Novel Author Biography

What happen to the supposed monthly biography of famous Xianxia / Wuxia author? The first and last one to be featured is TJSS, and then it was supposed to be IET turns. But there's no more after waiting for several months now.


  • Uhhh. I'm working on it. Life's been hectic. 
  • Uhhh. I'm working on it. Life's been hectic. 
    Oh, I understand and I am sorry.. I am just asking since I was curious and I am eager if Er Gen or Mars biography will come out.. Thanks for your work and please take your time..
  • I'm probably around 30% done the IET bio right now. Probably another day or two of work, the issue being that I need to find a day I'm free and the motivation. So next couple of weeks maybe. Also, I personally find Er Gen's bio to be quite boring, so his bio will either be pushed back to way later, or I'll do it all in one go since he's kinda boring.
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