Martial Hero Rebirth (武俠重生 ) by Bandit Marshal (大帅匪)



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  • im confused
    so he cant have a mastery of a skill unless he meets the required points?...
    while other people can just train normally and rank up ................................................
    stupid ass author lololoollolloololol
    the book is good 
    but where is the fken logic?
    and wasnt he suppost to be god lvl gamer or something
    why does he need to train in those skills
    he could just write the martial arts book and "learn" it lmao
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    SPWJin said:
    im confused
    so he cant have a mastery of a skill unless he meets the required points?...
    while other people can just train normally and rank up ................................................
    stupid ass author lololoollolloololol
    the book is good 
    but where is the fken logic?
    and wasnt he suppost to be god lvl gamer or something
    why does he need to train in those skills
    he could just write the martial arts book and "learn" it lmao
    No, training normally gives him points and let's him rank up slowly. However, winning those fights gives him bonus points and lets him rank up faster

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    As I understand it, it works like some games that awards mastery exp for performing certain actions, as long as he keeps practicing, his mastery bar will keep filling. That is not to say that he isn't any stronger with an almost filled exp bar, it is comparable to being at a bottleneck at a certain power tier, he would still be remarkably stronger than when he first reached that tier.

    Combat experience points are likely just free bonus points that he can dump into any category without having to physically train it beforehand.

    About him being a god ranked player, I can only imagine that it makes him comparable to a very skilled player able to defeat a tough boss character with minimal stats and gear whereas a casual player might take a few tries even when decked out with top end gear. As to why he has to physically obtain the right skill books and not simply write his own, that could very well be due to game logic preventing him from doing so.

    Due to me never having played a Chinese MMO game, I could very well be mistaken, so this is merely conjecture on my part.
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    Chapter 28 Zhang Xiong the mighty
    After Shangguan Yun seemed to be done reprimanding, he unconcernedly waved his hand: "Enough, you lot can scram, go summon Zhang Xiong over!"

    Zhang Xiong!

    The ten collectively felt their hearts convulse, glancing at each other, eyes flowing with a glint of astonishment.

    Could Senior Brother Shangguan be fearful of Lin Yi to such an extent?

    Senior Brother Zhang Xiong, was one of the lower courtyard’s top hundred.

    Although ranked one hundredth, but still one of the top hundred.

    Of the tens of thousands of disciples in the lower courtyard, an existence that ranked at the hundredth strongest.

    As far as the lower courtyard disciples were concerned, any who qualified to be ranked among the top hundred, were undoubtedly geniuses, the ones among them prided by the heavens.

    "Hmph, did you think that my orders for sending out Zhang Xiong, is me being too wary of this Lin Yi?" Shangguan Yun observing the countenance of the ten, gave a cold sneer.

    The ten did not reply, yet their eyes exposed the glint of disapproval.

    Apparently they believed, sending out Zhang Xiong personally, was overkill, this was simply thinking too highly of that rascal Lin Yi.

    "Hmph! Its hard to imagine you lot as anything other than incompetent, my words can’t possibly be more apt." Shangguan Yun heavily grunted, furiously pointed at the ten people’s noses: "Why don’t you start using your brains, if this Lin Yi could so swiftly handle the ten of you, then how strong is he exactly?"

    Before the ten could retort, they were ruthlessly interrupted by Shangguan Yun: "Did you think that it was because Lin Yi was using a tricky sword move, that you lot were defeated, his true strength nowhere near surpassing your own? You are mistaken, utterly and irrefutably mistaken! Do not look for any excuses; you were effortlessly defeated, which proves that you are far outclassed by Lin Yi. I don’t care what strange methods he used, defeat means failure, which means you are forced to admit that, he is more formidable than you! "

    "The battles in the underground martial world do no come down to one’s realm of Martial Insight. Whoever survives is the stronger!"

    The ten were speechless, drove by Shangguan Yun’s words into a state that left them unable to retort.

    They cupped their hands towards Shangguan Yun, and silently departed.

    Rubbing his temples, Shangguan Yun lightly gave a sigh, frowning slightly while muttering to himself: "Looks like I’ve underestimated this batch of junior disciples, underestimate this Lin Yi. Who’d have thought that, in a little more than a month, he actually trained his Huashan Sword Arts to the peak of perfection, even those who are just a step away from transcendence are incapable of subduing him. "

    "I can only hope Zhang Xiong is able to suppress him!"

    "The time leading towards the selection of new upper courtyard members, nears. Hopefully this time, I can safely enter the ranks of the upper courtyard."

    He faintly creased his eyebrows; deep in his heart was a tinge of anxiety.

    It’s beginning to look like he was unable to suppress this batch of promising newcomers.

    Just when he was aching over what to do, from outside the door came a tall figure.

    "Senior Brother Shangguan, did you need me for something?"

    Zhang Xiong came in from the door, with a hulking and muscular physique, husky like a great bear, yet sporting a simple and honest face, cried out to Shangguan Yun in an airheaded manner.

    Upon seeing Zhang Xiong, Shangguan Yun no longer bore the high and mighty expression when facing the ten senior disciples. With unfurrowed brows, his originally hazy face brimmed with a smile, hurriedly rose to his feet, and came forward to take Zhang Xiong by the hand: "Junior Brother Zhang Xiong, you’ve arrived? Come, come, have a seat!"

    He pulled Zhang Xiong aside towards a chair while constantly asking: "How goes your recent training in martial arts? Made any progress? Not stressed are you? Come have some tea, I spent a large sum of silver taels, in exchange for a bag of Dragon Well tea from Jiangzhe, have a taste. "

    Such an attentive Shangguan Yun compared to before, seemed to have become another person entirely.

    "Senior Brother Shangguan, no need for tea. If there is anything I can do for you, ask away. I’ve still got to work on my martial arts, lately while practicing Huashan Core Arts, I’ve made some headway, seemingly feeling a trace of Vital Sense." Zhang Xiong scratched his head, while laughing clumsily.

    "Vital Sense?!"

