his slave. What made it all the worse was
    that it wasn’t a normal slave position he was offering. Thinking back
    on that gives me shivers, even today. If possible, I would’ve shocked
    his fat ass into oblivion, but I’m not too keen on being arrested and
    put to death. Anyways, enough of talking about that walking tub of lard.
    I had made enough money from guarding that I was able to feed myself.
    It was a year until I found myself walking into the Varkrys capital,

    As I walk around the streets of Marun, wearing my rugged patchwork
    clothes, I could swear I saw gazes of disdain and loathing from some of
    the people that passed me. Hey, it’s not my fault that I look and smell
    like a walking pile of shit, you try living on the road for a year with
    barely anything.

    I ignore the looks as best I can, and continue onwards around the
    city until I found what I was looking for. I arrive in front of a large
    wood building, with a sign above two wooden doors that read, ‘Adventurer’s guild’. The name could probably be something better, but at least it’s simple and to the point. I step through the doors.

    Inside, I see a bunch of… drunkards. That’s it. All I see if a bunch
    of buff guys sitting at tables and drinking. Man, what a shit hole this
    is. I had never been an adventurer before, as my life was fine until I
    reached 16, so this is a first. I had originally thought this to be a
    bit more of a, well, heroic establishment. Even though I’m a hero, I had
    actually envied these kinds of people. Willingly stepping up to big
    monsters and stuff. I can’t believe how childish my thoughts were on
    this. Oh well, it’s not like I’ve had nearly every other dream crushed.

    I walked up to the counter where I see the sign ‘Register’.
    Behind the counter, I see a buff looking guy with hair turning white.
    He’s wearing leather armor that only covers his chest and legs. His arms
    are bare except for a bracer on his wrist on both arms. His body, from
    what is visible, is lined with scars of all kinds. Honestly, the kind of
    appearance this guy puts out is as terrifying as the demon lord, who
    I’ve actually fought with.

    “Hey kid, what can I do for you? I’m guessing you want to register as
    an adventurer, right?” He asked with me with a kind and respectful
    voice. Wow, his voice, and his personality it seems, contradicts that
    appearance of his. That’s somewhat of a surprise.

    “Yes sir.” I answer back politely.

    “Are you sure? Being an adventurer is pretty tough.”

    “Yeah, because it looks like all those guys drinking are having such a rough time.”

    “Heheh, the guys just like to celebrate after missions. Each time you
    go out, there’s a chance you may never come back alive.” I had actually
    expected this guy to snap at me a little because of my remark, but
    instead he laughs at it. This guy must be one of those gentle
    personality but scary fighter people. I actually respect him.

    “I’m sure, sir.”

    “Hmm, alright, but if I may ask, how do you plan on fighting?”

    I snap my fingers on my left hand which causes a small lightning bolt
    to shoot past his head and strike the wall behind him. “That good
    enough of an answer?”

    “Well I’ll be damned, I didn’t expect a mage, especially one young as
    yourself, to come sign up. Usually your kind is up at that mage academy
    or whatever.”

    “A mage academy? I’ve never heard of it.”

    “Really, it’s up near the king’s castle. Most of the kids that go to
    that academy usually attend free and don’t have to worry about living

    “Thank you for telling me about that, but I still wish to sign up as an adventurer.”

    “Sure thing. Tell me your name so I can have a card made for you.”


    “Kale..?” He motioned with his hand as if to tell me to continue.

    “That’s it, just Kale. My father died and my mother renounced me. I have no last name.”

    “Oh, alright. Well Kale, my name is Jorge. Your card should be ready
    within the next couple of hours. If you need anything else, come up to
    talk to me.

    “Hm.” I nodded my head and walked to an empty table and sat down. I closed my eyes and waited for time to pass.

    Behind the counter, Jorge had to gotten up and was about to walk away to request Kale’s card when a hand stopped him.

    The person whispered into his ear. “Jorge, I don’t care what you have
    to do, but make sure that boy that just came in stays with us. Offer
    him any benefits, do whatever you can.”

    “Yes, ma’am but if you don’t mind me asking, why?”

    The person, an attractive female, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, smiled and said. “I want him.”