    Shangguan Yun’s eyebrow twitched, his eyes flashed with a trace of jealousy, but quickly disappeared without a trace, resuming his cordial and friendly demeanor.

    "It’s like this; among the freshly recruited junior disciple is a character by the name of Lin Yi. Perhaps you have heard of him?"

    "Lin Yi?" Zhang Xiong rubbed the back of his head with his hefty palm: "Feels like I’ve heard of him, this junior disciple has been pretty famous lately, many people have been mentioning, that he has the highest chance of charging into the top hundred."

    "Senior Brother Shangguan, has this Lin Yi offended you? If it’s inconvenient for you to act personally, then I'll go and cut him down to size, see if he dares to disrespect Senior Brother."

    Shangguan Yun gave a light chuckle while wearing a look of indifference: "Well, he is a new disciple, like a newborn that has yet to know fear, they start acting a little presumptuously...."

    "Senior Brother Shangguan, I understand. This Lin Yi has definitely offended you, I'll go teach him a lesson in your place!" Zhang Xiong slapped his chest and roared.

    "This... how embarrassing indeed, to trouble Junior Brother so..." Shangguan Yun rubbed his hands with look of troubled discomfort.

    Zhang Xiong interrupted his words: "Senior Brother Shangguan, there’s no need to be so cordial with me, if it wasn’t for your aid that very year, how could I have so easily entered the ranks of the top hundred? Like my mother says, a drop of goodwill, should be repaid by a fountain’s worth. Right now in Senior Brother Shangguan’s moment of difficulty, naturally it is up to me as your Junior Brother to help you. "


    "Many thanks Junior Brother, that year I too came upon you being bullied, and you know how I just can’t stand watching people get bullied."

    "Junior Brother needs to be careful, this Lin Yi is no trifle, several of my men, have fallen under his hands. That rascal has a strange Skill Style that can disarm a person’s sword, be wary of this move, don’t fall for his trickery."

    Shangguan Yun’s eyes were red, as though emotionally stirred to the verge of welling tears, affectionately stroked Zhang Xiong’s hand while sincerely urging.

    "Rest assured Senior Brother Shangguan, then, I’m off!"

    Zhang Xiong gave a wave of his hand, his towering figure like the rushing winds, left the hall.

    After a moment’s silence in the hall, Shangguan Yun’s cordial and friendly visage instantly disappeared. His reddened eyes flashed with trace of cruel intent while turning to watch Zhang Xiong’s towering silhouette, a face full of envy.

    "Vital Sense?"

    "Hmph, that dumb piece of work Zhang Xiong, who has neither competence nor capability, Is even more adept at Vital Sense than me?"

    Just thinking, of that mentally deficient fellow, who came into contact with Huashan Core Arts one year later than him, was actually one step in front of him, Shangguan Yun’s eyes flashed with raging fires of jealousy.

    "Hmph, even if you can feel Vital Sense, with your defective brain, you’d still end up being played in my, Shangguan Yun’s hands?"

    With a sneer, Shangguan Yun expressed a look of disregard.

    That year this Zhang Xiong, who was still a junior disciple, was already showing promise.

    It was Shangguan Yun who sent people over to beat him down, after discovering how simple minded the fellow was, and how much he valued goodwill. He arranged a performance, by first sending people out to bully, before finally appearing, to beat off the people who were bullying Zhang Xiong.

    From then onwards, that stubborn Zhang Xiong would steadfastly believe him a benefactor, followed him, willingly carrying out orders.

    Never discovering, that the one who bullied him that year, the culprit being his most gracious benefactor Senior Brother Shangguan.

    This matter, was known to many of the top hundred, but the vast majority of people in the ranks of the top hundred was a similar sort compared with Shangguan Yun, motivated by dark intentions, nobody would do a thankless job like telling Zhang Xiong the truth.

    Just thinking about playing a gifted individual in the palm of his hand, made the corners of Shangguan Yun’s lips curl into self-satisfied smile.

    This incident has always been his most deeply prided achievement.

    Able to dispatch the ranks of the top hundred to do their work, in the entire lower courtyard, few could manage such a feat.

    And Shangguan Yun was one such person.

    "Hmm, this Lin Yi is so talented, if I could put him under my command, wouldn’t that be nice?" Shangguan Yun began to fantasize, having felt its feasibility, with great confidence, he raked his brain to compose a scenario, where Lin Yi would steadfastly stick alongside him.


    Zhang Xiong left Shangguan Yun’s number 10 courtyard, and did not return to his own courtyard to rest, but went straight towards the top hundred junior disciples courtyard.

    He had a one-track mind; his least favourite thing was using his head.

    He was also had a short fuse.

    The things Senior Brother Shangguan urged him to accomplish, he must immediately carry out in order to be at peace of mind.

    What’s more, it made him thought, a junior disciple who has not even practiced martial arts longer than two months, to what extent could one like that have taken his martial prowess?

    With him as top hundredth who had Inner Power and Vital Sense on the job, it should be a piece of cake.

    It wasn’t because he was being proud or arrogant, but it was his impression, that in Huashan lower courtyard’s history, there was never a junior disciple who practiced martial arts for less than two months, who could become an existence that could take on the lower courtyard top hundred.

    Experience has taught him, that Senior Brother Shangguan’s given task was not difficult in the least.

    As to why the matter of teaching a lesson to a presumptuous junior disciple, required arranging a top hundred to deal with, he did not even stopped to think it over.

    His unwillingness to use his brain, had caused him to never feel that he was anything special among the lower courtyard top hundred.

    He was the type to first eat and then sleep, and after sleeping would then move on to practice martial arts, a very simple kind of person.

    As Zhang Xiong headed for the top junior disciples courtyard, many senior disciples spotted him as he was passing.

    "Wasn’t this Zhang Xiong the top hundredth? What business did he have in the top hundred junior disciples courtyard?"

    "Eh, you still don’t know? Recently there was the appearance of a junior disciple by the name of Lin Yi, who fought back two waves of Senior Brother Shangguan’s men sent to suppress him! The first wave three, the second wave up to ten! These people were close to rivaling the top hundred in strength, but were all defeated by Lin Yi! "

    "Ah? There was such a character among the junior disciples? I did not even know?"

    "Hey, with you training martial arts all day to the point of obsession, of course you wouldn’t pay attention to these things? With Zhang Xiong looking like this, he must have been sent out by Senior Brother Shangguan for suppression’s sake, off to make trouble for Lin Yi! These recent years Zhang Xiong has been steadfastly following Senior Brother Shangguan while fighting his way into the top hundred. He’s capable of immense strength. Senior Brother Shangguan has been too shameless, in all these years, every batch of junior disciples were beaten into suppression by him, and now he actually sent out one of the top hundred, truly disgraceful! "

    "Can’t stand it? What then could you possibly do? This is none of your business; we’ve all been through it. Don’t fret over it, just hurry up and see what’s gonna happen, I'd like to witness, what sort of character this junior disciple is who could make Senior Brother Shangguan send out a top hundred! "

    "Haha, just how I like it, let’s go quickly, or else there won’t be any places left to watch the show! A top hundred personally crushing a junior disciple, such an incident has been unprecedented for how many years? What a momentous event, a must see! "

    Many senior disciples who noticed the commotion, came to follow along, very quickly, they became a huge gathering of senior disciples following Zhang Xiong, an utterly boisterous crowd.

    Upon arriving at the territory of the top hundred junior disciples, the many junior disciples who discovered this, gawked with widened eyes, apparently shocked into a stupor.

    When they noticed the towering figure walking at the forefront of the senior disciples, they felt dumbfounded, followed by a sense of indignation, every single one of them broke into a riotous fit of aggrieved protest.

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    As I understand it, it works like some games that awards mastery exp for performing certain actions, as long as he keeps practicing, his mastery bar will keep filling. That is not to say that he isn't any stronger with an almost filled exp bar, it is comparable to being at a bottleneck at a certain power tier, he would still be remarkably stronger than when he first reached that tier.

    Combat experience points are likely just free bonus points that he can dump into any category without having to physically train it beforehand.

    About him being a god ranked player, I can only imagine that it makes him comparable to a very skilled player able to defeat a tough boss character with minimal stats and gear whereas a casual player might take a few tries even when decked out with top end gear. As to why he has to physically obtain the right skill books and not simply write his own, that could very well be due to game logic preventing him from doing so.

    Due to me never having played a Chinese MMO game, I could very well be mistaken, so this is merely conjecture on my part.
    its not game logic
    its called broken logic
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    SPWJin said:
    im confused
    so he cant have a mastery of a skill unless he meets the required points?...
    while other people can just train normally and rank up ................................................
    stupid ass author lololoollolloololol
    the book is good 
    but where is the fken logic?
    and wasnt he suppost to be god lvl gamer or something
    why does he need to train in those skills
    he could just write the martial arts book and "learn" it lmao
    No, training normally gives him points and let's him rank up slowly. However, winning those fights gives him bonus points and lets him rank up faster

    Also, engel23 please don't quote the whole chapter lol. It spams the whole page up.
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  • Here's the last chapter I can afford to help translate for now, though my contribution of five chapters may seem abysmal, each of them took a considerable amount of time on my part to translate. I hope that the terms I established during these five chapters can help whomever decides to pick up where I left off. Overall, this one week long exercise in novel translation has been quite an eye-opener for me and have taught me much of my own shortcomings when it comes to translation work, namely time efficiency.
  • Chapter 29 Strong-armed
    "Do they even care about their reputation? Even a top hundred has appeared?! I recognize that bearlike husky fellow; he’s called Zhang Xiong, one of the lower courtyard top hundred, ranked hundredth!"

    "F*ck this.... This is taking it too far! After repelling a wave, comes another, there’s no end to it."

    "How unsightly, for shame! Even a hundred ranked has shown up, it seems they are determined to crush us to death!"

    "Although this Zhang Xiong is ranked hundredth, he is the lower courtyard’s ranked tenth Shangguan Yun’s henchman. This much is known by all the senior disciples, finally we have discovered the mastermind behind those despicable senior disciples! It’s this Shangguan!"

    "Shangguan Yun? He’s too motherf**king sinister, utterly shameless!"

    "It is said that this Shangguan Yun is a pervert; he especially enjoys the suppression of promising junior disciples. In the last batch, and the one before that, there were no talented people who were spared from suppression!"

    The junior disciples were enraged, every one of them burned in anger, they began to uproariously voice they fury while shouting Shangguan Yun’s name. None masked their indignation.

    They were all so fumed that they exploded!

    The extent, of which the enemy stooped, far surpassed their expectations.


    When Zhang Xiong entered the top hundred junior disciples courtyard with a crowd trailing behind him, he did not mind. He has always been the insensitive sort, all he cared about was the task given by his Senior Brother Sangguan.

    Just as he walked into the top hundred courtyard, he suddenly froze.

    As more and more junior disciples who heard the news came to band together, their faces radiating anger, began to berate Shangguan Yun’s name in a cacophony of frenzied yelling!

    What is going on?

    Why are so many people criticizing Senior Brother Shangguan?

    Zhang Xiong scratched his head in thought, yet all he felt was a tingling migraine, exhausted, he settled down and thought no further about the matter.

    This was a bad habit of his, every time he started using his head, all he felt was a headache.

    This was also why he rarely ponders over anything.

    Any problems he faced, world be completely forgotten in the blink of an eye.

    As he walked towards the number one courtyard, he carefully counted the other courtyards to make sure he was in the right place, after arriving, he nodded.

    "This should be it, the number one courtyard, the ranked first courtyard!"

    In fact, many have long since flocked to the gates of the number one courtyard and have been patiently waiting. Yet even this escaped his notice, it was either that or he didn’t really cared.

    After confirming that he was exactly where he intended to be, he faced the courtyard doors and roared: "Get out here Lin Yi, you offended Senior Brother Shangguan and now he wants me to teach you a lesson proper."