    I had sat there with my eyes closed for I don’t know how long. Time
    seemed to pass rather slowly. I actually felt I was about to go insane
    with boredom until I heard a voice call out my name.

    “Kale! Your card is ready, please come pick it up!”

    I got up and saw Jorge waving at me to come over. I walked over and
    he handed me a small piece of light, rectangular metal. On it were
    imprinted words telling my name and rank.

    Name: Kale

    Rank: F

    “Alright, Kale, I’m not sure if you know about the ranking system or
    not, but it’s pretty simple. You start at the lowest rank, which is F.
    The following ranks after that are E, D, C, B, A, and S. That’s a
    descending to ascending, so the highest possible rank is S. However,
    don’t even bother with that, as S ranks are really of legend. Moving on,
    since you are an F rank, you may only accept F rank quests. F rank
    quests are usually pretty simple. They’re usually various requests from
    people in town. They can range from looking for a lost pet, to helping
    people move houses. Pretty boring, I know, but that’s how everyone
    starts off. Once you complete ten of these F rank quests, you may pick
    out an E rank quest. You do ten E rank quests, then if you go to D rank
    it’s the same. Understand?”


    “Okay, so that’s how the ranking works. Oh, one more thing, when you
    complete a rank up quest, you come see us so we can hand you a new card
    with an updated rank.”

    “Does this come with any benefits?”

    “Of course. The higher your rank, the more you get.”

    “So what does an F rank have?”

    “Well, for you, you can access the bath house for free, which is just
    down the street to the right, and you can use the rooms upstairs to

    “What about food and stuff?”

    “Well, although we can’t cover any other restaurants, you can eat the food here for free.”

    “That’s good enough. So do I just show them my card at the bath house, and then they let me in?”


    “Alright, well that covers it for now.” I start to walk away before a question pops up in my mind.

    “Oh, Jorge, quick question. Would I be able to attend that mage academy and still be an adventurer?”

    “I’m not sure on that, that’s something you’d need to go ask personally. But hey, we pretty much cover your things here.”

    “I know, but I also want to become a stronger mage, and that’s
    something you can’t provide. I’ll still be living as an adventurer, but I
    also need materials to become stronger.” If I want any hope of facing
    the demon lord, I need to start training before the hero people come get

    “Alright. If you need anything at all, please come and see me.”

    “Will do. See you later, Jorge.”

    “Yeah, see you.”

    I walk out of the adventurer’s guild and look for the bath house. For
    now, I’ll clean myself and get some rest. Tomorrow, I’ll go check out
    that mage academy and see if they’ll let me in. If not, I’ll have to
    find out other ways to increase my magic.

    I soon find the bath house. I step in and wash myself. I have to put
    my dirty clothes back on though. I’ll have to get some money soon to get
    new clothes. These rugged things aren’t going to do much longer.

    I make my way back to the adventurer’s guild and head in. I find
    stairs leading upstairs and look for an empty room. I head in and close
    and lock the door behind me. I check out the bed to find it surprisingly
    clean. I lay down, pull the blanket over myself and fall asleep. So
    begins my life as an adventurer.

  • wait so any one can just sign up and get free food and a job? the free food for a F rank seems a bit far fetched....
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    Hey guys, Reborn Hero is going on a temporary hiatus, but should be continued sometime soon. Chapter 3 is half-complete and you can read it here or here:

    “Aaah, what a nice night of rest.” It was nice to finally sleep in an
    actual bed. Being on the road for a year was annoying as hell.
    Constantly sleeping on the ground or on a cart will always be horrible,
    no matter what life I’m on. Well no use in complaining about it. I get
    up out of bed and head out. Today I plan on finding out about that mage

    I head downstairs and before I walk out of the door, spot Jorge at the counter.

    “Morning, Jorge!” I call out and wave to him.

    He noticed me and waved back. “Mornin’, Kale!”

    I walk up to him. “Hey Jorge, you mentioned something about a mage
    academy yesterday, can you point me in the direction of that?”

    “Sure thing, just follow the road towards the center and take a left once you reach outside the main castle.”

    “Okay, thanks.”

    “Sure thing. You still plan on being an adventurer, right?”