    His voice was as loud as thunder, so boisterous that it was scary. The shocking rumbling of his voice spread throughout the entire top hundred junior disciples courtyard.

    Upon hearing his words, all the senior disciples wore cheeky expressions; in contrast, all the junior disciples were fuming with bloodshot eyes.

    Among the crowds were spies arranged by Shangguan Yun. When they heard those words, their foreheads darkened and collectively facepalmed.

    Oh Zhang Xiong, Zhang Xiong!

    Aren’t you a little too honest and straightforward?

    How could you spill out Senior Brother Shangguan’s name?

    Although everyone pretty much knew that he was the culprit behind all this, should you really go about announcing that fact to everyone? Is this really okay?

    Towards Zhang Xiong, all the spies arranged by Shangguan Yun were too exasperated to offer any words of explanation. They began to shuffle away from ZhangXiong, pretending not to know such a person.

    "How rampant, how overtly arrogant!"

    "He truly has discarded all dignity, to so blatantly have someone announce his name; he simply doesn’t give a damn about us junior disciples!"

    "That’s taking it too far!"

    All the junior disciples were pissed.

    As to the reactions of the masses, Zhang Xiong seemed completely oblivious; it was almost like he was deaf to the loud cursings of the junior disciples and blind to the senior disciples laughing in ridicule. Upon seeing that the courtyard doors has yet to open, he roared once again: "Lin Yi you better come out, I, Zhang Xiong have a lesson to teach you today, once I’m done, I’ll be out of your hair."

    Zhang Xiong’s doltish words left the junior disciples speechless.

    Not a single one uttered a word.

    All of them were stuck between laughter and anger.

    But the thought that this seemingly simple and honest looking fellow, was a genuine lower courtyard top hundred, gave their hearts a jolt, filling them with anxiety.

     Can Senior Brother Lin Yi win this time?

    This Zhang Xiong before their eyes was actually the top hundredth of the lower courtyard!

    A true ranked top hundred!

    Their strength is unquestionable, among the tens of thousands of lower courtyard disciples, they are the top hundred.

    Would Senior Brother Lin Yi still be as fortunate as the first two times?

    It’s probably better for everyone not to watch, as this time’s challenger is one of the lower courtyard top hundred!

    The lower courtyard top hundred was a gold standard, which alone left people shocked more than anything.


    Squeak ...

    The doors of the number one courtyard opened, and out came a youth. With one hand on his hips and another pointing at Zhang Xiong’s nose, he spat: "The heck are you yelling for? You’re louder than a howling dog, how noisy!"

    This youth was Jiang Xiaoyu.

    Here he was in the number one courtyard listening to a lecture from Lin Yi, receiving guidance on the knacks and intricacies of Martial Insight. Just when he was enthralled in blissfulness and seemingly on the verge of floating away, came a blasting roar like crashing thunder, splitting his ears!  

    It gave him such a jolt that his legs turned to jelly; it almost made him collapse to the ground.

    His blissful feelings were gone, that wondrous air of euphoria that could perpetually lift him up, vanished.

    He was even greeted with a laughing fit by Yu Hai.

    This made him fuming mad!

    Just when he was about to state a comeback at Yu Hai, the thunderous voice came again, splitting his ears once more.

    This time, he was so startled that he fell flat on the ground.

    He was laughed at so hard by Yu Hai that he wanted to hide himself.

    Filled with blazing anger, with nowhere to vent it, he rushed out of the courtyard like a madman, opened the gates wide to find the culprit and proceeded to open a can of verbal abuse.

    After he was done berating, he began to be size-up the culprit.

    What greeted him was the sight of a hulking bearlike figure.

    Standing in front of this figure, felt like facing a savage grizzly, baring its fangs right at him.

    Facing such an air of savagery caused him such terror that it made his innards rattle.

    Oh mother!

    Jiang Xiaoyu was so scared that his legs almost gave way under him; he was an inch away from turning to flee.

    Upon recalling that Senior Brother Lin Yi and that spiteful twerp Yu Hai were behind him observing, he managed, with great difficulty to suppress his impulse to go scurrying in retreat.

    "Eh, who are you? What are you doing here yelling?"

    Though his questioning words were pressing, his tone was remarkably meek.

    The truth was, the moment he saw the huge clump of people, many whom were senior disciples behind that hulking bear-like figure, he understood.

    They came for Senior Brother Lin Yi!

    Not for me!

    Jiang Xiaoyu secretly sighed in relief, yet immediately he chastised himself for having such thoughts.

    Are my actions worthy of what Senior Brother Lin Yi expects of me?

    Running the second trouble came calling!

    "I’m called Zhang Xiong, who are you? Could you be Lin Yi? Senior Brother Shangguan told me to teach you a lesson!" Though hulking in stature, his way with words seemed to carry an air of foolishness.

    Jiang Xiaoyu shook his head, so it turns out to be a simple minded doofus; you sure had this young master worried.

    "I’m not!" shaking his head, he turned to the approaching Lin Yi and Yu Hai: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, it’s for you!"

    "Zhang Xiong?" without waiting for Lin Yi’s answer, Yu Hai who was standing behind Lin Yi rushed forward with a look of distress pointing at Zhang Xiong, he said: "Isn’t this fellow one of the lower courtyard top hundred?"

    "What an outrage, for shame!" Yu Hai could not help but burst into a spout of anger before turning to face Lin Yi saying: "Senior Brother Lin Yi, this Zhang Xiong is one of the lower courtyard top hundred, ranked hundredth. A practitioner of Huashan Fist Arts that has reached the realm of transcendence, naturally gifted with godlike strength, capable of immense power. As for this Senior Brother Shangguan he mentioned, if I am not mistaken, it is that Shangguan Yun ranked tenth in the lower courtyard top hundred."

    "I heard that this Shangguan Yun is insidious and conniving, incomparably brazen and a nasty pervert who delights in beating promising newcomers into submission! I never thought that the senior disciples we came across were actually sent by him. Turns out this Shangguan Yun is the puppeteer behind this string of incidents!"

    Yu Hai clenched his fists, just mentioning Shangguan Yun’s name seemed to cause him to gnash his teeth. The mere thought of the provocations and insults instigated by the senior disciples these recent days and the mastermind Shangguan Yun behind it, made his teeth itch in rancor.

    Towards a pervert that had a fetish for suppressing newcomers, how could Yu Hai not detest such a person?

    He was a man who had aspirations of charging into the ranks of the lower courtyard top hundred.

    He absolutely would not permit such a person to shatter his spirit!

    "Shangguan Yun? So it was him!"

    After listening to Yu Hai’s words, Lin Yi flashed with comprehension. Unexpectedly, the considerate person who has tirelessly been gifting him combat experience points turned out to be Shangguan Yun.

    This Shangguan Yun, even in the game, he had more or less heard of such a person.

    One of the more well-known characters that was frequently mentioned by the players.

    He was the general of Huashan Head Representative Linghu Feng, in the chaotic wars of the underground martial world, during the confrontations with the Demons, with merely the abilities of a second-rate expert, utilizing cunning traps, ensnared numerous Demonic Chapel Leaders who were first-class experts, there was even a Demonic Cult Elder with the strength of a pinnacle-class expert.

    In that one war, his reputation resounded far and wide.

    Countless Demonic Cult followers were left in jaw-clenching resentment.

    They even issued a bounty, a top quality Core Arts manual more precious than aurum gold grade as a Quest Reward, in exchange for his head.

    This caused many Demonic Cult players to attempt his assassination.

    Even then, after countless player casualties, Shangguan Yun was still alive and well.

    Shangguan was exceedingly astute, knowing that he was targeted by the Demonic Cult as a prime candidate for assassination; he assumed a low profile position behind Linghu Feng.

    He would follow Linghu Feng like a shadow, refusing to distance himself by even half a step.

    Huashan Head Disciple Linghu Feng practiced Violet Dawn God Arts and Solitary Nine Swords, both Grand Pinnacle God Arts, alongside such a pinnacle-class expert, who could possibly snuff him out?  

    At the time, although Lin Yi was unaffiliated with any factions, choosing to remain as a neutral party, he could be considered part of the righteous factions.

    That was the main reason he did not target Shangguan Yun, even though at the time he only had the strength of a second-class expert, he was still quite enticed by the prospect of receiving top quality Core Arts exceeding aurum gold grade, but he was simply refrained from undertaking the quest.

    However, this incident with Shangguan Yun still resulted in hysterical debate on the Forums; it became one of the hottest topics.

    By cross referencing the current situation and his experiences from the game, Lin Yi’s understanding of Shangguan Yun far exceeded anyone in the lower courtyard.

    "I sure didn’t expect that during the time he spent in the lower courtyard, this Shangguan Yun was such a fan of suppressing newcomers, and to such a brazen extent to boot. Could he be terrified of anyone threatening his chances of entering the upper courtyard? If that was the case, then it sure does clearly explain why he would spare no expense in sending people out, especially one of the top hundred just to crush a mere junior disciple! "

    Having ascertained of Sangguan Yun’s line of reasoning, the corners of Lin Yi’s mouth slightly lifted, seemingly with a trace of a smile, yet his eyes revealed an unmistakable air of assertion: "No matter what grand schemes your Shangguan Yun plans to enact, as long as you dare stand in my path, I will sweep you away like the dust that line the annals of history! "

    "No one can stop me! Not even your Shangguan Yun is able!"

    Although Lin Yi had an ounce of admiration for Shangguan Yun, capable of laying effective traps with merely the capabilities of a second-class expert, ensnaring numerous first-class experts and even a pinnacle-class expert. But in the path of deciding the seat of head disciple, no matter whom it may be, all who obstructed will be kicked to the curb!

    Whether it be Shangguan Yun, or the currently destined legacy disciple Linghu Feng.

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    Agreed, this story is front-page wuxiaworld material in my opinion. It's really fun to read, would be a shame if it died. Just showing support in the hopes of someone taking the story up!

  • Good new novel for RWX.
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    Good new novel for RWX.
    If only the God known as RWX would pick this up! One can only pray!

    One of my top favourite novels and so dissapointed it's not going anywhere.
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    In chapter 30 there is no fan weapon, I'm just an idiot. His palm was spread like a fan.
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     Martial Hero Rebirth

    *note: pretty sure the author has terrible grammar, so I’ve taken the liberty of connecting his ‘sentences’.

    Chapter 30: Fight!


    After all this, Linyi pushed Yuhai aside and stepped forward, walking out of the small courtyard. “I am Linyi,” he said.


    “So it is you?” Zhangxiong replied while sizing up Linyi. He gestured with his fists and yelled, “Alright, you are Linyi; Senior Brother Shangguan told me to teach you a lesson; let’s not waste anymore words and just fight!”


    “As you wish!” Linyi smiled calmly. Paying no attention to the worried faces surrounding him, he stepped out of the entrance of the small courtyard and had the crowd open an area for the fight.


    “Crack, crack!”

    The sound of Zhangxiong cracking his knuckles filled the air, and the sound as he twisted his neck was like muffled thunder. As Zhangxiong’s eyes followed Linyi, his simple and honest face became fierce and terrifying. A violent aura began to issue from his body, terrifying the surrounding people and forcing them to step back. All the people looked at him with terror and admiration.


    “So this is the top 100 of the Lower Courtyard? This is too terrifying, just his aura is already so intimidating!” shouted a new student incredulously.

    “Hehe, don’t underestimate Zhangxiong just because he is stupid and thick-skinned; his strength is still frightening! If it wasn’t because a higher position in the top 100 does not alter his chances of entering the Upper Courtyard, his ranking would probably be even higher!” said an older student. He stood there arms crossed, laughing at the pale, terrified faces of the new students; it was as if he was seeing his own former self.


    All the new students sucked in a deep breath; the battle-ready Zhangxiong was nothing less than a savage black bear!