    “Yeah, I only plan on using the academy for resources.”

    “Alright. See you later, Kale.”

    “Yep.” I head out onto the street. Okay, he said to just follow the
    road to the center and take a left at the castle. Pretty
    straightforward. Can’t say I’m surprised with the location. Mages are
    pretty valued in the army.

    Oh, that’s right. I should take up some quests after I get back. I
    need money to buy new clothes. These old rags make me look like a beggar
    kid more than anything. I even see people glaring at me. Fuck you too,
    people. I really wish I could shove a lightning bolt up their asses.
    Hey, I reached the castle. Now I just need to take a left here, and I
    should reach the academy.

    After walking for a couple seconds, I think I found it. No, I’m sure I
    found it. I don’t know any other place that could have hundreds of
    people lined up outside the entrance. Seems like today is some kind of
    entrance test or something. I don’t know, but I guess I should get in

    Throughout the entire line, I see rich kids and their escorts, normal
    kids with their parents and even a few beggar kids that look like me.
    Seems like it’s going to be a while. The line is moving at a snail’s

    After around three hours, I finally see it’s almost my turn to enter
    through the gates of the academy and take some kind of examination. On
    both sides of the entrance stand a single guard in full armor with
    lances. A few minutes later, it’s my turn to enter. Geez, finally. I’ve
    been waiting forever. Now let’s find- Hey, what the fuck.

    The two guards at the gate put their lances in front of me, blocking me.

    “Get out of here, beggar trash. You and I both know there’s no hope of you getting in here.”

    Excuse me? What the fuck did you just say? Okay, calm down. Let’s try
    to remain polite. “I’m sorry, sir. I am able to use magic, so please
    let me through.”

    “I said get the fuck out of here.”

    Wow. Since you want to play so rough, I’ll gladly bite back. I grab ahold of his spear and send lightning through it.

    “What the fuck are you-“ Was all he managed to say before he a
    massive amount of electricity hit him. His armor acted further as a
    conductor and shocked his entire body. Soon he fell to the ground
    convulsing with foam coming out of his mouth. His entire body continued
    shaking like that until he went limp and his eyes rolled back into his

    I turn to look at the other guard, but he only backed away, allowing me through.

    As I walk through the gate, I heard the other guard behind me say to
    the fainted one, “Dude, I told you to not block anyone. We don’t know
    who’s a mage or not and now you got your ass shocked and charred.”

    I can’t help but smile slightly after hearing that. He shouldn’t be
    dead, only disabled for the time being. Inside the gate, I see a large
    courtyard where multiple tables are set up. Crystal balls are on each of
    them. I see an empty table with a bored old man sitting at it. I walk
    up to the table and hear him sigh.

    In a very monotone voice, he recites his speech. “Greetings young
    one. Thank you for coming to the examination. Your ambition to become a
    magus is admirable. To test for any magic power, please place your hand
    on the ball and focus your conscious on it.”

    “Whatever you say, gramps.” I place my hand on the ball and sent a
    bit of lightning in it. The ball instantly exploded, completely
    disintegrating. Damn, I didn’t know I’d actually blow it up. Thank god
    it disintegrates, otherwise the old man and I would be riddled with

    “What in God’s name!” The old man yelled out.

    “You know, I didn’t think that the ball would break so easily.” I said nonchalantly.

    “Your talent, it’s monstrous! Never before have I seen such a sight.”

    Oh great, here we go again.

    “You, tell me your name!”

    “It’s Kale.”

    “Kale! Kale, what do I have to do to bring you into this academy?”

    This old man is starting to creep me out. “Just give me access to study materials and spell books.”

    “Yes, yes! You are one of our priority students starting today!”

    Sweet, that wasn’t too hard. The old man gets out from behind the table and starts hastily walking to the academy.

    “Kale, what are you doing dawdling around? Quickly, follow me. We
    must get someone like you out of such pathetic excuse for clothes.”

    Free clothes? I’m liking this place already. As we leave the
    courtyard, I notice everyone looking at me, some out of envy and others
    out of amazement.

    Well, I can see annoyances coming up after this event. Oh well, time to get new clothes.

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