    “Eh? Senior Brother, you said that the top 100 ranking does not really affect the chances of entering the Upper Courtyard? Isn’t it the higher your rank, the higher the chance?” asked a new student.


    The old student laughed. “These things you will know soon enough, so there is no harm in telling you now. You all know that every year our Lower Courtyard recruits more than 10,000 people, but the Upper Courtyard almost always has only around 5,000. But the Upper Courtyard hasn’t expelled anyone, so why does the number of people never increase?”

    “Why is that?” The old student’s words had grabbed the attention of many of the surrounding new students.

    The old student looked around himself and saw the new students paying attention to him; pleased with himself he said, “This is because of how difficult it is to enter the Upper Courtyard. If you want to enter, you have to have Inner Force! Do you know how difficult it is to practice Inner Force? Many of the top 100, even after practicing for three or four years, still fail! They don’t even get the most basic sense of Qi-flow!”

    “What?” All the new students cried out.

    One student asked “If Inner Force is so hard to practice, why is there a top 100 ranking at all?”

    “Top 100? Ha!” The old student laughed with disdain, “in the Lower Courtyard top 100, higher ranking does not mean greater genius. It is in fact the opposite! The lower rankings are actually the real geniuses, because they wholeheartedly want to practice Inner Force, and spend all their time in secluded practice. They have no interest in ranking at all. All those higher ranking people have no hope in practicing their Inner Force, so they want to get a higher rank and try to use it to get into the Upper Courtyard. Upper Courtyard disciples have external duties and need to complete our Huashan’s assignments. Every year, because Upper Courtyard disciples try to complete Huashan’s assignments, they take part in the battles of Jiang-Hu and many die. In order to maintain the same number of disciples, the Upper Courtyard has to recruit people every year. Even if there are no geniuses who have succeeded in practicing Inner Force they still have to recruit, so they pick from the top 100 ranking. In reality, these so-called Ten Strongest of the ranking put into the Upper Courtyard will only be the lowest of the low that do not even have the qualifications to take external assignments. All they can do is odd jobs; the only benefit is that they can continue to stay at Huashan.”

    The old student’s words riled up all the new students. Nobody thought that the high and mighty Lower Courtyard Top Ten was actually this type of person.

    “Puh, and I used to think that the Top Ten were so impressive and geniuses with great talent. All of them just try to use tricks to get into the Upper Courtyard!”

    “If we Huashan disciples want to enter the Upper Courtyard, we will obviously do it the right way, by successfully practicing our Inner Force! These tricksters shame all of us!”

    “No wonder this Senior Brother Shangguan loves to suppress new students; it is because he is afraid that there will be a genius that takes away his opportunity to enter the Upper Courtyard!”

    “Hehe, if we have a genius who successfully practices Inner Force before the old students, when the Upper Courtyard recruits, obviously there will be one less spot for them!”

    All the new students cried out with indignation. What ‘building character,’ what ‘teaching respect’ or ‘tempering.’ What a load of bullshit! They are just afraid we will threaten their chance of entering the Upper Courtyard!

    In the minds of all the new students, the images of all the top 100, especially the Top Ten, began to crumble.

    The old student looked on with glee. He had long ago begun to hate these top 100 people who pretend to be high and mighty; on the surface they pretend to be powerhouses, but in the shadows they commit all kinds of vile acts.

    Even though this old student also had not succeeded in practicing Internal Force and had no chance of entering the Upper Courtyard, yet he still hated how the Lower Courtyard was controlled by such people who ruined the entire atmosphere.

    “Still, don’t look down upon this Zhangxiong just because he is only ranked 100, he is still a rare genius. In all the Lower Courtyard, he might be the most likely to successfully practice Inner Force!”

    “That’s right, it’s said that Zhangxiong can already sense his qi-flow!”

    The looks that everyone gave Zhangxiong began to change – some became curious, and more became worried.

    “So we can’t underestimate this Zhangxiong, and he’s really strong? Senior Brother Linyi is in trouble!”

    “Ah, how can this Zhangxiong be so stupid? Why is this kind of top-notch talent listening to Shangguan’s orders?”

    “Zhangxiong’s honest heart must have been tricked by Shangguan!”

    “This Shangguan is really too vile!”

    Hearing all this, Shangguan’s spies all lowered their heads in shame. They knew best Shangguan Yun’s character.

    On the Second Courtyard’s roof sat Hanbei, listening to the old and new students talking. With a gloomy face he looked at the bear-like Zhangxiong and a hint of worry appeared in his eyes.

    “Senior Brother Linyi, will you still be able to win? If you can smoothly break through this challenge I, Hanbei, will let go of all grudges and wholeheartedly admire you! You are the strongest rookie!”

    “Linyi take out your sword, I am going to hit you!”

    Standing in the open area, Zhangxiong spoke simplemindedly. His honesty left everyone speechless.

    Watching all of this, Linyi smiled at Zhangxiong’s simple and honest heart. Truth be told, Linyi was beginning to like this straightforward and guileless person. With his sturdy bear-like figure, if he successfully practices Inner Force and also learned a quality defense martial art, this Zhangxiong would inevitably become a strong general that specializes at breaking through enemy lines. In the upcoming war between Righteous and Devil, he would definitely shine.

    In Linyi’s preparation for the upcoming war and chaotic battles of Jiang-Hu, Linyi had already decided to recruit Zhangxiong. Of course, the opportunity had not come yet. He still did not have the qualifications to recruit Zhangxiong. But to plant a seed now was still possible.

    Linyi pulled out his sword while smiling and said “I’m ready, come!”

    “Great!” Zhangxiong sucked in a deep breath and let out a deep shout! His thundering shout swept across the whole crowd, and caused everyone to be dizzy. Even Linyi was no exception.

    Very quickly, Linyi sobered up and his eyes flashed. What a guy! The power of Zhangxiong’s shout had some of the flavor of Shaolin’s 72nd supreme skill – Lion’s Roar, and this was without the power of Inner Force. If Zhangxiong had Inner Force, then the power of his shout might even cause everyone to faint immediately.

    More and more, Linyi felt admiration for Zhangxiong. But of course, his sword was no weaker because of his admiration. On the contrary, he put in even more effort, and began to fight fiercely with Zhangxiong.

    Zhangxiong spread his hand into a fan the size of a bear-paw, and with large strides ran forward and directly slapped it at Linyi’s face.

    Boom! Boom! Thundering explosions accompanied his every step, and the ground trembled as if it couldn’t resist his power. A gale of wind followed Zhangxiong’s fan and exploded in the ear.

    Linyi stepped back, and as he dodged his sword pierced directly towards Zhangxiong’s face.

    Zhangxiong did not even try to dodge. Perhaps Zhangxiong has never in his life thought to dodge anything, and his other hand directly swatted towards Linyi’s sword. Ridiculously, he was using his own body against Linyi’s weapon!


    Pu! Linyi’s sword cut into Zhangxiong’s hand, and blood spurt into the air; yet Zhangxiong’s face did not change as he pushed Linyi’s sword aside. As he gripped his fingers together a bronze light seemed to cover his fist, and he smashed his bronze fist towards Linyi. Huashan’s Fist Art was displayed to incredible effect; this fist was incomparably tyrannical!

    To the surrounding people, this fist’s tyrannical way was as ancient as heaven and earth; it did not allow any retreat – there could be no dodging, no running – one can only face it head on. Even the incredibly experienced Linyi could think of no way to dodge this fist. After all, Linyi’s speed was not much higher than Zhangxiong’s, in fact it was even a little slower.

    Linyi had no choice but to directly face this attack. To everyone’s alarm, Linyi grit his teeth and stabbed his sword at Zhangxiong’s fist. He wanted to force Zhangxiong to pull back his hand.

    Yet to Zhangxiong pain and injury is as common as water. With no fear or intention to retreat, Zhangxiong smashed his fist directly at Linyi’s sword.

    Peng! A sound like metal hitting wood filled the air.

    Linyi’s sword only pierced Zhangxiong’s skin, and did not inflict any serious injury.


    Linyi could not help but shout, this Zhangxiong had actually practiced a Defensive Body Art to such a proficiency that his fist was incomparably hard. 

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    Martial Hero Rebirth:

    Chapter 31: Defeating Top 100

    *sorry for the constant change, I hope that I will be your last translator so it will be consistent. I’ve switched back to Hachi’s initial, novice, intermediate, advanced, and perfection. It just seems more clear.


    Everyone stared wide-eyed at Zhangxiong. They were amazed at how he had used his bare hands to block a sharp sword.

    “This Zhangxiong is crazy! Using a fist against a sword – just the thought terrifies me!”

    “The scariest thing is how even after his hand has been cut up by the sword his expression doesn’t change at all. How merciless is he to be so fierce to himself?”

    (TN: this cut up is referring also to when he used his hand to swat the sword)

    “If I were to go up and fight him, he wouldn’t need to do anything; I would immediately surrender. This guy is way too scary.”

    “Even those fierce Jiang-Hu people maybe aren’t as valiant as Zhangxiong?”

    With his cut up fist and blood spraying through the air, Zhangxiong and his unchanging expression had astonished all the new students.

    In ordinary exchanges between fellow students when would there ever be so much blood and violence? At most there would only be slight contact with the opponent admitting defeat. Only Zhangxiong directly faces the sword, and even after being cut and stabbed doesn’t change expression.

    All the new students were shaken by the bloody and violent fight, and some of the timid girls were so scared they shrieked and covered their pale faces, not daring to look. Only the old students stood by calmly, and when they saw how scared all the new students were, they stood up straighter and basked in a sense of superiority.

    “Junior Sister, there’s no need to be scared. This Zhangxiong has rough and thick skin; every time he fights he ends up full of cuts and bruises and covered with blood. Haha, with such fierce and tough strength weak-hearted people don’t even dare to face him. Don’t be fooled by his bloody appearance, he practices a Defensive Body Art. Linyi’s sword can at most do some external damage, but if he wants to inflict some serious damage that is too difficult.” An old student said with a laugh.

    The new student looked at the old student with doubt.

    “Hehe, I am willing to guarantee, tomorrow Zhangxiong will be perfectly healed and healthier than ever.”

    Only after this did the female student take away her hands and prepare herself to watch the rest of the match, but her face was still pale and her body shook, and she seemed on the verge of collapsing. Without a word, the old student had already placed his hand on her waist to support her.

    In the blink of an eye, Linyi and Zhangxiong had already fought over a hundred exchanges.

    Since Linyi joined Huashan this was his most difficult fight. His opponent was a member of the top 100 of the Lower Courtyard that had already practiced Huashan Fist Art, Defensive Body Art and Huashan Body Art to Perfection. Even more difficult to deal with was Zhangxiong’s natural dauntless personality – facing head-on sharp swords without blinking, getting beaten and cut up without changing expressions, on the contrary getting more excited and fighting even more fiercely.

    If this was a fight to the death, with Linyi’s God-ranked expert fighting experience, killing Zhangxiong is actually not difficult. He had many fierce and merciless methods that could kill Zhangxiong instantly. The difficulty lay in the fact that they were disciples of the same sect, and this wasn’t a fight to the death. He definitely couldn’t kill!

    This caused Linyi to feel shackled at the hands and feet, and made it difficult and painful to deal with this dauntless Zhangxiong. Too kill was not hard, but to defeat is almost impossible, especially because Linyi didn’t want to seriously injure Zhangxiong.

    Facing this kind of opponent, Linyi could only use the stupidest method and use absolute force to completely suppress Zhangxiong and tire him into submission. Even with this method, out of everyone present, only Linyi could actually accomplish it. Anyone else in his position would collapse out of exhaustion before even coming close to succeeding.

    “Good!” Zhangxiong yelled excitedly as his eyes flashed. Linyi’s strength had exceeded any of his expectations.

    With Linyi’s ample battle experienced, he was able to use his Advanced Huashan Sword Art to completely suppress Zhangxiong’s Perfection level Huashan Fist Art.

    After over a hundred exchanges of complete suppression, any normal person would have already conceded. Unfortunately Linyi’s opponent was the braindead Zhangxiong who thought that as long as he didn’t collapse he had to keep fighting. The more he was injured, the more he was at a disadvantage, the more excited he became. He would never admit defeat.

    Zhangxiong fought like he had been drugged, and he accompanied the booms of his punches with bellows and shouts. He fought to his heart’s content; people in the Lower Courtyard either avoided him completely or used merciless methods to seriously injure him. After all, among all these people only Linyi could suppress him without needing to inflict anything except superficial wounds.

    Even as boneheaded as he was, Zhangxiong still felt Linyi’s kindness. More and more he began to like Linyi, and any hatred had long disappeared. As for Linyi’s having offended Shangguan, Zhangxiong had already completely forgotten that. In his pure, straightforward mind someone who only suppressed without injuring couldn’t possible by a bad person.

    One side wildly punching, dauntlessly fighting.

    The other side wholeheartedly suppressing, trying his best to avoid injuring his opponent.

    Both sides maintained balance, and quickly fought over several hundred exchanges.

    Three hundred exchanges.

    Four hundred.

    Five hundred.

    Six hundred.

    Seven hundred.

    The number of exchanges quickly numbered in the thousands.

    The surrounding people were all dumbstruck; none of them had ever watched such a long fight.

    The new students were amazed, but they were also incomparably excited because their Senior Brother Linyi was winning, and he was even able to steadily suppress a member of the Lower Courtyard top 100.

    The old students on the other hand had more complicated expressions. Each and every one of them watched Linyi’s movements with amazement and shock. They followed Linyi’s graceful movements and his steadily moving figure as he constany kept his advantage. Although the fight had gone on for a while and Linyi was breathing heavily, his sword was not at all perturbed, but was instead even more exquisite.

    On the other side Zhangxiong gasped for breath, and his fist techniques and body movement all began to lose its previous sharpness. His fists even started to seem like reckless smashing and had clearly lost all traces of its previous exquisiteness, let alone that Perfection level’s inexpressible flavor; all his fists had was brute force.

    Who was strong and who was weak, one glance was enough to tell. The old students all understood clearly, and it was because of this that they were shocked.

    A rookie who had entered Huashan not even two months ago whose Sword Art had only reached the Advanced level was actually stronger than the famous top 100 tiger Zhangxiong? What kind of monstrous genius could be this strong?

    It was as if they could see the future already, with this genius rising steadily in the Lower Courtyard, eventually stirring up all of Huashan.

    After one thousand exchanges even Zhangxiong could no longer endure.

    He had fought until he could barely stand and with each step he could barely keep himself from falling over. Gasping, he said “Enough. I lose. You are stronger.”

    This fight he had fought without a care, and even though he lost he couldn’t stop smiling. He had no care for what his lost signified and was only filled with admiration.

    “You are strong and your fighting experience is deep and clever; in the whole Lower Courtyard no one can compare to you. If your Sword Art improved one more step and reached Perfection, in the whole Lower Courtyard no one will be able to defeat you.”

    “You are also pretty good. You fight valiantly; if we were in Jiang-Hu today the mention of your name would scare the enemy into submission. If you wore battle gloves today, maybe the one who lost would have been me.” Linyi replied with a faint smile.

    “Battle gloves? What is that?” Zhangxiong asked while scratching his head. His puzzled expression and wrinkled brows made everyone smile.

    “It is a specialized weapon made for unarmed warriors; if you wore black-iron battle gloves you wouldn’t fear any blade, and you could directly grab a weapon without any injury.” Linyi patiently answered.

    “You mean if I wore these gloves I could randomly grab any of your swords?” Zhangxiong’s eyes lit up and he cried out with happiness, “that’s amazing. If that’s true I can grab any blade and not get injured!”

    Zhangxiong rubbed his head and embarrassedly said “it is so bothersome that my hands always get injured. Even though I’m not afraid of pain, but the bloody appearance is too ugly. All the Junior Sisters are afraid of me and don’t dare to speak with me.”

    Facing Zhangxiong’s honest appearance Linyi laughed, “En, if you wear these gloves you won’t have to worry. Go to the blacksmith’s store at the foot of the mountain and find someone to make you a pair.”

    “Thank you, you are a good person.” Zhangxiong sincerely thanked, and began to say with embarrassment, “I shouldn’t have come to trouble you. My mom says good people don’t do bad things and she forbid me from bullying good people.”

    “It’s no problem, no problem at all. Moreover, you also didn’t bully me.” Linyi laughed while waving his hands; being complimented by a bear-like man made him feel a little strange.

    “Okay, then I’ll go. This fight made me feel especially happy. Can I come find you later for another fight?” Zhangxiong asked expectedly, staring at Linyi like a fawning teddy bear.

    “You can. Anytime you want to fight I’ll accompany you.” Linyi nodded.

    “Really? That’s great!” Zhangxiong cheered and, leaving behind a trail of explosions, happily ran off.

    Linyi shook his head in laughter as he watched Zhangxiong disappear from view. He truly admired this simple-minded fellow, and increasingly wanted to recruit him. But it was still not time.

    Linyi couldn’t help but laugh, but in the end what made him the happiest was the reward.

    System Notification:

    Defeated Lower Courtyard Top 100 Zhangxiong. Awarded 1,000 combat experience points.

    Mission Reward: awarded 5,000 combat experience points

    -          Defeated Top 100

    -          Entered Lower Courtyard Top 100 Ranking

    -          Stirred up Lower Courtyard

    -          Shocked Huashan

    Seeing this Linyi’s eyes couldn’t help but light up. What a guy! Defeating a single Zhangxiong actually awarded him 6,000 combat experience points!

    Linyi was most thankful for Shangguan Yun. If not for him, how could Linyi obtain so many experience points?

    In three days, because of Shangguan Yun, Linyi had unexpectedly gained 25,000 combat experience points.


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